Naruto: The Hope of the Senju Clan

Chapter Thirty-eight: Salamander

This story was inspired by the Story Senju Naruto by Baal of Yarns



"Animal talk/Thinking Jutsu"

Previously on Hope of the Senju Clan

Shortly after, Hanzo took out a scroll from a small cabinet behind him and handed it to Kandachi. "Have our fastest messenger Hawk take this to Konoha, it is a letter to Tsunade, telling her that I wish to meet her to discuss a possible alliance between them and us."

"You are going to meet her yourself?!" said Kandachi in shock, since Hanzo hadn't left the Ame in almost twenty years.

"Yes, by going to these talks personally, Tsunade is more likely to accept the meeting."

Nodding his head in understanding, Kandachi quickly left the room to deliver the scroll to the messenger's office.

Shortly after Kandachi left, Hanzo found himself looking forward to the meeting, and seeing the young Senju heir with his own two eyes. Believing it would be an interesting meeting.

-In Konoha-

It was another clear sunny day in Konoha and everyone was taking advantage of the serene atmosphere. Naruto was walking around the village by himself looking around for a certain shop he had heard about.

Walking through the village, several people waved or said hello to him, which Naruto politely returned.

Eventually he found the shop he'd been looking for, it was a small shop filled with various weapons, run by man named Yaiba Kenji, who was consider Konoha's top weapon smith.

When Naruto opened the shop door and entered, he heard the small chime of the shop bell.

Moments after entering the shop, a man, whom Naruto assumed was Yaiba Kenji, appeared from a room behind the shop.

The man was of average height, but was quite muscular in built, with long muscular arms, which Naruto guessed was from working for so long as a smith. He was pale skinned and had short dark brown hair and eyes with a square jaw and face, which was covered by a thick brown beard. He carried a large metal hammer in his right hand and wore simple brown pants and a long black dirty looking apron, which only seemed to highlight his hulking physique.

When Naruto saw the man, the young blonde couldn't help but feel slightly intimidated by the older man's physique, which could easily rival the Yondaime Raikage, or his brother Killer Bee.

"Can I help you?" the man asked in a rather gruff voice.

"Eh yea, are you Yaiba Kenji?"

"I am"

"Great, I was kind of hoping you could help me with something? Naruto asked, where he unwrapped the small bundle he'd been carrying and revealed his broken Katana. "Could you fix this?"

Taking the Katana, Kenji began to examine the pieces carefully, taking in ever inch, while running his fingers across the broken blade. "Hmmm, durable, light weight, well-balanced, average length, I'm assuming this blade is from Kaminari no Kuni (Lightning Country), or to be more precise Kumogakure (Hidden Cloud)."

"Eh did you know?" asked Naruto, surprised by how Kenji knew where his Katana came from, after just looking at it for a few moments.

"When you've worked on weapons for as long as I have, you learn a thing or two" the man answered, as he continued to examine the blade. "I recognise the craftsmanship, like Kiri, Kumo Shinobi specialise in swordsmanship, and so their village is renowned for making high quality Katana. Due to their mountainous terrain, Kaminari no Kuni is rich in ore minerals, making their swords very durable and good for channelling Chakra through. But what I find curious is how did you come to have one, did you steal it from a Kumo Shinobi?"

"It was a gift from some friend" Naruto answered, slightly insulted by the accusation.

"I see" replied Kenji, showing no remorse for his accusation.

"So can you fix it?" Naruto asked, hoping to change the topic of the conversation.

Before Kenji could answer, the two suddenly heard a familiar voice call out to the weapons smith.

"Hey tou-san, where exactly do you want me to put this?"

Turning, the bearded man saw his daughter coming out from the back, carrying a large basket of iron sand.

"Put it in the back corner next to the coal" Kenji replied.

Acknowledging her father's orders, the girl was about to return to the back room. But stopped to glance over at the person her father was talking to, and was surprised to see it was Naruto, who seemed just as surprised to see her.

"Naruto?" said the girl

"Tenten-chan?!" said Naruto, recognising the bun-haired girl.

"What are you doing here?" asked both teens at almost the exactly same time.

"I'm here to get my Katana fixed" Naruto replied, "You?"

"This is my family's shop, I work here part-time" Tenten answered.

Curious by what was going on, Kenji decided to speak, "You two know each other?"

"Of course" responded Tenten, putting down the basket she was carrying before walking over to the two. "Dad this is Senju Naruto, you remember, I told you about him."

Upon hearing Naruto's full name, Tenten's father eyes widen slightly in surprise, "So this is the Godaime's son?" But his surprise quickly wore off and was replaced by a stern look, which he aimed at the blonde, while emanating an intimidating aura.

"What exactly are your intentions towards my daughter?"

Stunned by what Kenji had just asked him, and not knowing where this came out of, Naruto's only response was "Huh?"

Before he could even think of an appropriate response, Kenji was suddenly hit hard on the back on his head by his daughter. Said girl was now bright red, from both embarrassment and anger, and holding a large metal rod, which now had a large dent on it, causing Naruto wonder just how hard headed the man was to still be standing after being hit by it.

"BAKA TOU-SAN!" yelled a furious Tenten as she hit her father on the head again with the metal rod, making an even bigger dent. "EVERY TIME I INTRODUCE YOU TO A BOY I KNOW, YOU IMMEDIATELY ASSUME THAT HE'S MY BOYFRIEND…!"

"But Tenny-cha-UFF!" moaned the weapon's smith before he was hit on the head for the third time, by his daughter.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" roared the mortified girl, who seemed to turn an even brighter shade of red when her father called her by her nickname.

At the same time, Naruto slowly moved away from the two, not wanting to be on the receiving end of Tenten fury, which eerily reminded him of his mother's fury, especially with the way she could cow her muscular father.

After a few minutes, Tenten slowly began to calm down a little and allowed her father to get back onto his feet, although continued to give him a threatening glare.

Not wanting to anger his daughter any further, Kenji wisely decided to change to subject and turned to Naruto "So…ahem…eh, what exactly happened to your Katana?"

"It was broken during a mission?" Naruto answered, while keeping a cautious eye on the bun haired girl, who was still glaring at her father.

When the elder Kunoichi finally calmed down she turned her attention to Naruto.

"Oh sorry I forget to mention, congrats on making Chunin, Lee told me when I visited him last."

"Thanks…" said Naruto, still getting use to being a Chunin. "By the way, how is Lee doing?" he hadn't seen the bushy eyed boy since before he left the hospital to go on his mission.

"He's getting there, thanks to the operation that Tsunade-sama preformed, the doctors say that he should be on the mend in a couple of weeks' time, so long as he takes it easy. Although you can probably guess that's easier said than done for Lee" Tenten replied, giggling a little.

Smiling, Naruto nodded, he remembered the times he checked on Lee in the hospital. On more than one occasion he and the other nurses had caught the youth obsessed boy performing push ups and press ups, saying he couldn't afford to rest and needed to train. It got so bad, that they even had to strap him to the bed and knock him out, just to get him to rest.

Turning to Tenten's father, Naruto then spoke, "So do you think you can fix it?"

Looking down at the Katana, Kenji nodded, "I don't see a problem, you have all the pieces and by the look of it, it was a clean cut. But it might take some time, since I'll have to melt down the blade and re-forge it, and make sure that there are no cracks or faults."

"It's fine, take as long as you need."

"If you like, we can lend you one our swords, until Tou-san's finished repairing yours" Tenten offered.

"Thanks but I already have a spare" Naruto said before taking out the Raijin no Ken (Sword of the Thunder God).

Upon seeing the legendary sword of the Nidaime Hokage, both Tenten and her father's eyes grew to the size of saucers.

