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Singapore watched as her siblings create noise in her house. Indonesia and Malaysia were having a small quarrel, India was standing in between them and trying to calm them down and to lighten things up, and Philippine was watching them and laughing.

It was the Singapore National Day, namely her birthday. It was also the day that she had gained independence.

Not wanting to be outside and watch her people cheer, shout and watch the parade, she had decided to view from her own house. There, she had a good view, and it would also be nice to see the fireworks, which would come later, from a distance.

Her siblings, as usual, came. Sometimes Hong Kong would come as well, but perhaps today he was occupied or didn't feel very well to come.

Philippine rolled her eyes at Indonesia and Malaysia, and the ever-laughing India, and turned towards Singapore and sat down.

"It's been another year, eh?" She said.

Singapore nodded. "Another year."

"Do you ever miss you European 'siblings'?"

"They aren't my siblings, not like you four," Singapore blinked at Philippine, who smiled. "But I suppose I do."

"But you see them often."

"Usually stuff like trading and all that kind of business stuff. Not really warm in what you might think."

Philippine just smiled. Singapore remembered Philippine once shared a bond with Spain, like how Singapore shared with England. And for some reason, Philippine started losing that bond because of America. Of course, there was war, and Philippine even battled against America for her independence.

"Every night I'd go to sleep, and memories would haunt me. Even the memory when I first met Hong Kong's siblings haunted me." Singapore sighed, abandoning her thoughts. "I hate to admit it, but I only chose independence when I saw how England had surrendered."

"What ya talkin' about?" Indonesia suddenly popped up. He must've finally stopped arguing with Malaysia.

"England." Philippine replied before Singapore could speak.

"What, him? Why talk about him when there are other things to talk about on National Day?" Indonesia said scornfully.

"Just so you know, England was who I gained independence from, and thus you get National Day." Singapore retorted. Indonesia just huffed.

"Ugh! That guy! He made Malaysia and India's eyebrows so thick now!" He complained.

"Mind you, I think it looks fine," India snapped.

"It's so weird!"

"Shut up! Don't talk to your older sister like that, Indonesia!" India glared at him.

"It's unfortunate I can't say that since I'm about the same age as Indonesia," Malaysia said, coming up to them.

Indonesia turned to Malaysia. "I'm older than you by a few minutes!"

"What? There's no difference!"

"Shut up you British Puppet."

"Say that again!"

"SHUT UP!" Singapore jumped up. When everyone fell silent, she sighed and sat down. "Guys, please remember what day today is. I know it's not Racial Harmony Day, but please."

"Whoops, sorry," Indonesia said sheepishly.

Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door. The five siblings looked up in surprise. "Now who could that be?" Philippine and India exchanged a glance.

Singapore got up and opened the door, and at once a shape flew into the room. Singapore, and everyone else, stared in surprise as two more followed slowly, one looked almost exactly like the first, and the other had dark brown – nearly black – hair.

"A-America?!" Then she glanced at the other two. "Canada? Hong Kong?"

"Hi! What's up!" America said cheerfully, slapping Singapore hard on her back. Singapore staggered forward and stared at them in surprise. "What brings you here?"

"Hong Kong thought it would be nice if we all came," Canada said, smiling. "So he told us beforehand and here we are."

Singapore glanced at the Chinese questioningly, who nodded. "I even asked Japan to come; though the others couldn't find time to come." Hong Kong said.

As soon as he spoke, another figure came in through the door. Singapore would recognize him anywhere. "Good evening, Singapore," Japan said. "I hope I, we, didn't interrupt anything."

Singapore glanced at her four siblings, who all looked understandably surprised.

She turned back to the newcomers. "No, of course, not at all," She said.

"Where's England? He was here a moment ago," Canada said, glancing around.

"Do you think he got lost while we were on our way here? I know I almost did." America said thoughtfully. Singapore stared at him incredulously. "Well, there were signs everywhere that said stuff like no smoking, no eating, no spitting, no littering, and then there were people yelling at each other, and lots of people were crossing the road without using the pedestrian crossing." He said, widening his eyes at Singapore.

Singapore just shook her head.

"I didn't get lost, you twit," A familiar voice sounded behind the newcomers.

Indonesia made some grumbling noise – which was abruptly cut off by India who jabbed him in the ribs with her elbow – as an almost-too familiar figure shouldered America aside.

"Then why were you taking so long to come in?" America challenged.

"I was just...planning my entrance." The newcomer retorted.

"England," Singapore interrupted. "Long time no see."

England looked up from glaring at the grinning-glasses-wearing blonde. He nodded at her. "It has."

There was a stretch of awkward silence, which was interrupted by Japan who cleared his throat. "I believe today is Singapore's National Day, which could also be known as her birthday."

India slammed her hands on the table. "Yeah! So why are you all just standing there like a bunch of ding dongs?" She pointed towards the people standing near the doorway.

