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Chapter 42: Ojama Power!!

Another morning at Duel Academy opens up at the Slifer Red Dorm, it was supposed to peaceful until a certain black coat student decided to air out his problems the only way he knows how...

"I can't take it anymore! The Chazz shouldn't live like a Slifer Rat!" Chazz sat up on his bed, in his very cramped room, "I used to be an Obelisk Blue!"

He looked around his room, taking in the room's features and thinking of the ones from his old dorm, "Jacuzzi tub, turndown service...a week of renovations and this place still isn't livable!"

The bed took up most of the room, making him glad he didn't room with Jethro having all of this stuff around. He also brought out his couch and his plasma TV. But whatever else he had was still in boxes since the ending of the School Duels.

While Chazz was having that breakdown, he didn't notice his Ojama Yellow pop out of his deck case.

"Hey, Boss!" the Spirit greeted, "You look stressed!" he flew up to Chazz's shoulders and nodded as he felt around, "Oh yeah, feel all this stress building up!"

Chazz snapped his head to the Spirit, glaring hard at him, "You! If you wanna be helpful, get lost!"

Ojama Yellow cried and floated around him, letting the tears fall.

Chazz swiped at him, "Also...if you wanna see pressure, then how's this?!" he slammed his hands together just Ojama Yellow came in between them.

With a puff of smoke, the annoying Spirit was gone.

"Finally...some peace and quiet," Chazz sighed, lowering his head, "Bout time, too,"

"Hey, what's up, Chazz?"

Chazz yelped, and then slowly turned around, glaring at the source of the newest annoyance. Jaden, Syrus, and Jethro were standing at his doorway.

"Haven't you heard of knocking?!" he snapped.

"Yeah, but where's the fun in that?" Jaden shrugged, grinning.

Jethro pointed out of view, towards something that was leaning against the outside wall, "We would've knocked...but your doors way over there," he explained.

Chazz facefaulted, "That's not funny..."

"Hm...I guess not," Jaden turned to Jethro and Syrus, grinning, "So, let's go for fun!"

Without a single moment of hestitation, the three Slifers jumped over the couch that barred the doorway, and start to bounce on Chazz's mattress, laughing with each bounce.

"Get off!" Chazz yelled as he was unwillingly bounced along with them, "My mattress isn't a trampoline!"

Jaden bounced again, "By the way..."

"...the Chancellor..." Syrus bounced, nearly hitting the ceiling.

"...wants to see you!" Jethro finished.

"Sheppard?!" Chazz stared at them, unsure if he heard right, "What does he want with me?"

"Something about the fate of Duel Academy... I dunno,"

Wanting to hear it from the man himself, the four Slifers headed over to the Chancellor's office to find out what's up...

"I have urgent news for you, Chazz,"

Sheppard turned around in his chair and looked at Chazz, who was flanked by Jaden, Syrus, and Jethro. Professor Banner sat nearby on a couch, petting his faithful cat.

Chazz raised an eyebrow, stuffing his hands into his pockets, "Like what? My new bed here yet?"

"Cool!" Jaden grinned, "I say we go and jump around on it, test it out!"

"This isn't about your living arrangements, Chazz," Banner explained quietly as Pharaoh purred in his lap.

"Then what?" Chazz glanced from the Slifer headmaster to Sheppard.

Sheppard's face fell a little, "Well...someone is trying to buy out the Duel Academy, and this someone is planning to get rid of all the teachers and students, and shut this place down forever,"

"Shut it down?" Chazz stared at him.

"That's not good!" Jethro said, astonished, "That someone's got a lot of nerve!"

Syrus and Jaden inched themselves away from him, a little bit scared. They had never seen Jethro lose his cool before...

Jaden turned to his Chancellor, "But why?"

Sheppard folded his hands together and leaned forward onto his desk, "Without us, they could take over the entire dueling world!" he took a breath, "Fortunately, our owner, has given us a chance..."


"You heard me right,"

An intimidating man in a white trench coat had his back to the men behind him. These were the same men that demanded they buy the Academy.

