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"This is too good to be true." Harry thought as he followed Dumbledore into the cave entrance. He watched as the man cut his own arm as the blood offering to gain access into the cliff where the Horcrux was kept. Harry barely put up a fight when Dumbledore said that he should drink the liquid to gain access to the locket in the bottom. Harry was struggling to hold back a smirk as he pushed the cup to his professor's lips again. The man was moaning, pleading, begging for it to stop; it was pitiful. Here was the said leader of the light, his mentor lying helpless at his feet. Finally, Harry shoved down the last mouthful and grabbed hold of the locket. He turned to look at the man who was begging for water and walked over to him, each step full of confidence.

"Harry, please, please, I need, I need water. Would you…would you." The man stuttered, sounding and looking every bit his age.

"It's alright professor." Harry smiled picking up the mans wand from the floor. "There's plenty of water here." Harry indicated to the lake the were surrounded by.

"Harry, no. There's something." Dumbledore croaked out, his eyes pleading to Harry. Harry merely smiled in a condescending manner and helped the professor to stand up. Together they made it over to the boat and carefully pulled their way back to the cave entrance. Dumbledore's light had given out a long time ago and the man was trying to reach for his wand in Harry's hand. The boat grinded to a halt as it reached the shore line and Harry stood, lifting Dumbledore up as he did so. Harry turned to his professor so his back was to the shore and Dumbledore stood at the edge of the boat above the lake. Harry smiled, looking the man straight in the eye.

"Harry, my wand." He moaned his hand reaching out to grab Harry's uniform.

"But I thought you wanted the water." Harry said, his face pouting slightly. Dumbledore looked again at Harry, only this time with wide, fearful eyes which made Harry shiver in appreciation.

"H-Harry?" Dumbledore asked, knowing something was wrong but too weak to do anything about it.

"Goodbye, old man." Was all Harry said before he gave a light shove, pushing the man off the boat and straight into the cold depths of the lake. Harry jumped back onto the shore line, getting away from the lake as much as possible before turning to look back. He could see Dumbledore's body thrashing in the waters and hands grabbing onto the man with dead heads that chewed at his skin. In no time at all the infuri had pulled Dumbledore down into the abyss. Harry gave a small smile to himself before strutting from the cave and apparating back to Hogwarts with Dumbledore's wand.

Draco Malfoy was shaking as he climbed the stairs of the astronomy tower. It wasn't the fear of killing that shook him so, it was the fear of him failing, or of Dumbledore doing something to him and making him turn to the light side. He had heard of how Dumbledore was a manipulator, how he held tight reigns around the pupils of the school, he shuddered at the thought of being controlled by the old man.

Draco snapped out of his thought like a slap in the face. He was a Malfoy for Merlin's sake, show some dignity. Draco strutted the rest of the way with his head held high and wand poised to strike. He rounder the last set of steps and burst through the door to face the old man. He froze.

The person sitting on the edge of the window, clad in the school's black cloak with the hood covering his face was most certainly not the headmaster. The pupil looked to where Draco was standing. Draco couldn't see his face as it was overshadowed by the cloak but he saw the dim light of a cigarette and the rosy lips surrounding it.

"Who the hell are you?" Draco sneered, withholding his surprise and showing his anger at being unable to find Dumbledore here. The boy ignored the question.

"Malfoy, what perfect timing. I thought something was going to happen tonight. Am I right in guessing you're here to kill Dumbledore?"

Draco froze for a second time. He recognized that voice; had heard it plenty of times yelling insults at him down the corridor, although he had never heard in such a lazy, happy tone.

"P-Potter!" Draco shouted.

"Yes Malfoy?" Potter took another drag from his cigarette and lowered one of his legs off the ledge so it was dangling on the inside of the tower.

Draco didn't get to say anymore as the door burst open again and Fenrir Greyback, Bellatrix and Snape walked through. They halted mid-step looking at the strange cloaked figure and the young death eater with his wand pointed to him.

