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Song: Little Secrets by Passion Pit.

The next morning started off like any other morning would. Teamed with the early morning rays of sunshine, I woke up at 6:30 am due to a pleasurable and unfulfilled dream that night, resulting in my painful and hardened cock. My mind was still half asleep and the day was too early for me to even want to physically relieve my problem so I resigned myself to a cold shower. My brain screamed at me and scolded me for wasting a perfectly good erection but I ignored it and let the water wash over me, lazily dragging the loofah over my body and rinsing away the suds.

After my shower, I wandered back to my room and flopped onto my bed, groaning into my pillow at how early it still was. Peeking at my alarm clock, I glared at the 7:01 that glowed red from the face and turned my head back to my pillow. I could feel the lingering remnants of sleep in the back of my mind and I tried so hard to clutch onto it, but my body refused to allow it. It was too awake and refreshed now and I cursed it too heck, mumbling into my pillow the advantages and disadvantages of a wet dream.

"Wow, little Eddy's finally talking t himself," I jolted at the sound of my big brother's voice, flipping around to see his large frame standing in my doorway, "I told Mum and dad it would happen, I truly did. I told them that you couldn't be a genius or a product of whatever-"

"Prodigy, idiot," I sat up properly, fixing my towel to hide my male parts.

"Prodigy. Whatever. Anyway, I told them that, cause you're super smart and what-not, you were bound to go crazy sooner or later. One, minute, you're perfectly fine and then the next, your sucking blood from a pigeon's neck and sitting orange's on your head to absorb Vitamin C," I rolled my eye's as he walked further into my room, plonking down on my computer desk. I cringed as I saw the pine wood sink under his muscled weight, "And I'm pretty sure that talking to yourself is the first sign of craziness."

"Douche, I'm not crazy," I thought back to my earlier mumblings, "I'm broody."

"Yeah, yeah," Emmett lent over and ruffled my hair, smiling happily at the slap I aimed for his arm and how easily I missed it, "Just hurry up and get dressed. You know how mother dearest is. Won't let me eat until your down there and I'm fucking starving. Move your ass."

"Get out then," I snapped back lamely, his body already halfway out the door.

Sighing, I reluctantly pushed myself off the bed and walked the my closet. Emmett was my bigger brother of two years, despite him only graduating last year. Although one may think differently from the outside, Emmett and I got along famously and never really had any real fights or arguments. The only reason I wasn't picked on my first three years of high school was because Emmett was the biggest, most intimidating guy there. If anyone messed with me, it was an automatic reason for Emmett to kick ass. He'd deferred from college for a year to work. Well, that was his excuse anyway. The family knew it was because he was a Mommy's boy and he wasn't looking forward to moving out.

Freshly dressed in an olive t-shirt, a black zip-up hoodie and dark denim jeans, I walked down stairs to the kitchen to see Emmett already at the table, knife and fork clutched tightly in his hands as he eagerly watched the food our Mum dished onto our plates. Sneaking up behind her, I gave her a swift kiss to her cheek and took a seat across from a near drooling Emmett.

"Morning darling," My mother, Esme greeted, putting our plates in front of us and returning my affectionate gesture with her own. Emmett, unsurprisingly, was already digging into the food placed before him and I didn't know whether to be amazed or disgusted by the display.

"Bro," I looked over to my brother to see him swallowing a rather large amount of food, "I haven't got work today so want a ride to school?"

"If it's no problem," I replied, just to see him smile and then get back into the rest of his food.

"Emmett, slow down or you'll choke," came my Father's voice followed by a playful chuckle.

"But Dad," Emmett whined. And he was proof that men could whine like an 8 year old girl, "I'm so hungry. And really, this is Edwards fault for taking so long to get ready."

"It's only 7:30," My dad, Carlisle, kissed my mother before taking a seat next to her, only indulging himself in a cup of coffee, "Don't blame Edward for this."

"And don't bring me into his. Im willing to have him blame me for global warming if it means a ride to school. Just let him think he's right, Dad," I smiled at the grin Dad tried to hide behind a sip at his coffee, as Emmett glared at everyone, as if we were all in on some conspiracy, never once halting in his food eating mission.