"The Raijin no Ken" the bun-haired girl muttered in awe.

"Where on earth did you find it?" Kenji asked, staring at the fame sword of the Nidaime Hokage in disbelief. "The sword was stolen two years ago?"

"I retrieved it after I defeated that scum Aoi."

"Impressive" Kenji remarked, now understanding how Naruto's Katana was broken.

"Thanks" replied Naruto, who then noticed Tenten staring longingly at the Raijin no Ken.

"Do you want to have a look?" asked Naruto, offering the sword to Tenten, who seemed surprised by Naruto's gesture.

"Really?" asked Tenten,

"Why not?" said Naruto, where he handed her the sword.

Carefully taking the weapon, the bun haired girl held the sword up in reverence, not believing Naruto was actually letting her hold his ancestor's sword.

Glancing at Naruto again, who simply nodded, Tenten activated the sword, causing the yellow blade to spring to life and hiss loudly.

Staring at the sword for a several minutes, taking in every inch of it, Tenten eventually deactivated the sword and returned it to Naruto.

"A worthy sword, but tell me, if you possess something like that, why do you want me to repair this?" Kenji asked, holding up the broken sword.

"It was a gift from some friends of mine" Naruto answered.

"I see" nodded Kenji, now beginning to understanding where Naruto was coming from. The sword wasn't important to Naruto it was what it represented to him.

After finalising the cost for repairing the sword, Kenji told Naruto that he would send word to him once he had finished. Shortly after, the muscular weapon's smith went back into the smithy behind the store to start work on the sword.

Once her father had left the store, Tenten turned to Naruto, "Sorry about what my dad said earlier, he can be a "tad"protective of me."

"Yea, I kind of got that" Naruto remarked, causing Tenten to blush again and mutter out and apology. "Don't worry about it; believe me I know what it's like to deal with an overprotective parent."

Remembering what happened between Naruto and Mai after their match in the preliminaries, and how Tsunade reacted to it. Tenten knew Naruto did indeed understand what it was like for her.

"I'm also guessing that your an only child, which is another reason why your dad acts the way he does."

"That obvious huh?" Tenten asked, where in response Naruto just smirked.

"Well if you think he was bad now, you should've seen him when I introduced him to Neji and Lee for the first time. It was probably the only time I ever seen Neji look nervous."

Picturing the scene inside his head, Naruto couldn't help but smirk at the image of a nervous looking Neji, while a menacing looking Kenji towered over him.

"So how does your mom feel about all this?" Naruto asked, hoping to learn a little more about the older girl. But no sooner had he asked the question, he instantly regretted it, when he saw the sad look on the bun haired girl's face.

"I wouldn't really know, she dead."

"Sorry" replied Naruto, almost immediately feeling guilty over digging up painful memories of Tenten, who quickly waved him off.

"Its fine, you couldn't have known."

"How did she die, if you don't mind me asking?"

"She was killed on a mission."

"So she was Kunoichi then?"

"Yea, she was one of the main reasons why I wanted to become a Kunoichi, which is probably another reason why my dad is so protective of me. When my mother was killed it almost destroyed him, I suppose the only thing that got him through it was raising me."

When Tenten finished, Naruto nodded his head slowly, now having a better idea of Kenji and why he acted the way he did when it came to his daughter. He wasn't just protective of Tenten simply because she was his "little girl," he acted like this because she was the only thing Kenji had left to live for, something Naruto could understand.

For the next half hour, the two continued to talk with one another, discussing previous missions, fights, and training regimes they had went through.

During the course of the conversation, Tenten even suggested that Naruto could train with her team some time, stating that sensei could give him tips on how to improve his Taijutsu.

Naruto said he would think on it, although Gai was the foremost expert in Taijutsu in Konoha and could indeed help him. He was concern that his appearance could cause friction within the team, although Lee had already forgiven him for what happened in the preliminaries, stating that he knew the risks. The thing that concerned Naruto was Neji, neither of them had seen nor spoken to one another since their match, and he was unsure of Neji's feelings towards him.

Naruto hadn't fully come to a decision in what to think of the elder Hyuga boy; in the beginning he disliked Neji. Not only for action in the preliminaries, but because of his general attitude, treating everyone that he didn't think was worthwhile like they were trash, simply because he had been blessed with natural talent. But now, from what Tenten had told him, Neji had seemly change, he was less arrogant and no longer demeaned others, in fact had often gone to visit Lee in the hospital to see how he was doing and even talked to him.

Furthermore, according to Tenten, Neji had even gone out of his way to protect Hinata when she was attacked by a pair of Kumo Shinobi, who had taken advantage of the chaos caused by the invasion to try and kidnap Hinata.

When Naruto heard this, he decided to given the elder boy the benefit of the doubt.

Shortly afterwards, Kushina entered the store, looking for Naruto and informed him that she had been sent by his mother to find him and tell him that she wanted to speak to him.

Figuring that it was important, given how his mother had sent his sensei to look for him, Naruto quickly bid goodbye to Tenten and took off with red headed Jonin.

-Hokage's Office-

Sitting in her office, the newly appointed Godaime Hokage, Senju Tsunade, was nursing a very painful headache that had been forming ever since she had received the letter that she was holding.

At the same time sitting in front of the blonde Hokage was Tsunade's old team-mate Jiraiya, who had an unusual serious look his face, and her former teacher Sarutobi Hiruzen, who also looked very serious.

"Just when I thought things couldn't get any more complicated" muttered the female Sannin, holding her head in her right hand.

"Well it's not like we didn't see something like this coming" Jiraiya responded.

"Indeed" joined the Sandaime, who was smoking his pipe. "Given recent events, I would've been surprised if something like this didn't happen."

Before Tsunade could reply, there was a sudden knock on the door, when she answered with an "Enter," Naruto, Kushina and Shizune entered the office.

Seeing that both Jiraiya and the Sandaime were also in the office, Naurto greeted them both with his traditional greeting for them, causing the Sandaime to smile and Jiraiya to glare at the blonde. After which he then turned to mother and smile "Heya Kaa-chan, you wanted me?!"

But instead of smiling, like she normally would when she saw him, his mother simply nodded.

Seeing that something was bothering her, Naruto frowned and moved next to Jiraiya and Sarutobi. "What's up Kaa-chan, is there something wrong?"

"That would depend on your perspective" Jiraiya answered with a knowing smirk and wink.

Not understanding what his Godfather was hinting at, the blonde boy gave his the Sage Toad a confused look, which was mimicked by Kushina, who were also in the dark about what was happening.

But before either of them could ask, the Sandaime suddenly spoke. "Not long ago we received a letter from Amegakure (Hidden Rain), stating that they wish to begin talks with us about a possible alliance."

"Seriously…?!" Kushina asked in surprise, which was understandable given Ame's long standing tradition of isolation.

"Yes…" responded the former Hokage, "In fact Hanzo will be attending the negotiations himself and has requested that Tsunade also attend."

"Hanzo is going in person?!" asked Shizune in surprise, speaking for the first time.

"Yes answered the Sandaime, not blaming Shizune for being surprised, since Hanzo hadn't left his village in decades.

"Could it be a trap?" inquired Kushina, knowing that the best way to kill a Kage was when he or she was outside their village, and what better way to lure Tsunade out than the prospect of an alliance. A perfect example of this was how Orochimaru assassinated the Yondaime Kazekage and took his place, without anyone ever knowing about it.

