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Terror walked the Earth on the night of October 10th.

The stench of burning wood and the screams of panicked forest life pierced the once still night as the echoing roars of a monstrous creature and the smell of sulfur overpowered them. Trees cracked and tore beneath the claws and paws of the beast, its nine tails swaying to and fro as they flattened acres of wood, the hellish miasma encompassing its body scorching the earth with undying flame as it continued its march towards the village of Konohagakure no Sato. The full moon of the night making every detail of the carnage visible, the creature's blood-red eyes lit up in fiendish glee as it cut a swath through the shinobi forces that came towards it in wave after wave to try and save their home from its destructive wrath. Rearing back one of its forepaws menacingly, the Kyuubi-no-kitsune, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, tore through the approaching line of brave shinobi with a single swipe, its massive claws ripping them into a bloody pulp. Those fortunate to be spared the creature's claws were scooped up by its paw and tossed high into the air, as though they were mice being played with by a cat before being devoured and crushed by its fangs. Another volley of shuriken and kunai laiden with paper-bombs and grenades stung at its side, thrown by ninja in desperation. These the Kyuubi burned from the inside out by sparking fireballs in their guts and allowing them to expand. In the end, the men exploded in fiery showers of meat, gore, and blood as they screamed in agony.

From the movements of its tails, cyclones began to form, a single flick of the appendages sending the funnels howling across the landscape to gouge trenches of destruction as they were loosed to do as they pleased. Another tail slammed into the ground, crushing the shinobi that were unfortunate to be in its path, even as the very ground split and the survivors were swallowed up by the Earth. Around the creature's fur, lightning arced, snapped, and hissed noisily before being shot skyward into the black clouds above, lighting up the sky with its power. Seconds later, a barrage of thunderbolts rained down from the sky with the sleet, vaporizing any of the shinobi fool enough to stand against the Kyuubi's might. The beast roared once more as the madness danced wickedly around it, a voice so potent that it deafened any who were not wise enough to cover their ears to the sound, while those who managed to do so felt the shockwave of sound reverberate through their bodies and thought they might die at any moment.

Several of the survivors from the secondary wave gathered what courage they still possessed and charged the beast madly, bounding over the treetops in a great show of bravado as they kept what little hope of victory they still had alive. Jutsu and weapons sailing through the air from all directions, each attack hit home on the creature's furred flesh. Searing blasts of fire, chirping blades of lightning, gutting spires of Earth and rock, scythes of intangible air, and torrential walls of water pelted the Kyuubi from all sides, none of their master's showing any signs of giving up. Sadly, when the smoke cleared, the creature was still alive, only now it seemed to be amused at their pathetic efforts to defeat it. Drawing up to its full height before them, the Kyuubi opened its maw to reveal a glowing ball of white hot energy forming at the back of its throat, causing any of the smarter shinobi to back off as it fell to its fore-limbs once more and loosed the blast at them, a solid column of hellfire erupting from the Fox's mouth and cleaving into the landscape for miles. Its mouth smoked slightly as it turned to those remaining, a toothy smile appearing on its face as it saw that reinforcements had arrived. The Kyuubi had initially been annoyed that the foolish Uchiha had forced him into attacking these people against his will. However, as it turned out, these shinobi were actually quite entertaining.

"Come then!" snarled the demon in a thundering tone, crouching low to the ground as they came. "Come and show me the strength of your souls! I shall reduce you all to cinders beneath my feet! RRRRAAAAAAAARRRR!!!"

"Are ya really sure about this, kid?" questioned Gamabunta, chief of the Summoning Toads as he bounded over the forest effortlessly, his landings shaking the ground before leaping into the air once more and sailing over miles of ground as they neared the battle zone. Even from this distance, he could see the Kyuubi's fox-like aura as its pulsating luminescence acted like a beacon to drawn them to the carnage that it was surely causing, the stink of brimstone and sulfur permeating the air even from this far away, the screams of dying shinobi and the amused roars of the monster piercing the silence of the evening like a death-song. Even for a hardened warrior and mobster like him, such violence and bloodshed still managed to disgust him deeply. Never the less, he had a job to do.

