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The Elder Huntress
Chapter One-Avada Kedavra

Avada Kedavra.
Never words you want to hear, especially for an Auror, a dark wizard hunter.

Least of all when you're with you're old time boyfriend, lover even, just leaving a muggle play.

But, that's what one Auror by the name of Brianna Vanes did hear.

"Avada Kedavra!"

A flash of green light jetted past Brianna, coming from the wand of a wizard hiding on a rooftop. His face stuck in her memory, wild black hair, deep blue eyes. Laughing, as the green flash struck Darren, her boyfriend.

He didn't feel a thing. It was instant.

Brianna screamed. And kept on screaming.

* * *

"He didn't feel anything. That curse is instantly fatal." said the healer, sitting next to Brianna.

She didn't respond.
"There wasn't any pain." he added, trying to make her feel better.

She turned to him, and the healer was struck by her expression, her long black hair whirling around her face in the wind, her brown eyes almost glowing as she said
"No pain? It hurt me. And gods show mercy on that murderer when I find him, for I shall not."

She got up.

And, despite the protestations of the healer, apparated away.

* * *

The wind howled, and an unmoving figure sat on the roof of the tallest building, black hair whipping about her as she glared over the town, searching.

As an Auror, she knew the darkest places in any town, the places where darkness hung like a physical fog.

And, of course, that was the easiest place to find whoever did this.

She disapparated with a crack.

* * *

A rowdy pub, many witches and wizards talking in low murmurs-and then a crack and a cloud of smoke shows the presence of someone new.

A brown haired woman-a known Auror.

Silence, as most of the occupants glare at her, fingering their wands.
But no-one makes a move. Something tells them that it's a bad idea, something in her eyes.

She scans the pub area for someone, and then disapparates.
The talking resumes, slightly muted.

IN another bar, an auror appears with a crack, staring around to silence, the atmosphere tense as she glares, and then she leaves.

And then another.

And another.

And another…

And again.
But this time, she sees who she is searching for.

A smiling face, belonging to a black haired man with deep blue, jovial eyes.
Her wand is at his throat in a second.

He smiles.
"Hello." he says, completely unafraid.

She just growls at him.
He blinks.

"Because it was fun."
"Avada Kedavra."

A single scream cuts the Dark bar as its inhabitants scatter. A single witch, screaming in fury, tries to attack Brianna.
"Avada Kedavra."

She dies too.

Brianna doesn't even look at her. Instead, she looks at the wand that fell out of her hated enemy's hand. It's made of elder.

There is only one wand made of elder.

She takes it. And disapparates.

It is a few hours before the import of the last day strikes her, and she forges a new path. Some call it the path of a maniac, some a vigilante. She calls herself a protector.

A huntress of the dark.
The Elder Huntress.

* * *

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