Summary: Scorpius Malfoy has been absolutely, undeniably and irrevocably in love with Albus Potter since he was eleven years old. He is perfectly happy to watch from the sidelines but his best friend, one Rose Weasley, has decided that she's had enough. Cue anonymous owls, a stolen bottle of Firewhiskey, a double detention and a party in the Slytherin dungeon. This plan is 100% foolproof. Possibly.

Rating: M

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A/N:Chapter five – finally! xo


Following the successful conversation at breakfast, Scorpius felt that the longer he spent in Albus' company, the higher the risk of making a complete fool of himself was and so when the Slytherin announced that he was making a quick trip to the loo, Scorpius pounced on the chance to run away.

"Alright, no problem," Al said, his green eyes wide. "You're still coming to the Christmas party tonight though, aren't you?"

"Of – of course," the blond stuttered. "If I'm still invited, that is."

"Of course you are," he smiled shyly. "I'm looking forward to it."

"So am I," Scorpius found that he was staring at the other boy and he forced himself to blink. He cleared his throat. "Anyway, I've got a Charms essay that I'd like to get out of the way early so I'll be heading up now, but I'll see you tonight?"

Al nodded. "Yeah, just come to the dungeon around nine o'clock and someone will let you in."

"Nine o'clock," Scorpius repeated. Al grinned.

"Wicked. See you tonight, Scorp."

"Bye, Albus," he said softly, watching the dark-haired boy's retreating back, his heart racing a mile a minute. Had Albus really said that he was looking forward to seeing him? Surely not. He had obviously meant that he was looking forward to the party. Yes, that was what he had meant – why in Merlin's name would he be looking forward to seeing Scorpius? He was boring, and weird – Al had said so himself not twenty minutes ago! Okay, he had insisted that he meant it as a good thing but Scorpius failed to see how being called strange was a compliment. The panic building up inside of him was threatening to bubble over and he looked around wildly; there was no-one here that could help him, he needed to talk to Rose as a matter of urgency. Throwing himself through the corridors and up the tightly winding staircase to the Ravenclaw Common Room, he grasped the eagle-shaped doorknocker and thrust it down with a resonating clang.

"Is there life after death?"came the sing-song voice of the brass bird.

"I don't have time for this, I have to talk to Rose!" he whined but the door remained unmoving. He sighed. "I cannot answer your question."

"How so?"

"Your question in itself is intrinsically flawed, as it assumes our consciousness in this reality as fact. One can be sure of nothing, therefore one can never have a definitive answer."

There was a pause. "Well reasoned," said the eagle, and the door swung open.

Scorpius shoved past it and into the Common Room, scurrying across the star-strewn carpet towards the marble fireplace, where he knelt before the hearth and Summoned his pot of Floo powder, smuggled from his father's study in Malfoy Manor, from the sixth-year dormitory. It zoomed towards him and he caught it unsteadily, grasping a handful and throwing it into his hastily cast Incendio; he waited until the flames roared and turned emerald green – the colour of Albus' eyes, he thought with a flutter in the region of his navel – before sticking his head in the fireplace and shouting, "the Burrow!"

He waited for the uncomfortable spinning sensation to stop before opening his eyes, finding an unfazed room full of redheads glancing in his direction.

"Good morning, Scorpius!" cried Rose's grandmother. "What can we do for you?"

"Hi, Mrs Weasley," he smiled. "Morning, everyone. Is Rose awake yet?"

"Hello, Scorpius," Rose's mother came into view, holding a steaming cup of tea. "I'm afraid the lazy mare is still in bed upstairs. Would you like to come through and wake her up? I'm sure she'll be pleased to see you."

"Erm... okay, thank you," he replied, "I'll be through in a moment."

He stood up quickly, casting more glittering powder into the flames and stepping into the grate. The fireplaces spun in front of him at a sickening speed and he pulled his elbows in tighter to his sides lest he injure himself as one passed close by him. Slowly everything came back into focus and he stepped gracefully into the living room of the Burrow, a rumble of voices greeting him as he dusted himself off.

"Just go up, Scorpius, she's in her room," Rose's mother gestured towards the stairs.

"Wait a minute!" Rose's father lowered the paper so quickly, Scorpius was surprised he didn't tear it. "I'm not having a sixteen year old boy prowling my daughter's bedroom!"

"Ron -" the bushy-haired woman placed a hand on her husband's shoulder.

