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Now, the characters in this story are more or less the same. A lot of the text comes from the game, though I will attempt to change it up once in a while since there's a whole new character introduced.

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The afternoon light shone down upon a busy intersection in Toronto, Canada. Fewer cars whizzed by, causing leaves to stir in its wake. The trees rustled slightly as a slight breeze played with their leaves, causing the buds to clack into each other. Three friends walked down the street, side by side, after a long day at school. They were all a little weary, but satisfied all the same. After all, it was the start of the weekend. The first girl,clad in jeans, a grey hoodie, and had shoulder-length brown hair, spoke first.

"I love the spring." She sighed. She was quite short, being fifteen and only five-foot-two in height. The other two taller girls laughed.

One of the girls had dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and was wearing comfortable sweats with a yellow teeshirt. She stood at 5'8. "You won't be so happy soon though. Apparently it's going to snow soon." Her voice had a slight distaste to it. In Canada it was prone to snowing, at the randomest times of years to be exact. She eyed the first girl, who shivered at the mere thought.

"What?!" Declared the third. She had black hair that was streaked with variant shades of red. She was wearing baggy black pants and a purple tee. She just reached 5'5. "It's March, for goodness's sake." She curled her lip, clearly not satisfied. Her eyes, which were a curious color of violet with a light ring of brown in the inside - the result of colored contacts, were narrowed thoughtfully.

"Well, that's the way our world is, isn't it? Always cold…" The blonde murmured. The two girls nodded. Though they weren't living anywhere near the poles, it seemed as if it was permanently cold. Though they were used to the weather by now, it was still something they could find a reason to complain about.

"It's been colder recently, actually." Said the first, fiddling with her bag straps. Her painted nails scraped against the black surface, a nervous habit she had developed. "It's strange, isn't it?"

"Sure is, Jamie." The blonde replied, hugging herself a little as another breeze swirled around them. This one carried a slight chill, an ominous warning to the future weather. The raven-haired girl stayed quiet, biting her lip.

"Well, Jakie, at least you have a high cold resistance." Jamie joked, poking the Asian jokingly. The girl gave no reaction.

"Yeah, Jakie. Why aren't you talking? You usually can't shut up." The blonde teased, bouncing a little.

"Shut up, Hunter." Jakie replied quietly. The blonde laughed.

"C'mon Jaks. Lighten up! The snow won't come until at least a week." Jamie shivered, her nails scraping against the straps once more. "I don't want to know what happens when it gets cold again…"

"At least I won't be running around in a tee-shirt and shorts like some people." Hunter joked. Jakie rolled her eyes. Since birth, the asian felt a strange immunity to the cold. Maybe it was just because she was used to the weather, but usually she could go outside in a teeshirt and not feel the chills on her skin.

"At least I won't be dressed up like a friggen Eskimo." She shot back, making Jamie laugh. Hunter stuck out her tongue, pulling her furry-hooded jacket closer to her body proudly.

"What ev's, Jakie." She replied with a fake pout. Suddenly the overhead clouds rolled past them, and light shone down to the pavement. The glow was a beautiful sunset gold, even turning the asphalt a light orange. The trees, which were dancing with the wind earlier, was suddenly halted. The chocolate colored bark stood out in a stark contrast to the odd colored grass, its budding leaves stained a yellow color. Hunter looked up to stare at the source of the strange coloration. "Doesn't something seem…odd to you?"

Jamie looked up curiously, her eyes narrowed. "Yeah…"

Jakie raised her odd-colored eyes, and felt them widen. Just earlier, the sky was a bright blue, with hints of a sunset far off in the distance. The sea of blue had a beautiful tinge of yellow-reds in the far horizon. Now, it seemed to darken to a beautiful navy, except something was off. It was tinged with gold, as if the yellow from earlier had managed to extend to over them.

"The sky looks so-ahhh! What is that?!" She screeched. Her trembling finger was pointing forwards. Her own hair was splayed across her face and her hazel eyes widened in fear. The two other girls looked to what their friend was screaming about. A large black shadow began to envelop the street in a bubble, expanding the closer it got. Trees and roads disappeared within the black mass, swallowing cars and buildings in its wake, and it slowly inched it's way closer to the three friends.