"Not entirely, 'Bunta," sighed Minato Namikaze heavily from his seat upon the Chief Toad's back, heart saddened at the thought of the task that lay before him. "But what other choice do I have. The Bijuu are beings made from living chakra, unable to be destroyed or harmed by conventional means, by blades or jutsu. The only way to stop the Kyuubi's rampage is to seal him away inside a human host, one that will be able to keep him locked away and use his power to protect the village from what the future holds, should Madara get his way." Reminded of his candidate for a suitable host, he cast his gaze downward at the sleeping form of his newborn son, who lay comfortably in the safety of his arms. His hair the color of the sun that hung in the sky, and his eyes, now shut in peaceful sleep, the shade of the blue sea, he hoped that this little boy, his little Naruto, would be able to forgive him for what he was about to do. "I just hope that I'm making the right choice."

"I know what you mean, kid," admitted Gamabunta sincerely as they neared the devastation ahead, the sounds and smells of death and chaos getting closer and closer. "I wonder the exact same thing whenever I put Gamatatsu and Gamakichi to bed at night. Being a dad's tough, huh?" As the roaring form of the Kyuubi came into view, the Chief Toad drew his katana slightly from its sheath, allowing a small glint of light to flash across the blade before snapping it fully into view. Sensing that his time was at hand, Minato stood to his full height, taking care not to stir Naruto from his slumber as the Kyuubi took notice of their approach, snarling menacingly at the sight of the two.

"Heh, brother, and how," admitted the Yondaime Hokage, with a slight chuckle as he slowly went through the hand seals for what would be his last jutsu he would ever cast. Within seconds, the Shiki Fuujin no Jutsu, Corpse Spirit Sealing Method, was completed and ready to use. However, as Gamabunta came screeching to a halt only a few miles from the monstrous Bijuu, something… unexpected happened. Something impossible, even by their standards.

The sky split open.


With a raucous blast of sound like thunder, a massive hole several miles wide opened in the clouds high above the slaughter below. The angry storm-head suddenly split in two, forming a circle in the sky that was wreathed by huge tongues of fire that lapped hungrily at the air around them, a searing backdraft of heat withering all who stared at it awestruck, causing them to shield their eyes and perspire madly. The inside of the hole could only be described as a torrent of flame, a column of fire that ascended far into the skies, possibly even further than that. The thunderous arrival of this bizarre phenomenon and the effect that it produced arrested the attention of both sides of the combat, the shinobi ceasing their attacks and the Kyuubi pausing in its ravage of the human's forces to stare dumbfounded at this strange thing that hung above their heads. Even Minato, who had spoken with the Shinigami himself and had walked with the greatest of sages in his time, was blown away by what he saw. Then, something came through the tear, landing on the ground with a tremendous crash that shook the land for miles around. As the event began to close and the storm clouds rolled in to close the hole, Minato finally felt the heat recede and turned his gaze from his son, whom he had shielded from this phenomena, to the sight of a new monster that stood before them.

The creature was the same gigantic size as the Kyuubi, towering far above the trees and the shinobi forces that had opposed the Fox, with claws that could cleave deep into a mountain-side adorning its three-toed feet. Its skin was metallic in nature, finely polished to the point that it shown brilliantly in the dim light, reflecting the brief flashes of lightning magnificently. What it lacked in a tail, it made up for in the rest of its alien physiology. Its face was pressed in upon itself, like a pug-dog, but more like that of a skull laid bare for the world to see, lips curled back to reveal a mouth full of razor-sharp metal teeth that could rend demon flesh in two, flanked by a pair of gleaming tusks that jutted ferociously from its maw. A row of spikes flowed back from the crest of the creature's head, traveling along its spine until it reached the tail-bone. On either side of the spikes, its back bristled with a series of projections that shot forth from the monster's flesh to curve back like barbs, though they were open at the end, almost as if they were hollow inside. Turning its head towards the Kyuubi, the metal demon looked at the Kitsune with eyes like molten lava, snarling in confused anger.

"Who are you, Metal-One, that you would dare to intrude on my amusement?!" snapped the Demon Fox in annoyance, baring its fangs as if to intimidate the creature. "Be on your way, lest I give you a taste of my power! Surely, you would be wise to leave me to my fun and return to your own plane. Begone!"