"No, he can insist that they're just good friends until he's blue in the face but I'm still not letting him have free reign over my first-born in her nightwear," the redhead cut across her. "We were just friends when we were their age and I know the type of thoughts that were running through my head. All boys should be locked up at thirteen and not allowed to roam among decent people until they're twenty-nine."

"Ron," his wife said, more firmly this time.

"Mr Weasley, I'm gay," Scorpius said, laughing. "No offence to either of you, I love your daughter dearly and she is a beautiful girl but the thought of seeing Rose in her undercrackers isn't the stuff of dreams for me."

Mrs Granger-Weasley snorted into her tea as her husband's jaw dropped.

"Well," he cleared his throat awkwardly, opening his copy of the Prophet once more. "Well... alright then, Scorpius, you can go up."

The Ravenclaw smothered a grin as he watched Mr Weasleys ears turn red behind the newspaper before leaving the room and climbing up the many stairs to the guest room that his best friend used during her frequent stays.

"Rose?" he pushed the door open slowly, peeking his head around it as he did.

"Go away," she groaned, pulling the duvet over her head.

"Rosie, it's me," he closed the door and padded over to the bed.

"Scorp?" she wrenched the covers down and sat up, looking confused. "What's happened? Why are you at my gran's house?"

"Albus said that he was looking forward to tonight," he blurted. "Does that mean he's looking forward to the party or that he's looking forward to seeing me?"

Rose sighed and pulled Scorpius under the covers with her; it was a mark of how nervous he was that he didn't fuss, even when she lay him down firmly and flattened his hair on the pillow. "Right, how exactly did he say it?"

"What do you mean?" Scorpius looked puzzled.

"I mean, what context was it in? Did he just say it in passing or did you talk before he said it?"

The blond thought back to the final moments of their conversation in the Great Hall. "We sat together at breakfast and I asked if he still wanted me to go to the party and he said yes, and that he was looking forward to it."

Rose's face split in a wide grin. "Scorpius, this is a brilliant development! Do you know what this means?"

Scorpius looked wary. "What does it mean?"

"It means that you have to look amazing tonight."

"I always look amazing!" he said indignantly. "Not all of us are happy to sit in the library in Muggle tracksuit bottoms, Rose."

"Whatever," she ignored him. "We have to get to work immediately!"

"What do you have in mind?" he asked nervously. "Because I already -"

Scorpius was cut off by the door banging open to reveal Rose's father, looking like he would like nothing more than to string the young Ravenclaw up. "Ah-ha!" he said triumphantly, as his wife appeared at his side.

"Ron!" she admonished, grabbing his arm. "What in Merlin's name are you doing?"

"I knew it!" he pointed at the teenagers, who were currently buried under a pile of pink and white blankets. "You were happy enough to accept his trust me, I'm gay speech but I knew we shouldn't let him up here!"

Rose snorted. "Dad, Scorpius is as gay as Dumbledore, we're not doing anything."

"Oh, yeah, it really looks that way to me, what with him in your bed and everything. Get up, Scorpius!"

"Yes, sir," Scorpius scrambled out from under the covers and got to his feet. "I'm sorry, Rose was just giving me some advice."

"Yes, dad, I was giving him some advice about getting with Albus," Rose explained.

The redhead blinked. "Albus? Albus Potter?"

"Yes," Rose replied, nodding slowly.

"Ginny's son, Albus?"

"Yes!" the young witch cried. "For Merlin's sake, dad, what part of this is troubling you?"

"Rose..." her mother said warningly, though Scorpius was sure he saw her mask a smile.

"Al is gay?" Rose's father looked baffled. "Do Harry and Ginny know?"

"No, nobody knows, not even Scorpius is meant to know but he's been in love with him for years so I'm using my insider knowledge to help him make some headway with this farce of a relationship."

"Rose!" the blond hissed.

"Years?" Mrs Granger-Weasley cocked her head. "Yes, well, I know how that feels," she said darkly, throwing a sidelong look at her oblivious husband, who looked as though he was still trying to digest the information that his nephew was a woopsie.

"Well, Albus invited Scorpius to the Slytherin Christmas party tonight and Scorp's been driving himself insane for days about what it means so I'm helping him," Rose continued.

Her mother nodded thoughtfully. "Do you think it's a date, Scorpius?"

Scorpius wished he could pull out his wand and Avada himself. "I don't know. I don't think so," he mumbled.

"Albus said that he's looking forward to going to the party with him!" Rose said gleefully.

"Rose, shut up!" Scorpius said hotly. "We haven't established what he meant by 'I'm looking forward to it' yet."

