Rated: Teen

Pairings: NejixTenten, HinataxNaruto, InoxShikamaru, SasukexSakura

Summary: Follow the modern day setting through the eyes of Neji & Tenten.


Chapter One

First Day of My New Life

"So are you scared?"

"Of what?"

"Your first day."

I blinked."Nope. Not at all!"

My Father opened the glass door leading into the building with one hand, and used the other to hold my hand. "Don't speak so soon."

My jaw dropped. This. School. Was. Big. And trust me, I know big. I walked in squeezing my daddy's hand even tighter. My wide grey eyes scanned every inch of the space that was set out in front of me. My hair extended past my waist as I tilted my head back while walking.


This reminded me of the Lego building I built just a week ago! WHOA BABY she was big! OH! Gomen...for being so rude. I'm Neji, and I'm 5!Cool Huh! And just yesterday I-whoa. Why'd we stop walking?I glance up to my left, and frowned. My dad was talking to some bald guy.

I sighed and released my grip from my father's hand. I fixed my eyes upon the long bright white and yellow hallway. It reminded me of a vanilla oreo. I like vanilla oreos. They like me too. Do you like vanilla oreos?

I began walking away from my father.


Neji was pale, and eyes were a washed colored stone grey, found of the lakes' bay. Finger nails just the tiniest, pinkest, and cleanest; a sweater vest clung to his body. It was navy blue, with a yellow embroil in the upper left chest. Underneath was a navy blue polo, pants consisted of cargo, short style. Many pockets on both sides just if one may need to store crickets, or toads for some matter. Tan was its color. Shoes were of the Dr. Martins variety. Clunky, clogged, low top, Black shoes, and unlike all the other snotty 5 and 6 year olds, his consisted of shoe strings. Yep. This little camper here just learned how to tie his shoes.

Neji smiled.

His teeth, still bleach white, and straightened, however there was a tooth missing on the bottom row, left and in the corner beside his molar. And his hair they said. His hair was silkier than the hairs on a mane of a horse. Jet Black, and already midway length of his back and cut evenly.

His Book bag took over half of his body. Just slightly above his head it began, and ended at his waist in the back. It had cool race cars on it. One blue and one red. No kid would dare pick on his cool bookbag...because it was so cool. {A/N: hint the sarcasm in that last sentence reader}

Neji whipped his head around to face his father."Father are you done now?"

Both Baldi and Neji's father turn their heads to Neji and stared.

"Can we go?"

"Just a minute Neji." his father turns back around to face baldi and continued his sons' plush light shaded pink lips poke out, and his black thin eyebrows arch up with great frustration. A sigh, and a quick grumble escape his lips. Then, just like a 3 year old, he grabs the bottom of his shirt and begins tugging on it. Performing a technique many have used since the dawning of our time. It is called...the potty dance. And Neji here can do it pretty well.

"But I wanna go NOW!"

Both baldi and his father glanced back at Neji; His father raised an eyebrow.

"Kids will be kids." Mr. Baldi laughed at his own comment.

Neji raised his lip in disgust at the father made an unsure smile to Mr. Baldi and nodded his head and shook his hand.

" First Day of school," baldi said "Wouldn't wanna be late." he looked at neji who was glaring back at him. Neji's father glanced at his son, and then at Baldi. "I'll see you later then."

Baldi waved and smiled "Okay!"

Neji's father meet Neji's eyes and glared.

"...spoiled brat." whispered Baldi as he walked in the opposite direction.

"Why are you glaring at me?"

"Because, I've told you before and I do not have to tell you repeatedly. We've already learned this lesson before." His father's voice was stern. He kept his eyes straight down the hallway they were walking together. Hand in hand.

"Don't interrupt others while they are speaking to someone else." Neji stared at the ground as they walked; His father glanced down at him.

"Exactly. Its-

"Rude" Neji completed the sentence he's already heard before for about the billionth time.

"Well if You know than why do you still do it?" His father smirked; neji kept staring at the ground.

"Nah. Your only a kid." he said picking up Neji and throwing him over his shoulder. Neji threw himself into fits of giggles.

"Your day will come when you should follow these rules." Neji still giggled, turning bright pink.

"But just promise me you'll learn these rules one day. You'll need them in life champ."He said tickling Neji. He laughed sooooo much he forgot to breathe. He began coughing. Quickly his father removed him from his shoulder, and stopped walking.

"Whoa buddy are you okay?"

Neji nodded his head.

"Okay good." He pointed at a wooden door with a large ,glass blurry frame in the center.

"-Cause I think that's your classroom."

Neji moved his wide eyes to the closed door, as his whole body father began fixing his sweater vest.