After I was half-way through my breakfast, my phone vibrated in my pocket and I nearly jolted at the feeling of it. Sometimes I really did forget that I had a mobile, seeing as I didn't want one in the first place. They were electronic leashes to the cyber world but Mother said she needed to know where I was as all times. Pulling the annoying contraption out of my jeans' pocket, I flipped it over to see a message from Victoria.

Sender: Vicky
Darling, it's Friday with no limit. Tonight: you, me and Luna Cycle.

Chuckling lightly, I pushed my plate away in dismissal and text back.

I'll see what I can do, but if all goes well, I'm in.

I quickly sent it and looked up to see Mum looking at my half full plate in disapproval and Emmett eyeing it with hunger. Pushing the plate towards Emmett, my phone vibrated against the table, amplifying the sound and lightly rattling my cutlery.

Sender: Vicky
There's no thinking or seeing. Even if I have to strip to my Secrets and bare Victoria to the Cullen world, you are coming.

Snorting, I didn't bother to reply and slid my phone back into my pocket. There was no point really because, either way, this conversation was now heading towards dangerous territory filled with innuendo's, teasing and another problem like this morning. Sighing at the vibration against my leg, I pulled it out and read the message, laughing silently at the text in front of me.

Sender: Vicky
Don't ignore me Edward Cullen, I know its what you intend to do. Wait til we get to school. Imma give you a swirly.

Ignoring it despite the threat, I was startled out of my virtual interacting by Emmett banging his fists on the table, burping loudly then smiling brightly,"Right then! We're off, now." he stood quickly and hugged our Mother tightly, kissing her cheek before waving affectionately at my Dad.

"Em, it's only 7:45. School doesn't start til 8:30," I told him, fighting against his arm as he pulled me out of my chair and towards the front door.

"Best to be early than late, huh?" he winked back at me and I growled in annoyance, shaking his arm off and grabbing my bag that sat by the front door, "Besides, we could go pick up some of your minions. Victoria decide she's straight yet?"

Shouting out my farewell's to my parents, I turned back to Emmett and glared at the back of his head, shutting the door behind me, "She's gay Emmett. And its weird you even thinking about doing...stuff with my best friend."

Laughing at my disgust, he walked to the other side of the Cadillac SUV my parents brought him as a congratulations gift for getting a scholarship into college, "She's hot. Not my fault she's your best friend."

Glaring, I got into the front seat and continued to ignore him as we drove to Victoria's house. It was a 10 minute drive from where we lived so I text her on the way, telling her we were picking her and James up. Emmett had the stereo blasting, like always, and I blushed and hid my head when he started pumping Orianthi. Not that I didn't like her, but she was more of a guilty pleasure rather than something I want the world knowing I listened too. By the time we got the front of Victoria's house, Emmett was dancing, as much as the front seat would allow him, and singing to Bachelor Girl's Buses and Trains. Emmett made bad play lists.

Victoria and James hopped in car, laughing at Emmett's antics. I turned the stereo down, much to his disappointment, and greeted my friends.

"Hello Edward," Victoria smiled and looked up from underneath her fiery fringe before turning to Emmett, "Nice to see you expressing your feminine side."

"I could be more expressive," he grinned and waggled his eyebrows as both James and I gagged in our seats, "If ya'know what I mean."

"Grow a vagina and I'll get back to you," she sat back and buckled up her seat, laughing at the pout Emmett gave.

The drive to school was worse than the drive to Victoria's, filled with an amusing Emmett being 'gangsta' and pumping out some ridiculous songs I'd never heard before. Arriving at school was probably the best thing that happened and that was saying something. I practically stumbled out of the car and onto the sidewalk, ignoring Emmett's laughs.

"I'll pick you up, 'kay bro?" He told me, watching all the students who were walking into the school.

"Yeah, yeah," I brushed invisible dirt off my shoulder, "Just don't play any of that stuff you call music obnoxiously loud like you did last time."

Revving the engine slightly, he smiled and nodded, taking off with a shouted goodbye. Not surprisingly, most people looked at him as he left and some girls swooned at my muscled big brother as he winked at them. I nearly vomited. Victoria rested her arm on my shoulder and lent against me as she giggled at my face, which I'm sure would look comically green and over-dramatic if animated, "We're a little early, Eddy."

I looked at my watch only to confirm that it was indeed early, only 8:05.