"Possible, but I doubt it" said Jiraiya, joining the conversation. "Hanzo is nobody's fool; he knows full well that if he had Tsunade killed like that, we'd declare all-out war with him, which would draw in Suna, and possibly Kiri on our side. If that happened Iwa might feel threaten by our actions and join in on Ame's side, escalating the war, in which case Ame no Kuni (Rain Country) would become a battlefield and be destroyed, regardless of who won."

"But isn't this alliance a good thing?" interrupted Naruto, who couldn't understand why his mother and the others weren't happy at the possible alliance with Ame. Given the recent invasion, Konoha needed every friend it could get, especially if they wanted to prevent a war from happening.

Turning to his surrogate grandson, the Sandaime spoke. "Normally yes, but what concerns us is that Hanzo has also requested that you accompany your mother to the negotiations as well."

"Me?!" cried Naruto, not understanding why he was asked to join the negotiations.

"Yes…" said Tsunade, who now joined the conversation, "And I will give you three guesses why he asked for you to come."

Naruto of course only needed one, as he quickly realized why Hanzo had asked for him "Mai-chan!"

"And let me guess…" Naruto said flatly, now realizing what was going on. "In the hope of creating a lasting alliance they're proposing a arrange marriage between Mai-chan and me."

"Not exactly…." said Jiraiya, "Although Hanzo is probably going to try and have you hitched with his granddaughter. Unlike Suna he's not being as subtle about as they were, he using that little tradition in his Clan, the one that Mai girl mention in the preliminaries, to try and pressure us to agree to marry you off."

"Why do we even need to ally with Ame, aren't we already allied with Suna and about to ally with Kiri?" Naruto asked.

"One can never have enough allies Naruto, especially at this time" answered the Sandaime. "Unlike Suna, we have to build our alliance with Kiri from scratch, meaning it will take some time to hammer out all the details before a treaty can be signed. When we rebuilt our alliance with Suna, we simply used the same treaty as before, but made few new altercations to it to suit both sides. That's why we were able to renew our alliance so quickly, and prevented the other villages from taking full advantage of our weakened state, which Iwa is already trying to do with their raids on our northern boarders. But if we can form an alliance with Ame we can restrict their attacks."

"How so?" asked Naruto.

"As you know probably know, there are three small nations lying between Hi no Kuni (Fire Country) and Tsuchi no Kuni (Earth Country). They are Ame no Kuni (Rain Country), Kusa no Kuni (Grass Country) and Taki no Kuni (Waterfall Country)," the Sandaime explained, going into professor mode. "For Iwa to continue their raids on our boarders, they have to cross one of those three nations, but due to their invasion of Kusa no Kuni in the last Great War, Iwa's Shinobi are unable enter the country. If they tried their Shinobi would come under attack from Kusa's Shinobi, who have long held a grudge against them. Also thanks to our renewed alliance with Suna, they cannot go around Kaze no Kuni (Wind Country) to attack us, although even if that were not the case, it would be unlikely for their Shinobi to get through, as Suna relations with Iwa are almost as bad as our owns. But if we get Hanzo to agree to an alliance with us, we can limit Iwa's attacks to only the Taki no Kuni boarders, making it easier for us to defend."

When the Sandaime finish, Jiraiya then decided to add his own input. "There's also the fact that we can't afford to make Ame our enemy right now."

"What do you mean? I know Hanzo is strong and all, but there's no way Ame could beat us in a fight."

"Military strength isn't the only way to cripple a nation Naruto" the Sandaime replied in a sage-like way. "Although Hanzo is a powerful Shinobi and has several skilled Shinobi under his command, you're correct, even in our weaken state Ame could not hope to defeat us battle. But Hanzo can still hurt us in other ways."


"Ame no Kuni is a uniquely situated country, bordering three of the Major powers and several smaller nations, making it a hub for trade and travel for these nations and others. It is also very valuable from a military standpoint, where it can be used as both a staging point for an invasion or as a buffer, which is why so many battles have been fought in Ame no Kuni. If we outright refused to meet him or if the talks ended badly, Hanzo could easily seal off the boarders between Ame no Kuni and Hi no Kuni and halt all travel through the boarders. This would have a severe effect on not only our economy, but Hi no Kuni as well, putting us in a very difficult situation, where people would have to circle around Ame no Kuni to enter Hi no Kuni. If worse came to worse, Hanzo could even allow our enemies, like Iwa, to enter Ame no Kuni and use it as a staging point for attacks, and even join in them."

Surprised by the news, Naruto turned to his godfather, who was unusually serious at the moment. "Can he really do all that?"

In response Jiraiya nodded, "Afraid so brat, although not widely known, Hanzo is the real leader of Ame no Kuni, the Rain Daimyo is nothing more than a figure head. He rules Amgakure with an iron fist, limiting all travel in the village, while controlling events in Ame no Kuni from the shadows, where it looks as if the Rain Daimyo is in charge."

"So what do we do?"

"We'll go to the meeting" spoke Tsunade.

"You're going to agree with it?!" cried Naruto, nothing believing what his mother was saying.

"Of course not!" rebuked the female Kage, "If Hanzo wants an alliance then so be it, but if he wants to try the same stunt as Suna, he can stuff it, we'll just use your engagement with that Temari girl to block his attempts. That way he can't be insulted by our refusal when he tries to use the alliance to arrange a marriage between you and her".

"But what about the condition that jiji made in the treaty, allowing me to call; it off, or the Clan Restoration Act?"

"What Hanzo doesn't know, can't hurt us" Tsunade replied, while at the same time thinking. "It will be a cold day in hell before I let that little tramp sink her claws into my innocent baby," the very idea of Mai becoming her daughter in-law infuriated the Slug Princess to no ends.

"But who will run the village when we're at the meeting."

"I will" the Sandaime responded.

Still feeling uncomfortable about the whole situation, and as a former ANBU captain, Kushina felt she needed to voice her concerns further. "With all due respect Hokage-sama, this still could be a trap, we don't know for certain that Hanzo will actually come in person. He could easily send in a double and even if he does come, it doesn't mean he won't make an attempt on your life himself, Orochimaru killed the Yondaime Kazekage when he met him under the guise of an alliance."

"I am well aware of that…" Tsunade replied turning to Kushina, "Which is why I am having Jiraiya accompany me."

"Do you actually think that will work Kaa-chan?" Naruto asked, knowing that the last time his mother and Jiraiya faced off against Hanzo. He had them at his mercy, and that was when Orochimaru was still with them.

"It might, Jiraiya and I may no longer be in our prime, but neither is Hanzo, so seeing the two of us together might make him hesitate in the event that he tries something," answered Tsunade before turning to Kushina. "Hanzo and I are each allowed to bring in two guards, and I want you to be part of my escort."

"I understand Hokage-sama."

"So when do we leave?" asked Naruto.

"We'll leave in three days and be meeting him at Goryōkaku (Five-sided fortification) fort."

"Where's that?"

"It's an old abandoned fort built by a now extinct Shinobi Clan, during the Great Shinobi Clan Wars. It was built on the boarders between Hi no Kuni and Ame no Kun, so it's considered neutral ground."

When Tsunade finished, the group went on to discuss any other details regarding the meeting, such as what to expect from Hanzo and how they, (i.e. Naruto), should behave when around the legendary Shinobi.

After talking for the best part of an hour, Tsunade dismissed the group, with the expectation of Kushina, who was asked to stay by the female Hokage.

"Is there something you wish to speak to me about Hokage-sama?" the red head asked.

"Yes there is" replied Tsunade, whom seemed uncomfortable for some reason. "Given the events that have transpired these past few months, you and I haven't really spoken…"

Curious about what the Hokage was talking about, Kushina raised her right eyebrow, "About…?"

"About Naruto, or to be exact the circumstances that led to his birth."

