Originally posted: 2012-10-31

Content: Nothing objectionable.

Yuuno was used to the impossible. Objects that would have been impossible to create, abilities that were impossible under the laws of physics, a tiny little detail that was impossible to find in a sea of books.

Yuuno was also used to defying the notion. He could explain the object's origin, figure out how the ability worked, and he could hunt down and find any sentence no matter how short.

But this... This was impossible.

There was no way such a thing could exist but there it was, concealed in the mountains until an earthquake revealed it.

His team had been on site for weeks now but they could not unravel this enigma. The surrounding rocks were dated at several millions of years ago but that did not shed much light on this most unsettling of objects.

Perhaps the strangest part was that he and he alone found it unsettling. While his teammates did ponder the nature of it, none of them were particularly bothered by it. It was just another find.

Yuuno didn't blame them as the oddity was something only he would notice. He spent many a night drunk on coffee, studying pictures of it. He dare not go see it directly for the photos alone threatened to suck him in.

How? How could this be? How could some ancient person create that? That shape, it was too perfect to ignore. It called out to him, tempted him. It was if it was his destiny to find it, to use it for whatever its intended purpose.

It took all his self control to restrain himself. Who knew what would happen if he gave in? What sort of tragedy would be unleashed?

But the question remained: why? Why why why why why? Why here? Why now? Why him? His research yielded no answers.

It wasn't long before those around him noticed his strange behaviour. Yuuno would open his door to no one, not even to the closest of his friends. But what did they know anyways? They couldn't possibly understand what exactly that thing was and what it meant. Yes, it was something he had always looked for, what anyone looks for.

Sure he has plenty of friends and loved ones, a successful career and plenty of cash to spare, but so what? Perhaps it made him forget the pain of being extraneous baggage to his tribe upon his birth, but this... He understood what it was. It was something he belonged to, something that belonged to him and only him.

There was nothing to fear from it. It was something to celebrate! Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. He had finally found his destiny.

He made his was to the site but curiously he found people standing in the way. Who were they again? It hardly mattered anymore. Whatever they were saying wasn't important.

Now they were restraining him. What did they think they were doing? The fools didn't understand anything.

Yuuno flailed wildly as the others bound him and held him down. His gaze never left the human shaped hole dug out of the mountain.

"That's my hole! It was made for me!"

If you don't get this reference go read The Enigma Of Amigara Fault by Junji Ito.