Okay, so I was reading this book for the hundredth time this morning, because I love it. I love the character of Zach, and his death still makes me cry. But everytime I read it my mind always starts thinking about the actual moment of Zach's death. This is how I imagine it. It is short, I know. Please R&R, I'll love you forever.

Shannen x

Zach looked around him at the panicked faces, hearing the shrieks and the feet thundering down on the dusty pavement. He felt his mother grab his hand.

"Run, Zach, please!"

But they both knew they were too late. Zach was terrified now, and for the first time he was wishing desperately that he hadn't returned to London. He'd come back to see his father… just in case. But he didn't want to die. The city centre was pandemonium, people everywhere. The whistle of the falling bombs sounded clearly over the shouts. The ear-shattering noise as they landed deafened him, and he couldn't see. All he knew was heat. Thoughts of Will, George, Ginnie, Carrie and Aunt Nance and Dr. Little filled his head, and he clung to the memories of their faces. Dimly, he was aware that he was no longer holding his mother's hand. He looked desperately for her, but knew there was little point. After all, she couldn't save him this time, her protection was useless against the German bombs.

He heard the whistles grow closer, and closed his eyes, swallowing uselessly in an attempt to fight the tears he could not beat. Instead, he surrendered to them, his choking sobs becoming another insignificant sound in the chaos. And then the bomb hit, the bomb that killed him. It fell almost directly on top of him, he didn't stand a chance, his body was practically torn apart by the blast. His last thoughts were of the people who loved him, but they only lasted a fraction of a second. Death didn't take long to engulf him and soon, it was quiet. Zacharias Wrench lived no longer.