But, the strange beast did not back down at the Kyuubi's command. Instead, it looked as though it took offense to the Fox's rebukes and moved to do something about it, but not in the way of brutal clawing or a show of demonic energy as Minato and Gamabunta assumed it would. The creature simply drew a breath, its chest contracting inward as air rushed into its infernal lungs. Below, the shinobi of Konohagakure knew that something terrible was about to take place and wisely fled, leaping over treetops and sprinting over rock or brush to get out of the way of these two titans' struggle. Then, as it finished inhaling, the creature opened its maw wide towards the Kyuubi… and screamed. A cry that echoed for miles around shook the land, resounding with a soul-breaking tone far more powerful than that of the Kyuubi's own roar. Strangely enough, the cry did not wake Naruto, instead it made him smile in his sleep, as it the sound comforted him somehow.


Bombarded by the intensity of the monster's shriek, the Kyuubi felt itself being pushed back by the magnitude of the sound-waves that hammered its body, futilely digging its claws into the ground in an attempt to anchor itself to the Earth. However, as it tried to right itself in order to retaliate for this attack, a sharp pain wracked the Bijuu's entire body, causing it to cry out in wordless pain, its mouth screaming silent anguish to the world as it was being torn apart from within. All across its body, its skin began to bubble and warp, swelling out like ugly boils until the point where it could not take the strain anymore. Then, with a horrendous popping sound, Kyuubi-no-Kitsune, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox that had filled the hearts of the Konohagakure shinobi with panic and fear, exploded in a shower of gore and hellish chakra, plummeting down upon the landscape in massive chunks as its blood pelted the faces of those looking on like rain. Its scream finally dying in its own throat, the creature turned its attentions back the shinobi beneath its feet, eyes narrowing at the insignificant motes in rage, as though they were responsible for its arrival in this world.

"Out of the frying pan and into the fire, I suppose," thought Minato aloud as he took Naruto's small, blanket bound form in his hands, kissing his forehead lovingly in one final goodbye before raising him over his head to perform the final stage of the Shiki Fuujin. "Forgive me, Naruto, for what I am about to do. My only hope, is that you use this new monster's power to aid the village in the coming war with Madara, and that you can find a way to bring peace to this world of ours." Having said his piece, the Yondaime Hokage gave his old friend a silent nod and Gamabunta bellowed loudly, drawing the metal monster's attention to the duo as a brilliant white light enveloped both shinobi and child. 'Goodbye… Kushina, my love.'

Three Hours Later…

Hiruzen Sarutobi couldn't have felt any worse at the moment, not even if he tried.

The dim lights of the Konohagakure General Hospital Morgue buzzed noisily overhead, flickering on and off every few minutes. All around him, the thick, pungent stench of death hung in the air, intermingled with the smell of formaldehyde and sterility, a cold shiver passing up his spine as he rested a hand against the icy, metal table on which lay the body of his successor. Minato was so young, he had his whole life ahead of him, he had a beautiful wife that drew the envy of both the men and women in the village, and he finally had a family as of that night… only to have it ripped away from him in a moment by his confrontation with that monstrous Fox, and then with that new creature. And what now? As he held the sleeping form of Naruto Uzumaki, Minato's only son, in his arms, he couldn't help but feel just as helpless as the babe in all this. So many things had happened, so many good people had been lost alongside Minato this night, and now the only son of the Yondaime Hokage was left in this world without a family and to be thought of as a monster for having the creature the villagers feared locked within his body.

"Where is the justice in this?" thought the Sandaime Hokage aloud in disbelief, his guilt-filled expression switching from the face of Minato to his son. "Minato would have given his life to stop the Kyuubi, then ended up doing so to protect us all when that new creature appeared, believing it to be a greater threat than the Fox. And now, what is to become of us all? His son is branded a monster for caging the beast, falsely accused of playing host to the Kyuubi, Kushina is dead from losing so much blood, and the ranks of our shinobi have been halved in the aftermath of this disaster… What is there for the village to find hope in now?"

