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I got tired of staying out there on the balcony, alone and cold. So, I decided to go back inside and enjoy myself. And, maybe get a little crazy.

But, these days, things just don't go the way I planned.

I look around the ballroom for Hikari. You know, for company. I even asked Jun and Sakura -who were snuggling in a corner- for her. Then, I thought, maybe she's with that Monster Kei somewhere around here. Oh, no. What if he did something to my precious Hikari?! I must find her! Okay, I know I can get seriously paranoid if Hikari's with Kei. It's not my fault she's my first real female friend after Yui. Blame her for making friends with me.

Back to the story, since I already look around inside the villa, I resolved to look for her outside. I walked to the backyard (which was really huge) and see if I could find her there.

I started walking on a brick road; along the road were rose bushes and lampposts that stretched all the way to the end. The place was silent. As a consequence, I can only here my heels tapping rhythmically on the road. It started to get a little spooky and chilly, and I was wondering if I should go back inside.

My thoughts stop when I suddenly heard something.

Voices. I was hearing voices. Were they in my head? It was so quiet that it didn't even occurred to me that someone might be here. Or maybe, just maybe, I have sixth sense. Now, that's when I started to freak out. I mean, I don't want to see things that are not meant to be seen.

Don't be silly! There's no such thing as ghosts, right? I began thinking rationally and asked myself, there's got to be a logical explanation here. And the next thing I knew was me doing something that I would never, ever do in my life - I followed the voices of the may-be-ghosts.

As I was getting closer to it, I could see two dark figures; the voices became louder and louder. I tiptoed quietly (trust me, it's hard to tiptoe when you're wearing heels) and hid behind a tree so that it was clear enough for me to hear -or in this case, eavesdrop- the conversation. One voice belonged to a girl and the other a dude. The girl sounded angry, but, the dude sounded calm. And, somehow, I keep getting the feeling that the two voices sounded familiar to me. Well, at least they weren't ghosts. Haha.

"You promised me you'll try!" I heard the girl said.

"I did try. But, it was too hard for me." The dude replied, still sounding cool.

"Stop making excuses! It's just... I just want you to..." The girl's voice trailed off and she began sobbing.


Holy crap! Is it who I think it is? Natsumi, as in the granddaughter of Kokusen High's principal? I controlled myself from gasping and cursing out loud. Then, another thought hit me. If the girl was Natsumi, then the dude must be-

"Tadashi, please." Natsumi said.

Oh. My. God. I should not be here right now.

"I just want you to really, really like me." Natsumi continued.

"I do. But-"

"But, what?! You don't, don't you?! You never did!"

Did I heard that right? So, all this time Tadashi never really liked Natsumi? Yeah, yeah, I know he said that he 'guessed' he liked her when we were having one of our awkward situations in the kitchen last time. But, I thought he was shy to seriously admit it. Wait a minute, if he never really, really liked her, then why hook up with her? I'm confused.

My position was getting uncomfortable, so, I changed into a more comfortable position. And, I was being extra careful not to make any sounds. Until I stepped on a twig. I was thankful I didn't screamed.

"What was that?" I heard Tadashi said.

For a moment there, I thought he was going to find me, because I heard small steps. Miraculously, he didn't proceed because of Natsumi,

"Probably a small animal." Then there was a long pause, "Can we talk somewhere else?"


I stood silently and still against the tree trunk, hoping they wouldn't find me. They didn't, seeing as they went back to where I just came from. I let out a breath when they were far enough away. And, as I watched them walk away, I noticed they weren't holding hands like a real couple should. They were also keeping their distances from each other.

At that time, I couldn't help wondering to myself, What's going on with them?

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