"It's not about the money, it's about the cards," the owner of Duel Academy looked over his shoulder, his cold blue eyes glaring hard at the duo, "I will only sell you my Academy if you prove your worth as a duelist, and beat one of my students in battle,"

-End Flashback-

"It comes down..." Banner held up a single finger, " one duel."

Jaden frowned, and snapped his head to Sheppard, "Let me duel, I'll whoop this guy!"

"Or I could duel him, and send him packing!" Jethro added.

"No!" Sheppard startled them, "The already chosen."

"Well who's it gonna be?" Syrus asked.

Sheppard shook his head and turned his stare to the person that stood in front of him.

Jaden, Syrus and Jethro turned to the duelist, "CHAZZ?!"

"Chazz is gonna duel?" Jaden asked, making sure he got that right.

Banner nodded, stood up and walked to the nearby monitor on the wall, where a loud beeping noise was heard, "For some reason, they specifically asked for you, Chazz," he carried on as he pushed a button, "I believe that this is them now."

"On screen," Sheppard nodded to the monitor.

Banner nodded back and pressed another button. Seconds later, two familiar faces appeared on the TV monitor.

"It's Chazz's brothers?" Syrus stared at the two men on the screen.

"That figures," Jaden muttered under his breath.

Chazz scowled, "Lousy scrubs. What are you up to?" he demanded.

Slade Princeton grinned, "C'mon, Chazz, don't you know? Jagger...?"

"Same thing as always, little brother," Jagger Princeton shared his brother's grin.

"Complete world domination!" they said in unison.

"Don't you remember, Chazz?" Slade asked, "It was our...little 'family project',"

Chazz grunted, "Your project, maybe..."

"Well, it pretty much is now, huh, Chazz?!" Slade snapped at him.

Jagger nodded, "That's right. It's all because you couldn't pull your weight! You couldn't conquer the world of Duel Monsters like we planned! So now, Slade is just gonna have to do it for you!"

"So I'm dueling Slade?" Chazz asked them.

Jethro grinned, "You can take him easy, Chazz!"

"Totally!" Syrus agreed with a nod.

"Slade's just an amateur," Jaden added, "You guys better rethink your business strategy, because this one stinks!"

Slade smirked, "No, it doesn't, because there are a few conditions. First," he pulled up a black briefcase, and then opened it up to show them all a bunch of cards, "I'm going to use all these rare cards, the same rare cards that you wouldn't use for the School Duel, Chazz. Of course, you refused to use them, and you lost. Also, there's one more thing, Chazz..."

"You're gonna leave anytime soon?" The cowboy shrugged.

Slade glared at him, and then turned his gaze to Chazz, "You are only allowed to duel with monsters that have less than 500 attack points in our duel!"

"What the-?!" Chazz glared at them.

"500 attack points?!" Syrus gasped.

Jaden shook his head, "This is a joke, right?! Say no, Chazz!" he urged.

"It's too late for that," Slade wagged a finger, "Way too late,"


"Very well," the Academy owner looked at them again, this time his brunette bangs covering his eyes, "I accept those terms. Now get out of my office,"

-End Flashback-

"So, it's all decided, Chazz," Slade shrugged lightly, "Nothing can be done."

"This isn't fair!" Jaden protested.

Slade smirked, "No, it's not, but then, that's the point!"

The elder Princetons began to laugh, but Banner shut off the TV just in time.

Chazz put his hands in his pockets again, turned around and headed for the door, "Guess we gotta pack up our stuff, huh?"

Jaden and his friends looked at him, stunned at the response.

"Chazz, wait a minute!"

The former Obelisk stopped in his tracks, but didn't turn around.

"You can win this!" Jaden said

"For real!" Syrus added.

"You can go and take that bull by the horns!" Jethro threw in.

Chazz shook his head, "Don't you get it? I can't... There's no way. Duel Academy is through,"

With that, Chazz walked out of Sheppard's office, everyone staring as the door closed behind him.

It didn't take long for news to spread through the school. Chazz heard whispers of his schoolmates buzz around him as the students from each dorm stood in his way. Every step he took, he always heard a different one.

"This is terrible!"

"This is totally Chazz's fault."