"Now remember what I told you earlier. You'll be fine. Just do your best and be your best."

Hastily Neji turned to his father with big eyes.

"Confidence." Reminded his father ashe glanced at Neji while opening the door.

Nejis' POV

...what the hell is this?

I'm standing in front of the door, fully facing the classroom. Eyebrow raised, and the other is perfectly horizontal.

There are toys scattered everywhere on the left side of the room. Some chest with girly clothes, a kitchen thing...WITH NO BUTLER! MY KAMI WHERE AM I? stuffed animals on the carpet...blue carpet. To the right side of the room, were 12, count em' 12 rectangular tables, enough to sit 2 kids per table. The chalkboard was placed on the wall that the tables were . I only know my shapes, and numbers, because the elder relatives made me memorize them. They think they're the boss of everything! Pft! Glad they're not living with my dad and i!


...wait what?

I shake my head and turn to my left just in time to see a boy with brown spiky hair, and red paint smeared on his cheeks run past me with an empty water gun...which was pretty big. Holding both hands in the air frantically. Fear owned this kids face completely.


..whoa...who's she?

All I saw was a blue blur running past me. I Blinked.

"Well you must be Hizashi Hyuga correct?" that's the teacher I suppose. She didnt look much like a teacher...more like a hippie with a Meth addiction. I could see it. It was all in the eyes...and hair. ...don't ask how I know about the whole meth thing. I know none of which you speak of.

"My father smiled and shook her drug dealing- i-i mean nice hand.

"Ah, yes."

The hippie smiled and glanced down at me.

"And you must be Neji!"

...my lip twitched in disgust. Was this peace maker for real? Im not some new born into this god forsaken world. I am a human...not a dog.

"He's just a little shy. It takes him a while to warm up." he smiled staring at the druggie. I looked up at my father and my eyebrows knotted up in confusion. No I wasn't? Why was he lying?

"It's typical for children of this age."

Oh NOW she calls me a human...that deceitful little gaffer! WELL THIS LADY CAN TAKE A PAIR OF CHOPSTICKS AND SHOVE IT FAR UP HER-!

"You can go ahead and put your things in that green cubbie over there," she pointed and looked over at the multi colored cubbies in the far right corner of the room.

...I was gonna say clouds. Far up her clouds.

I stared at the cubbies for a few seconds, then quickly squint my eyes and glare back at my teacher.

oh I see her evil plot .TWO can play at THAT game!


I just step aside from the cubbies and glanced at the door. My FATHER'S GONE! WHERE'D HE GO!he cant be that far! HE CAN'T LEAVE ME HERE ALONE!

...I have abandonment issues. No seriously I do.

I frantically search the room with my AWESOME eyes. Yea don't hate. :p


....guy with chicken butt hair style...not her.

Girl with pink hair?...nah. Too short...

Tubby kid with skittles -Oh! TASTE THE RAINBOW! Ha! Beat cha to it. Suckers.

Nah it's not her. She does meth...probably heroin too. Not skittles...regard that last comment.

OOOOH! FOUND HER! I chase off to her desk.

She stood beside it. I tug on her weird...dress...and she looks down at me. I put on my meanest face, and stare.

"Yes Neji?"


I'm a demanding person if you haven't figured that out about me yet. Mioshi had to figure that out the hard way. If I don't get what I want, then I become difficult to work with...and you don't want that. Oh yea, Mioshi was my maid.

She just smiled and glanced away " He left." she said it like he was never here in the beginning.I didnt get it so I questioned her more. "But why—?

" It was his time to go."

...o-kay. She said it monotone. like she just committed a crime...Murder..ORDER IN THE COURT!...ha!...I always wanted to say that...sorry.

"Go play neji." she instructed. I could tell her word was final. Kami. I hated when I lost...which was rare...yea...rare.

"NO INO! WE DO NOT PULL OTHER PEOPLES' HAIR! INO- INO NO! LET GO OF SHIKAMARUS' HAIR!" she rushed across the room to the scene.

I sighed feeling depressed. Today was going to be a lllllooooong day.


This thing is riding up my butt.

I tugged on the non showing underwear, pulling out a MEGA wedgie. I made a sour face trying to get it out...

My mom made me wear them; She just bought them the other day. I told her I didn't like them...and now I remember why.

...Okay! Took care of personal business! Now where'd that kid go!

I scanned the horizon with my hazel, PRETTY COOL squinty eyes. I walked around the play area. I saw two girls playing dress up by the toy chest. One with short blond hair...she had pretty blue eyes, and then the other had...pink...hair...FREAK which was slightly longer then blondes but still short. I stuck out my tongue to no one in particular, and rolled my eyes. I hated dress up. Being all girly and looking weird...then again I am wearing a dress...

