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Chapter One - To See You Again

Allen found that, after his memorable conversation with Master Cross, his thoughts were focused on Mana more than usual. When he had first learned that Mana had been the older brother of the 14th Noah his heart had faltered. For the briefest of times he had wondered whether his foster father had really loved him or had merely cared for him because he was the host necessary for the 14th's revival.

But those doubts were gone.

Now he knew the truth although as he thought about it the young man realized that he had really always known. He knew in his heart, although he had no way to prove it, that Mana had cared for him. Had cared for the real him and not the him that possessed the memories of the 14th. And this knowledge made him more determined than ever to keep the promise that he had made to the only person who had ever treated him like a completely normal child.

To the people who had saw him on the streets he had been a worthless castoff; deformed and unworthy to even breathe the same air that they did. To the members of the circus where he had first met Mana he had been a tool to get work done but never anything more. And even to the Black Order he was viewed merely as a soldier to fight in the holy war and now as possibly the traitor who would bring about their destruction.

But to Mana he had just been a child albeit a child who never smiled.

"I promise you that I will keep walking Mana," Allen muttered to the familiar picture that hung on the wall of his room. The eternal clown smiled down at him and Allen was certain, although he once again had no proof, that Mana heard this renewed promise.

Renewing this promise seemed to bring a measure of peace to the young boy and he placed his head on the pillow, not even bothering to change out of his clothing.

Darkness gave way to light and Allen found himself in a strange room, standing in front of a mirror. Out of pure habit the boy gazed at his reflection and his eyes widened in surprise. It was almost as though he were looking at a stranger. The image that stared back at him through the mirror looked as though an artist had drawn him but with deliberate differences. In stead of the white that he had grown accustomed to over the years his hair was a rich brown color and the scar that had once decorated his face was completely gone.

No sign that it had ever been there.

Completely confused over this strange change in his appearance Allen glanced down at himself as though to see if anything else was off. Aside from his hair and the scar his physical appearance seemed to be roughly the same; he was still slender and was dressed in black slacks, white shirt, gray vest and red tie.

The tie was somewhat crooked and Allen adjusted it without really thinking about the act.

"Hey Allen!" a voice suddenly called out, breaking into the young man's thoughts.

Allen paused, his hand still at the collar of his shirt. There was just no way that it was possible and yet…

"That voice," Allen whispered, his eyes once again growing wide. It was a voice that he would never forget and yet he knew that it wasn't possible. Mana had died when he had been small and yet there was no mistaking that voice.

"Are you almost ready?" The door of the room swung open and a man stepped inside. Allen's gaze shifted to the form that had just entered the room and he gasped. The man who was gazing at him appeared older than he remembered but there was still no denying the fact that it was Mana.

The foster father whom he had lost so long ago.

"Mana. . ."

Walking forward Mana reached out and grasped Allen by the chin, his gaze focused intently on the boy. He seemed to be searching for something as he gazed into the boy's wide gray eyes. "Are you alright Allen? You look a little off today."

"I'm. . . I'm okay," Allen stuttered, completely shocked.

"Well come on then," Mana said, releasing his grip on the young man's chin. "We have a lot of traveling to do and I want to get there before nightfall or else we might have a hard time finding work."

"Work?" Allen was even more confused.

Mana arched an eyebrow, his gaze still resolutely locked on the young man. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yea," Allen said, running his hands through his now brown hair. Following along behind Mana he entered a small room that had two twin beds, both of which had a suitcase sitting on top. One of the suitcases was filled with neatly folded clothing while the other looked as though someone had been frantically searching for something.

"You know Allen," Mana said as he closed the suitcase filled with neatly folded clothing. "It would be a lot easier to keep your clothing neat if you would learn how to fold it properly."

"So I was in a hurry," Allen said, moving a couple of articles of clothing that were in the way and closing his own suitcase.

Shrugging as though to say that the boy was hopeless, Mana placed a top hat on his head and picked up his suitcase. He turned to gaze at Allen over his shoulder, a half smile on his lips. "Are you sure you're up for the trip Allen? We could stay a day or two longer if you need to…"

The invitation hung in the air but Allen quickly shook his head. "That won't be necessary. I'm fine, really."

"Well alright," Mana said, finally turning his gaze away from the brown haired youth. "If you say so."

"I do," Allen said.

"We should go then."


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