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Cody went to his cabin, trying to think of how the guitar pick could have been there. Then Bailey got in.

'Cody, can I talk to you for a second?'Bailey asked. She had talked to Cody after the whole "hugging" mess and everything was fixed but she wanted to help and she wanted to make Cody and Zack talk to each other. Bailey knew that Cody loved her, but she also knew that his love to her couldn't be compared at the brotherly love. She was fascinated about how much one human can know about another one, knowing him so well to the fact of being "telepathic". She had talked to Cody about it and the answer he gave her left her impressed:"They're not telepathic thoughts or something like that. It's just that I know Zack so well that I can feel what he feels, see what he sees and even know what he knows" And that's why she wanted to make both being friends again. His boyfriend was sad, and she could help.

'Sure, Bailey. Tell me' Cody answered without lifting up his head from the books he was looking at.

'How much do you love your brother? 'Do you think it's enough to being friends again? I'm very worried about you both' Bailey said.

'Don't be worried about me honey. I'll be okay' he said smiling at her after realizing how worried she was.

'No, you won't be okay until you talk to Zack. I've never seen you this way before!' There was a huge silence break because Cody knew she was right. 'Look, I don't want to mess the birthday present Zack was going to give you but I think this can help. Woody gave it to me from Zack's bedroom' she said giving the album she had found before while she was going to her room.

Cody took the album and sit on his bed, followed by Bailey. He opened it "To Zack from Cody on our 16th Bday. I wish this never ended. Enjoy it" He started to watch the loads of photographs the album had. Of when they were 5, 7, 10…till the week before his 16th birthday. He remembered Zack saying to Woody to take a photo with him just to "check the camera wasn't broken". He had tears in his eyes but he couldn't help but smile. "I wish it never ended? What was that for?" He'd ask Zack later. Then he remembered Zack was mad at him and he realized one thing…

'Bailey, did you stain the album with strawberry milkshake? I'm not going to get mad at you but this is very important'

'No, that I remember. Besides you know I hate strawberries. It must have been Zack' she said

'That's the weird thing. Zack is allergic to strawberries. That's why he uses gloves to make strawberry milkshakes. If he takes one little tiny strawberry or it touches his skin, he has an allergic reaction and I haven't seen him with one of those' Cody thought so fast his brain could explode.

'Wow, you're becoming a Doctor House! And who could have stained it? Nobody buys strawberry milkshake because it's the most expensive. Well except Damien of course, always trying to rub…'Cody cut her off

'Damien! That filthy liar!'

'Now you're definitely Doctor House'

'Don't you see it? He is the only one that buys strawberry milkshakes here! If the album was in Zack's bedroom, Damien was there!'

'And if he was there, he could have stolen Zack's guitar pick!'

'Now I can finally prove my brother is innocent! Bailey, you're a genius!'He kissed quickly on her lips and went down the Fiesta Deck running.

'Glad I helped?' Bailey said to herself laughing. Her boyfriend was back.

Cody arrived to the Fiesta Deck. He saw Zack selling milkshakes."You better forgive me after what I'm going to do right now"

'Attention everyone! Listen to me for a second! Damien I'm so glad to see you here' Cody said smiling at him

'Cody what on Earth are you doing?'Mr. Moseby ran to him

'Proving my brother's innocence. Please let me talk for a second. If after this you're not convinced, then you can send me to detention, kick me out of the boat or whatever you want to do. Know if you excuse me'

'Ok, but keep your voice down! You're beginning to sound like your brother' and he left the deck.

'Well, I'm here today to talk to you about something. Strawberries allergy' people began to go but before that, Cody ended the sentence 'and that liar you people call Damien'

Damien shouted at him 'You've got no right…!'

'I've got the same right to insult you that you have to insult my brother'

Zack lifted his head up.

'Well you all know that Zack always uses gloves to prepare Strawberry milkshakes right? That's because he has got an allergy'

'Anyone buys Strawberry milkshakes, they're the most expensive!' some said from the crowd

'Exactly, anybody except one boy that doesn't care about the money he spends till someone else spends more than him…'

'Ok, fine, I drink Strawberry Milkshakes. Guiltiest charge! And your point is..?' said Damien laughing out loud

'Look at this' Cody said rising up the album. Zack was just amazed. His brother was doing all that because of him.

'This is an album my brother gave me for our birthday. I was looking at it and Oh! Surprise! What did I find? A stain of Strawberry. And who's the only person that takes strawberry? You' Cody said pointing at Damien

'And again, your point is…?' Damien was getting nervous, Cody could feel it.

'My point is that if you entered into my brother's room, you could have stolen his guitar pick and put it near Miss Hannigan. That would be the perfect excuse to accuse Zack of stealing right?' Cody asked. The crowd made a surprised noise .Zack couldn't make a reaction.

Damien was going to explode. Then Miss Hannigan appeared:

'Have you seen Mr. Moseby? I told him to tell the maids to change my sheets! They're all stained with Strawberries! I'm so going to get him…' and she left

Everybody was looking at Damien except Zack. He just looked at his brother. Cody had saved him of being expelled of the boat. He was amazed. Then Damien screamings interrupted Zack's thoughts


Mr. Moseby got it.

'What is all the yelling! Damien? Explain yourself!'

'Here, take this' said Damien throwing the bracelet' I don't even want it!'

'What is going on in here?' said Mr. Moseby, very confused

'I'll be pleased to explain it to you' said Cody smiling

Zack woke up the next morning. He still didn't believe it. His brother, who hated him saved him and stood up for him. Damien was expelled after Cody told Mr. Moseby the whole plan. He had to talk to him. He woke up, had a shower and he was going to go downstairs to have breakfast when he saw Bailey.

'He's in the Fiesta Deck'

Zack nodded smiling and he found him there, looking overboard. Cody turned around and looked at Zack who didn't know how to start "I should have rehearsed or something". He just said the first thing that came to his mind.

'Cody, I just…wanted to thank you…for all the Damien stuff.'

'Don't worry, anytime' Silence came to rescue them

'How's your eyebrow?

'Better. Your lip?'

'Fine, fine…Look Cody I haven't rehearsed what I got to say for you to forgive me but just tell me what ld I say to be your friend again. Please, these weeks have been really hard for me, because even if I don't say it too much, I do need you mate. I've been thinking what would happen if I were an only child and I can't even imagine it, man. I just hope you can forgive me one day. Take your time if you want but I want you to know that I'll be there if you need me and that you just got to call me when you're ready' Zack felt something streaming his face. One tear?

Cody didn't know what to say. Zack seemed so…affected. He asked one thing that he had been asking himself for days.

'Zack, what did you mean with "I wish it never ended"?

'Oh, well it's just…listen. Next year, we're going to college. You'll probably go to Harvard and I'll probably go to California State University. That means we're going to be miles and miles away. I just wanted to tell you there that I wish you'll never forget me while we're away and that I'm going to miss you like hell' He was crying for real now.

'I'd…never forget you, Zack' Then, both hugged each other. Zack held Cody tight, he didn't want to let his brother go

'I love you dude' said both of them and they said it at the same time, which caused them to laugh very much.

Zack was happy. When his brother had to leave, he'd be there to wish him the best but, meanwhile, The Martin Twins had would mess up for a long time. The boat was leaving Florida while Zack thought smiling inside of him:"We're the Martin Twins…and we'll always be"

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