Over by the kitchen area was a chunky kid. A boy from what I could tell standing over here. Looked nothing like Kiba, so I continued my cool, yet dangerous mission. I glanced at the middle of the carpet. A Blond boy and some dark haired Blue dude were playing with toy car models. I smiled. One of them caught my eye.

" Hey is that a 1970 Mustang?" I pointed at the car as I approached the two boys. They both stared at me. The Blond one more shocked then the raven haired guy. He then grinned at me.

"You bet Cha'!" My smile grew wider.

"Mine is a 1970 long bed Chevrolet pickup truck." the raven guy stated holding up for me to see it closer.

"Yea! My dad has a light blue one!" He really does have one! And it's in mint condition!

"Orange is my favorite color!" the blond one said. I just giggled and kept smiling. He was funny.

Raven looked back at me and said " Wanna play with us?"

My smile slowly slipped. I really wanted to, but I had to find Kiba first. Moron.

" Yea, but I gotta do something else."

Blondie glanced down at my hand " Is that why you have a water gun?"

I glanced down at my left hand. It was still full, and slightly dripping on the carpet. I looked back at Blondes, and smiled. "Yep!"

"Well okay, maybe later then." Raven stated and continued playing with his car.

"Okay!" I said. And with that, I turned around and walked away.

Kiba was underneath one of the rectangular tables hugging himself in a fetal position. His body was shaking as he looked around frantically.

Neji's POV

So here I am walking around, and I see some Blue haired girl with a frail frame on the carpet. There she stood with this...doll in her hands. I scoffed in rejection. Pft! Just a doll...whatever. She adjusted the doll in her hands and then I could see it better. HOLY—

"HEY MOVE!" I glance to the side at the kid that just shoved me. Why is it when Im NOT even about to say a bad word, I get cut off. WHY DANGIT! See? I caught myself. Ha you losers. Ha :p

Now like I was saying. That wasn't just any doll. There I stood dumbfounded about to even reconsider apologizing to the girl for insulting her wacky and weird interests. She had good taste, because in her hand was the greatest action figure of ALL TIME. Kotashawii. With the cool ninja mask, ninja gear, and weapons. My grey eyes grew wider as I sculpted the figure over and over with my AWESOME lips parted slightly as I stared in disbelief. Then my eyes darted to the girl. I suddenly frowned. Okay I take it back SHES A GIRL HOLDING A 150 DOLLAR ACTION FIGURE LIKE IT WAS A 50 CENT RAG DOLL! WHAT THE–


My eyebrows knotted in confusion and frustration as I spun around and saw a kid clapping with...okay anyway. I turned back around at the girl...Ya know...since Im a nice person and all, I decided to assist the girl and tell her what she was doing wrong, which was everything, from holding the figure, and the fact that she was a girl.

I walked over the spilled marbles scattered across the floor, ducked under some kids outstretched arm.She saw someone coming from the corner of her eye, and turned her head. Our eyes met for a second.

...Wait...why does she have the same color eyes as me? I've never seen nor met this girl a day in my life, but something in the pit of my stomach told me I will know her soon. I pushed that feeling aside.

"Do you know what you're doing?" I asked

"...what do you mean?" she said timidly, so quiet I almost asked her what she said. I pointed at the toy.

"You're not suppose to be holding that." I informed the girl

"And how come?" she knotted her eyebrows in growing anger.

"Here, just give it to me," I reached for the darn thing only to grab its head. I made a sucker face.

"NO!" she yelped and hanged onto both of his legs. I began getting even more frustrated.

"You're a Girl! This Isn't yours'! GIVE IT!"

"NO!" she yelled louder. Her voice rang throughout my ears. It was high pitched. I hated it.

This girl had some grip. She pulled on that thing like it was a freakin note excusing her from death or something!...so here we were fighting. Pulling on the 150 dollar action IDOL figure, about to rip it to shreds, and then my hands began slipping. Quickly I racked my brain for what to do next. It was a bad idea, and pretty mean, but nah. Whatever. Ill give it a try.

/ /

(. . ) world domination

I yanked a little harder on the toy, and she then leaned forward for a slight second, before she could move back, I took my right hand, stepped forward and pushed her right shoulder. She shot her eyes wide, as she began to fall back.

She landed hard on her butt...then scoffed. She began to hiccup with her head down.

I paid her no mind because I held Kotshawii In my hand. "Serves you right."I mumbled to myself and turned around walking away. I totally ignored the sobbing taking just paces behind me. Was I wrong? NO DONT ANSWER THAT! I DON'T WANT YOUR ANSWERS! ooooo-you hear that? The oven just went off! Someone is baking cookies, and I think there done! BEEP BEEP BEEP! WEE-OOO WEE-OOO WEE-OOO! Okay. My 5 second daily spasm is done.


