"Tracy?" I had been sitting at the park, smoking a Marbolo when I heard her voice. I must have been hallucinating, even though I hadn't taken acid or shrooms in about a year. I hadn't taken anything, or even smoked more than cigarettes. I turned around. Astrid. Medina. Even Noel or Yumi, for God's sake, disgusing their voice. I saw her, and she hadn't changed at all. Marilyn Monroe eyebrows, olive skin, long brunette hair, and those amazing chocolate brown eyes, that I remembered so fondly. Sometimes if I looked in the mirror, her eyes replaced mine. Then I blinked.

Then I cried, because this glimpse of her was gone so fast. She smiled at me, her pierced tounge up against her teeth.

"Brooke couldn't keep me away from you."
"What happened?"

"Brooke's in rehab. Guess those pain-pills she was taking for her Frankenstein face were good for more than shutting her the fuck up? My only living relative other than her lives here. They deemed her unfit to take care of me." She grinned widely.

"I love you, Tracy. You're my girl, and that will never change."

I couldn't help it, I kissed her on the lips. She seemed shocked at first, since we hadn't kissed since...since last year. After I had to prove to her that I could kiss.

Long after.

Several times after.

She slid her lips along mine, and moved her hands around my neck to pull herself closer to me. Our tounge rings scraped softly against eachother. What happened next was blurry. A shared joint, kisses, and giggly cries of "Your hands are cold!" and "I've missed you."

And I had missed her.

But I was terrified.

Because I wanted to say 'I love you'.

Which I knew was unacceptable for her.

Romantically? Evie did not love.

I didn't think Evie loved at all.

It troubled me, but this was close enough.

As close as I could really get.

So I got as close to her as I could.