Hunter screamed. "It's coming towards us!" She tugged on Jamies hand, and began to run forwards. She looked behind her to see that their third friend wasn't running with them. "Jakie!" She yelled desperately, trying to get her attention. Jamie echoed the call, her eyes still trained on the black bubble. The black-haired Asian didn't hear her friend. She stayed frozen, purple eyes locked onto the approaching cloud of darkness.

"Jaks!" Jamie yelled, attempting to escape Hunter's grasp. The blonde didn't let go, clutching onto her brunette friend, not allowing her to run away as well. Jamie struggled but ultimately the taller girl's strength was not enough to allow her through.

"Jay, we have to go!" Hunter called urgently, pulling her friend's arm. She threw another glance at the black-haired girl who was still standing there, hair blowing towards the bubble as it started to suction all the surrounding objects towards it. Jakie stayed still, watching the balloon swell, and soon, it began to approach her. The shadow seemed to expand, opening its jaws to crash down on the female below. Jamie gasped loudly and Hunter swore, but it seemed like distant howling in the background to the female. And then it swallowed.

The teen felt herself dissolve. It was a strange feeling, like she was melting almost. Her vision went blurry and she lost feeling in all her body. She was vaguely aware that she was still alive. She heard something in the background, but it was so distant sounding, so unworldly. Almost as if someone was yelling through water, the sound waves distorting as she felt liquidized.



The floating sensation didn't last too long.

When she arrived, where ever she was, she felt herself seem to reassemble. She began to regain feeling in her lungs, her arms, her back, her thighs, and then her feet. A clammy sense of relief flooded through her, she was still alive. For now.

Then a surge of power ran through her body. First one, then many followed, as power rippled through her like waves washing up on a beach. It ran through the tip of her head out through her toes. She cranked open her mouth and let out a shriek.

But no sound came out. A hollow rebounding deep inside her throat seemed to echo in her ears, but she couldn't tell. Instead, she felt changes undergo her body. Her hair began to shorten. It went from chest-length to something like a buzz cut. Her eyes began to change form, from almond-shaped to somewhat-slits. Her arms and legs began to shorten and narrow, revealing tight muscles and fur began to shoot out from them. Her fingers curled and began to merge, creating paws. And finally, a large, bushy tail sprouted from her rear. She felt fur erupting all over, and her sense of humanity seemed to morph into something...different. Her heart rate raised in tempo, but it wasn't unnatural feeling. But the pounding her head was, and it seemed to get louder and louder, as if ready to burst.

And then it was still.

Jakie opened her eyes, and twisted her light head to look at herself. She was surprised to see jet-black fur. The black seemed to be tinged with shades of ice blue and plum. She noticed that her legs had a ringlet of fur around them in either blue or purple, just as they transition to small, slender paws. She perked up her ears, feeling slight surprise as they were now at the top of her head. She looked at her snout, which was a baby blue.

'What... what am I?' She wondered, feeling her tail swish back and forth and smelling scents she never could detect before.

"Eee hee! You tell me." A voice responded, making the animal freeze in shock.

A small black and white imp jumped down from a ledge above her, twisting in graceful circles before landing with both stilt-like legs touching the ground. "You seem confused." She said, grinning. She folded her slender arms, and leaned on one hip. The animal began to bristle at the sight of her fang. "Don't worry- I won't hurt you." The imp continued. The teal markings on her body began to glow, and her yellow-red eye gleamed. The rest of her head was concealed by some sort of headdress, and her fiery orange, liquid-like hair was in a ponytail behind her. "But you do seem… out of place." The imp purred. She folded her hands behind her back.

The animal growled. 'Who are you?'

The imp's grin widened. "Isn't it common courtesy to introduce yourself before you expect someone to do the same?" The fox pondered for a moment, unsure what to do. The imp stared back, eye narrowed. That grin on her face wasn't helping much. It widened as Jakie felt her own resolve break down. Suddenly the one eye of her popped wide open, scaring her. She swallowed and decided to introduce herself.

'Fine. My name is Jaclyn, but people call me Jakie for short. I'm Asian, human, and fifteen years old.' She thought, her own mind picturing herself the last time she looked into a mirror. She already missed being human.