"Don't be such a diva, Scorp," Rose brushed his outburst off easily and her mother chuckled.

"Ron, go downstairs and... do something," she gently pushed her husband towards the staircase before turning to face her daughter. "Rose, get a quill and some parchment. Scorpius, Floo back to your dormitory and bring a few sample outfits," she winked at him. "Don't worry, Potter men can be a bit dense about these things but we'll help you get your man."


Scorpius made his way down towards the dungeons nervously, unsure of the exact location of the Slytherin Common Room. He smoothed down his clothes – a pale grey fitted shirt with very fine white pinstripes and Muggle jeans, all Rose's choices – wishing for the hundredth time that evening that he had refused to let those crazy Weasley women anywhere near him. Rose had styled his hair into what she called a "just shagged" look as opposed to his usual sleek style and then to top it off she had pinned him down and applied eyeliner. Eyeliner! He glowered at the memory.

His nerves somewhat abated when he spotted a few Slytherins travelling in the same direction as he was, carrying something large and obviously heavy between them, a thick cloak draped on top of it. Whatever they were attempting to disguise, it clinked loudly as they walked so it didn't take Rowena Ravenclaw to work out that the boys were heading towards the party.

"Hurry up, if McGonagall sees us -"

"She's not going to find us if you keep your big mouth shut, Flint," the tallest boy snapped.

Scorpius followed behind for another hundred yards or so before the group came to an abrupt halt.

"What's the password?" a slight boy Scorpius recognised as his father's friend Theodore's eldest son asked.

The tall boy opened his mouth to reply before catching sight of Scorpius lurking at the back of them. "Malfoy?" he frowned. "You lost?"

"No, I was invited to the party," he replied coolly.

"Invited? By who?" a squat fifth year asked.

"By whom," the blond corrected. "Albus Potter asked me along."

"Potter?" Alastair Nott raised an eyebrow.

Scorpius nodded, producing the invitation from his pocket. "Is that alright?"

There was a rumble of consent and a few of the boys nodded. "'Course it is, you're a Malfoy," Nott replied. "By rights you should be one of us anyway."

The Ravenclaw gave a wry smile. "I'm sure you can imagine how my father took the news that I wasn't to be joining you in the Snake Pit."

His joke was met with appreciative smirks and he was quickly ushered into the dungeon, which could not have been more different from the bright and airy Ravenclaw Common Room. He gazed around the crowd of vaguely-familiar faces for a few moments, the pounding music rendering his ears useless, before a tap on his shoulder caused him to turn his head, where his eyes met the smiling face of Al Potter.

Scorpius' mouth became very dry as he took in the Slytherin's appearance and as his eyes roved over Albus' messy black hair and fitted shirt, he couldn't help but gawp.

"I'm glad you came," the raven-haired boy leaned over and shouted in Scorpius' ear, his warm breath caressing the side of his face. Scorpius felt his heart speed up. "Are you wearing make-up?"

Scorpius blushed. "Yes. It was all your cousin's doing!"

Al grinned. "I think you look amazing."

Scorpius felt his face burn. "It's very loud," he remarked but Albus shook his head, mouthing I can't hear you. The blond leaned closer, his chest touching Albus' arm. "The music is loud," he repeated and this time Al laughed.

"That's the point of a party!" he yelled, grinning. He mimed taking a drink and grabbed Scorpius' sleeve, pulling him through the rapidly-expanding crowd towards a table covered end-to-end in glass bottles. "What's your poison?"

Scorpius eyed the bottles warily before leaning over and selecting a Butterbeer. Al grabbed his wrist and Scorpius had to marvel at the fact that it didn't fall and smash the second the other boy's hand closed around his arm. He looked up to see the dark-haired boy shaking his head and waving a bottle of Firewhiskey in his face; Scorpius shook his head firmly, holding his Butterbeer up higher with a shy smile on his face. Albus shrugged and picked up a Butterbeer for himself.

"You don't have to stick to weak stuff just because I am," he yelled over the din.

"I'm not a big drinker either, I just thought I'd try it if you would," Albus shouted back.

"Later then?" Scorpius asked shyly, unsure of how long Albus would want him to stay.

"You're on!"

