My second fanfic^^ it's based in Suite life on Deck episode' Bermuda triangle' . Dedicated to my older brother and my best friend ever!!Love you, bug!

Sorry's not good enough

'Do you know what I wish for my birthday? To be an only child!' shouted Zack

Everybody at the party was staring at them. It was supposed to be their party, their birthday, their day, but that was more like a funeral, just for 200$. There were them, fighting and arguing. In their 17th birthday

Cody absolutely froze when he heard these words from his brother. For God's Sake! They fought sometimes but he never had said that or even thought it! He couldn't believe that Zack, the same person who stood up for him in front of the whole Drew Crew, the same person who helped him to get Bailey back (who stared at them almost crying) and the same person with who he had pulled pranks on the Tipton costumers (for Mr. Moseby's horror) was telling him that his life would be way much better without him.

He didn't know what you think, he didn't know that to say or do. He always could hit him but, for what? For make Zack even angrier and be madder at him? He didn't know even if Zack meant what he said.

He finally went out of the shock and looked directly into Zack's angry eyes. That eyes who Cody knew so well as if they were theirs.

"Of course he meant it" thought Cody. He knew his twin very well, or that was what he thought because he didn't think he could say anything like that. Brothers were supposed to support each other, not to insult!!

Cody started to assimilate, thinking slowly:
"If he wants to be an only child, he wants me out of here. He doesn't want me to talk to him anymore, who am I to take him away his birthday wish? I want him to be happy and to get what he wants"

That was what he was going to do. He wasn't going to talk to him. If Zack actually meant that…he didn't want to remember, Zack would be happy and things would be sorted out. If he didn't mean it, then Zack would realize and apologize.

So, Cody hid his present for his brother behind his back and said-in the coldest voice he could find going down through his emotions:

'Well, that's my birthday present. I don't want to spoil your dreams or your life. Since now, you're an only child and once again, you got what you wanted' and he left the room without looking anyone else, trying so hard to not break down remembering good times with his twin, that seemed further that Boston.