Originally posted: 2010-06-15

Content: Vita's past and present

It was so cold.

Vita shivered as she huddled in the fetal position in the corner of the barren room. It was the room that their current master had decided to keep them in when there was no battle to be fought. At one point it had been a walk in freezer, and it still worked as one with the icy air still being pumped through the vents.

Her comrades were resting in various spots of the room, recovering their energy from the harsh conflict of the day, a few of their wounds were still healing, none of them having been properly treated and Shamal being too exhausted to heal them.

Their master offered no aid, only criticism. Why should she waste precious supplies on mere tools?

Yes, that's all they were. Tools. Tools for fighting, destroying, and killing. Heartless murderers at the beck and call of the one who held the book.

Tools did not need first aid, nor did they need warm beds to sleep in, or clean clothes to wear. They did not need consideration, kindness or love.

Tools just needed to do what they were created for. They were just artificial constructs made for a single purpose.

Organic as they were, they still required sustenance, much to their master's annoyance. A cold slop served their needs, loaded with the necessary nutrition, but tasting like the excrements of an elephant. Tools did not need hot, tasty meals after all.

Vita closed her eyes and attempted to sleep. Soon it would be over, she told herself. The book would be complete and then… She wasn't sure. All she knew is that they would eventually belong to a new master and the tools would be used again, and again.

And again…

Vita shot up off the floor, frantically surveying her surroundings. Rather than the concrete of the freezer, she saw rows of lockers and benches along the walls. Glancing down, she saw she wore only her camisole and her panties with the rest of her clothes scattered about. Pulling herself out of the past, she returned to the present.

"Guess tonight's training wore me out more than I thought…" She muttered. "I must have nodded off while changing…" Reaching out to grab her shirt, she noticed her hand was shaking. "Damn it…"

Pissed that the memory had unnerved her, Vita threw her clothes on and left the training grounds. The stars were out in full, making the red head wonder how late her evening session had gone over. She made haste in her return, the cool breeze making her mouth go dry as it sliced through her.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it…" She mumbled as she fumbled with the keys to the house. They clattered together much like her teeth did. All the lights were off, indicating the residents had already turned in for the night. Making her way inside, she carelessly tossed off her shoes and nearly ran up the stairs. In a flash she was in the bedroom and under the covers, not even bothering to strip, and she instantly felt more at ease.

There was a rustling next to her as another figure rolled over.

"Mmm… Vita, what's wrong?" She mumbled, half asleep.

"It's nothing, Hayate, don't worry about it." Vita whispered back.

"Ok…" Hayate yawned as she reached out, wrapping her arms around the other girl and pulling her in close. She then planted a soft kiss on Vita's forehead. "Good night."

"Good night…" Vita said back, nestling her face into Hayate's chest.

Things may have been horrible back then, but now they had a wonderful master who didn't treat them as tools, who gave them comfy beds, hot meals, and most of all: love.

There, held snugly in her beloved master's arms, Vita knew the nightmares couldn't chase her.

It was so warm.

I dedicate this one to Nanya, who's a true friend. I guess you could say it's Hayate/Vita... Personally that's one pairing I'm thoroughly opposed to (Hayate/any of the Wolkenritter for that matter), but I know Nanya likes it so the possibility is there ^^"