"You're a human?" The imp said, laughing her strange laugh. She floated teasingly in front of the fox and tapped her on the muzzle, causing her to let out a mild hiss of surprise. She seemed satisfied with the reaction. "Not to my eyes." She said scathingly.

The animal recoiled. 'I know I'm not human- not anymore. Who are you?'

"Since you asked sooo kindly…" The imp rolled her red eye, lacing her fingers behind her head lazily. She crossed her legs and levitated in the air, her one eye peering down upon the smaller animal below. "My name is Midna."

'Can you help me get out of this… whatever this is?' The fox spun around once, trying to make sense of her surroundings. She was in the middle of a plain, and somewhere off in the distance she could barely make out a grand castle, and further beyond that, a mountain. This was definitely not where she came from, and what unnerved her the most was the colors of her surroundings. It was almost the exact same as the colors of where she came from were before she was... abducted. By that weird bubble. She felt uneasy as she realized the colors were actually much more prominent. There was no blues, no greens, only yellows and reds.

Midna's grin widened again. "You don't like it? I think it's lovely. A nice change, don't you think?"

'I want to go back to my friends, imp. I want to go home.' Jakie snarled.

Midna stopped smiling. "Do you want to go back, looking like this?" She jabbed a finger to the animal's body. The said animal hissed and leaned into an offensive stance, causing the imp to giggle in amusement.

'well, no, but…' Jakie gritted her teeth, feeling her fangs grind against each other with a gritting sound. Suddenly, the imp jumped up, and positioned herself on the animal. She pressed a finger to her lips.

"Something's coming. Be quiet, beast." She murmured into the animal's ear. Still bristling, Jakie did as she was told. Her eyes widened as a black mass formed overhead, with dark red lines spreading out from the center. A black... thing dropped down, flipping as it fell and landing on all fours. It was strange looking, with a slightly humanoid structure save the head. The head was a flat black surface with some designs on it, and coming out of the top were three black strings that rippled despite the calmness of the air. It began to lumber it's way towards a forest behind her. Midna kicked the fox's sides, causing her to let out a muffled yelp. "After it."

They followed the beast as it prowled its way through the forest. It began to speed up in what Jakie assumed was anticipation, going through a forest, passing a spring and up a clearing. Jakie leapt into the bushes when it suddenly stopped, head tilted at the black wall that seemed to bar it's way. Jakie pushed herself deeper into the bushes to not be detected by the animal. Midna rolled her eyes on her back, she didn't particularly enjoy being mauled by branches. They waited for a bit, the beast still staring (well she assumed it was staring) intently at the black wall, before it suddenly got up.

Slowly, it made its way towards a tunnel made of rock. It reached a hand in, going through the black mass causing a ripple effect similarly to what would happen if one were to drop a stone into a still pond. Then, it retracted.

Jakie gasped.

She saw a man, grabbed in its chokehold and struggling to be released, get drawn towards the beast. He writhed violently when something on the back of his hand began to glow. The beast groaned and shrieked in agony, as if the light was burning it alive. It threw the man off. He landed on all fours and his whole body convulsed. His head twitched, and then stretched out. He let out a strangled scream before his body pulsed. From his feet to his head, Jakie watched in horror as the man grew fur. His limbs shortened and his face stretched out, letting out a cry that was strangled and piercing. Jakie shivered as she realized that she must've looked the same when she changed herself. He was transformed into a wolf; hair jetting out from his neck like a mane, with ice blue eyes and two blue earrings that Jakie guessed was there when he was human.

The monster, who seemed to recover from the light, grabbed the animal by its feet and began to drag him off.

That's when Midna hit her legs against Jakie, as if to tell her to move, like a horse. "Go! We have to follow them!" Jakie bit her lip and began to chase after the beast.


She felt like she had been running for hours. Her legs, bunching and releasing, felt natural to her, but still she felt herself panting. Soon she began to slow down her pace, her flanks heaving and her breath coming up short. Midna glanced at her escort in distaste, clearly not satisfied at the pace they were travelling at. "Fine, you beast. You can take a rest." She muttered, sliding off the animal. Jakie growled in thanks and padded over to a puddle to take a drink.

She finally looked at her reflection.