"Well, I'm not going inside. There is actually a sun out, so I'm taking advantage of it," James stated pointedly, "Jasper's usually here at this time, little nerd. Let's go see if he's at our table."

Taking the lead, James immediately started walking towards the back of the school to the courtyard. Nearing our shaded, worn out table, we saw three athletes surrounding it and a rather annoyed looking Jasper sitting down, trying to ignore thier words and shoves.

"Hey," James called out angrily, already jogging towards the table, "Get away from him, assholes."

They all turned to face James, Victoria and I standing behind him, and one of them sneered. I recognized him as a kid who used to idolize Emmett last year, but I didn't remember his name, "What are you gonna do about it?"

Shrugging, James jabbed his thumb towards Victoria, "Im not ashamed to say my sister is stronger than me and babies me. I'll sick her onto you."

"That dyke won't do anything," another called out and Victoria glared at him, her eyes narrowing to little slithers and I swear shivers ran through the guys spine as he gulped loudly.

"Nah, she might not," I jerked my head around to see a grinning Jacob, "But I might have a go."

"God, you're such a loser," the first said, yet still backed away from the table and motioned for the other two to follow, "Hanging with these freaks. Come on guys, lets go before we catch something," they turned towards the main building and started walking away, pushing random people they saw onto the pavement or into garbage bins.

"Thanks man," James nodded towards Jacob with a smile before running over to Jasper, "Are you okay?"

Jasper scowled at the worried treatment he was receiving before readjusting his glasses and folding his hands in his lap, "I'm fine. This happens most mornings."

I glared at my friend, "Thanks for telling us. We're your friends you know, we help out with stuff like this."

"Thank you for your concern," Jasper replied, calming slightly, "but I felt no need in dragging more than one person into this."

"Its the principle of the thing!" James squawked.

"Yeah, well muscles here has been shooing them away the past couple of days, " Jaspers eyes looked briefly over at Jacob, who sat on my left and directly across from Jasper.

"Well, its what you do for friends," Jacob grinned and I cringed, looking away to nothing in particular.

"What are athletes doing here so early in the morning anyway?" I asked, thinking it unfathomable that the dim witted students would actually be on time for educational purposes. I didn't bother asking Jasper what he was doing here so early, as I already knew that his Mother worked in the city and had to leave early, dropping Jasper off on the way.

"Same thing as me," Jacob answered for me, "Basketball practice. Just early morning work-outs but coach wants to make sure we're training."

We all nodded, not bothering to question him on how he got onto the team after try-outs. It felt strange knowing he played a sport though, seeing as no one we hang out with played anything close to sport, unless Wii counted. We'd never had an athlete before, excluding my brother, and it was definitely different to think about it now. It shouldn't have been a surprise really, taking his brawn and athletic body into consideration but it still felt a little weird.

After waiting five minutes, Bella turned up, suprised to see James, Victoria and I sitting at the table. She greeted us all, taking a seat beside James and blushing when Victoria winked at her, bowing her head. Jacob and I smirked at each other when we saw the small smile on her face and the overly bright shine in her eyes.

"Topic?" Victoria suggested, a bored look taking over her face as she drummed her fingers on the table, eyes darting to Bella every so often.

"Sure, beats doing nothing," I shrugged, thinking of a topic to start with.

"I've got one," Jacob spoke, an amused smirk on his lips, "What's the worst thing you've done to break the law?"

"Or not," I glared at him from beside him, "Its a lame question."

"Its not so bad-"

"Its lame, James," I turned my unwarranted glare to James, shutting him up immediately.

"Oh Eddie," Jacob cooed, throwing a heavy arm over my shoulders and I grunted from the weight of it, shrugging it off, "Have a bad day yesterday?"

Smirking, I looked up at him, "Some douche let off the fire alarm at the library yesterday."

"Oh, I heard about that," Jasper joined in, unknowing of the inside joke Jacob and I had going on, "What kind of an asshole does that?"

"One that's stretch and well worn," I hid the 'ow' I silently let out when Jacob punched my leg lightly, but I could see a small smile on his face.

"Well, we need to do something," Bella spoke, twirling a piece of brunette hair around her finger.

"Lets talk about Jakey poo," Victoria grinned as Jacob glared at her for the rather sickening nickname.

"And why would we talk about me?" Jacob rose an eyebrow in question.