I smiled and continued walking. That is until someone shoved me hard and I fell to the ground; knocking the action figure out of my hands.

I quickly adjusted myself to sit up with my hands behind me supporting my weight as I leaned on them. My legs were laid flat on the ground. I took my eyes off the carpet, squinted in utter confusion, and looked up.

Towering over me like an engulfing ,( yea! Like my extensive vocab words?) shadow. Oh my Kami. It was a god, a perfect, merciless, destroyer, with WHOA WAIT! IT WAS THAT GIRL!

My eyes darted down at her shoes, registering what I was looking at. Teal high-top converses. My eyes slowly went up, traveling her body...slightly pale legs. Pink knees...beginning of teal ruffled dress. Both hands placed on each hip. No Boobs. Don't ask. ...Let's just say when my uncle takes me out to lunch, I have a feeling were not at hooters just for the chicken. Some kind of leather lace around her tiny neck, and ...god...Oh MY GOD WAS SHE GROWING DREAD LOCKS? It looks like her hair was never introduced to a comb Or a brush! All frizzy, and...un..tamed. Kami I feel at danger just looking at it.

My grey eyes finally reached her chocolate ones. Like Milk chocolate...or my dogs' poop. I raised my lip in disgust at that thought. Ew.

"Hey why'd you push me?" I asked with my eyes showing confusion. Ya know I seem to do that a lot.

The girl opened her pink lips " You shouldn't take things that don't belong to you!"


I like her voice. It wasn't at all squeaky, high pitched and annoying. I smirked up at her.

"I like your voice."

"..." she seemed a bit off guard, for her eyes tensed less, and her vivid angry streamed body relaxed some, then became stiff. She blinked, her eyes showed a completely different...look.

And then, her cheeks turned to a candy apple red again. It was amusing.

"....thanks" she whispered embarrassed.


I blinked and exited my very own horrible conclusion. I must have been spaced out for a while, because she was looking at me funny.

"Do you wanna help me with something?"

My eyes once again widened. A girl, a smiling girl. asking a boy for his help, only meant bad things. My heart began beating faster.

"Weren't you just yelling at me?" I yelled trying to regain her concentration.

She blinked.

"Go take that toy back to that crying girl! You made her cry!"

I sighed in relief. Woooo. There we go. Back to normal.

I looked up at her and said " I'll make you cry if you don't go somewhere else and leave me alone." I stated with a blank expression. Monotone too. She huffed at me...and then glared.

"I don't cry!" she yelled. I just blinked not really caring. She tooted her nose in the air.

"Besides!," she stuck her tongue out at me and bent down to pick up the action figure beside me. Damn. I worked so hard to take it, and now all my hard work was useless.

"Even if I did cry, you still wouldn't make me!" And with that, she stomped around me and disappeared behind my back. I dare not turn around.

"Okay children! Let's Go ahead and begin putting away our toys!" heroin, meth bobble head addicted-okay now I'm just being plain mean. Ha. But you gotta admit...it is kind of funny.

So now I'm here standing up facing the...lady. I stared at her as she began pressing a button on a radio. My eyes grew ten full.

...oh...OH MY KAMI! ...OKAY NO! NO!

It...was the clean up song. My lips curved downward and the tip began to twitch. Okay that one I have no control of.

This song was gay.

I sped walked towards one of the rectangular tables. Name tags on each table, two to be percise. My eyebrow raised. There were names. I decided to try and find mine.


I walked around and in between tables until I reached one up front. Neji. I smiled at my ingenious skills that half of the nitt-witts don't own. I quickly pulled the chair back, sat in it and inched forward.


My foot just collided with something...or someone it sounded. I scoot my chair back, and duck my head under the table.

"Watch what you're doing!" a boy shouted as he rubbed his red nose. I returned my comment with a hint of anger. "You're not even suppose to be down there! My foot can be wherever it wants to be!"




I grd deadly as we began having a staring contest. My mouth opened, but someone beat me to the words...again.

"Kiba...what are you doing down there?"

I looked up to find myself OH MY KAMI! BOWED AT HER FEET IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! thats the second time in less than 10 minutes man! 10!

Her arms were folded across her chest, and she towered over me. Her eyes darted off mine and to the boy behind me. Yea, so right now im sitting on the floor. Don't know how I even got down here though...hm...think I've been sniffing too much of that heroine. OH WAIT! Psh! YA USE A NEEDLE TO INJECT THE STUFF! duh! whhhhhhoa buddy! Got that mixed up with crack for a second...I think I know a lot of stuff im not suppose to for my what? So my family has a long history of drug dealers behind it. Uncle Hiashi keeps some stashed in his office desk draw.