No sooner had those words left his lips than the lights in the room ceased flickering, suddenly running at their full power and shining brighter than they had a moment ago. Not thinking anything of it originally, Sarutobi found himself staring up at the lights in cautious curiosity a moment later, as they had somehow become the color of fresh blood, bathing the room in an eerie red glow. Then, as if things couldn't get any stranger, something caught the aged Hokage's attention, a sound that echoed through the darkly lit room with a jovial, haunting tone. Though it was too low to make out at first, Hiruzen finally identified the sound as… laughter?


"Who's there!" demanded Sarutobi angrily, enraged that someone would find something amusing about the loss of such a good man. "Show yourself!"

At first, nothing happened. The merry voice continued to chuckle lightly for a moment, as if oblivious to the Hokage's presence. Finally, whatever force was behind the laughter decided to show itself to Sarutobi. From the gleaming linoleum only a few feet in front of him, a large amorphous blob of molten rock and lava began to slowly rise up before him, stopping when it was only a few inches taller than the Sandaime. With each passing second, the blob of rock became darker and darker, the veins of lava glowing brighter and more intense, until they suddenly exploded and flew in all directions. Startled by this, Sarutobi instinctively shielded Naruto from the debris with his free arm, refusing to let anyone else that Minato had loved die this night. However, nothing struck him, no shrapnel of rock, nor splash of molten magma. Cautiously, Hiruzen peered over his shoulder to see a man standing where the blob had been only seconds ago. He was very tall, with long, black hair flowing past his neck and bordering his face. His eyes were covered by a pair of round Coke-bottle glasses, their lenses as dark as ebony. Adding to the strangeness of his appearance, the man was clothed in robes the color of night itself, distinguished by a fire-red symbol on the front that looked similar to a candelabra, with several strands of spike-like fabrics extending from the arms.

"Oh, come on!" ridiculed the strange man humorously in what sounded like a Western accent, smirking at the old Hokage. "What do I look like, a fuckin' vampire? I ain't gonna bite ya, if that's what you're thinkin'."

"Who are you?" questioned Sarutobi carefully, more out of curiosity now than of anger.

"Good question, an' a familia' one," replied the man thoughtfully, strolling around the table absent-mindedly as he spoke. "I'm nobody really, but if you simply must call me somethin', my full ti'le is "The Guardian of Metal." But, you can jus' call me, "Guardian," if you like."

"'Metal?'" Sarutobi probed further, unsure if the Guardian was referring to the tangible element or something else entirely.

"Are you fuckin' serious, man?!" raved the Guardian in shock, causing the Sandaime to flinch for a moment, as the man had somehow appeared by his left shoulder without him noticing. "Gah, why did Ormagödden 'ave to come to this world of all places? They ain't even heard of Metal before!" Remembering Sarutobi was still in the room, the Guardian turned and began to explain himself. "Listen, whot was your name again, mate?"

"I am known as Sarutobi, Hiruzen," the old man explained, still eyeing the newcomer suspiciously and keeping Naruto close in case he tried something funny, though somehow he knew this "Guardian" meant neither of them any harm. "Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato, the Village Hidden in the Leaves."

"Right, 'course," acknowledged the Guardian in understanding, appearing once more out of thin air and leaning against the metal table, bobbing his head as he spoke. "Well, listen, Sarutobi, I'm here to see to it that you get a lil' insight on just what happened tonight, and what now resides in this child you hold." Confused as to what the man was talking about, Hiruzen's puzzled expression quickly changed to one of awed disbelief as he watched a small, sparking cloud of smoke and ash form between the Guardian's outstretched hands, various shapes taking form from the mists as he began to tell a story.

"Long ago, before your world even existed, the creature known as Ormagödden, the Fire Beast, brought light to our world, angering the demons that inhabited it." The smoke took the form of the creature that had slain the Kyuubi, flying over the Earth in the form of a comet as misshapen monsters waved at it angrily. "Attempting to destroy the light an' hide their ugliness, they tried to kill the Fire Beast by luring him to the Earth with the song of a beautiful maiden named Aetulia. This enraged the Fire Beast an' caused him to explode, releasin' his power upon the face of the Earth." The smoke form of Ormagödden exploded, raining gore and flames upon the planet. "An' so it was that his blood flooded the Earth an' became the seas, his fire the Sun, his steel flesh imbedded itself in the rock, an' his scream still echoes throughout the world today.