"Draco, darling, where is Dumbledore?" Bellatrix purred coming up behind her nephew.

"I-I don't know. But Potter is here instead." Draco said, his eyes never leaving the relaxed form of Potter. Wands were out and pointed at Harry who merely blew smoke in their faces.

"Will you let me finish my cigarette in peace? This is supposed to be my last one before I quit and I intend to enjoy."

"Aw, is itty bitty Potter smoking? You're far iddle to smoke." Bellatrix's tilted her head In her own form of showing surprise at the scene.

"Breaking the rules again Potter. You'll end up dead if you keep this up." Snape sneered, slightly unnerved at the casual form of the boy.

"Uh, uh, uh. I have permission to be up late. It is you, I believe who are breaking the rules. Trying to kill the headmaster. You'll end up in Azkaban if you keep this up." Snape hissed at the arrogant tone of the boy.

"And where is Dumbles now, not here to look after baby Potter, now is he?"

Harry laughed at the Lestrange, it was cold and everyone shivered at the reminder of their lord's own laugh.

"I doubt Dumbles will be looking after me anymore. Anyway, it's not like I need looking after."

"What on earth are you on about Potter?" Greyback growled, baring his teeth at Harry.

Harry stood up so he was facing the death eaters rather then side on. He flicked the cigarette behind him, which burst into flames in a small red firework.

"Let me put it this way. I've done Malfoy's job for him." Harry smiled at the silent death eaters.

"…What?" Snape spat out, somehow making a Snape in surprise seem like a very intimidating thing.

"Well, we were out hunting Horcruxes tonight. We managed to retrieve this." Harry held up the locket which he was now wearing around hi neck. "That then turned out to be a fake, which makes the old man's death even more amusing. Anyway, just as we were leaving I turned around and…pushed him." Harry waved his arms a bit trying to demonstrate.

The death eaters just stared.

"So, he fell into the lake and I got his wand." Harry waved the wand in front of their faces. "and the infuri dragged him down and now he's dead. Course I'll make it look like an accident. So no one will suspect me. So, yeah, I think it went rather well. Of course there's a few more things I have to do. One of them is get moving before we're caught."

The death eaters blinked.

"So, if you'll follow me we can take the shortest route through the castle and into the forbidden forest before crossing the wards to the apparition points." Harry smiled at them as if daring them to defy his plan.

"Why- why are you doing this?" Malfoy was now as white as a sheet and stared at his nemesis with wide eyes.

"So that you'll, as the saying goes, take me to your leader." Harry smiled again.

Finally after a minute of tense silence, Bella burst into roaring laughter.

"Potter's gone dark. Aw, little Potter's all grown up. You know what, I think I like you." She gave a manic grin at the teenager who smiled back.

"Hey, Harry."

Everyone jumped and raise their wands to the window where a girl on a broom was hovering just behind Potter.

"Hayley! You sort out the bird?"

"Yep, frozen into a statue." She delicately got off the broom and stood next to where Harry was.

"Good, I didn't want his phoenix taking out my eyes."

The girl, Hayley, smirked at Harry.

"I know you. You're in my house." Draco cried out.

"Yes Draco, how observant of you. I've been watching you all year." The girl smiled an identical smile to Harry. Draco frowned as he looked at the pair; they looked related.

"Are you ready Harry?" The girl asked, looking at Harry with wide worried eyes.

"It will be fine, we've done this a hundred times before."

"But never fully."

"Just imagine how nice it will be to feel whole again."

The girl pursed her lips and nodded. Then Hayley and Harry turned so they were directly in front of each other. They raised their hands so the fingertips were touching and locked their matching emerald eyes. As if told to, the pair started reciting a latin spell in unison, their voices echoing through out the room. Soon, green lines were escaping he two bodies and intertwining with one another. The girl's whole body started to glow in a dark light and lifted her from the floor.

Severus breathed at the sight. He now knew what it was and his eyes went wide in understanding.

"A split soul ritual." He murmured under his breath, ignoring the looks sent by his allies in favour of watching the reunion.