...don't judge me.

So I turn around and glance to my right. Who in their right minds would be afraid of her?

/ /

(. . ) I will rule


I snapped my eyes over to her, and raised an eyebrow.

"Excuse me." I said firmly.

She just nodded her head and rolled her eyes.

"Yea, I know. Move it!"

"No. You're suppose to say excuse me." My eyes never left her face.

She blinked and tilted her head. "Why?"

….I blinked.

"Because it tells the other person to move in a nicer way. It shows that you also have respect, and it shows you have manners."

"..." she blinked.

"Oh, okay...scuse' me!"

...she smiled so brightly, for that split second I didn't want to ruin her new found joy and tell her she was wrong...but im different, so ill spoil the fun :p

"No. It's ex-cuse-me."

her face eyes grew wide.

Oh kami. Here it comes with the yelling.


I was speechless. My mouth dropped open. She covered hers however, and turned that candy apple red I liked again...don't tell her I ever said that.

"Excuse me.." she muttered. I instantly began laughing.

~~~~in the background ~~~

"Now, find your names. If you have any trouble, come and ask me for help."

Murmuring continued, as they all walked around the tables in search of their name.

5 minutes later she, the heroin addict, congratulated us on how well we found our seats. Nothing else happened. For the next 10 minutes, we went around introducing our names. Turns out bunny over here is named Tenten. It was different...like mixing lime instead of lemon for a pitcher of lemonade. She began teaching us the basic , which is old and not used anymore today, and then kana which is used all throughout Japan. Man. If this is all it takes to be a teacher, pft I should so sign up for this. The n replace that bimbo of a teacher...okay. I need to be a little bit nicer to her. I heard karma sucks like a-


My ears perked up. Oh boy! The most important time of the day...how about we skip my rant on how I always get cut off from my NON cursing sentences...dang. Every time.


A raven haired boy smiled as he stood to the left of Hyuga. Denim jeans, and white t shirt with light blue designs. A Black jacket tied around his waist.

To the Hyuga's left stood a blond headed, blue eyed laughing boy. Orange t- shirt underneath his light blue overalls. He carried a yellow, medium sized rubber ball underneath his armpit.

Neji stood in the middle of the two boys. Arms folded across his chest, he smirked, and held slanted eyes. Feet spread apart, both boys stop walking. To Neji's right foot, was a blue rubber smirk grew wider.

Naruto stepped in front of neji and approached the slightly about facing straight line of boys. As if a commander, naruto began from the end of the line and walked forward; therefore walking in front of the boys.

"Alright! Today we play dodge ball!" he yelled, as he squinted his eyes and stared at all their faces.

"If you think you have the guts to defeat me, Sasuke, or Neji, then you had better think again!"

Sasuke steps forward. "Okay. Neji is captain one. Who wants to be captain number two?"

"Why don't you be it?" Naruto asks.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. " because the three of us have to be together."

Naruto still a little dazed and confused, glances at the ground."Oh."

"I'll be the other captain." A boy with a pineapple ponytail said, as he raised his hand.

"Okay, stand beside Neji, and after he chooses his 1st person, you can choose."

Shikamaru nodded his head, and slid his hands into his jean, light colored pants. A plaid small squared patterned yellow and green, buttoned, open shirt blew in the wind as he walked. A plain white t visible as the breeze continues.

"Okay, I choose Sasuke." Neji states once Shika stepped foot beside him.

Sasuke turns around, and walks back to Neji's left side.

Shikamaru lazily lifted his lowered eyelids, trying to disclose the blinding, unwanted sunlight.

"Chonji." Sasuke snorted. Neji elbowed him in the rib cage.

"Naruto," he said.


"Datchi." { just a random kid from the class}



::On other side of the playground ::

Tenten and Hinata were both running, because that is what the game they were playing required. Tenten, ahead she glances to the side and automatically stopped running. She saw one boy walk to the left side of two groups, behind a person and then one to the right side, behind...neji! They were playing Dodge ball!

Tentens POV

I turned around to see Hinata approach me. She stopped running and stood behind me, panting. I smiled and grabbed her wrist and began tugging on it.

"Come on Hin-chan! Let's go play dodge ball with the boys!" And b4 I let her say anything back, I was running off, and so was she...since I technically never let go of her wrist.

We both approached the remaining line. 4 more boys, and I stood beside the boy on the right, Hina stood beside me. I smiled and looked at the Boys infront of me.

"He can we play?"

Neji's POV

"Hey can we play?" a voice rang, and there was an awkward silence. Just who did this girl think she is? I raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"...Ah...no. No girls allowed."