"I see…" replied Kushina, who had a blank look on her face, now understanding what Tsunade was talking about.

"Yes" answered the blonde Hokage. "I know that you and Minato were together for many years, so when I first heard that you would be acting as both Naruto's guard and sensei. I was worried that you might turn any angry you felt towards Minato and me out on Naruto. But thankfully my concerns were proven wrong when I read Naruto's letters to me, and from what he has told me, I know that you and Yamato have been nothing but good teachers to him. Naruto looks up to you, which is why I was hoping that we could talk, and air our any issues that you may have with me over what happened between his father and me? For Naruto's sake."

For a while Kushina said nothing and simply stared at the elder women, who despite her calm demeanour, was nervous at what Kushina would say. If Kushina held any sort of grudge against her over what happened between her and Minato, it could cause friction between the two of them, with Naruto stuck in the middle of it.

After another tense minute or two Kushina finally spoke, "May I speak frankly Hokage-sama?"

"You may."

"I'll admit when I first heard of what happened between you and Minato, I was angry. But I quickly got over it when I realized that I had not right to be angry, since I was the one who broke it off between Minato and me. So to answer your question, no there are no issues between you or me. But I will admit, I'm bit jealous of you."

"Jealous?" repeated Tsunade, not fully understanding Kushina. Thinking that the red head was jealous that she, (Tsunade), had become the first female Hokage instead of her (Kushina), which was from what Tsunade had heard, was Kushina's dream.

"Yes, whenever I look at Naruto, I can't help but be reminded of his father, and from time to time. I can't help but wonder what it would've been like had I stayed with Minato-kun and he had been my son" explained Kushina, looking more than a tab depressed when she spoke of what might have been.

After several minutes of uncomfortable silence, Tsunade decided to speak. "If you don't mind me asking Kushina, but I've been wondering, why exactly did you and Minato break up?"

Again Kushina did not answer right away and simply stared out at the windows overlooking Konoha. After letting out a long sad sigh, the former ANBU Captain turned to the Senju Matriarch and spoke. "Not long before Minato was made the Yondaime Hokage, he proposed to me, and at first I wanted to say yes. But then I had started thinking on what that meant for my career as a Kunoichi. I had seen a lot of my former classmates, like my friend Uchiha Mikoto, who got married and had kids, abandon their careers. Even if they returned to duty later on, it took most of them years to regain their former positions, and get back into shape. At the time I didn't want that, I had just become an ANBU Captain and I wasn't ready to settle down, or give up my career. I was also afraid that if I did marry Minato and we had children, I would change, and become some housewife, who stayed at home all the time, caring for her children and awaiting on her husband…It was only later that I realized that wouldn't have happened and that Minato would never have forced me to give up my career. But by then it was too late."

After spending many years drowning her sorrow over the mistakes of her past, Tsunade had a fair idea what Kushina was going through and after seeing the pained look across the younger woman's face. She decided to give the former ANBU Captain some advice, so that she wouldn't make the same mistakes she did. "Kushina, the past is the past, and no matter how much we want to, we cannot take back the mistakes we've made. The best we can do is focus on the here and now and learn from them, so that we don't repeat them. Take it from someone who has made a lot of mistakes in their past and spent years trying to run from them, don't let it consume you, your still young and you still have time."

Taking in Tsunade's words, Kushina nodded her head, understanding what the female Hokage was trying to tell her.

Once she had said her piece, Tsunade's face then turned serious, causing the female Jonin to tense up, knowing that what Tsunade was about to say was important. "Kushina, on the chance that the meeting with Hanzo turns out to be a trap, I want you to take Naruto and head straight back to Konoha."

Realizing what Tsunade was asking of her, Kushina was about to object, but before she could say anything, the Godaime Hokage spoke again, in authoritative voice.

"This is not a request Kushina, this is a direct order from your Hokage…should something happen, you're take Naruto and run straight back to Konoha, and you're not to wait for either Jiraiya or me, do you understand?"

Knowing she couldn't refuse a direct order from Kushina reluctantly nodded her head indicating that she understood. She of course realized what Tsunade was doing and knew in her position she would probably do the exact same thing. But even so, it didn't mean she had to like it.

After seeing Kushina nodding her head, Tsunade's features soften and a small grateful smile appeared on her face. "Thank you, I known how much you've grown to care for Naruto and that you would do anything to protect him, your actions with the Akatsuki when they came for him proved that." At this point Tsunade face turned deadly serious, "That's why I'm trusting you with his safety, should something happen, like at the invasion, Naruto will no doubt try to help, and I refuse to put him in that level of danger again."

"I understand" acknowledge Kushina, "If Hanzo does try something; I will take Naruto and run, even if I have to knock him out or drag him away with my chains."

"Knowing my him, you'll probably have to" Tsunade replied with a small snort.

"Yea" said Kushina, before looking over to the Hokage portraits, and staring sadly at her late lover, who almost seemed to smile back at her.

"Naruto, reminds me a lot of his father, and I don't mean the physical resemblance. They have the same reckless attitude, and seem to care more about others than they do themselves Then again, some could say it a family trait, given the Shodai and Nidaime Hokage's history."

"I've noticed that…" the Hokage replied sombrely, she didn't like being reminded the number of risks her son took. "But let's hope Naruto does not share their fate in dying young."

Nodding in agreement, Kushina decided to take her leave and prepare for the coming mission. But just as she opened her mouth to ask to be excused, a large "KA-BOOOM!" was heard coming from not far from the mansion, along with the sound of someone screaming, shortly afterwards the two women heard a familiar voice scream "KUSHINA-SENSEI!"

Turning to the now grinning Kushina, Tsunade let out a tired sigh. "Do I need to be worried?"

"Not really…" replied Kushina. "But I wouldn't go back to your home anytime some. After which the red headed Jonin exited the office and chuckled darkly to herself, "Payback's a Bitch, Naruto"

-Several days later -

In an underground base, located in Oto no Kuni (Sound Country), formerly known as Ta no Kuni (Land of Rice Fields), the cries of a man screaming in pain could be heard echoing throughout the empty hallways.

These cries belonged to none other than Orochimaru, formerly known as the Shirohebi no Konoha (The White Snake of Konoha), now missing-nin, and leader of Otogakure no Sato (The Village Hidden in Sound).

"AAAAHHHHH, My arms, my arms!" the former Sannin screamed, as he lay in his bed, his arms, (which felt like they were on fire from the inside), covered in bandages. "CURSE YOU TSUNADE, CURSE YOU!"

Hearing his master's screams, Orochimaru's attendant raced over to his besides, "Are you okay Orochimaru-sama…? You need to take your medicine quickly."

But no sooner had the attendant reached the man's side, the furious Sennin killed him, spilling the attendants blood all over the bed and floor.

Shortly after the door to the room slide open, revealing Kabuto, who had just returned from an errand.

Seeing the body of the dead attendant, and the blood covering the floor, Kabuto let out a small tired sigh. "Ahhh, I just got back, and now I need to clean the room already? You should really take your medicine, Orochimaru-sama."

"I don't need this useless medicine, what I need is a cure!" hissed Orochimaru angrily. "This burning pain in my hands…I never imagined it would be this painful!"

"You were fighting with Tsunade-sama, the world's foremost medical expert, we should expect nothing less" replied Kabuto, who then received a sharp angry glare from the Snake Sennin.

"I don't want to hear any of your explanations, what I what to here is if you have made any progress in dealing with this poison?!"

"I am afraid not" answered Kabuto, shaking his head with some semblance of shame. "Tsunade-sama truly outdid herself when she created this poison, no matter what I do all my attempts in eradicating the poison from your body have failed. From what I've gathered, the poison was designed to slowly kill all the cells in the victim's body, causing your organs and the rest of your body to slowly lose all function. This is probably why the advancements you've made to your body have been unable to fight off the poison. The pain you're feeling now is a side effect of the poison, whether by design or accidently."