"We all know each other," Victoria shrugged, "You're the new kid. So, spill."

"Eh, there's not much to tell," Jacob said, a grin on his face, "I used to live in La Push. Its a reservation next a small town called Forks. Anyway, I moved here when Dad got remarried to a lady that broke down and came into our mechanics shop. No, there is no angst or anything towards her; she's actually really nice. But, she's a city lady and her and my Dad compromised on suburbs rather than city life."

"What about your friends?" Jasper asked, books now closed and forgotten.

"Well, we talk heaps still. Ya'know, e-mails and stuff. I guess its hard being so far away from them but Dad said I could visit them and they could come see me. 'Cause Dad sold his shop and got a better paying job here, he can afford stuff like that, I guess."

"Where is 'La Push' anyway?" I asked, using air quotations when mentioning the place.

Pondering lightly, Jacob tapped his chin, "About, an hours drive from Seattle?"

I'm pretty sure that everyone on the table was shocked and we all showed it in different ways. James was the most dramatic, slamming his hands on the table and staring at Jacob with his mouth agape. Jasper and I were both examples of the aforementioned whilst Bella and Victoria resorted to gasping silently.

"Seattle? As in, nowhere near LA Seattle?" James remarked, arms flailing disbelievingly in the air.

Jacob laughed heartily and nodded, "Yes. Seattle as in nowhere near LA Seattle. But, whatever, its a change ya'know? Everyday in La Push is basically rain and no sun and its nice down here. Plus, I met some pretty cool people and my sister goes to Berkley."

"Huh," James nodded in acceptance, a questioning look on his face, "How small is it? La push, I mean."

"Pretty small, I guess, " Jacob shrugged, "I mean, there aren't many people that live on the rez and, in general, its not that big. Maybe, 150 people? Give or take. Not including Forks, though. "

"Does it have, like, working sewerage pipes and shit?" he asked, astonished at the thought of a place that deserted. I was amazed also, but it didn't mean I was dense.

"You idiot!" Victoria, slapped him on his hand that rested on the table and shook her head in dismay, "Little brother, I'm ashamed. I thought I taught you better then to be so..."

"Stupid?" I offered.

"Thank you, Edward," she replied curtly.

"Nah, its okay," Jacob spoke, laughing at the question and Victoria's appalled expression, "I've heard more ridiculous things said about La Push. Some of the kids that went to the high school in Forks thought everyone in La push turned into wolves at night and stole babies from their homes."

"Small town savages," I said jokingly, giving Jacob a smile which he returned in full force. Still not used to it.

"Come on," Jasper said, interrupting the conversation, "We better get to class. I don't want to be late."

"Alright guys," Bella said softly, throwing her satchel over her shoulder, "I'll see you guys at lunch." she smiled and waved, going to walk off before she tripped over. She got up and looked back at our laughing table, a smile and blush on her face as she gave us the thumbs up.

One by one, we all left the table to our respective homerooms. Victoria was hounding me about going to a club just outside the city called Luna Cycle. I wasn't a big fan of going to these clubs but Victoria loved it. The thrill of getting into the club made her happier than the actual club but she always managed to make her enthusiastic mood rub off onto me. It was always fun but lying to my parents about going never sat well with me.

"Vicky, I think I'm just going to stay home tonight," I tried to tell her.

"Ridiculous! The only one who likes going with me is Mike and he's a total drama queen! He steals all of the attention from me and that in itself annoys me!" she seated herself as the bell went off and turned to look at me seriously, "Plus, your my best friend. Apart from sexual activities, I don't like doing anything without you."

"Aw, shux,"I smiled as she grinned. Then, she gave me her adorable puppy eye look and pouted which, in result, turned me into mush, "Don't use that look, Victoria. I don't like it."

"Come on Eddy," she fluttered her eye lushes, "I'll love you forever and a day."

"Stop with that crap, you already will love me forever," I sighed in defeat as she squealed and pulled me into a hug, "I hate you. And your shouting me drinks."

"Oh darling, stop complaining it will be fun, I swear!"

Although at the time, I believed her and hid my own enthused anticipation, I really should have stood my ground when I said I didn't want to go. But, I fell for Victoria's feeble excuses and adorable looks and this night would end up being the biggest change in the thing that is my life.

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