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She strolled into the dank and dim room, hands stuffed deeply into pockets that didn't quite mask the fact that they'd been curled into fists. The strobe light affect of each game clawed at her eyes as Abby tried to look calm and angry at the same time. She pulled down her cap, glaring dangerously as two mossy-toothed boys leered at her, their eyes red from staring at a screen for who knew how long. Their creeping eyes made her quicken her pace just the slightest. Abby coolly ignored the catcalls, nearly hidden behind the blips of gameplay, as she slid to the back, where a lone figure stood hunched over the machine that was slowly stealing his soul.

"Abby curses that pinball machine." She whispered into his ear, hoping to catch him off guard. Hoagie turned and grinned at her, leaning against the metal front of the game smugly.

"Jealous much?"

Her plump lips turned downward in a scowl. "Yes." She met his gaze with thinly veiled worry. "Ya been in here every day after school, playin' this stupid game!" Abby slammed a hand onto the ancient glass in emphasis and frustration. The screen shuddered and she removed her hand quickly, shooting it a distrustful look. It winked merrily back at her. "Ya got a life, Hoags. Don't throw it away on this."

His usually sweet demeanor turned sour as he returned to the game. Abby stared at his blue clothed back in surprise before furrowing her brows in anger. Using the power she'd built up in her seventeen years, Abby pushed him away from the pinball machine and planted herself on top of it, crossing her arms defiantly. Her eyes challenged him to ignore her. His sky blues were soft and guilty.

"Go away, Abby." Hoagie murmured, looking away. "I don't see why it concerns you." She gaped at him.

"Why does it concern me? Hoagie, ya my best friend! I don't wanna see ya throw away everything on something stupid!"

"Who says I've thrown anything away?"

Abby took a deep breath and met his eyes evenly. "How much money have ya spent on this game this week?" He sighed, resigned.

"Twenty bucks." Her eyes widened. Considering that the machine took only quarters, a feat such as this increased her worry tenfold.

Keeping the disappointment from her voice as best she could, Abby continued her guilt trip. "And how're ya grades?" Hoagie's eyes hit the floor in shame and when he spoke, the tears clouded his voice.

"Not good." He looked up suddenly, his eyes glassy, and ran his fingers through unruly auburn hair. "Abs, what am I going to do? This thing is eating me." Abby smiled. Progress was a great thing.

Hopping off the whirring machine, she slipped into her stern face. "Ya gonna leave with me and never come back to this place. We gonna go to ya house and we gonna study. No backtalk. March." She pointed to the door, playfully serious. He snapped her a salute and grabbed his ratty blue bag from the floor. Abby waited until his back was turned and, quickly enough to make anyone watching think it had been an accident, wrapped her foot in the cord that brought life to the pinball machine and ripped it from the socket. The prongs bent at different angles, the black rope of electric life support wouldn't be able to steal her best friend's sanity any longer.

Don't pull cords! Anyway...came to me as I pursued the High Score of Addam's Family Pinball. It's addicting, lemme tell you.

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