"Why?" her face suddenly frowning.

"Because!...That's just the rules!"

She folded her arms across her chest, and her eyebrows checked marked. "What Rules! There R NONE!"


The girl beside her gasped and covered her mouth. My eyes traveled back to the girl, and widened. A fraction. SHE WAS RIGHT IN MY FRIGGIN FACE! AND NOT EVEN A FRECKLE AWAY! My lip rose in disgust and my eyes narrowed. Our foreheads only centimeters away.


My smirk vanished as I felt the anger rush into my blood stream. OH! Is that what you feel when you take- okay never mind. Back to the gay drama.


And that was it. Next thing I know I was tackled to the ground and publicly humiliated.

My eyes squinted as dirt and dust got into them since we were continuously rolling around in the dirt. She was on top and showing no mercy. Holy bikini bottom, that sounds so wrong. That makes it seem like she wants rough sex...or she likes it. Don't ask why I know what I know, just go with it okay!...gosh. So in essence we rolled over a few more times, but in the end I was on the bottom and she grabbed the right side of my hair and used the other to punch my face in. She's been throwing punches like a druggie fighting for custody of their drugs...which isn't possible. I'm aware now shut up and read. I've always blocked her punches, not caught, just blocked. And I struggled to get her off of me, but she was convinced that I had her drugs! DO YOU SEE WHAT THIS WORLD HAS DONE TO US!

/ /

(. . ) if u let me take over your world none of the chaos you see will happen. Ill make sure of it.

World domination!

I couldn't possibly punch a girl, so I place my hands on her shoulders, and yea, totally shoved her down to my unbuttoned pants, and made her suck my dick. OH COME ON PEOPLE! GET YOUR MIND OUT THE GUTTERS! No that's not what happened. I just tried to push her off of me.

"TAKE IT BACK!" she screamed.

She's demonic.

Finally Sasuke and Kiba come over. Sasuke yanks the throwing fist, struggling girl off of me, and holds her back. Kiba held out his hand as I sat myself up. I slapped his off to the side, and stood up. Eyebrows checked marked; I stare over at the captive druggie.

"GET OFF OF ME!"she shouted.

You know? Where's the teacher when ya need her. They just hand out degrees to anyone these days. Pretty soon Murderers in Prisons will have a chance to earn one too. Its if you've been behind bars for 12 years, you'll get the bachelor, and the PhD is all yours if you have death penalty written across your forehead.

( . . ) LET ME RULE. VOTE NOW. Free brownies included if you want me. All you gotta do is review the story.

Sasuke quickly released the beast. My cheeks were a flourish pink, and my hair was slightly tangled. Pft but not as bad as hers.

"Alright fine! Since you fight like a boy, let's see if you can play like one too!" I took my right arm and slid it across my mouth, wiping off the sweat above my upper lip. Sorry ladies, no facial hair yet.

"But you will NOT be on my team!"

"Fine with me. As long as she doesn't try to pick a fight with one of my players, I m cool with 'er." Shikamaru watched me slightly wide eyed, voice still with a hint of laziness. My eyes glanced over to the girl, who stared at shika. Her chest rose and sank too.

I rolled my eyes and turned around to shika's team. "Hn."


Tenten walked over to Shikamaru, with her fists still clenched to her sides. Her cheeks were now a light red, and her hair...the same...

Shikamaru pointed at Neji. "You go over there then." he turned around once 10 approached his side, and began talking to the players. Hinata nervously walked over to Neji's team.

3 minutes later, Shikamaru's team was all spaced out to the north side of the dirt patch, and Neji's on the south. Both teams distant. Ten stood to the far left in the back. She leaned on her left leg with her weight. Left hip poked to the side and arms crossed over her chest; she glared at Neji. Naruto doing some random chicken dance in place, Hinata in the back center, one hand in a fist, and placed over her mouth, the other gripping the bottom of her shirt. Rocklee with those bushy eyebrows drew back, he cheered about how the American hippies used drugs through the power of youth in the right corner. Sasuke stood slightly beside Neji, and Neji stood in the center. Hand on his waist, he narrowed his eyes at shika who stood a few ft. away. His eyes were low as he stared back, with the yellow ball in his hands.

A short haired blond girl held her arm up in the air. She was off to the far right. But still in the center. There in her left hand she held a green stick of chalk. Beside her stood a shy pink headed emerald eyed girl. She smiled and looked over at Sasuke.

"Hey Sasuke chan!" Ino waved the other hand , and Sasuke just sighed and rolled his eyes. He turned his head in the other direction. Ino smiled and shrugged. She began to draw the line that divided the two teams. Blacktop is what they were playing on now. When done, she skipped back to the other side of the blacktop. Neji snickered, as Sasuke gave him a glare, and Naruto just smiled widely.

