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Choose Your Fate-The Labyrinthe
Chapter One-You Awaken

You wake up, groaning sleepily. Opening your eyes, you look around.

You look a stony room. No windows, just grey bricks forming four walls, one of which contains a door.

Shrugging, you go through the door. It's not like you can do anything else. After all, the only things in the room you just left were a barely adequate bed, and a floating sphere of light by the ceiling.

Outside is a corridor, leading in just one direction. You have no choice but to travel along it, despite uncertainty at what you will find.


Whatever lies at the end, there's nowhere else to go.

And so you follow the path, the stone cold upon your bare feet.
As you walk, it strikes you that you remember nothing. Not a thing. Not your home, your name, what you look like, what you are capable of doing.

Not a single thing.

You stop, a chill going down your spine, just as you reach the threshold of the doorway.
You don't remember anything.
Not a single, solitary fact.

It's as you're pondering this that a growl sounds, and you instinctively duck as something flies towards you, a living ball of sound and fury, some kind of wild, wolflike creature.

Instantly, you stop thinking about the 'higher' questions. You crouch into some form of combat stance, with no clue of where it comes from. Fortunately, your body seems to know what to do, and when the wolf leaps, you kick it solidly in the face.

It strikes a wall oddly, its neck cracking, and it falls dead to the floor.
As you slowly begin thinking normally again, you realise that you know how t fight.
Well, at least you know something about yourself.

Breathing a little faster, face flushed with triumph, you enter the room.

A very odd sight awaits you. Three piles are heaped in front of you, and nearer, a table with a small, handheld mirror upon it.

The piles are all different, one, a long, silver staff, books strewn around it. Another, a pile of weapons, a longsword in the centre, surrounded by everything from hand-axes to oversized katana to fancy weapons with no name, that look like they would take some form of magic to wield.

You pick up the mirror, wanting to see your own face. The first thing that hit you isn't eyes, hair or anything in your reflection-but an inscription upon the handle, fancy script reading 'See Me'. In the top, there's a small indent-like something used to be inside.

Breathing deeply, you look again.

"Who am I?"you wonder.
"What do I look like? Where do I come from? Which of these piles should I be looking through? Hell, am I a boy or a girl?"

You shudder, about to find out at least two of those questions.

* * *

While we are about to decide on them all. Make your suggestions for appearance, gender, as well as whether you are a Fighter, a Magic-user or some form of cleric.

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And choose your fate.