"I heard that he's already accepted defeat..."

"Of course, he has! He probably wants his brothers to win!"

"We never should've let him back in here!"

"Well, you know what I think?"

Chazz stopped in his tracks and turned around to see Jaden standing behind him, a calm, but serious look on his face.

"I know that you're all dead wrong," Jaden looked at the students, "Chazz can duel, because I've dueled him myself," he looked towards Chazz, "And duelists don't come closer than him,"

Chazz scowled, "Yeah, I know that. That's exactly the problem, Jaden!"

"What's that mean?" Jaden asked him.

"Honestly, Chazz, you're not making any sense,"

"Bastion's right, being tough is usually a good thing, Chazz,"

Chazz turned around to see Bastion, Kenji and Alexis standing behind him.

"Never thought you'd back out of a duel, Chazz..." Kenji stated. "What's so hard about dueling someone who isn't totally devoted to the game?"

"Look, it's-," Chazz started.

"If it's about Chazz being too tough, specifically his deck; it's about him not even being able to duel."

Chazz turned and saw Zane walking up to him, closely followed by Syrus and Jaden.

"What do you mean?"

Zane looked over his shoulder, "What I mean, Syrus, is that his deck isn't built with monsters that have less than 500 attack points,"

Jaden blinked, then looked at Chazz, "So that means..."

"My cards are all too powerful," Chazz explained, "Because of that condition my brothers set up, my deck is useless! All I got left..." he pulled out the Ojama Yellow card from his coat pocket, " him,"

Everyone around him gasped in disbelief at the sight of the card.

"Him?!" Jaden stared at the Ojama card, "You can't make a deck with just one card!"

"He may not have to..."

Chazz and the others turned around to see Banner sitting nearby on a stairway, holding Pharaoh.

"This is just a rumor, but given the circumstances, I think it'd be worth investigating," Banner smiled slightly, "Now supposedly, my students, deep in the woods is a very old well. Within this well, lay a great many cards. You see, they were discarded by duelists who believed them to be too weak to ever use in their decks," he held up a finger, "Of course, the spirits of these cards are sure to be angry for being left behind,"

"Oh yeah?" Chazz frowned, "Well the Chazz has a feeling that they're gonna be perkin' up real soon, because I'm gonna go find that well and enlist some new monsters for my deck!"

Chazz walked down a dirt path in the woods, a large backpack over his shoulder. He was on a mission and nothing was going to keep him from completing it.

"Hangin' out with the crew in the schoolyard, findin' trouble never lookin' too hard-,"

Chazz stopped and looked over his shoulder, at Jaden, Kenji and Claudio, "You know, you don't have to follow me everywhere!" he snapped at the tailing trio.

"Hey, I'm trying to see this well for myself." Claudio said. "Also Jaden, leave the singing to me and my monsters..."


"And aside from seeing spirits, best to back you up from the angry ones," Kenji added.

"Plus, the whole academy is counting on you, Chazz!" Jaden said.

"Gimme a break," Chazz turned around and started walking again, "Like Banner said, it's probably just a rumor anyway,"

"Then explain those," The ninja duelist stopped in his tracks and pointed ahead.

Chazz looked ahead and skidded to a stop just as four spectral forms shot out of nowhere, moaning loudly.

"Ok...maybe not,"

"Those guys don't look very happy..." Jaden commented, watching the spirits fly around, moaning.

Chazz scoffed, "They're harmless. They're just low-level Duel Spirits. Look,"

All of a sudden, the spirits flew down upon the group and each one phased through the boys.

Claudio looked down, touching his chest as soon as the spirit went back into the air, "Wow no pain..."

Chazz looked up at the spirits, "Remember, weak spirits. They're kinda like the annoying roommate I got crashin' in my deck,"

"Hey guys, look, the well!"

Chazz, Claudio and Kenji turned to see Jaden pointing off to a small hole, not too far away from them.

"What was your first clue, Slacker?" Chazz cracked as they walked over to it, "The hole in the ground?"

Chazz reached into his pack and pulled out a rope ladder. After tying it to a trunk, he threw it down the hole, hearing the wooden rungs clack loudly as it became a regular ladder.