A fox face stared back at her. Her fur was midnight-black, tinged with blue and purple all over. Her eyes, a dark misty plum color, reflected her own confusion and weariness. Her ears, which were tipped with purple, and her nose, which was blue, seemed to stand out against the black mass. The last detail, was a small, ice blue spot in the middle of her forhead. It was a small gem-like rock that glittered when she flipped her head from side to side, actually embedded into her skin.

"What are you gaping at?" Midna asked, floating towards the fox. "Oh, surprised? You probably look better than you did before. Hurry up- I want to go find that human. Or is he a wolf now? Eehee!" Jakie growled, but continued to lap at the water. She welcomed the cool liquids that slid down her throat, though she did wish it was iced. She always had to drink liquids with ice cubes in it. But it was enough to calm her heart rate enough to function. When she felt satisfied, she licked her lips and continued to run, Midna on her back.

She finally found herself in a town. She paused, confused. Earlier it was so tranquil, the plains she was running through had no signs of life. Here, it seemed to be an everyday market, with fresh produce stacked up along the walls. The only thing that were missing were the actual merchants. But, seemingly in it's place, were hanging orbs that glowed blue. Some of them would whiz around for a bit, before settling in front of a stall. Others moved in pairs, others stayed stationary.

"Something the matter?" Midna asked lazily from where she was on the animal's back. She sure was enjoying herself, lying down on the animal as if it was a lounge chair. Ignoring the imp's comment, the fox narrowed her eyes. She allowed her natural fox senses to wash over her, and instantly, she felt as if she could see for the first time.

She spotted a beetle far off in the distance, scuttling around. She saw each water droplet rise from the fountain and splash onto the ground. She heard distant buzzing of wings and strange, strangled noises in every direction. She could see and hear much more clearly, almost inhumanly. She reminded herself bitterly that she wasn't human. And then, as her purple eyes lingered towards to orbs, could see faint outlines of people going about their everyday business.

"Done sight-seeing yet, fox?" Midna asked, still lounging on Jakie's back. "Come on, hurry up."

Jakie snorted and continued to the castle under Midna's directions. She padded through a long alleyway full of merchants and into a large square with a fountain the middle with cafes adorning the sides. She padded uphill until she came across two large doors. She tucked her head in and pushed them open. She dashed through the doorway, but froze as she came across the doors leading into the castle itself.

"Well? What are you waiting for?" Midna asked impatiently. The fox still hesitated, looking up at the grand estate. "Can't reach that high?" the imp questioned almost teasingly, but she leaned forwards in anticipation.

'I'm a fox, if you couldn't tell. Last time I checked they can't jump high enough to get over that.' Jakie thought. The imp grinned, stood up on the animal's back, and looked down at the fox by bending over.

"I guess you'll be needing my help?" She exposed her fang to the fox's face. "Alright then, but don't thank me!" She leapt off the fox's back in a blur of different colored orbs, landing neatly into of a tree. Jakie stared at the imp in confusion. What was she supposed to do? Midna sighed and crossed her arms. "Don't just stand there! Jump, you fox!"

Jakie narrowed her eyes. How the heck was she supposed to reach up there? Nevertheless, she gazed at the spot, mentally locking into it, and prepared. She stared at Midna's face, thinking about how nice it would be to sink her claws into her face, then leapt. The tension in her legs released, feeling almost like an elastic band that was stretched and let go of. She felt surprise as she found herself practically flying, covering the distance in ease. 'Woah!' She thought, as all four of her paws squished together on the tip of the tree.

Midna floated lazily to a barred window. "Hurry up, before you fall!" she beckoned. Jakie felt her weight begin to take over, and leapt without a thought. She nearly missed, her forepaws scrabbling desperately at the edge of the window. Midna watched as the fox finally managed to scrabble her way up. "That's why you can't lose concentration when you leap." She said matter-of-factily.

The fox grumbled, and shook her black pelt icily. She stared at the barred windows. "Maybe you should try biting through them." Midna said sarcastically as Jakie began to poke the experimentally, not satisfied by the hardness of the iron. "Come on, you can do better than that."

The fox bristled at her comments, but continued to search for a way to open it. Finally, Midna got bored and let out another sigh. She pushed the fox aside and closed her eyes. Her hands created a large ball of black, with red electric-like orbits, and threw it into the bars. They shattered on contact, creating loud and distinctive bangs as they fell.