Soon Harry was lifted from the floor and the two floated so they were horizontally facing each other, Hayley looking down at Harry. Suddenly the girl dropped falling straight into Harry and instead of colliding with him, she burst into a million pieces of light which were absorbed into Harry's body. The boy's form shook and glowed in a blinding light as he took in his magic. Finally the spell stopped and Harry was dropped unceremoniously on the floor.

The death eaters stood up from where they had been blasted onto the floor. They blinked as their eyes adjusted to the darkness that they were more used to. On the floor lay Harry Potter, groaning as he got up. There were a few changes to his body. There was less of a tan as he now held fairer skin, a mix between the pale skin of Hayley and Harry's previous full tan. Harry pulled of his glasses and snapped them in his now well manicured hand, a show that he no longer needed them. His hair fell down his back as Hayley's had, holding a few silky waves. Harry's face no longer had any young boyish features, instead it was more delicate as each detail had been carefully crafted to produce the handsome portrait.

Harry stood and stretched, lifting up the wand that had once been Dumbledore's.

"Right, time to go." Harry smiled at the death eaters before cutting through them and walking out the room. The were stunned for a minute before Bellatrix giggled and followed through the door.

Now they were running. Racing through the intricate corridors, trying to keep up with a sprinting Potter in front of him. The boy kept darting through tapestries and statues leading them down tunnels they never even knew they existed. They flew down a dark set of stairs and jumped through the wall to land on their feet outside the entrance hall.

"Master Harry Potter sir. I'z be giving your belongings to you."

A house-elf stood by the doors, floating a trunk behind him. Harry shrunk the trunk and put it in his pocket.

"Thank you Dobby. Has Neville and Luna sorted out the dorm room yet?"

"Yes Mr Potter. Mr Longbottom has made a fire to look likes yours belongings was burned in accident. Mr Zabini also sends a message to wish Mr Potter luck."

"That's great Dobby. Tell them I said thanks. See you around." Harry waved as he took off to the doors.

The death eaters shared another puzzled look and followed Harry who now ran making a mess of the great hall. Bellatrix soon joined in, breaking suits of armour and breaking the tables. When the reached the great doors, Harry halted at the locked escape. He brought up Dumbledore's wand, his wand, and shot out a curse. With a loud bang the doors were destroyed leaving a gaping space allowing the death eaters to run free. Harry turned to look back at the castle, raising his wand.

"Morsmorde!" He called, releasing the dark mark into the sky. Words appeared beneath in glowing red letters:



Draco whistled at the handiwork looking back at Harry who was now smirking at him. Draco sent a smirk back in return.

They made it to the forbidden forest where Harry stopped again. He placed his fingers in his mouth and released a loud whistle through the trees. A bark answered it. They stood in waiting for whatever it was Harry had called. Soon enough a dog and man were running up to them, the dog barking all the way. The dog stopped just short of Harry and changed back into his human form.

"It's done then?" Sirius asked his godson.

"It's done." Harry smiled up at him. Sirius beamed back and gave Harry a large hug.

"I'm so proud of you." Sirius shouted sounding like a doting Molly Weasley.

"Sirius!" Bellatrix shouted, making the pair jump away from each other.

"Cousin." Sirius nodded at her.

Bellatrix stood stunned for a moment before she ran forward and knocked over her cousin in a tight hug.

"Sirius!" She wailed into his neck. "I thought, I thought. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean. And you're family." Her loud sobs made Sirius try to block his ears but patted her on the back anyway.

"I think we can save the family reunions for later. We should get moving." Everyone turned to face Remus who was standing awkwardly at the back of the group. Fenrir and Remus made eye contact in which Fenrir nodded at his cub and Remus beamed back at the acceptance.

They made it to the apparition point, Sirius in dog form racing a practically skipping Harry. They paired up: Remus with Fenrir, Bellatrix with Sirius and Severus with Harry and Draco. The death eaters then apparated them to headquarters.