First, he went in, followed by Jaden, and then Claudio. Kenji decided to jump down with little effort.

The well area underneath the ground was huge. It had many cards lying around in the dirt and on rocks.

"Check out these cards..." Jaden looked around, "I can't believe people would toss these away,"

Chazz walked forward a bit and knelt down, looking at the cards, "It's just like Banner said,"

Claudio and Jaden knelt down beside him, looking at the cards.

"You could build a weak deck in no time with these cards," Jaden murmured.

"Heck, some of these cards shouldn't even be down here..." Claudio added.

"In case you knuckleheads didn't notice, this is private property!"

"Yeah, that's tellin' 'em!"

The boys looked at the ground in front of Chazz to see two small spirits standing before them. One was a green colored monster with a muscled body, bikini briefs, large white teeth, a long tongue sticking out of them, and a rather large, single, yellow eyeball.

The other was a black colored monster, with a chubby body, identical bikini briefs, and its forehead seemed to be dominated by an over-sized nose. Unlike the green one, the black one had two eyes instead of one eye.

"Numbskulls like you ditched us here, so we don't want you here!" the black one snapped.

"Yuk, yuk yuk, yuk," the green one nodded.

Chazz turned to Kenji, "If you ask me, these guys are a few cards short of a deck," he muttered.

"Hey!" the black monster glared at Chazz, "Who you calling 'short', Chowdahead?!"

"Yeah..." the green added with a glare.

"Comparing your size to ours," Kenji gestured from the spirits to himself and the boys. "You..."

"Well, we take offense to that!"

"Yeah, that's not cool..."

Two more voices came next to Chazz in the form of two more spirits. The first was small red monster, with a slightly chubby body, the same bikini briefs, but it stood out more with a yellow handkerchief around its neck and onion shaped head. He had a angry look to him.

The second was a blue colored monster with a very slim body wearing the briefs. Its flat face carried a sort of laid-back expression, but it looks it could still cause trouble without a moment's glance.

"And you are?" Kenji asked.

"Your worst nightmare!" The red one shouted.

"Yeah, we can really haunt you..." The blue one yawned.

"Listen," Chazz turned back to them, "We didn't leave you here, but someone else did because you're weak,"

"It's true..."

"We're weak!"



All four spirits began to bawl as the horrible truth of their strength came to light.

The three boys winced at the crying and covered their ears to dampen the sound level.

"I'm sorry!" Chazz yelled over the crying, "I take it back, ok? Get over it!"

"We're all sorry!" Jaden added.

"I didn't do anything!" Claudio snapped.

"Me neither, just stop the crying!" Kenji yelled.

Ojama Yellow popped out from behind Chazz, holding his head, "What's all the racket out here, I'm trying to sleep!"

The crying spirits stopped instantly, staring at the Ojama in disbelief.

"Is that..." the black one pointed to him.

"Could it be?" The red one gasped.

"Yes!" the green one nodded rapidly.

"Yellow?" The blue asked.

Ojama Yellow rubbed his eyes, then looked at the other spirits, "Black... Green, Red, Blue? Is that you?!"

"OUR LOST BROTHER! OJAMA YELLOW!" both Black and Green cried happily along Red and Blue.

"My family!" Ojama Yellow leapt off of Chazz's head and landed into the welcoming arms of his long lost family.

"Welcome back!" the other spirits shouted as they spun their sibling around in joy.

"So the entire Ojama archetype is here..." Kenji smiled.

"They any good for 0 ATK and 1000 DEF?" Claudio asked.

"Not by themselves, but at least the Red and Blue are effect monsters that support them." The Ninja duelist explained. "If Chazz has their spell and trap cards with them, then they could be trouble..."

"Wow, first Kuriboh's now Ojama's..." Claudio pondered. "A lot of hidden stuff in the world of Duel Monsters..."

Jaden watched the continued family reunion. "Wow, talk about a family reunion!"

Chazz scoffed, "Maybe a dysfunctional one..." he stood up and turned back to the ladder, "I'm goin'..."