"Is that why there was a big group of people down there cheering loudly?" America said, pointing towards the scene that could be seen outside the window.

"Yes, America, that's the parade we always have on National Day," Singapore rolled her eyes at him.


Singapore sighed in exasperation. Before she had even closed the door, Indonesia got into another quarrel with Malaysia. England, hearing that his name had been mentioned, got up and went to check out what they were talking about. Indonesia unexpectedly snapped at the Englishman, and instantly got all snappy and nervous at the same time. India vainly tried to calm things down with her laughable tongue, while Philippine and Canada tried to calm everyone down which seemed to be ignored, or Canada was ignored. America then had to flung himself into the commotion and then got into a quarrel with Malaysia and England.

After several minutes or so, America began causing havoc in her house. Singapore decided not to describe it. It was too chaotic. While England and Singapore chased him to stop him, Hong Kong muttered something about the 'inconvenience' of having thick eyebrows like England, which Malaysia and India agreed to. When America finally stopped being the nuisance he was, Canada and Philippine chatted casually, and there was an argument – Singapore did not know who started it – about the thing about eyebrows. What was the deal with the eyebrows? Apparently, England decided to defend himself of his eyebrows, while at the same time India mumbled some complain about it that made her look like a male – though she did not.

Meanwhile, Japan had been watching without bothering to interfere. He was probably the only sane person in the house besides Singapore.

After much fuss and trouble that Singapore didn't want to define, everyone got exhausted and for some reason, fell asleep. America lay sprawled on the ground, Indonesia and Malaysia both sat on her sofa, Philippine lay on the sofa between the two males, Canada had sat himself on a chair while hugging his polar bear, India sat on another chair with her head laid back and her mouth wide open, Hong Kong and Japan both sat back-to-back on a smaller sofa nearby.

It was a pity that they had fallen asleep before the fireworks display. It was in a few minutes. Darn idiots, Singapore thought.

"Why aren't you asleep as well?" Singapore glanced up to see England sitting on an armchair. She had thought he fell asleep as well.

"It's National Day, I won't miss one single hour of it for anything," Singapore replied. "Besides, the last time I checked, you're always the one to get drunk at some event or another then do some crazy thing then drop down unconscious."

England widened his eyes at her in surprise at her comment. "Since when would I—did France tell you those kind of things?"

"Yes...and America too."

"Well, don't believe a single word they say."

"Sure..." Singapore didn't sound convinced.

There was a brief stretch of silence, and England suddenly said, "You've faired pretty well ever since I left. Your Airport seems to be really good, and you've survived your many terrorist threats."

"I told you, you needn't worry," Singapore said proudly.

"Of course," England smiled. "What about the education system? It seems that you use the same system we use back in England. Is there any reason in particular? I would've expected you to use the system like you see in Hong Kong."

Singapore looked up in surprise at his question, and instantly turned her face away, her face heating up. "N-no reason in particular! I'm just u-used to that kind of system!"

England wondered briefly of her embarrassment but dismissed the thought. "Well, I'm glad you like that. And that you used English as one of your National Languages."

Once again, Singapore kept her face away from England, not wanting him to see that her face was apparently red. "W-well, your welcome then!"

"You've grown up a lot."

Singapore turned back to England at his sudden comment. He had gotten up and went to stand several inches beside her. "You used to be really carefree, easygoing and laid-back, now you're quite strict, hot-tempered, quite serious, and I have to say a bit foul-mouthed." He added in an amused way.

"A bit like you maybe," Singapore retorted.

"I'm not like that!" England instantly defended himself.

"Sure, sure," Singapore smiled. It was her turn to be amused.

"Hey!" Suddenly, both of them were grabbed. America stood there, with both of his arms over each of their shoulders. "What are you guys talking about?"

"Nothing in particular, you nosy git," England snapped.

America blinked, then said, looking up at the sky outside the window. "Well, the fireworks is about to start!"

Before Singapore could check, explosion sounded everywhere and the sky was lit with colours, lights and patterns. Singapore closed her eyes briefly as her national anthem was sounded by loud speakers in the stadium.

"Say, Singapore," America asked, his arms still over England and her shoulders. "What does your national anthem mean? I don't understand Malay."

Singapore glanced at him then blinked her eyes at the sky. "'Majulah Singapura' means 'Onward Singapore'."

"Really? That sounds nice!" America said, sounding impressed.

"Yes, and it is certainly fitting," Singapore replied. "I've gotten pretty far already."

"Yet you still have to go onward." England said, turning to her with a smile.

Singapore returned the smile, and all three of them just stared at the sky that was filled with fireworks. As far as anyone knew, Singapore could go onward as far as she wanted to.

"Thanks," Singapore said, closing her eyes. America and England glanced at her in surprise, but after exchanging a glance, they seemed to understand what she meant.


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