[From Episode 20 ]
Gokuu: Why'd they come all that way just to eat Sanzou? Is Sanzou tasty?


"What does Sanzo taste like?" Gokuu mused.

Goyjo nearly dropped his cigarette. "Huh?"

The two youkai had just finished breakfast at a local inn and were taking a minute to relax. Hakkai had went out with Hakuryuu to find supplies several minutes ago. Sanzo, the object of the monkey's question, was still upstairs presumably fast asleep.

"Do you remember the one village in the desert? Right before Sanzo got poisoned by the scorpion?"

"Yeah? So?"

"One of the towns folk said that the Youkai came to eat Sanzo. Why would they come all that way just to eat Sanzo? Is he tasty?"

Goyjo blinked. "I don't know." He admitted, lounging back in the chair. It was a question that had never crossed his mind.

"Most things taste like they smell." Gokuu continued, a thoughtful look in his golden eyes. "Like apples."

"There you go." Goyjo nodded wisely.

Gokuu shook his head. "But humans don't taste like they smell. You don't."

"I don't?"

"No. You smell of beer, cigarettes and kinda like a fish. You taste like a watery human. "

Goyjo frowned. That was a disturbing thought. "How do you know?!"

"Remember when I took off my diadem to fight Rikudou? I tasted your blood in my mouth when I woke up." He made a face. "Bleh."

Goyjo snorted. "Thanks. That's not exactly a fond memory of mine either." He said wirily.

The monkey stuck his tongue out at him, leaning forward to rest his chin on his arms. "Hakkai's a mixture of soap, human, some sort of insect, old blood and Jeep. It's strange."

"What does Hakuryuu smell like?" Goyjo asked. His sense of smell wasn't as good as Gokuu's. It was rather amusing to get the saru's take on what people smelled like.

The monkey gave him a 'duuhh' look. "Like a dragon."

"Ah. What about you?"

Gokuu made an idle shrug. "Earth."

"Figures." Goyjo took a thoughtful drag on the nicotine stick before smirking mischievously. "You could always just go and find out." He teased.

Gokuu's brows furrowed for a second, mulling the idea over. Goyjo smiled and silently braced himself for Gokuu to snap at him for the thought. The saru was so much fun to play with sometimes.

Besides, it was a safe tease. There was no chance Gokuu would go and do it. The saru knew he'd have a gun in the face before he could get within reach.

"Okay." The monkey bounced up out of the chair and raced upstairs.

Goyjo blinked. "Wha-?"

He didn't. He wouldn't. Right?

A strangled shriek from above answered his question.

"Oh, shit." He would.

The shriek was quickly followed in succession by a loud 'thwack', a startled yelp and the pounding of footsteps quickly running back down the hall. From the room above, Goyjo could hear someone cursing loudly and what soundly like rapidly pulling on clothes.

Gokuu burst into the room, a maniac grin on his face despite the panicked look in his wide golden eyes. Goyjo quickly rose to his feet as Gokuu paused to look around the room for the most likely exit that Sanzo wouldn't think to follow him out of.

"So?" Goyjo blurted. "How does Sanzo taste?"

Gokuu darted out the kitchen, not bothering to look back as he answered.



Note: It is never stated -where- Gokuu decided to taste Sanzo. We'll leave that to your imagination. ^_~