"Going?" Jaden turned to him, "Why, Chazz?"

"Yeah," Claudio raised an eyebrow, "Thought you needed these guys,"

Ojama Yellow turned to his brothers, "Boss...isn't exactly a big fan of Duel Spirits," he explained, "He might decide to leave all of you here,"

"LEAVE US?!" Red and Blue yelped.

Black glared at Chazz, "Who do you think you are?! Look at me when I'm talking to you!"

"I'd do what he says, he gets violent..." Green warned.

Jaden facefaulted, "So much for weak,"

"You're taking us!" The Ojamas shouted together.

"AND US TOO!" more and more spirits gathered in front of the Ojama brothers, "Don't forget about us!"

Claudio held back laughter as the group of Duel Spirits got bigger and bigger. Each spirit didn't want to be there, and they were begging Chazz to take them with him.

Kenji looked at Chazz, "Well?"

Chazz sighed and slumped his shoulders, "Well, I guess it can't hurt. Fine," he looked back at the monsters, "Anyone who wants to come with me can-,"

A roar of cheers echoed around the cave as all the spirits cried out happily.

"-but there's one condition," Chazz held up his finger.

"I know!" Ojama Yellow flew at him, "Lotsa hugs, right?"

Chazz screamed and batted the annoying monster away from him as best he could. But that couldn't stop Black and Green from joining in.

"Hugs, coming up!" the remaining brothers shouted as they joined their yellow sibling.

"And bites!" Red jumped in.

Blue sweatdropped a bit before shrugging his shoulders "Meh, what the heck..." And then joined his brothers in glomping the unfortunate Chazz.

While Chazz tried to keep the five Ojamas away from him, the rest of the monsters yelled as loud as they could, very happy at their newfound freedom.

"Now we can get started on his deck." Kenji said. "Hey Chazz, I got the perfect center of your deck..."

"Yeah! Like what!?" The black coat Slifer asked amidst the spirit cheers.

Kenji smiled, "Those Ojamas of course!"

The next day, the entire Duel Academy student body and faculty members attended the Obelisk Arena for the upcoming match.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, today's match will determine the fate of Duel Academy, but it will also decide whether or not one of your own stays or goes home..."

Chazz and walked up onto his end of the large dueling platform, duel disks on the left arm and deck already in it.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce todays duelists. Chazz Princeton vs. Slade Princeton! Are you ready to duel?" the announcer yelled into his mic.

The audience cheered loudly, showing their anticipation and excitement.

Slade grinned as he pulled on his duel disk over his suit sleeve. He looked right at Chazz, "It's not too late to back out now, little brother...just tell me if you want to,"

Chazz frowned, "What does this tell ya?" he asked, turning on his duel disk.

"Bring it on, chump!" Slade snapped, slapping his deck into his active duel disk.


Chazz: 8000
Slade: 8000

"Check this out!" Chazz drew a card, only to slap onto his field, "I summon Soul Tiger in defense mode!"

The gang watched as a large, blue-furred tiger appeared on their friends' field. (4/0/2100)

Alexis tapped her armrest, "With that attack point handicap on Chazz, I bet we're gonna hear that a lot,"

Jaden shrugged, "Who needs attack points when you got defense points like that?"

"You're up...bro,"

"Why thank you," Slade drew his card, "I activate the Spell card Polymerization to fuse Lord of Dragons and Divine Dragon Ragnarok to summon King Dragun!!"

Along with the Lord of Dragons, came a white, serpentine dragon that fused together. The end result was the Lord of Dragon's body was now connected to a long, rainbow colored body. (7/2400/1100)

"Check out his special ability," Slade grinned, "Once, every turn, I can Special Summon one Dragon-Type monster from my hand," he pulled one out and slapped it onto his disk, "Like this one for example. Luster Dragon #2!"

Everyone gasped as another, emerald based Dragon appeared on the field with a deafening roar.

Jaden's eyes widened at the field, "Two monsters with 2400 attack points each?!"

"This is gonna be painful," Jethro muttered.

Chazz shook his head, grinning, "Big whoop,"

"I think you mean 'big whooping'," Slade cackled, "King Dragun, attack Soul Tiger with Fire Scourge!" he ordered.

