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Gibbs gets tortured again, this time he won't get hurt, pinky promise



Sweet torture


Gibbs POV


My body was tense.

I wanted to be prepared for what would come next.

Again I tried to move my hands and legs, but couldn't.

My limbs were safely secured to the spot I was currently using as resting place.

Not that I have had much of a choice rather than to obey.

It was my own damn fault that I found myself in this position.

The thought of what the consequences might have been if I hadn't followed the demand, let me shiver.

The anticipation was murder.

It made me crazy not to be able to see what was happening around me.


The intruder was advanced; the first thing the person did was take away my ability to see by using a blindfold.

The next had been the ability to move, with cuffs and some rope.

I heard movement a little later, drawers being opened and shut again.

A window was being opened, cool air rushed over my body.

It had been tactically clever to take me by surprise just when I stepped out of the shower.

I hadn't seen the persons face, though I felt the person's hand on my mouth as they pulled one of my arms behind my back.

If I hadn't wanted to get my fingers broken I had to move with the person, to my bed where I now was lying still naked and slightly damp, blindfolded and cuffed to.

Footsteps were leaving the room, only to enter again moments later.


Something cold and something sharp came in contact with the skin on my torso.

Surprised by this action I lost the ability to speak.

My body tensed further.

Hoping I'd survive this night.

The cold and scratching sensation moved further down.

I couldn't suppress the groan that escaped my lips.

A spiteful laughter became audible before an equally spiteful voice became loud.

"Well, well Special Agent Gibbs, I thought you would bear it a little while longer, before you wouldn't be able to hold back any form of expression."

The sharp object disappeared from my skin making room for something else.

Something I never felt before on my skin. My facial expression obviously showed it.

I realised it when a short throaty laughter became audible.

I groaned again as I tugged at my restrains.

"Free my hands and I show you other forms of expression."

Another throaty laughter became audible.

There was a tone in this laughter which caused me to shiver.

Even my gut wasn't sure yet, if I'd survive this night.

As I felt, whatever it was I felt, move further down my body, I wished I'd wear more than the skin on my flesh.


The sharp object was back in action.

I felt the mattress next to me dip and wondered briefly what would happen next.

I had my answer as something, or better yet someone straddled my thighs.

Fingernails scratched over my chest from my shoulders down to my naval.

While one hand remained there, the other was being lifted.

A second later I knew why.

I blinked surprised by the sudden light that blinded my sight for a moment.

The first thing I saw was the scarf in her hand before I focused on her face.


I couldn't help but getting even more turned on by the mischief smirk on her features.

Yeah Miss Abigail Sciuto had much fun, tying me up.


I couldn't say that I wasn't enjoying myself or the sight in front of me.

After all, who wouldn't enjoy seeing a bare naked woman, straddling your body, very obviously aroused too, licking her lips while staring at your rock hard member?

She saw probably the hope shining in my eyes when she looked up to face me and immediately shook her head.

"I'm not done with you yet."

She grabbed an ice-cube from the bowl on the nightstand.

That explained the cold sensation I felt earlier.

Expecting to feel the ice again I groaned surprised when she sucked at it and circles the ice with her tongue before she let the frozen water cares her heated skin.

She closed her eyes as she started to let the ice glide over her neck.

I couldn't stop watching her.


When she reached her nipple with the cube I desperately wished to be the water drop staying at the tip of her nipple.

She was able to slide down with the frozen water to her naval before it was melted.

Abs didn't stop there, no she let her fingers travel to her middle.

My balls began to tighten, the moment she began to stroke her clit.

Again I tugged at the cuffs but it was useless.



Her eyes opened instantaneously.

I didn't need to say anything; she fumbled for an ice-cube which she slid up and down my length. While her ice-free-finger continued to stroke her sensitive button.

My frustration increased but my 'tension' eased a bit. At least I wasn't about to come anymore.

It would have been a shame, if it ended before it began.

Abby moved again, she altered her position and straddled my leg.


She lowered herself down till she felt my skin touching her folds, only then she let her finger move away.

While she started to rock against my leg I felt her juice pour out of her willing body.

She wetted my skin as she worked for her goal, we were both moaning.

She did with pleasure and I, well, more in frustration.

The thought of sacrificing my headboard came to mind when my yearning to touch her skin became too great to bare.

She came, spilling more of her juice over my leg, before I had a chance to address her again.

Abs rode out her bliss and collapsed partly on top of me.


Once she was down back on earth she moved cautiously off of me, knowing one touch of any part of skin against my painfully hard member would end it all at once.

Instead she began to draw tender circles on my chest with her fingertips.

With a huge grin on her face she looked into my eyes and moved her body further up to seek my lips for a breathtaking kiss, while she reached to open the cuffs.


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