It was then that the masters of the ancient world, the Titans, who had inherited the Fire Beasts sized and strength, used every part of Ormagödden that had rained upon our world to create wondrous things like vehicles that moved of their own power like the wind an' instruments that could heal any wound. An' as their civilization flourished, a new music was born, hard an' heavy as the Fire Beast's metallic flesh, with the power of his blood, the heat of his fire, the speed of his flight, an' roar of his death cry. But, it also had the angelic beauty of Aetulia's song, with a touch of her mournful wail. Its words told a story of a fierce an' noble age, an' it became the people's anthem. They called it, Heavy Metal. Finally, after growing an' advancing for millennia, the Titans had become gigantic, all-knowing entities of spiritual perfection, ascending to the heavens to become Metal Gods. An' before they left, they took time to weave instructions for all they'd invented, etching hieroglyphics that showed future generations how to put the elements together."

And then the story ended and the smoke dissipated, leaving a powerful, acrid smell wafting through the air that overpowered the scent of formaldehyde and sanitizer prominent in the morgue. For a moment, the two men just stood there, the Guardian watching Sarutobi's face for a reaction as the Hokage simply looked at the strange sorcerer in amazement. None of this seemed even the least bit possible, and yet he had seen the Fire Beast that very night, heard its powerful scream and felt the searing heat that burned from his steel flesh. A mischievous smile etched on his face, the Guardian shrugged nonchalantly, saying, "An' the rest, as they say, is 'istroy."

"So… what does any of that have to do with Naruto being the host of this, "Ormagödden," creature?" probed Sarutobi earnestly, attempting to prompt the man to get to the point of his story already.

"Ah, right," replied the Guardian, as if he'd lost his train of thought for the moment, annoying the Sandaime a bit. "Well, recently in my world, the Emperor of the demons, Lord Doviculus, was slain by the son of one of our greatest heroes, Eddie Riggs, son of Riggnarok. Although we're on the fast track to recovery, Doviculus' evil power 'asn't died, but 'as begun to bleed into your world for some reason. It's possible that it's trying to find someone with enough evil intent to possess, so that it can reestablish its reign of darkness here. So, to save your world from the centuries of pain mine endured at the hands of the Tainted Coil, Doviculus' armies, Ormagödden must've reconstituted 'imself to open a portal to your plane of reality, and seek a champion for this task. However, it looks as though that champion found 'im." Upon seeing the puzzled look on Sarutobi's face, the Guardian smiled knowingly and gestured to Naruto, sleeping contently as though the story had lulled him into a deeper slumber.

"Naruto?" wondered Hiruzen in astonishment, looking back and forth from the child to the Guardian for a couple of seconds. "Naruto is the champion of Ormagödden?"

Not bothering to answer the Hokage's obviously rhetorical question, the Guardian remained silent as he reached into the folds of one of his sleeves and produced a small, metallic object. Crossing the space between them, his robes flowing to give the illusion of flight, the Guardian placed the object in Sarutobi's free hand, closing his fingers over it before stepping back. When he opened his hand, the Sandaime found himself staring down at what looked to be a chrome belt buckle, molded and shaped with tireless effort to resemble to head of Ormagödden himself. It stared up at him with piercing, unfeeling eyes, cold and frigid in his hand. And as he held it in that silent moment, examining it curiously, he felt some strange power emanating from it, one that sent chills up his spine and caused the hairs on the back of his neck to stand up.

"That buckle is a totem of the Fire Beast," explained the Guardian solemnly, drawing Sarutobi's attention back to himself. "It will 'elp the boy to keep 'is power in check, an' once he 'as enough control, to focus it to unlock unimaginable abilities beyond comprehension. I leave you with this, so that the he will one day 'ave the strength to face the threat that looms on the horizon for your world." As he said this, a halo of fiery energy enveloped him, sticking to his outline against the dim lighting of the morgue. The seconds passing, the Hokage saw that he was beginning to fade way, as if he was moving to another plane or leaving his presence for some other place. "Once he has unlocked 'is power for the first time, have him come see me. I've set up my forge within the rock of your Monument 'ere in the village. But for now, I'm off."