His Dragon fired a stream of fire that engulfed Chazz, the younger Princeton screaming at the pain he felt from the blast.

Chazz grunted, looking up at his brother, 'Bad start, don't need this!'

Chazz: 6600
Slade: 8000

"He got nailed," Claudio murmured, watching his friend get blasted on.

"So much for all those defense points," Bastion shook his head.

"With a deck like that, Chazz needs some stalling cards." Melody added. "Or monsters with good special effects."

"I then place one card face down." Slade looked at his brother, "Your move, Chazz..."

"About time," Chazz drew his card, "I'll throw a monster down in defense mode, and that's all,"

"That's all? This'll be over than I thought!" Slade drew his next card, "I summon Luster Dragon in attack mode!" he paused as another Dragon made of sapphires appeared on his field, (4/1900/1600) "Don't forget Dragun's ability! With it, Hyozanryu is summoned!"

Chazz looked up as the fourth Dragon came to the field, growling and snarling. (7/2100/2800)

"Four monsters?"

"Good for you, you can add. But, tell me little brother, can you subtract?" Slade pointed to his monster, "I activate Dragon's Rage!" Slade's trap activated.

"Now he can deal piercing damage to Chazz's monsters!" Jethro gasped.

"Teach Chazz a lesson, King Dragun, and take out his last monster!" Slade ordered.

The Fusion monster roared and fired another blast of flames at Chazz's facedown. As the flame hit, the card was flipped upward and a sad young woman appeared, before she was blasted off the field. (1/0/100)

Chazz, blocked himself from the flames that extended to him to deal damage.

Chazz: 4300

Slade: 8000

Slade snickered, but his laughter was cut short as his monsters were soon suddenly covered by hundreds of ugly, tiny creatures in cloaks.

"What's going on?!" he demanded.

"Multiplication," Chazz said calmly, "When Unhappy Maiden is sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, hundreds of her little friends pop in and ends your turn."

Slade's dragons felt a dark cloud hovering over them, preventing them from moving.

Slade glared at him, "So you last a little bit longer..."

Chazz drew his next card, "I call upon the Spirit of the Breeze in defense mode and then I activate the Spell card, The Dark Door!" he declared, slipping the card into his disk slot, "As long as this door is open for business, Slade, we can only attack with one monster!"

A green fairy in a long white dress appeared with a happy expression. (4/0/1800)

Behind her was The Dark Door spell, having a single monster among a group entering into the light beyond a door.

"Nice try, bro, but it's only a matter of time before I bust that door down," Slade drew his card, "Now, King Dragun attack with Fire Scourge once again!" he commanded.

The Fusion Dragon roared and blasted Chazz's monster to smithereens, and then hitting Chazz again.

Chazz: 3700

Slade: 8000

"My turn!" Chazz drew his card, "I play Ojama Blue in defense mode!"

"What's up?" Ojama Blue said as he appeared. (2/0/1000) But when he saw the four dragons on the field... "AAHHH!!" He screamed like a little girl.

"Heart of a lion..." Claudio muttered.

"A cowardly lion before the badge of courage..." Melody added.

"A little freak?" Slade scoffed.

"You can do better?" Chazz shot back.

"You're about to find out!" Slade drew his card and chuckled, "With this little card, you're school is mine. But hey, first things first... Let's get that blue freak off the field! Dragun, Fire Scourge!"

"Uhh..." Blue lost his cool and started to panic. "Can't we just talk!?"

But the King didn't want to hear as he fired at the little Ojama monster.

"You could've said no!!" Blue screamed as he was destroyed.

Chazz grunted as he shielded himself from the excess damage.

Chazz: 2300

Slade: 8000

"Well, you've activated Ojama Blue's special ability!" Chazz declared. "When he's summoned to the field, I get to bring any two cards compatible with 'Ojama' from my deck!" Two cards slid out of his deck. "And I pick Ojama Red and Ojamagic!"

"More of those weaklings?" Jagger scoffed. "This is may be longer than we thought, but it won't matter."