7 rubber balls were displayed on the green chalk line. Some were in the hands of the other kids across the lot, which together came to about 15 balls. Each kid wore the same game face.

Ino looked left then right.


..."Set!" sakura yelled.

"GO!" both screamed.

Neji's POV

So I ran up to the green line where the balls were as did everyone else.

-Slow- Mo-*-*-

I grabbed a ball and stepped backwards several paces away from the green line. My grey eyes instantly locked on a target, and I threw the ball. I couldn't do my trade mark soon to be known worldwide cause I'm so freakin popular smirk just yet; the balls kept flying my way. I jumped over one, then ducked under one. Quickly I bent down to the right and grabbed the ball. When I stood back up, I was in a sideways position, my entire left side facing the enemies side. My eyes stared wide as I saw a blue rubber ball that was about to collide with my trend setter features. God I have such a big ego. I simply took a step back, and my eyes followed the ball as it passed my side of my face. Nearly missing my nose by milliliters. I smelt hot rubber. My hair whipped to its other side on my shoulders, because my head followed the ball.

I squint my eyes, aimed the ball at my attacker, and threw. Shikamaru rolled his eyes, and shoved his hands in his pockets then began walking off the lot.

There I stood still as I let my eyes scan the other side. 3 smirk came all on its own. I turned around to see Naruto, Hinata, and Rocklee. Don't ask y he's on my team, all u need to know is that he's still in the game.

I glanced back to the other side.

"Ya know? If I were u I'd go ahead and surrender." I said.

Bunny over there squinted her eyes at me. I just grinned. I was going to save her for last anyway...that is...if she's still in the game then.

"Shut your yap!" she yelled, and stood back with one leg slightly raised in the air, and one arm drawn back, with a yellow ball in that palm. She threw it. I quickly dodged it and turned to my right diagonally. My eyes widened and my lips parted. IT WASN'T ME SHE WAS AIMING AT! IT WAS SASUKE!

Sasuke's head snapped back, as the ball bounced off his chin and rolled on the ground.

"HEY!" he yelled, rubbing his now red chin. I glanced back at tenten who was now dodging the ball that Naruto threw. For the past 27 minutes and 13...14 seconds I've known Sasuke; I instantly knew he was good material. I mean, just to know that this chick can come up here and take him down just like that made my blood boil. This b**ch was fu**in crazy!

...is bitch a bad word? I blinked and tilted my head to think.

Hm. Let me see. Bitch . Bitch . Bitch. Bitch. Bitch. Bitch. Bitch .Bitch. Bitch. Bitch. Bitch .Bitch.

...no! Okay it's not! False alarm.

I regained my focus back into reality and found myself staring at Naruto running up to that Hinata chick; she was laying on the ground.

"Are you okay!" he yelled.

The girl rose to a sitting position as Naruto squatted down beside her; he held out a hand. Her face burned like it was on fire. She blushed. She took his hand after what seemed to b 5 minutes, and they both stood up.

A ball then out of nowhere came flying towards Naruto. It hit his arm and he didn't even react! He just kept walking with one arm around the fire girl's shoulder, and gave her all the attention. Sigh. Such a drama queen.

I snapped my head back to the front, picked up two balls and looked at the other side. Only tenten stood, no boys anywhere in sight. She began picking up a ball, bent over and everything. Oh man! What an opportunity! So I leaned back and threw one of my balls. When she raised back up, her eyes grew wide and then quickly shut as she held up her ball to block the one I just threw. The ball bounced to her side. She then squinted her eyes at me.


My head snapped to the sidelines. I gave Sasuke an annoyed look.

"Show That demon who's boss! She's a disgrace. PUT HER BACK IN HER PLACE!" he cheered from the sidelines. Getting glares from Sakura and Ino...man. For a 5 year old that kid was pretty sexist. And I mean worse than me...which is still bad.

I nodded my head once and turned it back to tens soon as my head whipped around, my eyes grew the size of saucer plates. You know like how on the side of the anime books, the authors sketch some random shitted characters. Well u know how they emphasize on the eyes, and trace over it over and over? That's how I looked.


My head hit the Blacktop, and my eyes squinted in pain, and not from colliding with the lot. My hands quickly covered my nose.

...that...that he she just totally knocked me out. DAMMIT! WHAT THE FU-

"Is he gunna be okay?"

I opened one eye as I sat myself up. A whole crowd was surrounding me.

"Someone go get the teacher!" someone else said.

I kept rubbing my nose lost in thought as everyone else was mumbling around me. My pride...my glory. SHUN THE NON BELIEVER! SSHHHHHHUUUUUUUNNNNNN!...this girl was seriously going to be the death of me.

Sasuke turned to look at me his face filled with concern, but his lips remained sealed.

