2 Hours Later…

Grr…There's nothing to eat in here! It's almost dinner time, and I'm starving! I guess the only thing I can do now is kiss up to Nick and hope he makes something.

As fate would have it, Nick walks into the kitchen as soon as I finish my thought.

"Oh, hey Nick! I was just-"

Nick sighs. "Let me guess, you're going to apologize, act like what happened a couple of hours ago was no big deal, and then ask me what's for dinner."

"N-no!!!" I reply, pretending to be shocked at his accusation. Boy, he's good. "I was just going to ask what you've been up to, is that a crime?"

"Oh really?" Nick says, raising his eyebrow. I can tell I'm not fooling him. "Well, actually, I was wondering if that offer you made earlier still stands."

"Offer?" As if on cue, I realize what he's talking about. "Now then, I took off your shirt… Do you want to take off mine?" Nick has to be pulling my chain, he doesn't have the guts to actually do something like that. Although it would certainly be interesting if he did...I call his bluff.

"Oh, it's definitely still valid."

A look appears in Nick's eyes, although I'm not sure what it is.

What are you up to, Nick?

I don't have time to think any harder about this, because the next thing I know, Nick lifts me on to the kitchen counter, then he climbs onto the counter as well, and wraps his arms around me. He begins to tenderly kiss my neck. He's not fooling me yet, a couple of kisses on the neck doesn't mean that you're going to…Wow, that feels amazing! Nick slowly begins to move up my neck. Pretty soon, he's kissing my cheeks, and my forehead, and he kisses just below my lips, so close that I can taste his. They taste like grape juice. I let out a tiny giggle. Nick's lips stop in front of mine, and he pauses, probably trying to leave me in suspense. I can't wait any longer though, and I pull his face down and kiss him. I thought kissing him before was fun, but this is just amazing. I'm in heaven- until I realize he's not kissing me back.

What the heck? Why isn't he kissing me? Nick pulls away, a smug look on his face. I don't know why, but I get the feeling that the next thing he'll say is going to make me want to kick him. Hard.

"I knew you liked me." He says. Yeah, I do want to kick him.

"What!!?? You're the one who kissed me!"

"Yeah, but I only kissed you to see your reaction. I wasn't going to kiss you on the lips, you kissed me."

...What? "I…I only kissed you because I thought it'd be weird to not kiss you back!" I lie. I really hope he doesn't see through it. "I was just being nice!" I add.

"Right…Sure you were."

"I was! I don't like you! Not that way, anyways!" I don't think I'm fooling anybody. "And so what if I, hypothetically, did? What's your point?"

"Well then, hypothetically, I might have told you I liked you too."

"W-well then…" Nick likes me? No way, he's got to be screwing with me. ...Eww…that sounded wrong. "Hypothetically, I'd ask you to prove it."

"Hypothetically, I'd tell you that I've always got evidence, and then I'd do this." Nick lowers himself onto me, and he kisses me, this time for real. I try to put up a resistance, but before I know it, I'm kissing him back as well. If he wasn't sure before, he definitely knows now. I totally have a crush in him.

"Well, hypothetically, I might have enjoyed that. Then what would you do?" I ask, giggling.

"Well, it's getting pretty late, so, hypothetically, I'd ask you out to dinner."

"I see…Well then, hypothetically, what if we're not being hypothetical?"

"Well …Hypothetically not hypothetically, I think we should be honest with each other."

"In that case, I really like you Nick. Like, like like you."

"And I really like you, Maya. Now, before you ask, here's your proof."

He leans in and kisses me again. This time, I don't bother to try and resist, I kiss him back passionately. I'll be honest, this is way better than the last chocolate chip cookie. Or all of the chocolate chip cookies, actually. We break for air.

"Now then, isn't there something you want to ask me?"

"Um…Well I was wondering if you got around to sorting my files…"

"Not that! You said you'd take me out for dinner, silly!"

"Oh yeah, that…See, I just remembered I took you out for lunch, so I don't really have any money left."

I groan. "You just said you'd take me out so that I'd admit I had a crush on you, didn't you?"

"It worked didn't it? Besides, I've got something you'll find much more appetizing than a burger." Nick says.

"Blasphemy! Nothing can compare to a juicy burger, with extra onions and a side order of-" Nick cuts me off with another kiss, and I finally understand what he means.

"Hmm…Actually, that was really good. I think I'll need another helping though, just to see if it's really better than a burger." I imply after Nick pulls away.

"My pleasure." He says, and leans in one more time. I think I'll be Ok with skipping out on a burger, just this once.