"It was by design, you can be certain of that!" hissed Orochimaru furiously, while silently cursing his former team-mate again. He knew better than anyone, that Tsunade had a vicious streak a mile long, something that he had always admired and respected about her, and would not hesitant to make a person suffer, especially if they crossed her in the wrong way.

Kabuto just nodded, agreeing with Orochimaru's assessment, given how it was well within Tsunade's skill to do such a thing. She would also no doubt want to make his master suffer as much as possible after he attacked her son and marked him with his curse seal.

"I'm afraid for the time being this medicine I created is the best I can offer, it will ease the pain a little and slow the poison down, keeping it from spreading throughout the rest of your body. But it is a temporary solution at best, without knowing how Tsunade-sama created it, or having a pure untainted sample, I'm not sure if I'll be able to find a cure in time.

"Then I suggest you get to back to work!" snarled Orochimaru, who was on the verge of ripping the young man's throat out after feeling another surge of pain coming from his arms.

Nodding, Kabuto was about to turn and leave the room, when he suddenly remembered why he had come here. "Oh, before I forget, I learned some rather interesting information from my informants in Konoha."

"What sort of information?" the Snake Sennin asked irritably, being in no mood for one of Kabuto's games.

"It seems that the Sandaime Hokage has finally stepped down, and that Tsunade-sama has taken his place as the new Godaime Hokage."

Hearing that Tsunade was now the new Hokage, Orochimaru just scoffed, he wasn't surprised that his old teacher had finally stepped down; in fact as far as he was concern, the Sandaime was long overdue to retire. The recent invasion had already proven that Sarutobi was long past his prime and could no longer defend the village successively.

He was also not surprised by Tsunade becoming Hokage, since there were only a small handful of people who could be considered, and out of all people that Orochimaru could think of, Tsunade was the best choice. Not only because of her lineage, but also because of her skills and knowledge on how the village was run, which would be useful in rebuilding the Konoha.

"Is that all?" asked Orochimaru, finding the news not the least bit interesting at all.

No" replied Kabuto with a smile, which seemed to irate Orochimaru even more. "According to my informants, Senju Naruto is alive."

This news of course caught Orochimaru by surprise, where both his eyes widen in surprise. He had been all but certain that Naruto was dead; he had seen the Senju heir die right before his eyes, after he was stabbed through the chest by the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi (Grasscutter Sword).

"Alive, How?!"

"I'm afraid the details on how exactly Naruto-kun survived are sketchy at best. But according to rumours, Tsunade-sama used a medical technique she had created to revive him."

When Kabuto finished, Orochimaru, began to chuckle darkly, the news of Naruto's survival did more to ease his pain than Kabuto's medicine ever could.

"EExxaaccttlleenntt!" hissed the Snake Sennin, who was already scheming on how to capture Naruto and take his body, allowing him to escape Tsunade's poison, and at the same time have his revenge on his former team-mate for all the pain and suffering she had caused him.

But before the former Sannin could even begin his plans on how to capture Naruto, Kabuto spoke again. "My informants also told me of another interesting rumour that has been going around Konoha."

"What sort of rumour?" asked Orochiumaru, not appreciating Kabuto interrupted his musing.

"According to the rumour, Tsunade-sama is on her way to meet with Hanzo-sama to discuss a possible alliance between Ame and Konoha."

"What?!" cried Orochimaru, not believing his own ears.

"Furthermore…"continued the silver haired medic, "It seems that the alliance was Hanzo-sama's idea and that he is going to meet Tsunade-sama in person, in an undisclosed location."

"Impossible" said Orochimaru, still not believing what he was hearing, given how none of it made any sense to him. After becoming leader of Amegakure no Sato (The Village Hidden in the Rain), Hanzo became obsessed with his own security, fearing that others would try to remove him as leader of Ame. His paranoia only grew worse after the Second Great Shinobi World War. In fact from what Orochimaru had heard, Hanzo was so paranoid, he would trust no one, and was guarded twenty-four hours a day, and did not allow anyone in his presence, even his own family, without being thoroughly searched.

During the earlier stages of his plan for destroying Konoha, Orochimaru had tried to meet with the Ame leader, in the hope of forming an alliance with him. But the man refused to even meet with him, which forced Orochimaru to seek aid from Suna.

This was of course what puzzled Orochimaru, "Why would Hanzo want to form an alliance Konoha, especially when it is so vulnerable after the recent attack? And why now, of all times, would he leave Ame?"

After pondering the matter for several minutes, Orochimaru's eyes suddenly widened when he realized what Hanzo was planning and began to chuckle. "Kukukuku, very clever Hanzo, very clever indeed."

"Excuse me Orochimaru-sama, but if you don't mind, perhaps you could share what you have just realized?" asked Kabuto, curious as to why Orochimaru was chuckling and what he had just figured out.

"Kukuku, I believe I have just realized Hanzo's true motives behind asking for this alliance with Konoha."

"Which are?"

"When Hanzo, sent his granddaughter into the Chunin exam, he no doubt sent her on orders to kill Naruto-kun, knowing that Konoha could not retaliate. He also no doubt sent her on the chance that Naruto-kun proved stronger than he anticipated."

"You're referring to the Hattori Clan tradition regarding their female members?"

"Yes" replied Snake Sennin, smiling at how quickly Kabuto was catching on. "It makes sense given what happened after Naruto-kun defeated the girl. No doubt Hanzo ordered her to enact that tradition in the event that she lost, allowing him to arrange his granddaughter to marry Naruto-kun."

"If that's true, then why go through the whole façade of an alliance with Konoha?"

"I believe Hanzo might have planned to let a little time pass before pressing the issue between Naruto-kun and his granddaughter. But with Naruto revealing he can use Mokuton and Tsunade now the new Hokage, Hanzo was most likely forced to accelerate his timetable and make some changes. He knows unlike Sarutobi-sensei, Tsunade will not buckle under the threat of hostilities, especially when it concerns her son. I believe Hanzo might try and use the alliance to arrange the marriage between his granddaughter and Naruto-kun, making them a symbol of the new unity between Konoha and Ame."

"But to what end?" inquired Kabuto, "What does Hanzo gain by having his granddaughter marry Naruto? Konoha would never allow him to move to Ame."

"More than likely the marriage is simply a way for Hanzo's granddaughter to get close to Naruto-kun and kill him. In fact given recent developments I wouldn't be surprised if Hanzo has changed his plans into having her first impregnate herself with Naruto-kun's child, before killing him. Thus eliminating a future threat, and at the same time allowing Ame to gain Mokuton for themselves."

"How can be sure that is his plan?" Kabuto asked.

"Hanzo is of the old generation, and such tactics were used before the Shinobi villages were formed. In fact these sorts of tactics are still by smaller and weaker villages, and it is exactly what I would do, if I was Hanzo" Orochimaru explained. "Even that fool Jiraiya for all his skill and strength can be easily brought down by a pretty face, its why attractive Kunoichi are often the most dangerous and deadly of assassins."

Now understanding what Hanzo was up to Kabuto smirked, impressed by how quickly his master had figured out Hanzo's plan. "A bold play by Hanzo-sama, but Tsunade-sama is no fool; undoubtedly she'll be suspicious of Hanzo's motives for the alliance. In fact, I'd be surprised if she agreed to the marriage, regardless of how much pressure Hanzo-sama puts on her, given how protective she is of the boy."

