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It was quite a conversation between England and Malaya's boss – Malaya was still a young youth so he preferred to stay out of the conversation.

It was a normal conversation, but it took a while for England to be able to take over. It wasn't long before they came to the simple arrangement of the Anglo-Dutch Treaty.

As soon as the meeting ended, Malaya got up and dashed out before anyone else could move. As England followed slowly, he saw him speaking to a younger female – her hair was short and brown, with brown eyes that looked quite Chinese. What the young boy spoke was Malay, so England couldn't quite understand, but when he finished, the female widened her eyes and flashed a glance at England before turning back to Malaya. It was pretty clear what the boy said was what had been decided.

England waited for the young girl to stand aside and Malaya to return to his boss' side. "I'll return in a few days time for Singapore," He said, nodding towards the two.

Malaya's boss nodded in reply, but Malaya mumbled, his English had a heavy accent. "It's Singapura."

England didn't reply, just nodded to the two again before turning away. He couldn't resist another glance at the young girl again, who watched with wide-eyed wonder. She seemed really young.


A few days later, England found himself back at the same island.

After briefly speaking to Malaya's boss, Malaya appeared slowly, leading the young girl behind him. For the first time, England noticed that she was holding a small bag and a doll that looked strangely like a lion.

"We taught her some English words," Malaya told England. "There won't be much problem by normal everyday kind of statements." Malaya then turned to the girl and said something in Malay. The girl's eyes shown with relief – not much reluctance as the male youth – and turned to England.

Seeing the girl quite hesitant – as eager she may be – England held out his hand politely and smiling as reassuring as he could, he said, "My name is Arthur Kirkland, but you should know me as England...?"

The girl stared at his hand then, as if she suddenly realized what she had to do, shot out her own hand hastily and shook his. "Nice to meet you, I am Singapore."

England smiled at her English. It was a bit accented, but it could be amended. Singapore saw the pleased look on his face and her uncertainty – which wasn't much – faded instantly. She said something in Malay to Malaya, who shrugged.

"I coming to England?" Singapore turned back to England.

"Yes, yes you are," England nodded, a bit amused by the wrong grammar.

"Okay," Singapore said, after a brief moment. Receiving reluctant nod from Malaya, England took hold of the little girl's hand, who didn't protest much.

However, after a few steps, Singapore suddenly stopped dead. "Wait." She said, letting go of England's hand and turning around.

England watched as Singapore rushed towards Malaya and flung her arms around him, hugging him. Malaya was caught off-guard, but he hugged back tightly, mumbling some words in Malay. Singapore replied in Malay as well, then she pulled herself from the older boy and smiled reassuringly, patting his shoulder. Then she turned around and returned to England.

"Okay, ready," She said.

England was a bit touched by the farewell, as he seemed to have sensed the sadness in the boy's words. It wasn't a painful parting – not like the kind you must part with someone because you lost a battle – but since England did not know the relationship between Singapore and Malaya, he decided not to think about it.

England boarded the ship with Singapore, and before long, they had reached their destination.

Before they got off the ship, however, Singapore paused uncertainly. "Is England nice place?" She asked. England smiled, "It is. You'll love it." Seemingly satisfied by the answer, Singapore followed him.

Singapore's grip on England's hand tightened as they walked towards the carriage that was waiting for them. England couldn't blame her. She was in a world of strangers, glances were directed towards her every now and then curiously.

"There's nothing to be afraid of," England assured her, though he wasn't sure Singapore could quite hear him. England set her in the carriage and took his seat in front of her, so he could watch her. She was quite obedient and polite, sitting down with her hands beside her. Though sometimes she would look up and crane her neck to glance out of the window and see the world she has yet to explore. England had to admit she had the sense not to get up onto her feet so she could see better; America always did that when he was younger and would fall down every time the carriage pulled to a stop.

Finally the carriage stopped and England helped the small girl off, before taking her hand again and leading her into his house.

Singapore's eyes were wider than ever, her other arm wrapped tightly around her lion. "Big."

England stared at her. "Big?"

"Mr. Kirkland house is big."

England suppressed a laugh at her using his name. "You think it's big?" He asked in amusement.

Singapore nodded.

"Well then thank you," England said, smiling. Singapore looked pleased by his response and smiled back.


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