Super Mario Sketch Show episode 10

Sketch 1

One day in the Mario Brothers home, Luigi and Yoshi sit around the dining room table. Luigi looks bored.

Luigi: (Sigh) I'm bored. I need to have more excitement in my life.

Yoshi: Yoshi Yooooossshhhhhiiiiiii. Yos Yo Yoshi (Translation: would you like me to help?)

Luigi: That would be nice, thank you!

Yoshi sticks out his long tongue, wraps Luigi around it. He then swallows Luigi

Luigi: Yoshi, what are……hheellppp!

Yoshi then sits on the floor and lays an egg. He then goes and gets a golf club, and hits the egg with it. The egg then shatters against the wall, releasing Luigi. Luigi lies on the kitchen floor in utter shock.

Yoshi: Yoshi…..Yoshi!(Translation: No need to thank me!)

Luigi (in a weak voice): Just what I really needed.

Sketch 2

Featuring another reappearance of Doctor Walson!

Scene : A coffee bar. Mario sees Doctor Walson, a white haired doctor in his 50's who wears glasses, sitting at a table, Mario goes to join him.

Mario : Hello, Walson!

Walson: Hello Mario.

Mario: May I sit here?

Walson: I don't see why not.

Mario: Hey, Walson? Can you give me some quick help about something, recently I just can't seem to get that much around the house recently. I just don't have the energy to do chores.

Walson: Are you sure it's not just laziness?

Mario: That's what I thought too, but can you give me the medical term so I can tell Luigi?

Sketch 3

It's Luigi's random thought of the day! Oh wait…..hold on……I have a letter here he has a sore throat and can't talk. Oh well, guess it has to be Wicked Bros in this scene. Hey Wario, Waluigi!

It's time for Lu…..Waluigi's random thought of the day!

Wario: A gold coin for your thoughts, Waluigi?

Waluigi: I've always wondered Wario, are we human beings? Look at our ears, are we some kind of elf?

Wario : Huh…..good point. Just don't expect me ever to make presents for Santa Claus.

Author: Sigh…oh well it could have been a worst sketch.

Wario: Bad decision using Waluigi, he doesn't think any thoughts at all!

Waluigi: Oh blow me Wario!