"Wait! Where are you going?" questioned Hiruzen. Though he was originally apprehensive of the sorcerer at first, Sarutobi now felt that he has so many more questions of the man, so many more things that he wanted to learn and understand about his world and what would happen to Naruto now that Ormagödden had chosen him as his vessel.

"Oh, I'm off to give your world a lil'… "Culture shock," if you will." Upon saying this, the Guardian's smile widened like that of a Cheshire cat, his image slowly fading into obscurity as he departed for places unknown, though it was clear that he wasn't leaving their world any time soon. "If you're going to be ready for what's in your future, you're gonna 'ave to learn a bit more about the world of Metal. Seriously, not knowing 'bout that's gotta be a crime or somethin'. Besides, I'm not the only one who's looking to set up shop 'ere. Some of my pals might be 'eaded for your world too. Who knows, they might even 'elp you out every now an' then. Keep your eyes peeled, mate, they're a real cheeky bunch."

"Wait, what do they-"

"ROCK N' ROOOLLLLL!!!!" shouted the Guardian with enthusiastic gusto, flashing some unusual hand-sign as he vanished into thin air. The symbol he made was an odd one; all of his fingers tucked in save for his index and pinky, forming a shape like a pair of bull's horns. And with that, he was gone, disappearing into the night, leaving Sarutobi alone holding Naruto, contemplate what lay ahead for the future of their world.

Several miles from Konohagakure no Sato, a shadowy figure sat on the edge of a cliff, his legs dangling freely over the abyss as he surveyed the devastation that had been caused by the Kyuubi and its apparent destruction. Far below him, the forest floor lay in ruin. Small fires still raged in reminder of the Fox's power, only to be doused by the carefully cast jutsu of a passing shinobi who'd been assigned to oversee the cleanup; miles upon miles of trees had been crushed and torn asunder, the Earth still baring the deep scars from where the Bijuu had dug its claws in to try and fend off the scream of the metal beast that had arrived; and rows of black body-bags began to pile up, each holding the corpse of a deceased shinobi, who had perished in the carnage. High overheard, the clouds still poured out the rain to wash over the dour scene, as if the Heaven's themselves could not help but weep at the sight and at the knowledge of such a high loss of life.

However, the man had no care for the deep injuries that the people of Konohagakure had suffered, nor did he hardly notice as he was pelted with the downpour of rain, his body warmly wrapped inside his black cloak that was patterned with thick red clouds. With his haunting crimson eyes, he gazed down at the forest itself, his iris' shifting for a moment to form a series of black tome around his pupil. Rising from the landscape and the trees and the grass, an aura of unearthly red energy could be seen by his eyes and his alone, for this was no ordinary energy or chakra of nature that he saw, but rather the chakra of the Kyuubi, alive and well despite the loss of his body.

"Hmm… So it appears that my plan was not a total loss after all," mused the strange man thoughtfully, his face hidden behind an orange mask that spiraled around a single eye-piece, allowing him to survey the scene in total secrecy. Considering his next course of action, the man began to stroke his chin lightly, deep in thought. "With most of the forest's plant-life now host to the Kyuubi's chakra, it would be child's play to extract the energy using fragments from the Gendou Mazou (King of Hell Statue)."

Just then, a shout from below drew his attention. One of the shinobi was pointing to a tree in which the Kyuubi's chakra was contained. His eyes were pale and the veins around them were raised. "However, now that one of those Hyuuga fools knows about it, by this time tomorrow the forest will have patrols scouring the area and Jiraiya will most-likely be called in to assess the situation. Still, the Akatsuki aren't well known for giving up. The Kyuubi will be ours… soon enough."

And with that, Madara Uchiha vanished into the night.

Author's Note: Alright then True Believers, looks like we've got ourselves whole new set of problems to deal with for Naruto and company. How will they deal with this new development? What impact will the arrival of the Fire Beast have on the world of Naruto? What will become of the Kyuubi's chakra, now that it's imprisoned in the plant-life of the forest? How will that effect the Akatsuki's plans? And what will the influence of the Guardian of Metal and the other inhabitants of the Age of Metal have on the Elemental Nations and Konohagakure? All this and more awaits you in the future chapters of "Son of the Metal, so stay tuned for more developments here in the future. Same Metal time, same Metal channel.

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