Originally posted: 2009-10-24

Content: Alisa/Suzuka

"Come on, Tsukimura, we should go out sometime. What do you say?"

"I'm sorry. I appreciate your feelings, but I have to decline."

"Why? It's not like you're dating anyone! Let's go, we'll have lots of fun!"

"Um, no, like I said…" It was happening again. Suzuka was never good at handling these persistent types. No matter how many times she politely declined, they would continue to insist on taking her out. Being super popular proved to be quite inconvenient at times. Of course she was flattered by all the attention, but it was still embarrassing.

It certainly didn't help that most of the eyes on her were focused on either her wallet or her chest.

The boy in front of her was currently ogling the latter.

"I'll be sure to show you a good time…" His hand slowly outstretched towards her, causing Suzuka to back away a step. She braced for the contact, silently trying to work up the nerve to shout.

She never got the chance, as another hand shot out and caught the boy's wrist.

"She said no, so back off!" A new voice growled.

"Hey!" The boy cried, trying to pull his hand out of the vice. "Don't get in my way! This has nothing to do with you!"

"The hell it doesn't! Now get lost before I kick the crap out of you!" To punctuate that point, the boy's limb was being forced to bend in a way the joints wouldn't allow under normal circumstances.

"Ow! Ok! Ok! I get it!" As soon as his arm was free, he ran away faster than a long nosed pirate.

"Guys like that are so pathetic…"

"Thank you," Suzuka turned to her saviour. "Alisa-chan. You helped me out again."

"No problem. But really, Suzuka, you need to be more assertive." The blond huffed. "Well, you're definitely a lot better at that then when we were kids, but still. Sometimes guys won't take no for an answer unless you really drive it in."

"I try, but it's not that easy…" A smile grace Suzuka's lips. "I'm glad I have Alisa-chan here to protect me."

"Of course." Alisa grinned. "I've always got your back. You'd save yourself a lot of trouble if you just picked a boyfriend, though. I'm sure not all the guys who ask you out are like that one."

"Well… some of them were really nice, but…" Suzuka glanced away. "I'm not looking for a boyfriend. I… I'm happy just as long as Alisa-chan is by my side."

It took a moment for that to sink into Alisa's brain. When it did, her face could have stopped traffic. "D-Don't worry! W-We've been together for so long now… I have no intention of leaving you anytime soon!"

Suzuka just silently beamed at the flustered girl for a few moments before grabbing the foreigner's hand.

"W-What are you…?"

"Being more assertive." Suzuka glanced at her watch. "If we don't hurry, we'll be late for class."

"O-Oh, right. Yeah, let's go."



"… Alisa-chan is a lot cooler than all the boys anyways."

"Yeah, I… Oi! Is that supposed to be a compliment?!"

Before I said I wanted to do something Suzuka related, so here it is!