(A psychological analysis of Luc's feelings and perspectives in relation to Tru, shown through his subconscious monologue)


A blazing fire hit me

Caught me off guard

Left me immobilized

My heart pounding so hard

I could not breathe, nor speak, nor blink

My eyes were fixed on the light

In the midst of darkness

A sanctuary that seemed so bright

Her voice echoed in my shaking body

A mix of love and sorrow reaching out from inside

How little did I know that the way I met her

Would resemble the way I died

She broke my camera on the first day

She broke my heart on the last

What this dazzling beauty had to say

Was enough to cause a big blast

A 'lucky guesser' and a good liar

Both seem so equally true

Enough fuel to add to my fire

Of not knowing the mystery that is Tru


A mystery so tremendous

So frightening, so strange

One I could not comprehend

One she could not change

How ironic for a photographer

To miss the big picture

Why is it that the truth behind her

Is mystified in nature?

Why didn't she trust me enough to tell me?

Or was it me not willing to listen?

Was it her way of trying to protect me

Or my way of avoiding her mission

Secrets upon secrets

She felt the need to keep

Building a high wall between us

Over which I could not leap

Yet the moment I broke through this wall

And caught a glimpse of what is behind

I did not feel the need to make the call

To which the day would rewind


Now as I lay in this coffin

With a red rose on my chest

Tears of loved ones that so often

On my shoulders came to rest

She plants a kiss on my cheek

And whispers words I long to hear

Unaware that from heaven I peek

Blow a kiss in the wind to show I'm near

But there he is standing, lurking nearby

Watching his latest prey

She storms her way to him and stare him in the eye

Life promising that death will pay

So now I know why she never shared

This secret she so difficultly carried

I wish I could tell her how much I cared

And how much I was worried

I hope she knows deep within her heart

The amount of love I had

That even death could not keep us apart

Our memories are far from sad

If I could relive that last day

If I had another chance at youth

All I'd want to do is to say

"I believe you're telling the truth"


The End