The following story is based on an online RPG. The writer of the RPG, Daniel Harrison,
had already written part of this fanfic, but then asked me to take over. I may rewrite
the first four chapters some day, I have already cleaned up the first chapter a bit
and deleted some paragraphs to pick up its pace a bit, but for now I'm happy to share
writing credit with him. The storyline, after all, was entirely his creation.

Unfortunately, I no longer am in contact with Daniel, and don't have his email address,
so I am posting this without his permission, at least for now. I don't expect that he
would have a problem with it, I posted it on a number of BBS's back in the day, with
his okay.

Sailor Moon and all related characters are copyright their owners, etc, etc.



Produced and Directed by:
Daniel C. Harrison
Written by: Daniel C. Harrison & Richard Ryley

The Players:
Sailor Moon: Audrey Seddon
Tuxedo Mask: Sam Huynh/Derek Starr
Sailor Mercury: Greg St. Pieere/Richard Ryley
Sailor Venus: Brian Lee/Jimmy Khan
Sailor Mars: Jake Krieger
Sailor Jupiter: Karl Chu/Kaven Yen
Luna: Priss Asagiri
Artemis: Robert Richards
Sailor Pluto: Daniel Harrison
(All NPC's) Daniel Harrison.

Chapter One: Sea Voyage!

Serena reached for the last cup cake, but her brother snatched it away. "Hey!" she shouted. "That was mine!"

"No it isn't. It's mine now!" Sammy laughed and wolfed down the cake, while his sister screamed at him. He just grinned

The phone rang. Serena sighed and picked it up. "Hello?"

"Hi Serena, it's me, Darien."

"Darien!" Serena said excitedly. "Are you coming over to visit me???"

Darien laughed. "Not with your Dad home. I don't feel like running into HIM."

Serena sighed again. "Okay... well... it's nice to be able to talk to you."

"Actually, I have a surprise for you." Darien was trying to sound nonchalant, but Serena could hear the excitement in his voice. "How would you and the girls like to come with me on a sea voyage?"

"SEA VOYAGE!" Serena shouted. She giggled uncontrollably. "That would be great, Darien! Where are we going?"

"Huh?" Sammy turned and stared at her. "What's this about..."

"OH SHUT UP!" Serena glared at him. "Darien... where and when?"

"Tomorrow morning... Hokkaido. Since you have summer break, I figured it would be a good time. I helped a friend out on his deck this morning and he gave me the key to his boat for a week. He told me to have a good time and to take my friends along."

"OH DARIEN!!! Hokkaido!!!" Serena shouted excitedly. "This is just way cool! I can't wait to tell my friends! Are we all invited??"

"Of course! I'll meet you all at the dock tomorrow morning. Dock 16 in Tokyo harbor. Sound great?"

"The greatest!" Serena sighed dreamily. "An ocean voyage... it's going to be fun!"

"I have to go. See you tomorrow morning." Darien hung up.

"YEEEEE HAA!!" Serena shouted then went into uncontrollable giggling as she hung up the phone. "An ocean trip! This is too cool!"

"You better clear that with Dad first." Sammy reminded her.

"Oh, it'll be fine!" Serena moved past him, blowing him off like he wasn't even there. "MOM! MOM!!! I've been invited on a cruise!!!!!"


"Yes, I heard." Raye smiled as Amy listened to her on the phone. "I talked to grandpa and he didn't see any problem with it. This being summer break and all, we can really have fun."

Amy's voice echoed her excitement. "I wanted to do some extra studying while on vacation but, I guess the break will be good. I can always study more when I get back."

Raye sighed. "Amy, why don't you try relaxing a little bit? You already blow everyone away. Look at your national standings!"

"I know. But, if I relax too much, it won't be in the top rankings. You know that being a doctor is very important to me, Raye. I want that more than anything."

"Anything huh?" Raye giggled. "I seem to remember you talking about Greg and..."

"That's over. He moved to America." Amy sighed.

Raye fell silent for a moment. There had been a disturbing note of finality in Amy's voice. "I know. But someday, we'll both find someone..."


"Hi everyone!!!" Serena shouted. "Isn't this just the coolest???"

Raye put a hand up to shield her eyes from the morning sun, looking out at the hundreds of boats crowded around them. "Yeah, this is really going to be neat. Which boat is it?"

Serena thought a minute. "I think it was at dock #14. He said he'd meet us there."

