Author's Note: This is actually a crossover, because we both enjoy Jim Butcher's The Dresden files. You should read it!

Disclaimer: Neither Supernatural nor Harry Dresden are mine, but I sure wish they belonged to the same person and we just might see the best thing TV would ever turn out.

Word count: 100

Warning: Everything that's been aired is fair game, and up until and including Turncoat in the Dresden files.

Traces of Love

"This, is my Father's house", Castiel stated, slightly bewildered, to the tall man who'd answered the door. He didn't seem holy.

Harry Dresden, wizard, paused. Most people would have shut the door already, but his sixth sense cried that the man was not what he seemed.

He settled for a cautious; "Who's your dad, then?"

"God", he answered, face earnest, holding up a glowing necklace.

Inside Harry's apartment space an answering glow lit up – Amoracchius, the sword of love, one of three with the nails from Jesus's cross – and Harry groaned. It was going to be one of those days.