So I decided it was time I wrote a multi chapter stoy.I own nothing except the idea for the story and the pretty pictures my mind made when writing there is any errors its because my word program wasnt working and I had to use a word pad, cuz I write all my fics on a busted laptop that only has the microsoft programs and it has no internet...the laptop is so old it has a sticker the reads:Y2K Ready...yeah its that old.........Sorry the chapter is so short but its a start

In the world of the WWE there are two groups of people, the heels and the happens when a heel and a face fall in love?


Evan/Randy for now the others havent been fully decided upon yet

Evan looked over at the other side of the locker room, staring at one man in particular. He had a certain fascination with the older man but he just couldnt put his finger on what it was. All his friends criticised him

for liking a heel. Heels and faces did not mix or associate unless it was necesssary, but Evan couldnt help himself there was just something about Randy. "Man you gotta stop that."Kofi said looking over at Evan,

who sighed and said "I know, but I cant help it."

Evan got up a left the locker room and headed down a hallway away from everybody else and sat down to be alone with his thoughts, only thing was he wasnt as alone as he thought."Hey." a voice called

bringing Evan out of his thoughts. He looked up and saw none other then Randy Orton staring down at him. Evan looked up fear and embarassment making his face go red. Evan stood up and looked at the

Legend Killer. "Why do you keep staring at me?" Randy demanded. Evan bit his lip and looked away. Randy grabbed his chin and stared in his eyes. Evan swallowed and averted his eyes. "Look at me." Randy demaned.

Evan did as he was told."Now, why do you keep staring at me, and it better be a good answer." Randy growled. Evan pulled out of Randy's grip and glared at him before saying "Force isnt gonna get you anything or anywhere, Im not gonna tell you just because you think your all big and bad pushing me around."

Randy blinked a few times before taking a step closer to Evan. "If you must know, its because I like you." Evan said. Randy stopped and

furrowed his brow in confusion."Are you gonna make fun of me now?Beat me up?Hmm?" Evan asked looking at Randy who merely shook his head and grabbed Evan's wrist and pulled him into his chest.

Evan looked up at the older man who smiled down at him before capturing his lips in a soft kiss.

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