Despite the pain he was under, Orochimaru nodded his head in agreement and smiled. "That is indeed true, which is why when things turn sour, we may find ourselves a useful ally in our future plans against Konoha, my old teacher and team-mates."

Nodding again, Kabuto then pushed up his glasses and started work on cleaning up the "mess" that Orochimaru had made.

When he had finished, Kabuto prepared to leave the room, but just as his hands touched the handle of the door, he heard Orochimaru call out to him. "Kabuto, I want you to contact someone for me."

"Oh and who might that be?" asked the suspicious medic-nin.

"You're a smart boy, I'm sure you can figure out whom I'm speaking of?"

Unsure of whom Orochimaru was referring to, Kabuto closed his eyes for a moment or two, before his eyes opened up again and stared at his master in surprise, realizing just "who" Orochimaru wanted, and frowned.

"Are you sure you want to involve her?"

"Yes, I am, her skills will be useful in capturing Naruto-kun, and perhaps even Sasuke-kun."

Understanding what he needed to do the young medic simply nodded his head again and left the room to begin preparations for what Orochimaru was planning.

- Hi no Kuni and Ame no Kuni boarders-

After travelling for about a day and a half, the representatives of Konoha neared their destination.

"How much further until we arrive?" asked Naruto, after he and the rest of the party jumped down from the trees.

"We're nearly there…" answered Jiraiya, while pointing at a large hill directly ahead of them. "Just over the over that hill and we'll be able to see it."

"What's wrong, nervous about meeting your future in-laws?" teased Kushina, causing a large tick mark to appear on her student's head. "I hope you showered, we wouldn't want to "smell," now would we?"

No sooner had the former ANBU captain said the word "smell", she received a sharp angry glare from her student. Thanks to the little surprise she left in his room, the young Senju and his room had been left smelling rather pungent for several days.

Before Naruto could make any kind of retort, Tsunade, (who was already ahead of them), called out to them, and told them to hurry up.

Knowing now was not the time, Naruto settled with giving the red haired woman another angry glare, causing Kushina smirk, where she then preceded to stick out her tongue in a teasing manner.

Not long after making their way up the hill, the group saw their destination, Goryōkaku fort.

Goryōkaku was a large fort built on a large man-made island, (according to what Jiraiya had told him), in the centre of an even larger lake.

The fort covered almost the entire island, taking the shape of a five pointed star, (hence its name). Looking at the fort, Naruto could easily see why Hanzo and his mother had agreed to meet here. Despite how much it had fallen into disrepair, the fort was still defendable. It had thick high inner and outer walls, surrounded on all sides by Water, with only three narrow bridges that would allow access to the island. With enough food and supplies, Naruto could easily see a small group of Shinobi holding off an entire army here.

Making their way to the fort, Tsunade told Naruto the history of the fort. According her, the fort was built by a now extinct Clan, who existed during the Great Clan Wars and withstood multiple attacks from larger and more powerful Clans, by taking safety in the fort. But eventually the Clan fell, after one of their enemies lured them out of their fort, and tricked them into fighting them in the open, where they were defeated and destroyed.

Over time the fort was occupied by several different Shinobi Clans, but was abandoned soon after the Shinobi villages were formed.

When the Great Shinobi Wars erupted, the fort came into use again by both Ame and Konoha, due to its key position on the Hi no Kuni and Ame no Kuni boarder. The fort was an ideal base for defending against attack or as a staging point for invasion by either nation. But after the Third Great War ended it was agreed by both sides that it would be left unoccupied and used as a neutral meeting ground for both villages.

Making their way across one of the bridges, Naruto glanced into the Water to see if he could find out how deep the lake was. But no sooner had he peered over, he was roughly pulled back by his mother.

"Naruto don't go near the Water!"

"She's right kid, if you value your life you'll stay away from the Water" warned Jiraiya.

"But why?"

"There are some old booby traps down there left from creators of the fort, if you get too close to the Water you could activate the trap" the Toad Sage warned.

Not wanting to tempt fate, Naruto wisely heeded his godfather's warning and kept away from the bridge's edge.

Once they had crossed the bridge, the group entered the fort and headed straight to a large single-story building in the centre of the fortress, which use to be the residence of the leader of the Clan, and where they would meet Hanzo and his party.

"Geeze this place is sure a lot creepier up close, than it is from a distance" Naruto thought as he looked around the fort and at the old ruined buildings in the fort, secretly hoping that they wouldn't be spending the night here.

Before long, the group finally reached their destination, but saw no sign on the Ame party.

"So how long do we have to wait before they show up?" Naruto asked, looking around them.

"Not long…" replied Tsunade, before looking up at the slanted tile rooftop of the main building. "In fact they're already here."

Turning to where his mother was looking at, Naruto saw several cloaked figures jump out from behind the slanted rooftop and land directly in front of them.

"It seems you've improved since we last meet brat" commeted the lead figure in a deep but strange voice, as if something was covering his mouth. Silently scoffing at the man's remark, the Slug Princess chose to ignore the man's remark and get to the matter at hand. "I thought we agreed that you would only bring two guards, Hanzo? I count three."

Seeing that Tsunade was ignoring his belittling remarks, the famed Shinobi lowered his hood and opened up his cloak to reveal himself.

Hanzo was of average height, with a surprising muscular build for a man his age; he had long blond hair reaching down to his back and a prominent scar on his right cheek. But the most distinctive thing about him was his eyes, where his sclera was black and his irises were white. He had a dark hat on his head and his lower face was mostly obscured by a helmet-like respirator. The upper portion of this mask bore the symbol of his village and was mirrored by four indentations on the part covering his mouth. His attire was of typical Shinobi style, black pants accented by bandages wrapped around his wrists and lower legs, a flak jacket with swirls on the chest-plate, standard shinobi sandals along with a dark cloak that reached down below his waist.

When Naruto first saw the man, he was a little disappointed, given his infamous reputation; he had expected Hanzo to be taller and more intimidating looking. But despite this, Naruto knew the man was still very dangerous, not only for what he did in the past, but the fact he lived to be as old as he was now.

"Unfortunately plans change, and she was very insistent on coming" replied the famed Ame leader.

"She?" repeated Tsunade, having a bad feeling as to who "she" was.

"Nice to see you again old hag" spoke the shortest member of the Ame group, pulling her hood down, revealing herself to be Mai.

At the same time another member of the Ame party lowered their hood and revealed himself to be Kandachi, whom Naruto recognised as Mai's team sensei from the Chunin exam.

Growling at the insult, Tsunade was about to rebuke the young Kunoichi, but before she could utter a word, Mai turned to Naruto. "But still it worth seeing you again Naruto-kun," where she then gave Naruto the same predatory smile she gave him gave before, causing the blonde boy to go red for a moment, remembering what happened the last time he saw Mai.

Looking Naruto over, Mai was pleased to see Naruto wearing a Konoha flak jacket, "I see that congratulation are in order, you made Chunin, but I would expect nothing less from you."

"Eh yea…thanks" replied Naruto, becoming even more nervous with the dark aura that was now surrounding his mother when she saw the granddaughter of Hanzo.

Fortunately though before anything could happen, everyone's attention turned to Hanzo again, when he moved over to Naruto, wanting to have a better look at the blonde boy for himself. "So this is your son?"

"Yes" replied Tsunade, while placing a hand on Naruto's right shoulder in a protective manner. "Your letter stated that for the meeting to happen, you wanted Naruto to accompany me, so that you could meet him."

"Hard to imagine that one so young could do what my granddaughter has told me?" Hanzo remarked while he continued to stare at Naruto, as if trying to figure him out.

"Naruto is a capable Shinobi, and has been trained well" Tsunade answered, while tightening her grip on Naruto's shoulder.