"Go quickly!" The imp commanded, landing on the animals back and ushering her in. "I created too much noise!"

Jakie took a deep breath. When she was a human, she was a sprinter, but she didn't know how far she'd have to run. She leaped down and landed on all fours, hurtling forwards and running blindly. She felt somewhat more relieved as her muscles fell back into the natural rhythm of running, feeling some satisfaction as she whizzed by. She soon began to climb up to a tower on one of the wings thanks to Midna's directions. She ran up a spiral staircase and then nosed open the door. A cloaked figure was sitting by the window, gazing out towards the market below. It seemed to notice their presence.

"Who's there?" The cloak asked, the voice wasn't frightened, but merely weary. Midna grinned from where she was.

"Hello there. I'm guessing you're the princess?" She asked, her tone bored and sarcastic. The cloak seemed to stumble a bit, but it's voice turned accusing.

"Who are you?"

Midna rolled her eye, bored already by the conversation. she floated upwards and off of Jakie's back, who was watching the exchange in fascination. Midna hovered closer towards the cloak. "Are you just going to answer me with more questions?" She asked testily.

"That's what you're doing, isn't it?"

Midna grinned wider. "Look at me, please."

The cloak's hood turned towards them, and for some reason, Jakie didn't feel afraid. She watched calmly at the figure, who seemed to be looking more at herself than at the imp who was just inches away from the black shadow that hid the wearer's face.

"Who are you?" It asked. Midna stopped grinning.

"I thought you should know that it's common courtesy to do something before you expect someone to do the same." Jakie recognized those words, as Midna had told her earlier. She was curious to see the reaction the figure would make. It was calm, taken aback slightly.

"My apologies." The cloak responded formally. Two sleeves reached for the hood, and pulled down. Jakie gasped. It was a beautiful, stunning woman, with light brown hair with two parts of it coming down in the front. She had aqua eyes and a gorgeous headdress. Though she was young, there was great wisdom in her eyes, and a great sorrow that shouldn't be apparent in eyes that belonged to someone so young. "My name is Zelda, prisoner of the Twilight People."

"And my name is Midna. This is my companion, Jakie." The imp replied, lazily motioning Jakie who was still ogling at the woman.

The said woman's eyes darkened in suspicion. "This isn't her true form, isn't it?"

"No, she's a human, like you." Midna put a finger to her chin, and tapped it thoughtfully. Jakie stared at the woman, who stared back in equal curiousity. Midna noticed the exchange and giggled slightly. "Well, there's someone I need to fetch, no pun intended. I'll be back." She turned to Jakie. "You. Stay." She commanded. The fox's gaze snapped up to the imp and growled threateningly. Midna tutted and disappeared after whirling around once. Jakie put her head on her paws, and began to hum to herself. It was a slightly sad melody, but it was a song Jakie loved when she was still in her world.

Zelda was listening to Jakie, without her knowing. "That's a pretty song." She commented. "What is it?"

'Just a song I used to love when I was still in my world.' The fox replied calmly, her eyes misting over slightly as memories from not that long ago clouded her mind.

Zelda's eyes widened, and then narrowed. "I feel something coming off you." She paused. "A power that I don't comprehend. It feels like the power of my goddesses." She showed her hand, which glowed with three strange triangles. As she showed the female, they glowed brighter. Jakie watched in fascination, but decided to reveal the truth.

'I don't belong in this world.' Jakie replied. A little disdainfully, she added, 'In my world, there isn't magic.'

"Then why do I feel something coming from you?" Zelda asked. Jakie realized she didn't have an answer to that question. Zelda reached into her sleeve and pulled out a small bracelet. It seemed to be made of metal, with elegant twists and a ball on each end. She bent it into a straight line. "Give me your dominant hand." Jakie reached out with her left-forepaw, and Zelda wound the piece of metal around the leg, letting the two balls touch. Instantly, the bracelet buzzed for a moment before it was tinged with bright blue. Zelda stared at it. "I think you do have a power, which you are yet to discover."

Jakie looked at the bracelet. 'Are you sure?'

"Very." Zelda raised the wolf, and stared into her purple eyes. "I think having you here can change our whole world."


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