The girls all moved to dock #14 and they stopped in front of a very expensive yacht that was berthed there.

Lita turned to Serena. "You sure this is it? Seems kinda fancy."

Serena giggled when suddenly, two docks down they heard a shout...

"Hey! Over here girls!"

Raye looked and saw Darien on a much smaller 25 foot cabin cruiser. It was clearly a much older model, its paint slightly weathered with age. She smirked at Serena. "You and your memory. You should have written it down..."

"Don't start, Raye!" Serena sputtered.

"Please don't fight." Amy gave her two friends a bemused smile. "We're here to have fun, remember? I don't want to hear you two fighting all time. So just for this week... try not to fight, okay?"

"She's right." Raye agreed. "We're here to enjoy ourselves. So let's go!"

The girls hurried over to dock #16, as the two cats brought up the rear. "I don't know about this, Artemis," Luna said, keeping her voice low in case someone was around. "The Sailor Scouts need to be on their guard. What if something happens?"

"Like what?" Artemis countered. "The Negaverse can't be on the job EVERY day. And the girls NEED a little time off, every now and then. It's a nice day... we'll have nothing to do but lay around and do nothing... what can go wrong?"

"I shudder to think..." Luna muttered. She raced to catch up with the girls, who had by now found on the correct dock. Serena was jumping up and down excitedly, her long ponytails flying out behind her, caught by the sea breeze.

Darien waved at her. "Come on aboard! You can help me get ready to cast off."

Darien helped Mina up as she took his hand, then continued to help the others as they boarded. Serena, bringing up the rear, gave him a hug as he pulled her onto the boat.

"Not now, Meatball Head." He grinned at her.

"This boat is smaller than I thought." Mina commented. "Is Hokkaido a long ways?"

"Don't you study your geography Mina?" Artemis smiled. "It's a few hours from here. Should be a fun voyage. But... this boat DOES seem kind of old."

"Don't state the obvious." Luna chastised him.

Artemis smiled at her and began examining the boat. As he did so, he began to see more signs of age. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all...


Two hours later, Lita lay sunbathing on the front deck of the boat, with Amy and Raye beside her. Raye had thoughtfully brought along a radio to provide a little music. Serena and Mina stood up in the flying bridge, next to Darian, as he steered the boat through the ocean waves.

Serena giggled. "This is wonderful Darien! I've got my friends and everything is super cool! What more could anyone want?"

"A guy for each of us?" Mina winked at her. "Thanks for inviting us all along Darien. What are we going to do in Hokkaido when we get there?"

"I don't know." Darien shrugged. "We'll see when we get there. I'm just enjoying the trip..."

Luna sat up suddenly. Artemis blinked as he turned to look at her, leaning up on one shoulder. Luna was staring out at the waves, her ears perked up. "What's wrong?"

"I... I don't know. I... sense something..."

Suddenly, a huge wave hit the boat and rocked it sideways. Mina screamed, grabbing the railing, as Darien whipped the wheel to one side. Down on the deck, Raye gasped as she flipped out of her chair, and landed face down, her radio sliding across the deck on front of her.

Lita grabbed one of the cleats that were used to secure the boat, to keep from being thrown about. "What the hell is going on???"

"THERE!" Amy shouted. A huge creature rose out of the ocean, its massive head filled with razor sharp teeth, perched on the end of an impossibly long neck.

Luna swallowed. "I... I was expecting the Negaverse!!! Not... GODZILLA!!!!

Artemis looked at the thing and raised his paw, pointing towards the shoreline off in the distance.


The huge monster rose higher above the miniscule boat, as Darien fought to regain control. "DARIEN!!!" Serena screamed. "What... what do we do??"

"Uhmm... drive REAL fast..." Darien slammed the tiny boat into full power and turned hard. Somehow, he managed to miss the monster's right leg, but it was moving to attack them. It roared, and slammed its forelimb into the water, creating even more waves.

The tiny boat rocked some more. Raye stood up. "What... what is it???"

The sea monster roared and slammed the water again causing Darien to have to steer across the waves. "If this keeps up, we're going to sink!!" Darien shouted.

Serena squealed and clung to Darien and, Mina stared in horror as the monster advanced.

"It's coming toward us!!!!" Mina shouted.

"No kidding?" Lita shouted. "I couldn't tell!"

"We have to do something!" Raye shouted. "MARS STAR...POWER!!!!!"

Leta and Amy transformed, as well. "Let's blast this thing!!!" Leta yelled. "JUPITER THUNDER... CRASH!!!"

