The Beginning of the End

CHAPTER 00 : The Prologue

Sora stood at the water's edge, just staring at his feet, thinking about the past. The memories had been haunting his dreams, like a warning. Was something about to happen? Even though he highly doubted it, Sora had resisted to ignore them, just in case. He looked up, and saw the sunset. He sat down, dazed. Had he really been standing there, thinking, for two hours? Wouldn't Riku and Kairi be worried about him? Sora shook his head, just looking at how beautiful the sunset was. Nobody could deny it was the most wonderous thing they would ever see. Except perhaps the Nobodies, but they hardly counted any longer. They had all been defeated, save two. Roxas, Number XIII, Sora's Nobody, had not been defeated, but in fact accepted to be made one with Sora. Then, there was Axel, who had put his whole being into a attack to save Sora and his friends from Dusks. Sora sighed, remembering Axel's last words. Sora had felt sorry for the Nobody. It was just a shame they could never talk properly.

Sora stood, taking one last look at the sunset before turning around, heading back to his home. He walked for 5 minutes before stopping. He looked at the sky, just thinking how much he would like to return to the life he had before he returned to Destiny Islands. It had been hard but fun. But there was no way he would be allowed to. His parents had noticed his year and a half absence and have vowed never to let him out of their sights again. They would be worried even if he had disappeared for one hour. Let alone another year. There was also no doubt Riku and Kairi would be worried by now. He had said he would be 5 minutes at most to go to the shop to get some milk. Riku and Kairi had come with him, but while they had been in one area of the shop, Sora had left to go and contemplate by the ocean. While Kairi would of been completely worried, Riku would just keep calm, even though inside he would be more worried than Kairi. Sora started to walk again, stopping only when he heard a slight noise. It had now become dark, and Sora had begun to hurry up. He finally reached his front door, and as he opened it slowly, he had a feeling no one was in. All the lights were turned off, and hardly any sounds could be heard. Sora sighed in relief and proceeded into the kitchen. However, when he opened the biscuit tin, he heard voices coming from the living room. He took a ginger nut cookie, before resting himself on the door frame, where he could hear the voices the best.

"So, he was there one minute, and gone the next?" Sora heard his mom's voice ask. He could hear the strain and worried tones in her voice. Sora felt guilty, but then he heard his best friend's voice.

"Yeah. That's about right. He just vanished." Riku replied, and through the calmness of his voice, Sora could hear slight fear, or was it strain? Either way, Riku was worried. They had only been back at the Islands for a week, and he had got everyone worried. Sora straightened up, and finished his biscuit before walking out of the kitchen and into the living room, and finally propping himself down next to Kairi, who seemed startled he had just suddenly appeared. She didn't say anything, expecting Riku or Sora's mom to notice him, but they were talking too much to notice him. Sora smirked and Kairi chuckled.

"You okay Kairi?" Sora muttered and Kairi nodded.

"Why did you disppear?" She asked, in such a low tone only Sora could hear. Sora shrugged.

"Had to go relax. On my own. Contemplating." He replied, and then coughed as his mom stopped to think. She and Riku turned towards where he and Kairi were sat. Riku's eyes widened and Sora's mom threw herself into her son, hugging him tightly.

"Sora!" She cried out and Sora squirmed. "Where were you?! Hoe come you left Riku and Kairi?!" Sora rolled his eyes, clearly indicating he couldn't breathe. His mom didn't get the gist, but just hugged him tighter.

"M-mom... I-I can't b-breathe!" Sora finally struggled out and Riku laughed. Sora threw him a glare, but his mom finally let go.

"I needed some time on my own mom. Just thinking. I was at the beach!" Sora said after a minute's silence, most of which was just death glaring between he and his best friend.

"But two hours?" His mom asked, frowning. Sora chuckled.

"Lost track of the time." He replied simply before standing up and going to bed. As he climbed in, he thought about how he could get word to King Mickey, szeeing if he could go over for a holiday. Sora definatly thought he deserved one. With that thought in mind, he smiled, and rolled over to sleep.