Author's Note: Ghostey wanted a drabble with Castiel. She gets two! I know I know, you probably don't like Zachariah. But I am still not convinced he'll be an obstacle all way through. He seems quite sincere about stopping the Apocalypse.

Disclaimer: No I don't own Supernatural, and not the Bible either.

Word count: 100 (because I play by the rules)

Warning: Everything that's been aired is considered fair game.

The Second Harrowing of Hell

The angels blazed with the glory of the Lord as they invaded Hell. They'd been here before to release souls, and knew their way. Nothing could stand against them as they slowly but surely advanced towards the Pit. Zachariah fought at the front, his true form terrible to behold as his zealous sword seemed to shatter the hordes. Castiel watched him and rejoiced at the light of God that shone through in the space of his wake. Never coveting glory for himself he bowed before Zacharia, radiating admiration, and sealed his fate as the Winchester guardian. God's will be done.

Next one is special, and it's also just for you, Ghostey.