Super Mario Sketch Show Episode 9

Series created by Stephen Paget, (that's write I'm a male fanfiction writer, and only 25% of people who write fanfiction are males!) but Mario, his friends and enemies are owned by Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo. I make no money on these fanfics, so no suing me, Nintendo.

A coffee bar

Sketch 1 : Mario and Luigi are sitting around a coffee table in a coffee bar sipping coffee.

Luigi: A gold coin for your thoughts, Mario?

Mario: Isn't it usually people who ask YOU that? But if you must know. I think Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of us is a racist.

Luigi: What gives you that idea?

Mario: Well one of the enemies Bowser has is called a goomba. In real life goombas are an insulting word for Italians.

Luigi: True.

Mario: And think about it, we're portrayed as overweight people who have lowly jobs as plumbers .

Luigi: Oh…I agree with the plumber job, but as for weight I don't know nowadays, if you look at our designs in the newer games we don't look so fat.

Mario: Let me go on, what else is insulting, the racist stereotyping. Look at the introduction to Super Mario 64 where I say It's-a-me Mario! I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure there are a lot of Italians out there who can speak English, without saying a after every word.

Luigi: Yeh…..that's true.

Mario: And remember the Super Mario Bros Super Show?

Luigi: God! I'd rather not. That show makes even less sense and is even more confusing than the video games. The creator of Super Mario Sketch Show is lucky I'm even agreeing to do this show.

Mario: Well for your own sake, I'll only say this, remember how that show portrayed us having huge love for Italian foods? That's also racist I'd think. Thinking about Italian foods all the time. I'm just as capable of eating other foods of different nationalites!

Luigi: Yeah…that was god awful. But let be tell you this Do you know why I'd not as insulted as you at all this Italian stereotyping?

Mario: Why is that?

Luigi: Technically, Mario, we're not Italian.

Mario: Huh?

Luigi: Haven't you ever played Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island? We were born in the mushroom kingdom and if you complete that game we're delivered to a mushroom house in the mushroom kingdom. So technically we're not Italian.

Mario: Come to think of it you're right there's also Mario and Luigi Partners in Time which show us as babies going to play with the princess. And there's also this magazine in America called Nintendo Power which had these Mario vs Wario comics also show me and Wario as babies in the mushroom kingdom.

Luigi: What can I say? Bad fucking writing right there, and how have we some how managed to get from the Mushroom Kingdom to Brooklyn, New York?

Mario: The creators of us are weird. Have we spent a day in Italy in our entire lives? But if we're not Italian. I guess I shouldn't be insulted.

Luigi gives Mario a gold coin for his thought.

Luigi: That's the spirit, although I think us being born in the mushroom kingdom is a bad cover up from all the racist insulting they're doing. And I'm pretty sure a lot of Italian people still hate Nintendo. Changing the subject would you like a hot chocolate? I'll pay.

Mario: Sure!