"Right," Slade nodded as he took a card from his hand. "I'll place a facedown card and end my turn,"

"A facedown?" Jethro frowned, "Got a bad feeling about this..."

Zane nodded, "He's probably setting up to destroy Chazz's Dark Door,"

" gonna be interesting," Claudio mused.

"How so?" Melody asked.

"Chazz's brothers are underestimating those Ojamas... A bad move..."

"It must something to do with the cards he picked up..." Alexis pondered.

"Oh it does," Kenji smiled. "Now let's see him go to work..."

"It's my draw!" Chazz drew his next card.

Slade grinned, "Yeah, that's right, and because it is, I can activate my face down. It's a Trap called Dust Tornado! You know what's in this things path, Chazz?"

Chazz growled as a large twister appeared and sent his Dark Door flying into the air.

Jagger laughed, "Looks like the school's ours, bro,"

"Prepare the wrecking ball, Jagger," Slade smirked.

"That's what you think, bro," Chazz held up a card, "I play Dark World Dealings! I know you're a little slow, so I'll use small words. We both draw one card from our decks, and then we choose one of the cards in our hands to discard."

Slade drew a card and grinned at it, while discarding the other one he held.

Chazz also grinned. "I draw this..." He drew. "Then I'll discard Ojamagic!"

"Here we go!" Kenji smiled.

"And when Ojamagic's sent to the grave, Ojama Yellow, Black and Green come straight to my hand!" Chazz continued.

"Ooh, how scary," Slade taunted at the move, "Three weak cards from one weak deck. Whatever will I do?" he asked mockingly.

"You'll get Chazzed!" Chazz took the other three Ojama cards into his hand, and selected another. "I play Ojama Red in Attack mode!"

"YEAH!!! Who wants some!!?" Red appeared as he posed in front of his new boss, flashing the piece sign in the hand. (2/0/1000)

"Someone's hooked on caffeine..." Claudio noted.

"That or he's crazy..." Melody added.

Slade raised an eyebrow, "What's so special about him?"

"I'll be happy to explain," Chazz grinned, "When Ojama Red is summoned, I can summon any four 'Ojama' monsters from my hand." He held up three cards. "And it'll be the same ones I picked up: Ojama Yellow, Black and Green!"

The other three Ojama monster came together and yelled: "TA-DA!!" (2/0/1000) x3

Slade had to hold back a laugh as the three Ojamas appeared, "You've got to be kidding! You pin the hopes of this entire Duel Academy on those freaks?!"

"That's right," Chazz nodded, "You're about to see why. Sure, they look funny, they smell real bad, and no one really likes them, and they never shut up..."

The Ojama Brothers facefaulted at the hurtful words of their boss.

"...but these guys taught me something important!"

"You should eat dessert first?" Green asked.

"Flies taste great?" Black wondered.

"Bathing is optional?" Yellow threw in.

"We can Rock and Roll all night?" Red asked.

"And party everyday!" Blue called out from the grave.

"That good bros support one another!"

Slade frowned, "So I haven't been a good bro?"

Chazz nodded, "Which is why I don't feel bad for doing this!" he slipped a card into his disk, "I play a Spell card: Ojama Delta Hurricane!" He looked to Yellow, Black and Green. "Do your thing, boys!"

"Right on, Boss!" the Ojama trio cried before jumping into the air.




The three of them met one another, their bikini clad rears touching, "COMBINE! OJAMA DELTA HURRICANE!"

They began to slowly spin, but that soon became a very blurry wheel as it spun so fast, no one could tell which one was which anymore. The spinning disk of Ojamas hovered directly over the four Dragons that Slade owned, and within seconds, a loud boom was heard, and the four monsters had vanished into a thick cloud of smoke.

"What happened!?" Slade demanded, "They're all gone!"

"Thanks to a thing called brotherly love!" Chazz snapped, "Here's how it works, Slade, when all Ojama Yellow, Black and Green are on the field, Ojama Delta Hurricane can destroy all your monsters!"

"Aw man, why can't I do that!?" Red sulked.

"You already have your thing." Yellow protested. "Calling your brothers out!"

