"Oh God, it's too bright!" Sam said in mock-pain, covering her eyes. Danny chuckled, silently agreeing with her.

This universe was very bright and cheerful, like a children's cartoon, just like Perry's fur color which was a bright turquoise. It was an urban city with identical houses, their only individuality being the exterior paint colors. He knew Sam would despise this kind of place.

Perry chattered excitedly, knocking on the window, looking at them, and then repeating the process like a dog who had to go out. Danny and Sam smiled at each other tenderly.

"We did it!" Sam murmured.

He looked deep into her eyes. "Yeah, we did."

Another excited chatter interrupted their silent conversation and they looked away, blushing.

"Can you drive, Perry? I don't know where your house is." Danny told the platypus, and the agent nodded, climbing precariously over Sam to take his place at the wheel while Danny scooted over next to Sam.

The Speeder began to move, cautiously at first until Perry gained some confidence with the controls and moved at normal speed down and across town.

Danny was so close to Sam he was afraid she could feel his pounding heartbeat as he lightly, gently, closed his fingers over hers between them.

Suddenly they lurched to a stop behind a pure white picket fence and Perry switched to his mindless animal persona, hiding his hat who-knows-where. He shifted his eyes over to the two humans, jerking his head sideways to indicate the fence. Apparently the house was just over the fence, so Danny nodded and jumped out of the speeder. He turned human with a gentle separation of white rings, and then he opened the door and grabbed Perry, holding him awkwardly under his stomach.

Sam jumped out as well and followed Danny through the fence's gate.


(Earlier that day)

Two boys sat under a tree, mourning their missing platypus. They had done everything they could to get him back. They had sung a song like the last time, they had searched all over the tri-state area and back, but he was nowhere to be found.

The red haired boy sighed. "Normally I would ask what you want to do today, Ferb, but I don't want to do anything now that Perry's gone."

The green haired silent boy glanced over at his stepbrother and nodded in agreement. The red haired boy named Phineas sighed in sadness once more and leaned his head back on the tree trunk, fingering strands of grass he pulled out of the ground.

"We could make a platypus tracking device." Ferb suddenly spoke up. Phineas turned to his stepbrother, eyes wide. "Ferb, you're a genius!"



"We're almost done!" Phineas said happily, wiping sweat from his brow as he hammered a steel plate in place. Ferb didn't say a word but Phineas knew he was as excited as himself.

Suddenly the gate of their picket fence swung open and there stood a guy with black hair swung over his blue eyes and a Goth girl who looked uncharacteristically cheerful. But what caught his attention was that the teenager was carrying Perry!

"Perry!" He shouted, jumping up and running to the couple. Ferb did the same, silently of course.

"Hey." Danny smiled, handing the platypus over to the gushing boys. "I found him, uh, far away from here."

Sam rolled her eyes and snorted.

"I can't believe it! Thank you!" Phineas said excitedly, clutching Perry to his chest and barely letting Ferb pet the platypus' head in his excitement.

"Sure thing." Danny smiled. Then his blue eyes caught sight of the large beeping machine in the middle of the yard. "Uh…"

Phineas lined his gaze up with the teenagers and shrugged. "Oh, that's just our platypus tracking device we made to find Perry."

Danny raised an eyebrow, tucking his thumbs into the pockets of his jeans. "Aren't you a little young to be making huge machines like that?"

Phineas smiled. "Yes, yes we are."

"Great, even little kids are smarter than me." Danny whined onto Sam's shoulder. Sam patted him on the back. "Don't worry Danny, you'll get smarter…eventually."


Sam just chuckled.


After having a snack, Danny and Sam departed back to the Specter Speeder with a secret smile for Perry and honest goodbyes to the two sunny-faced boys.

"I hope Perry is happy here." Sam sighed, smiling as she looked down on all the identical houses.

"Me too." Danny replied, flipping the speeder to auto pilot once more. He looked out the window, down on the people before he unrolled the infa-map and commanded, "Take us to Amity Park."

With a flash of light and a slight feeling of nausea, Danny whispered, "Welcome home, Perry."