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Ten years later (Athena's 10th Birthday)

Severus handed Athena a box which he had kept safe for ten long years, having forgotten it one the day she was born. The other box in his hand he handed to his wife which was sat on the other side of their daughter. Athena carefully opened the box and gasped when she saw the beautiful necklace inside. A charm the shape of a lion cub shone brightly in the light of the fire. Hermione too gasped when she opened her box to reveal the same beautiful necklace as her daughter, only the charm was that of a rose, next to it sat a tabby kitten. Severus helped his girls place their gifts around their necks and placed his serpent ring on his finger.

"Thank you Daddy!" Athena said once she had stopped gazing at the necklace.

"My pleasure baby girl." Severus brought his daughter into his arms and hugged her close before bringing his wife into an embraced and gently kissing her.

"With these necklaces, I'll always be with you both. No matter what happens."

Severus and Hermione kissed once more before they embraced their daughter together.

The end