"So, why Blue and I are always left out of the Hurricane attack!?" Red screamed.

"Shut it!!" Chazz snapped. "I then activate Spellbook Inside the Pot so we can draw three cards!" Both Princeton drew three cards. "Now time to win this! First, Premature Burial I pay 800 life points to bring out Ojama Blue again!"

Chazz: 1500

Slade: 8000

Ojama Blue jumped out the graveyard. "Freedom!!"

That outburst shocked the audience.

"Uh... go boss?" He chuckled nervously.

Chazz shook his head and put his mind back on the duel. "I then play the field spell known as Ojama Country!"

After Chazz slid the card into the field slot and closed it, the arena was transported to a small village. The houses were shaped like Ojama Yellow's head, among a hill. And when I say small, I mean small!! Chazz, Slade and the audience were giants among the field!

"We're home!!" The Ojama cried out with tears of joy, flying out all over the place.

"What is this place!?" Slade demanded. "A kiddie town?"

"The Ojama Country." Chazz explained. "As long as I have an Ojama monster out, all monsters' original ATK and DEF are swapped."

The Ojamas cheered, still circling the field. (2/0-1000/1000-0) x5

"Finally, I activate the Big March of Animals! It lets all Beast Type monsters gain 200 ATK for every beast type monster I have on the field! And in case you forgotten basic math, that's 1000 each!"

The elder Princeton brothers gasped as the five Ojamas came back to Chazz's side, striking poses. (2/1000-2000/0) x5

"He's got enough to finish off Slade!" Jethro cheered.

"Look who's weak now!" The Ojama yelled together, "Time to take him out!"

"Wait, hold on!!"

"Oh yeah, now attack...!" Chazz commanded.

"Okay boys, ready..." Yellow said as he and the Ojamas turned to face Chazz.


They all bent over, pointing their butts at Slade.


All the Ojamas launched themselves at Slade, hitting him with their rear ends.

"No fair!" Jagger yelled as Slade was hit.

Chazz grinned, "You go bye-bye!"

Chazz: 800, Winner
Slade: 0

Everyone around them cheered wildly, excited at the fact that Chazz had saved the school from being torn down. Chazz snapped his head towards the crowd and held up his arm in victory, "You guys know the cheer: CHAZZ IT UP!"


Jagger glared at Slade as his brother came down off the platform.

"Imbecile!" Jagger yelled at Slade, "How could you lose this?!"

Slade pushed him off and looked over his shoulder at his brother, "Relax, Jagger... it's only one duel," he muttered.

Jagger frowned, "One duel!? Look at him! That victory has turned Chazz into a hero for them, and a major headache for us!"

"Sir, we have news on the duel that the Princeton's made with you,"


"They've lost sir, and the student they chose to go against has won,"

The man scoffed and turned away from his employee, looking out at the city below him, "Of course he won! You honestly think I'd give my school to those losers? Those two have a lot to learn about world domination,"

That night, Chazz lay back in his bed, not very happy as his new spirit roommates made so much noise, it could wake the dead. The main source of the noise was the Ojamas chasing one another back and forth in front of him with other monster spirits from the well.

Finally, after so long...

"GET OUT OF HERE!" he screamed at the top of his lungs, swiping at the Ojamas, "I didn't sign up for this!"

Yellow floated up to him, "Aw, c'mon boss, those guys wanna be your friends! Now, let's go get some pizza!" he offered, "I call extra anchovies!"

"I don't want anchovies!" Chazz yelled at them, "And, I don't want any friends, or roommates, or pets, or...or...or whatever the hell you guys are!"

"In that case, boss, just call us family!"

'Why did I let these guys out of the well...?' Chazz pleaded mentally as he put a pillow over his head to drown out the noise.

Just like having Armed Dragon Lv. 10 added to the mix, I added the final two Ojamas into the mix with some choice cards. Hope you like! And looking past all the disgusting stuff, the Ojama are okay monsters to use in a duel!

Also thank to Bringer of Peace2 and AzureKite4 for pointing out my mistake of using Solidarity, so I change it to the Big March of Animals! Thanks dudes!

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