"So I have heard" Hanzo said, before lifting his gaze from Naruto and glancing at Jiraiya. "I see that you've brought your former team-mate Jiraiya as well."

"Yes...I'm sure that you of all people can understand the need to cautious."

"Indeed" replied the fame Shinobi leader in a neutral tone, betraying no emotion whatsoever.

After a few more minutes, of what "could"be considered a pleasant, but tense conversation. Both Tsunade and Hanzo agreed to go inside the building to begin the talks, leaving their escorts to guard the outside.

Shortly after Tsunade and Hanzo entered the building, Mai and the other remaining member of her party, (who still kept their cloaked on and carried a large sword on their back), slowly walked over to Naruto and his group. But before Mai could say anything to the blonde boy, her companion suddenly spoke in a taunting-like voice. "Well, Well, Well, isn't this a surprise…it's been a long time hasn't it…Tomato-chan?"

At the mention of her old Kushina's old nickname, both Jiraiya and Naruto wisely moved back, knowing exactly what was to come next. For as soon as the hooded figure said the word "Tomato", a dark threatening aura surrounded the female Jonin, and her hair began rise and move around like roaring flames.

But what Jiraiya and Naruto didn't know was that the mentioning of her old nickname wasn't the only reason for Kushina growing anger. The other reason was due to the fact that she recognised the person's voice, and also because she knew of only one person who would have the audacity, not to mention the "nerve" to call her by that name to her face, and not fear the consequence.

"YOU!" spat Kushina angrily, while slowly readying her Katana.

Seeing Kushina's reaction, the hooded figured smirked underneath their hood. "So you do remember me after all…guess you haven't gone senile yet, although that probably not far off, time sure hasn't been kind to you."

This of course added even more fuel to the fire, as Kushina began to growl and griped her Katana tightly, wanting nothing more than to cut the hooded person in two.

Worried by what his sensei was going to do, while at the same time curious by how Kushina knew the mysterious person, Naruto walked over to his teacher. "Do you know this guy Kushina-sensei?"

But before his sensei could answer, the hooded person spoke. "Oh yea, we go way back, don't we Tomato-chan?" causing the female Uzumaki to growl again.

Becoming even more curious by the relationship between his sensei and the hooded person, Naruto turned to look at re headed Jonin again. "Sensei, who exactly is this guy?"

At first Kushina did not respond and continued to glare at the still smirking Ame-nin. But before long she finally spoke. "For the record, he is in fact she…and her name is Hattori Amaya, or as she likes to call herself Ame no Kuro Sanshōuo (Ame's Black Salamander)." (1)

At the mentioning of her name, Amaya lowered her hood and revealed herself to the Konoha party.

Amaya was average height, (five foot five), although look taller, thanks to the wooden sandals she wore, which reminded Naruto of the ones his godfather wore. She had long black hair, jaw-length bangs framing both side of her face and was tied up in a high ponytail by a large hair ornamental. Her attire consisted of a sleeveless tunic and loincloth, similar to Mai's, although instead of being red with white lines, hers was mostly black with red lines with a red sash around her waist. Amaya also wore long white gloves and white stockings with metal elbow pads and demon shape kneepads. She wore a purple rope belt around her shoulders, tied in a bow, which she used to carry her massive sword on her back. (2)

After seeing the young woman in her attire, both Jiraiya and Naruto couldn't help but wonder if this was the standard attire for all female Kunoichi in Ame, or at least the Hattori Clan.

"Still dressing like a slut I see?" Kushina remarked.

"Heh, well if you've got it, flaunt it!" replied Amaya, which she then emphasised by raising her arms over her head and performed a provocative pose, causing a embarrassed Naruto to look away, while Jiraiya ogled.

Like Mai's, Amaya's attire left little to the imagination, showing off Amaya's curvy figure and ample bosom, which was easily DD in size. "But you probably wouldn't know anything about that, now would you?" where she indicated Kushina's chest, causing the female Jonin to go red, both from embarrassment and anger. But upon realizing what game Amaya was playing at, Kushina took a few deep calming breaths.

Once she had successively calm herself down, Kushina sneered right back at the woman, "Well unlike "some" people, I don't have to dress some harlot to win my fights, I actually use skill."

This of course had the desired effect that Kushina was hoping for, where Amaya's smirked died almost instantly and began to glare at her old nemesis.

"Tough talk coming from you Tomato-chan" Amaya snarled as she leaned in closer on Kushina, who did not back down and moved closer to the woman, where their faces were almost touching one another.

"Anytime, Bitch!" snarled Kushina, where she and Amaya began throwing insults at one another.

While this was going on, the remaining other members of the Konoha and Ame parties were starting to get concern by the amount of hostility the two women had for one another. This became more evident as lightning seemed to spring out of their eyes and clash with one another.

Fearing that he might get caught in the coming disaster, Naruto took several steps back next to his godfather. "Hey Ero-sennin, do you know what the deal between Kushina-sensei and her is?"

Ignoring the nickname, Jiraiya shook his head, "Sorry brat, I've no clue as to what sort of issue those two have. But I do know that Amaya girl is pretty dangerous."

"Is she strong?" asked Naruto.

"Yea, she's one of Ame's best, if what I've heard is true" the old Sage replied.

"Don't you think we should stop them?"

"By all means brat, lead the way" Jiraya said, while gesturing to the two Kunoichi, who were now emanating flames all around them, "I'll be right behind you."

"Jeeze, Thanks" Naruto said sarcastically, while quietly grumbling about cowardly perverts. Then again he wasn't one to judge, given how he too was fearful of getting in between the two Kunoichi.

Fortunately, before things could get further out of hand, Kandachi decided to intervene. "That's enough Amaya! We did not come here so that you that you could settle your old grudges. There is to be no fighting here…Do you wish to anger Hanzo-sama?!"

"He's right Kushina-sensei…" Naruto added, knowing that now was not the time or place for his teacher's personal issues. "You can sort out this stuff later."

For a moment neither woman moved or said anything, and continued to glare at one another. But before long, the two Kunoichi relented and said "Fine!" at the exact same time before moving back from one another."

"We'll settle this later another time Tomato-chan."

"Fine!" growled Kushina, finally letting go of her Katana, and taking a step back.

Once the tension had finally died down, Amaya walked pasted Kushina and moved over to Naruto, finally taking notice of him.

"Hmmm, so you're the one who defeated my Mai-chan" Amaya remarked leaning down to study Naruto's face. "Hard to believe that someone like you could do all the things I heard about."

"Her Mai-chan?" thought Naruto and the other Konoha members together, unsure in what way they should take Amaya's comment.

"Naruto-kun is strong, you can be certain of that!" voiced Mai.

"I suppose" Amaya replied, although did not look convinced and began to pinch Naruto's cheeks, "Still, you not bad looking at least."

"Eh thanks" Naruto replied, after Amaya stop pinching his cheeks.

"In fact" continued Amaya, stopping Naruto from saying anything more. "You reminded me of someone I once knew, especially with that coat of yours."

"Really?" asked Naruto, trying not to sound nervous as Amaya stared even hard at him.

Naruto was of course not the only one, Jiraiya was also starting to get nervous, fearing that Amaya might realize that Minato was Naruto's father.

Luckily though, before Amaya could comment any further, Kushina intervened by pushing Naruto back and moving herself between him and the elder Ame Kunoichi.

"I think that's quite enough!" said Kushina in an authoritative voice.

Surprised slightly by Kushina's actions, Amaya took a small step back before. "Well now, aren't we protective, what brought this on?"

"I'm his sensei."

