Chapter 25 Freak

Anko spotted Orochimaru speedily approaching out of the corner of her eye. He dragged the man out of the booth by his hair. She could see shock in the ninja's face. He had probably never expirienced such raw power before. She knew what that felt like.

"Now, are you going to apologise to the lady for touching what wasn't yours." Orochimaru said in a violent tone. The man drew a kunai and tried to stab the sannin in his hand which was still in his hair.


Orochimaru twist the kunai out of his hand and and snapped his wrist with amazing grace.

"Son of a bitch!"

"Are you going to apologize?" He asked again.

"Why the hell is he interfering?"

"Fuck off freak."

"Oh no he did-int!"

She heard another cracking sound as he broke his arm. He screamed in agony. Orochimaru grabbed her arm and ushered her out of the place. One she got her wits about her she pulled her elbow free and hit him in the shoulder.

"Damnit Orchimaru! What the hell was that about?!"


"Answer me!"


"FINE! Be a pain in the ass!"

She followed him as he walked to the place they were staying. In the silence trying to bring down her anger.

"Who the hell does he think he is? Has NO right to be concerned about anything I do! So what if I want to use a seductive technique?! He shouldn't have interfered! Aaaaaaaargh!"

A man stood in the shadows.

"His name is Orochimaru huh? Better go tell Masaki."

Author's incoherent ramblings: OH NOES!