Scorpius was then introduced to Albus' friends, which was an incredibly awkward experience as nobody could understand a word of what anyone else was saying over the music, though through exaggerated hand gestures and a lot of repeating oneself, they got the gist of everything and it seemed as though everyone was having fun. At some point, Albus had inched over towards Scorpius and the blond was hyperaware of a hand that was tantalisingly close to his own, but the Slytherin made no further attempt to move closer so he tried his best to put it from his mind. After two hours, the Slytherins and their new friend Scorpius abandoned their attempts at conversation and a bottle of Firewhiskey was passed around. Scorpius thought that Albus looked slightly nervous as he raised the bottle to his lips but he took a large swig of the amber liquid nonetheless, raising it once more to drink deeply before grimacing and passing it to Scorpius. The blond took the bottle with shaking hands but, not to be outdone, downed three large mouthfuls in quick succession, wincing as the alcohol burned a path through his chest. As quickly as it came, the feeling subsided and a tingling warmth seemed to spread from within him; he turned to see Albus grinning lazily at him, obviously experiencing the same fuzzy side-effects as Scorpius. One by one, Al's friends gestured towards the makeshift dancefloor and slipped into the crowd, leaving the two boys alone, save for a large bottle of alcohol.

Their eyes met awkwardly and Scorpius felt his face colour but Albus didn't look away. He swigged from the bottle again and handed it to Scorpius, who took another mouthful without hesitation, his eyes never leaving the amazing boy in front of him. God, he was gorgeous. From his shaggy black hair, looking artfully tousled and falling forward into amazing, fathomless green eyes - eyes that could see right into Scorpius' soul if they tried - to the low-slung Muggle jeans he wore that accentuated every part of the boy's toned body. The song changed and he stoppered the bottle once more, setting it down on a large leather armchair; Albus cocked his head, looking at him questioningly. Emboldened by the Firewhiskey, Scorpius reached out for Albus' sleeve and tugged him towards the crowds of dancing bodies, moving as one to the sultry beat pounding through the air. Albus looked shy as they began to move, awkwardly at first but they soon found a rhythm and the embarrassment vanished. Surprisingly, nobody batted an eye as the two boys danced and Scorpius' heart thudded almost painfully in his chest as the song played out, the lyrics causing a blush to spread across his cheeks.

"Baby, are you ready 'cause it's getting close, don't you feel the passion ready to explode? What goes on between us, no-one has to know, this is a private show. Do you know what you started? I just came here to party but now we're rocking on the dancefloor, acting naughty. Your hands around my waist, just let the music play. Boy, hand-in-hand, chest-to-chest and now we're face-to-face…"

He met Albus' eye and they both looked away quickly but neither made any attempt to step back. The chorus of the song began, upping the tempo and Scorpius felt a warm hand slide up his side and across his back, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. His body crackled with electricity as an arm wound around his waist and pulled him closer into the hard body in front of him. Green met grey as their eyes connected and Scorpius felt himself melt into Albus, his brain stuttering and shutting down when another hand slid across his chest and up, coming to rest on the side of his face. His breathing was shallow and the music was drowned out by the rush of blood pounding in his ears as Albus' ebony lashes fluttered closed and splayed out like a delicate fan across his lightly-freckled cheeks. This is it, his brain managed to choke out. This is the moment. He pressed forwards slightly, bringing a shaking hand up to rest on Albus' hip, and then Albus' lips were on his and he was kissing him and it was perfect. He tasted of Firewhiskey and the smell of his aftershave filled Scorpius' senses; he found that his hand had migrated from the boy's hip and both of them were now tangled in the front of his shirt, white-knuckled as though terrified Albus would pull away. Scorpius made a contended noise against the Slytherin's mouth and suddenly found said Slytherin's tongue working its way into his mouth. The kiss was sloppy and unskilled but it was the best thing that had happened to Scorpius in his whole life and he was determined to keep it going until his lungs screamed for oxygen.

He pulled away from the brunet, breathing heavily, and the searching look in those green eyes caused his heart swell. He smiled shyly, a warm blush colouring his cheeks and was rewarded with an award-winning grin from Albus. He looked down at his feet for a moment, glancing back up when he felt warm breath on his ear.

"Would you like a tour?" Albus shouted.

Scorpius looked puzzled. A tour? he mouthed.

Al leaned in once more, looking nervous. "I could show you my room."

Scorpius swallowed thickly. Albus wanted to show him his room. His bedroom. He felt a flutter of nerves as he nodded. "Okay."


A/N: Okay, so the song at the party was obviously "Please Don't Stop the Music" by Rihanna, which is not a Wizarding artist but that song makes me want to write slash, so I used it. I have no explanation as to why they had Muggle music at their party so please don't ask lol. Also, Ron barging into Rose's room was a nod to book seven when Ron barges into Ginny's room when Harry goes in there heehee. Hope you enjoyed xo