"Im fine," I told him. My head kept throbbing, but I pushed that aside. I looked up, and scanned the crowd for tenten. She wasn't there. At all. Ya know? That lets me know not to be in a crime scene with her. I see us being teenagers together, We totally rob Mc' Donald's for their monopoly pieces, because I only need 2 more, and because I'm awesome like that, and that chick will jet out the back door when the police show up! She'll leave me standing there looking dumbfounded and mumbling very textural words.

All else around me I pushed out of my head, the yelling, shouting, and concern in all of those. I'd never say it out loud, but...something about that girl pulls me to her. I mean she managed to make me bow down to her 4 times today. One from lunch when she tripped me purposely, and smiled when I glared up at her. She humiliated me twice too. What girl do you know that can do that to you on your first day of school?. God I feel like a social failure!...I needed to speak with her. And fast.


I looked up with narrowed eyes at the dumb ass druggie; glaring ever so hauntingly.


"Of course I can." I told her monotone. It was like she never heard me, cuz' the next thing I know, the star head shaped bastard. Wait...can u call a woman a bastard. Man, I need to ask uncle Hiashi that next time he comes over...I think I need to lighten up on the cursing a little...right?, so anyways, she grabs my hand and yanked me up. Soon I was walking at her side, with us both leading to the classroom.

::25 minutes later::

"Okay you guys! Its nap time! Everyone grab your mats and choose a spot to sleep!"

I, a mere mortal, chained to the side of my teachers desk. My eye lids low, my face clearly shows a monotone look. I haven't been to my seat or anywhere else since we've been in the classroom. She dragged me to a white room with a weird lookin' lady in it, which society best knows her as the school nurse. My nose completely red, I glared at the teacher...okay. So it's official. I'm her dog. Just put a collar on me and a leash attached with the inscription of my bitch on the tag incase I get lost. hn.

"Oh," she said as she turned around and looked down upon me. "You can go too Neji. Go find yourself a matt."

My eyes quickly darted around the room to find tenten. Over there she was adjusting her blanket on her matt. I kept my eyes on her as I moved around the room, walking towards her. When I approached her side, she glanced at me. She then turned away, and laid on her matt. Her back facing my direction. I slightly tensed up at the signs she was giving me. Quickly thought, I grabbed a random matt and slid it beside her. Technically speaking, I was beside her head...well my head was. I was upside down to the left of her. I then stared continuously at her tangled hair.

"Can we talk?" I whispered in a hushed tone.

"No." she said simply.

"Why not?"

"Because...I'm mad at you." she hissed in a whisper.

I blinked still oddly confused and staring at her hair. She, was mad at me? I SHOULD SO BE THE ONE ACTING LIKE A BITCH HERE! Oh,see? There goes that word...ya know? Something in the back of my mind keeps telling me to lay off that word. But oh well! Back to the story.

"Why are you mad at me? I should be mad at you!"

Her head moved. Her eyes met mine when she rolled over. She hesitated for a second.

"Because! You're being so mean to me, it's not nice! You keep calling me names and picking on me! It's not fair and its really mean and I don't like it!" her whisper slightly grew into a yell.

Her cheeks puffed out when she was pouting. I stared at her drawn back for a second. My eyes never leaving hers, I said:

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry if I made you feel that way...I didn't mean to. It's just...you're not suppose to be this way. Your suppose to have the cooties and be all flowery. But you're not."

Her eyes grew wide and she batted them a few times.

"I'm sorry." I told her finally stopped blinking and looked away.

"...I'm sorry too, for throwing the ball at your nose." her eyes met with mine again.

I smirked a little when I saw the candy apple red blush pop up on her cheeks. " its okay.."

-"And tackling you to the ground." she finished.

My eyebrows knitted up in slight confusion.

"Yeah! You sure do fight like a boy!"

she giggled and smiled. The lights then turned off and all was quiet.

"Why don't we call it truths."

I raised an eyebrow as she stuck a hand inside her dress. 5 seconds later, she pulled out a whole, chocolate chip cookie. She held it between our faces, and then she broke it in ½.

"Deal?" she raised one side to my face.

"Where the Hello Kitty did that cookie just come from Tenten." I said sternly.

She rolled her eyes and sighed. "Do you want the cookie or not?"

...I blinked. A cookie was still a cookie no matter what, or how it smelt. I took it and ate a piece of it.

"Deal." I told her once I swallowed.

So we ate her cookie in peace, and I smiled each time I stared up at her...I just knew, we were going to be best friends. I just knew it.

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