Okay, so I decided that despite what JK says, Dudley's kid should be 'different'. ;) Her name is Jessica, kay? Also, if anyone knows the actual name of the Headmaster of Hogwarts post-DH please let me know :) otherwise you will be subject to my skills of name creating, which do need a bit of creative refining :D

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I've been going through this fic today and rewriting bits of it. Here, I've added descriptions of James, Albus, Lily and Jessica seeing as they don't appear anywhere else, and a more detailed description of Amelia. It feels so long ago I started this fic - and so it's been really weird reading the beginning again.
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Prologue; The Visit.

"James, stop teasing your sister."

"Lily started it! And why do you never shout at Albus?"

"Albus, don't tease your sister."

"It wasn't even me!"

Harry Potter stood outside the door of number 16 Salisbury Crescent with his wife and three children, who were currently arguing. He silenced them all and turned back to the shiny black door, taking hold of the lion-shaped brass knocker and knocking three times. His cousin, Dudley Dursley, came to the door. He was considerably thinner than he had been nineteen years ago, and his dirty blonde hair was cut neatly on his head. His face, however, remained just as piggish as his father's and his eyes just as beady. Despite all of this, he had somehow managed to find a wife - now Amelia Dursley - and was father to a daughter, Jessica, who was ten - the same age as Harry's only daughter, Lily. Since Dudley had shown some compassion on the day of Harry's departure from Privet Drive, they had remained in contact, and Harry and his family visited on special occasions - always in the absence of his aunt and uncle, Vernon and Petunia Dursley.

Harry smiled at the man behind the door, beginning to bid him a happy birthday. Dudley, however, shushed Harry; his eyebrows were knotted together in an anxious frown and his mouth was slightly open as he tried to find the words to say. Harry simply raised an eyebrow, waiting for an explanation.

"I really wish you'd called beforehand..." He said, eventually, "I'm sorry Harry, maybe another time?"

"I don't have another time, Dudley," Harry replied, "I'm very busy. Sorry, but can we just come in? I'm sure whatever is wrong won't matter."

Reluctantly, Dudley stepped aside, welcoming his cousin into the house. Smiling, the family made their way down the now familiar hallway and through the first door into the lounge. Upon opening the door, Harry stopped short, causing James to walk into his back. There were two people sitting on the couch whom Harry had hoped he would never have to lay eyes on again.


Vernon Dursley was exactly how Harry remembered, if a little older and balder. Next to him sat Petunia Dursley, still as thin and pristine as ever, her lips pursed tightly together and the cup she was holding shaking slightly. The silence was broken by an impatient Albus Potter forcing his way past his father and brother.

"Merlin, Dad, get a move o-" He too stopped short at the sight of the unfamiliar couple. As the rest of the family entered, Harry cleared his throat.

"Petunia, Vernon, this is my family - " he gestured to each person in turn, "James, my eldest son, Albus, his brother," a boy with similar coloured hair, but straighter and messier, his vivid green eyes not obscured by glasses, stood looking at his elder brother with an incredulous expression that clearly said 'you're an idiot', "Lily, my daughter" a little girl with dark red hair and the same colour eyes as James smiled at the Dursleys, her front teeth missing and heavy freckles scattered across her whole face, much more than both of her brothers, "and Ginny, my wife."

James was taller than both his brother and sister, looking like he could reach the height of his father in less than a year. A dark brown, curly mop of hair sat on his head, the odd curl falling into his eyes, which, too, were dark brown and sparkled mischievously. His eyes were framed with square glasses, and a smattering of pin-prick freckles lay across his nose. His jaw was strong, like his father's, and he stood in the centre of the room with the easy confidence that only a well-cared for teenager could achieve.

Albus shared the same hair colour as his brother, but that was about it. He bore no freckles on his face and wore no glasses, and his eyes were a bright, vivid green. Apart from his more pointed chin, he looked an awful lot like his father, his messy hair sticking up at all angles in the same way. He held himself in better posture than his brother, despite the fact he must have been at least a year younger, and regarded the older boy with a look that clearly said 'you're an idiot.'

Lily, the youngest, was stood as close to her mother as humanly possible, a pale blue dress falling to her knees. Unlike both of her brothers, she shared the same flaming red hair as her mother, which fell in little plaits to past her shoulders. Also, in contrast to the boys, freckles seemed to be dusted across what seemed like every available space. She didn't seem to care though, her almond-shaped brown eyes looking up at her grandparents, glimmering with curiosity.

The two old people just sat there gaping, apparently overwhelmed that Harry had managed a 'normal' life. The silence fell again.

"Lily!" An excited Jessica Dursley came running over to her friend, smiling widely, her pale blue eyes twinkling hair tied up in very long, if slightly odd in height, blonde, pigtails. Her eyes were excited and clear, unlike her father, and her smile seemed to stretch from ear to ear. She had, however, inherited his nose, along with her mother's heart-shaped face. Her lips were thick like her father, and when she dragged Lily into another room, she seemed to skip with happiness.

She was followed into the lounge by her mother. Amelia Dursley wasn't the generally accepted idea of attractive - with her gangly limbs and angular frame, her hooked nose and dark eyes contrasting to her blonde hair. Still, she was leagues above the still fairly animalistic Dudley Dursley. She was tall - much taller than her husband - and thin, much like Petunia. In fact, Harry often thought of the similarities between Amelia and Petunia, though he tried to avoid to do so. Generally, it was creepy - both were obsessed with cleaning and tidiness, and both's voice became far too shrill to be socially acceptable on occasion. Amelia, though, was blonde, in contrast to Petunia's dark hair - light, clear, poker straight blonde like her daughter, not greasy, dirty blonde like her husband. She generally wore it clamped back in a sort of ponytail, cascading past halfway down her back. Her eyes were dark, however, something which her daughter had not inherited.

Amelia smiled and gestured for the family to sit down on the empty couch. Awkwardly, they did, and Amelia went to fetch more tea. After another minute of silence, only broken by the sound of Dudley hastily mopping his forehead in anxiety, James - clasping his hands in his lap - let out a long, drawn out "Sooooo...".

This reunion wasn't going to be pretty.

"You must be the Dursleys then." Ginny broke the tension, addressing the couple directly, "Who Harry used to live with?"

Sensing where this was going, Harry shot Ginny a look, silencing her. He got up and handed Dudley his present, then turned towards the door. "Well," he said over his shoulder, "It's obvious we're not wanted here. We'll be leaving now. Albus, go and get Lily."

Albus left, and Amelia came into the room with a tray of tea.

"Are you leaving so soon?" She looked a little crestfallen.

"Sorry, Amelia, nothing personal," Harry replied, attempting a smile, "Just busy, is all."

Albus returned with a disappointed looking Lily and Jessica in tow. Then the five Potters headed for the front door again, escorted by Dudley.

"Sorry," was all he could manage as he shut the door behind them.

"Well," Harry said, exhaling heavily, "That was uncomfortable."