Little Moments

Chapter 1: When the World Turns Gray

A/N: So guys this is my first fic. I am a huge Nathan and Haley fan, like huge, and I have always wanted to know how they handle certain things that as viewers we missed or will miss. Holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, random moments that I feel like we should or should have had the chance to see. Things ranging from the past ,to the present, and to the future. So I figured why not have a fic about it, and why not write it myself. It is basically going to be a collection of one-shots mashed together. Now I am not really a writer so please review with your opinions both good or bad as well as requests. What do y'all want to see. I have a few more chapters in mind but let me know what you want in a review and I'll add it to the list of scenarios. So thanks for taking the time to read this and please review. Enjoy!


It started like any other morning at the Scott house. Haley was still in bed not wanting to get out of the plush covers that currently wrapped around her small frame, and Nathan was going through his normal routine in the bathroom.

As Haley rolled over, the warm sunlight hit her face and she couldn't help but think about how quiet Nathan was being. No running water, no toilet flushing, or the faint buzz of his electric razor. She sat up in bed and called out his name.

"Nathan? Nathan, honey are you okay in there?"

He didn't answer and she became a little worried at his quietness. She pushed the covers off her body and slowly got up. She crept towards the bathroom not knowing what to expect. Standing in front of the mirror she saw Nathan looking sternly back at himself with his fingers in his hair. At first she found it a little funny that her husband was looking so intently at himself until she realized why he was so close to the mirror. She walked up behind him, placed her hands on his shoulders and rested her cheek on his back.

"You know it happens to everyone." She spoke quietly running her hands over his shoulders.

Still silent and oblivious to the fact that she was expecting a response, Nathan kept picking through his hair.

"Just think. You won't have any of the young girls hit on you anymore." Haley let out a laugh but quickly became aware that this was a serious matter in Nathan's eyes.

Again no response. No quick laugh at her previous joke, or a mere shoulder shrug, nothing. Haley rubbed her hands from his shoulders down his arms and it was then that he acknowledged her presence. Nathan turned around so he was facing her and she could tell that he was visibly upset.

"I'm not even thirty five yet, Hales. At this rate I'm gonna be white headed by the time I'm forty. They just popped up. I didn't notice them yesterday." His face crinkled with worry and he stared back to Haley.

"Honey, it's fine. A couple gray hairs are not going to be the end of the world." Trying to reassure her husband that everything was going to be okay, Haley tried to be the voice of reason.

"Yeah well just wait till the guys start giving me a hard time about it."

"Oh they won't care. They might say a few things at first but I guarantee you that it will happen to them too. Luke already has a little gray in his beard even though he says that it's blonde. We all know in reality it's gray." Haley laughed as she thought about Lucas' graying facial hair.

Nathan gave Haley a pleading look. He knew that she was trying to help him, but the simple fact was that his hair changing was scary to him. Noticing that her remarks about Luke failed to change his demeanor, Haley looked up to Nathan and playfully teased.

"And besides, I think you'll look sexy sporting the salt and pepper look."

He couldn't help but smile at her last comment. She ran her fingers through his hair and he closed his eyes.

"Really it is nothing to worry about. I mean I'd bet I have a few here and there, it just comes with the territory of getting older. We've been together nearly twenty years and I think you look just as good now as you did then."

Nathan realized that he was being a little silly for worrying about the sudden color change of a few hairs and reached for Haley's hand.

"Twenty years huh?"

"Almost, and I really don't care if your hair turns white tomorrow or if it all falls out. I won't care if you turn out to be as baled as Whitey was, I won't. As long as you are a good husband and a good father nothing else matters."

He smiled and leaned down and kissed her softly. Haley smiled as their lips parted.

"But you know, if you really wanted to change it. You could always go for a new endorsement deal. Former NBA star, Nathan Scott as the new face of Just for Men…I can see it now." Laughing she hugged him tighter.

"Ha ha very funny." He knew she was kidding but the idea of endorsing Just for Men had him laughing. "I think I'll leave that to someone else. Besides you think its sexy right?"

Haley looked up and nodded. "Very sexy."

So to say that this was any normal day at the Scott's would be accurate. Aside from Nathan's new found gray hairs the fact was that they did this every morning. They were nearly two decades into their marriage and Nathan and Haley had never been more in love. Seemingly, time had changed them from their young vibrant selves but was time necessarily a bad thing? To Nathan and Haley time was a friend, and they welcomed it with open arms.

It started out like any other morning in the Scott house…and ended like every morning in the Scott house.


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