She crept forward releasing the chemical from it's vial. Suddenly a small cloud of the potion fell out and onto AC's head, forming dust in his hair. Looking up, and taking note on what the substance was, he realized what it was and quickly brushed it away. Angrily looking toward the ceiling he spotted Anti-Bella. Anti-Bella smiled nervously, "Hey Ace…what be happening?" Anti-Cosmo, "I'll tell you 'what be happening'!" He whistled and two giant bats swung down from the ceiling, grabbing hold of Anti-Bella, and tossed her away from the castle. Anti-Cosmo shook his head in disgust, "Will I ever get any work done now a days without being interrupted with this marriage crap!"

Then Anti-Carly frantically flew in searching all around the room. Anti-Cosmo still raging, "Oh and what are you looking for! Can't you see I'm busy?" Anti-Carly froze and fear came into her eyes, "I uh was looking for my sis-" Anti-Cosmo, "That disgrace of a sister of yours basically tried to poison me!" He showed her a bit of the love dust. Anti-Carly sympathetically, "Oh Ace I didn't-" Anti-Cosmo vehemently, "Oh you didn't what? Can't everyone just leave me be so I can start planning the next attack on baby Poof's second capture attempt?" Anti-Carly said fearfully, "I'm sorry dear I-" Anti-Cosmo got right in her face, "Sorry? Can't you leave me be? It'll happen when it'll happen, we just met for pixie's sake!"

Then HP poofed out of nowhere. HP, "You rang." AC raging, "Not now!" He blasted his wand at him and he vanished. Anti-Carly cringed frightened. Anti-Cosmo breathed, "Get out before I introduce you to the dungeon!" At once she bolted out of his room and right out of the castle. AC crumpled down into his seat, processing what just took place. H became very unpleased with himself upon how he handled the situation. Interrupting his sulking, a giant explosion burst in the room.

Jorgen, "Anti-Cosmo! We need to discuss an issue now!" He thrust his wand into the floor and they appeared in his office. AC hissed, "What is it now Jorgen!" Jorgen, "As you understand all to well that your counterpart has a child." AC rolled his eyes at the forced memory of his failed attempt at baby napping. Anti-Cosmo irritated, "So? What do you want to bug me about this time? Gloat on how well Poof's doing? Or how more powerful and successful my counterpart is than me?" Jorgen glared growing apathetic. Jorgen, "I know you just divorced your annoying wife. Great move by the way." Suddenly appeared Toothfairy who hit him square in the head with oversized braces. Jorgen, "Ow! I mean uh that is a terrible thing you have done, never do it again!" To his wife, "Oh and I'm sorry about ripping little Joey's teeth out…again." Glaring at him she disappeared.

Jorgen sighed in relief, "Anyway knowing that you recently remarried, you must make a counter-part for Poof the child reaches a year old, which will be in a bout eleven months." AC jerked awake, afraid of what he heard, "What do you mean? Can't we just leave that child counter-partless?" Jorgen, "Anti-Cosmo I know you're smarter than that, you very well know what will happen if a fairy doesn't have a counter-part." AC tired, "Run it by me again." Jorgen sighed annoyed, 'IF that said anti-fairy doesn't follow up with a baby counter-part he/she will surely be destroyed." Anti-Cosmo, "Well that is greatly flawed! Then the parents won't have a counter-part either!" Jorgen, "It can be done, it is a simple surgery on the fairies behalf. Now seeing that you are the leader, and if you choose death by refusal, the entire population of anti-fairies will go into utter chaos by being thrown into anarchy. Which will be fun for us to watch, also it resulting in no more enemies to threaten fairy world."

Anti-Cosmo begged, "Please you must give me more time my wife-" Jorgen, "Your wife has been scared away to somewhere unknown, if I heard correctly." He smirked. AC looked down discouraged. Jorgen barked, "You have eleven months, no more, no less!" And with that he blasted AC back to his castle. Meanwhile Anti-Wanda, literally being a fly on the wall, heard every word of this conversation. She smirked dumbly and sped off to find Anti-Carly.