Amanda Grayson was the only human ever to live on Vulcan. In this way, she knew she was special. Her Vulcan colleges often (though subtly) joked about her round ears and "inferior mind." Amanda didn't care though. She was used to the insults by now.

What she could not ignore, was her son, Spock, being ridiculed in a not-so-subtle manner. Though he tried to hide it through his schooled Vulcan façade, Amanda was not blind; she could see the sadness etched into her son's human eyes. That is why she tried her best to "coddle him" as he so bluntly put it. Amanda was trying to get Spock to see that he had a shoulder to cry on if he so chose.

"Mother, why do you insist on this foolish behavior? It is most illogical." Spock asked her one night as she tucked him into bed. Amanda froze, her attempts at tucking Spock's comforter under his chin halting. (1)

"Because, dear one, I'm a mother. It's what I do." She smiled as she went back to tucking Spock in. Spock noticed Amanda's momentary freeze up, and asked,

"Did I upset you mother?" his voice was sincere, if neutral. But his eyes betrayed the shame in causing his mother grief. Amanda's smile softened as she said,

"No, Spock. You didn't." Amanda's smile brightened as she looked out the window. "Look, Spock! The first star has come out! Make a wish!" Indeed the first star had come out. It twinkled brightly in the dusky purple sky. Spock raised a delicate slanted eyebrow and said.

"The probability of a wish being granted by condensed gas is astronomically low. Therefore I must inquire as to why I should make one?" Amanda smiled at her son with a twinkle in her eye.

"It's worth a try, isn't it?" She winked. Spock knew the stars couldn't grant ones wish, but his illogical hope far outweighed the statistics. Spock nodded to his mother and closed his eyes.

How I wish I had a friend. A companion. Someone who would make me feel wanted… came his silent wish. He knew from observing humans who sometimes came to Vulcan that you weren't supposed to speak your wish to anyone. The reasoning behind it was that if you did, the wish simply wouldn't come true.

"If that is all, mother, I should rest now." Spock said to Amanda. Amanda nodded and smiled.

"I do hope your wish will come true, dear one." She whispered as she closed the door to Spock's room.

The very same night, on earth, a lone child made the exact same wish.

1) As I understand it, Vulcan is very hot, so a comforter may be a bit extreme. But we have to remember, Spock is half vulcan; and Vulcans are probably used to the heat.