The blast of blue energy struck the monster, causing it to roar in fury. But it only came at them faster.

"What the hell is it?? Mars shouted.

Sailor Mercury pulled out her computer. "I'm not sure but, the computer seems to think it's some sort of dinosaur! Not sure what period either. This is incredible!!"

"MARS FIRE...IGNITE!!!!!!" Raye fired directly at the monster, but it threw off her attack and slammed it's claws into the water.

Serena screamed as she clung to Darien. The boat tipped precariously, as the wave swept underneath them.


"DIVE IN THE WATER!!!" Artemis shouted. "DIVE AWAY FROM THE BOAT!!!"

Mina grabbed onto the edge of the boat as it tipped. "But if we do that, we'll drown won't we???"


Mercury and Jupiter continued attacking but, the monster seemed to be withstanding it. Jupiter swore. "What's this thing made of?"

Mina and Serena dove into the ocean with Darien. Sailor Mars jumped as the monster slammed across the center of the boat splintering it in half! Luna barely jumped in time.

Sailor Mercury looked below her. "Now we have nowhere to fight from! What do we do??"

"KILL IT!!!!" Jupiter shouted. "JUPITER...THUNDER...CRASH!!!!"

"Darien! What do we do now??" Serena cried.

Darien just shook his head. Then he grabbed Serena closer as the water began to surge up underneath them. "Now what!"

A submarine broke the surface, not ten yards from their position. The dinosaur turned, attracted by the larger target, but there was a muffled boom as something exploded next to the creature's side.

"They're firing torpedoes!" Artemis yelled. "Everyone, get under debris! Find cover!!!

Sailor Mercury grabbed a piece of the boat and used it to shield herself from the explosive debris that followed. Sailor Jupiter and Mars did the same.

The monster suddenly turned and moved quickly away submerging.

"It's gone!" Mina shouted. "We did it!"

"No... they did." Luna said, as the submarine approached. "Everyone..transform back!"

The Scouts that had transformed quickly became themselves again as the submarine came closer. The crew had emerged out on the deck, and was yelling and waving at them. But the men were wearing old style uniforms, of the United States Navy!"

"What would a U.S. sub be doing out here..." Darien muttered.

His thoughts were interrupted as a blinding flash of light filled the sky, so bright it even blotted out the sky. A woman appeared, silhouetted against the light, and then, as it faded, she fell into the water.

Serena, in an unusual case of bravado, pushed away from Darian, and swam to the woman. Serena hurried to her side, lifting her head up and putting an arm around her under her shoulder. The woman was unconscious, and just floated there, limp.

"Serena? That was sure brave of you, Meatball Head." Raye's voice was teasing, but it was obvious she was impressed. Serena just shrugged, though.

"I couldn't let her drown..."

"Here, let me help you." Raye grabbed the woman's arm and helped Serena support her. Then she gasped, as they both got a look at the woman's costume. It was a Sailor Scout, one they had never seen before! Her costume was purple and black, and she had long black hair, and a staff held tightly in her hand. As Raye tried to support her under her arm, the woman's grip on the staff failed, and it sank into the sea.

Raye grabbed for the staff, but missed it. She watched it disappear into the darkness, and then a couple of divers from the sub were helping her and the unconscious woman onto the deck.

Artemis shook the water from himself as he stood on the deck of the submarine. As the divers helped everyone aboard, he turned and surveyed their saviors. They appeared to be wearing US Navy uniforms... but from an era of the past, possibly World War II. The
submarine was also an older model, again resembling one from World War II.

The men were ogling the girls in their bikinis and smiling. One of them stepped forward and turned to Darien. He appeared to be part japanese..

"Are you all alright?" he asked.

"Yes. Thanks for saving us." Darien looked around. "Where are we?"

"You're aboard the "USN Hunter". I'm Lt. Akano." The man looked at them all. "What were you all doing out here and, what was that thing that attacked you we drove off?"

"I'm not sure." Darien answered. He felt isolated realizing the officer had tagged him as the one to talk to. "We were on a trip to Hokkaido when it attacked us and sunk our boat."

The man smiled. "I see. During a war? Interesting. In any case, you'll come below now to meet the Captain and he'll decide what to do with you."

Darien swallowed and looked at the others. During a war?? What war?! Serena appeared frightened. Artemis and Luna looked at each other...

Their saviors had just become...their captors!