Full Summary: A fangirl gets transported to the Naruto world where Kakashi and team 7 are training. She knows all about the world, and even knows exactly where in the series she has landed, but is afraid that if she says anything about the future to anyone that she will change the story of Naruto. Will she ever find a way home? Will she ever fit in with these hard working ninja? And what will happen when someone doesn't want her to go home?

Chapter 1: Kakashi….chan??

The last customer walked out of the bookstore I worked at just two minutes before I would've had to kick her out. I wouldn't have been rude about it, she was an old woman, I hated to make anyone leave. I walked through the store, it was one of those hole in the wall places, where there were lots of old books, cast off books, and then the section for the shiny new hard covers. I loved to browse through the old tomes before leaving the store after I was off my shift. I bought way too many of the books that I looked over. The bookshelf in my bedroom was beginning to look like a shelf from this store.

I looked over the newly arrived antique books that had just been cataloged yesterday after I locked the front doors. I wasn't allowed to handle inventory, because I was new, and only seventeen years old, but I always looked at them after they were put on the shelves, especially the old and used books. I ran my fingers over the old spines, some that were fraying, and others that looked almost brand new. I loved the old looking ones the best.

I pulled down a green one that caught my eye, it had a design that I recognized on the spine. I looked at it closer and realized that it bore an eerie resemblance to the sign of the leaf village in my favorite anime and manga series, Naruto. In fact, it looked exactly like it, except it was pointing downwards and not on its side.

The front cover had the same design, and I was immediately intrigued. I opened the front cover and everything went black.

My head hurt mildly and I realized I was awake. I'd had a strange dream while I had been asleep. I guess it didn't really surprise me that a Narutard like me dreamed about her favorite character trying to talk to her. Although having Kakashi Hatake right next to me, trying to wake me up had been no doubt the best dream I had ever had. He could invade my dreams any time he wanted.

I opened my heavy eyelids and looked up at the ceiling above me. It was not familiar. I remembered blacking out in the bookstore, but that was not my location, nor was I at home. I sat up abruptly, the pounding in my head increased as I did so, but I ignored it, where the hell am I?

I was lying on a mattress with a single wool blanket in a room that looked like something out of an anime. You know the Asian style, beautifully crafted wood flooring, sliding doors, and little bowl with water for washing up a few feet from my bedside.

I lifted the blanket because I was not wearing the jeans I know I had been wearing at work when I had blacked out. It made me realize as I peered under the covers that my priorities were really messed up if I was so worried about my clothing being different. I shook my head at my own antics. I had on a pair of knee length black, spandex looking shorts and a dark green form fitting t-shirt that hit me at mid thigh. I would have said dress, but it was definitely t-shirt material. It looks kind of like what Sakura wears in Naruto, was my immediate thought. I cringed, now wanting to change out of the clothes, although not wanting to be dressed the same as my least favorite character was dumb. I chided myself mentally.

The moment I assessed my clothing situation, I heard an excited boy's voice ring out in Japanese, "Kakashi-sensei! Tiny-san is awake!"

Tiny-san? I dropped the blanket, not quite believing that the voice sounded very familiar to me. I sat up, staring at a boy with spiky, canary yellow hair in an orange and white jumpsuit. Did I land in Sakura-con or something? The boy looked impossibly like Naruto Uzumaki from my favorite anime series. He sounded exactly like him.

The boy grinned at me and I couldn't stop staring. He grins just like Naruto.

A sound at the door stole my attention from the Naruto cos player. The door opened, and my mouth went dry.

This man looked exactly like Kakashi Hatake, except I had never seen Kakashi-chan without a shirt on. His mask covered most of his face and neck and he wore loose fitting pants, but between them there was only bare, just dried off skin. His damp hair hung over his closed left eye, partially obscuring the absolutely realistic looking scar running vertically over his eyelid. A heavily lidded right eye looked at me out from under his straight silver locks.

"Kakashi-sensei!" The Naruto boy whined "Put some clothes on!" I was so completely captivated by the Kakashi in front of me that the fact the boy was acting exactly like the Naruto I knew didn't even register. This was the man from the majority of my dreams in front of me, shirtless, in real life!

"Ka..ka..shi…chan." His name barely made it from my lips in a whisper before the bed came rushing up to meet my head. The blackness forcing my eyes closed was already becoming familiar.

Authors Note!

I am so excited about this fanfic! Kakashi-chan is so sexy that I had to write something for him! I was too jealous to put him with anyone from the series…so yes, I put him with a character heavily based off of myself. Please forgive me and my jealousy! Maybe after I finish this I may find another partner for him for another fanfic. O.o