"Perhaps, but I think it's more than just that" Amaya commented coyly, which made the Konoha party even more nervous.

"I don't know what you're talking about?" huffed Kushina, while maintaining a calm exterior.

"I think you do" Amaya replied, as a knowing smile appeared on her face, confirming the Konoha member's worst fear. "You want to make that boy your new lover, don't you?!"

In that moment, everyone looked at the Ame Kunoichi with the exact same dumbfounded expression on their faces. The jaws of Kushina and the other Konoha members all hit the ground, out of all the things they had expected Amaya to say, this was the last thing.

The Konoha party were so stunned by Amaya's comment, that the only thing they could say was "Huh?"

Confused by everyone's reaction, Amaya simply shrugged her shoulders. "I don't see what's the big deal is; it's pretty obvious if you ask me?" causing everyone to collapse onto the ground in utter disbelief.

Kushina was the first to recover out of her group and quickly jumped back onto her feet and yelled "THE HELL IT IS!"

Mai was the next to recover, where she quickly got back onto her feet and shouted, "THERE'S NO WAY I'M GOING TO LET SOME OLD HAG TAKE MY NARUTO-KUN AWAY!"

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING AN OLD HAG!" roared Kushina, turning her anger on Mai.

While the three women continued to yell at one another, both Naruto and Kandachi simply stood with the same dumbstruck expressions and watched the three woman argue, not sure how to make of all this.

Jiraiya on the other hand, was busy writing in his small notepad, giggle perversely every so often as he took notes on a new side story he had just come up with to go with his new book Icha Icha Togi (Make-Out Nurse).

The story would be about the forbidden affair between student and teacher, where a young female teacher slowly seduces her younger male apprentice, where they travel together having wild exotic adventures together. It would be a huge seller, he was certain of it.

Eventually though Jiraiya musing was halted by Amaya when she shouted, "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU CALLING A DUMB BROAD!"

"YOU, YOU BUMB BROAD!" yelled Kushina. "Only an idiot would come up with a conclusion like that. All those nutrients you eat must go to your breasts, since they obviously don't go to your head!"

"Do you want to die you flat chest Hag?!" snarled Amaya, moving closer to Kushina.

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING A FLAT CHESTED HAG?! YOU OVERGROWN BIMBO!" roared Kushina, whose hair had once again started to wave around like wildfire.

Seeing that this fight no longer involved her, Mai decided to move away from the two women and let them go at it. So long as Kushina had no intentions towards "her" Naruto-kun, she had no issue with the red headed woman.

"You must be really desperate to find yourself a man, if you need to go after a kid like him?" taunted Amaya. "Then again you're probably after him since he looks just like your old boyfriend."

"Boyfriend?" repeated a surprised Naruto, causing Kushina and Jiraiya cursed silently, knowing where this would lead.

Hearing the surprise in Naruto's voice at the mention of Kushina having a boyfriend, Amaya quickly pulled herself back and sneered. "Oh didn't you know, your sensei here used to have a lover, some time back. Smart, good looking, not to mention strong, he did after all become your Yondaime Hokage."

When Amaya was finished, Naruto was left stunned. But before he could even ask his sensei if what Amaya said was true, the Ame Kunochi continued. "In fact, I suppose you could even say he was the whole reason for our feud."

"How's that?" asked Mai, who was now curious by the history of the two.

"Back when Tomato-chan and I were still Genin, the two of us entered the Chunin exam together. Also in the finals was Namikaze Minatio, your future Yondaime Hokage, and after seeing him fight, I was impressed with him and got to talking to him. At least until we were "rudely" interrupted by some loud mouth, flat-chested, "little" midget of a girl, who didn't like the fact that her "boyfriend" was flirting with me."

"He wasn't flirting with you, you were trying to flirt with him, Minato was simply too polite and simpleminded to know what you were doing!" retorted a furious Kushina, who was on the verge of losing all control of herself after hearing Amaya's insults.

"If that's true then how do you explain him kissing me?" Amaya asked slyly.

This comment of course got everyone's attention, where all eyes were focused on Amaya.

Jiraiya although couldn't help but smirk and think, "Minato, you sly old dog, now I know where Naruto gets it from."

"HE DIDN'T KISS YOU! YOU FORCED YOURSELF ON HIM!" yelled a now red face Kushina, remembering how Amaya stole Minato's first kiss from her.

"Heh, that's not how I remember it" Amaya replied, still smiling slyly. "I'll admit I "may" have begun it. But I don't remember him resisting much. In fact, I seem to remember him enjoying it, he was actually pretty good at it for a first-timer, tasted like...vanilla."

No sooner had Amaya said the word "vanilla", something inside Kushina snapped, where red headed Uzumaki pounced on her nemesis like a wild Tiger, screaming "BITCH!"

By the time everyone had realized what had happened, the two Kunoichi were rolling around on the dirt, biting, screaming, scratching, cursing, pulling hair and pieces of cloths off one another, all fighting sense and style lost. The only thing the two women seemed to care about was trying to hurt each other as much as possible, while hurling out insults at one another.










"Home wrecker!"

The fighting got so bad that even Hanzo and Tsunade were force to leave the main building to see what was going on. When the two Shinobi leaders exited the building, they were surprised to find Kushina and Amaya fighting and rolling in the dirt.

Shortly after the two of them were pulled off one another by their respected comrades, who then struggled to hold onto them and keep them killing each other.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!" roared Tsunade, not believing that two veteran Kunoichi were rolling around in the dirt, fighting like a pair of children.

No sooner had they heard Tsunade, and saw her and Hanzo standing together, the assembled Shinobi almost immediately broke apart from one another and stood to attention.

"Well?!" asked the irritable Tsunade as she walked towards them. "Will someone care to tell me what is going on, and why you two are fighting like pair of schoolyard children?"

When Tsunade receive only silence from the two groups, Hanzo walked forward "I believe the Hokage-dono asked you all a question," giving each Shinobi a dangerous looking glare, which Naruto found rather intimidating.

Eventually Kushina and Amaya confessed that the two of them got into a heated argument, although did not go into detail on what the argument was about. They explained that due to their long term rivalry with one another, the argument spun out of control, causing the scene that Tsunade and Hanzo saw.

When the two Kunoichi finished, Tsunade could only sigh, "The things I have to put up with." Shortly though she looked Kushina directly into the eye and gave her a stern, disappointed look. "Uzumaki Kushina, I'm deeply disappointed with you…I expected better from you!"

Unable to stand Tsunade's disappointed look, Kushina lowered her head in shame. "I apologise Hokage-sama, it will not happen again, I promise."

"I should hope not!" said Tsunade. "We'll discuss you behaviour when we return to Konoha, and how you will be punished."

"Hai Hokage-sama."

After finishing reprimanding Kushina, Tsunade turned to Hanzo, who had just finished berating Amaya, who like Kushina, lowered her head in shame.

"I apologise for my subordinates actions Hanzo-sama, please be assured that it will not happen again."

"There is no need for apologies Hokage-san, my daughter's actions here were inexcusable and you can be certain that she will be properly punished when we return home," said the Ame leader, before giving Amaya one last glare, who kept her eyes to the ground.

"Thank you Han-wait...your daughter!" said Tsunade before realizing what Hanzo had said, where she glanced back and forth between Amaya and Hanzo.

"Yes" Hanzo replied.

"Then does that mean she's…" said Tsunade, but before she could finish Hanzo interrupt him.

"Yes, she is also my granddaughter Mai's mother."

Upon hearing this, the eyes of everyone in the Konoha group widened.

"Amaya-san is Mai-chan's mother?!" exclaimed Naruto silently, before glancing at both Mai and her newly revealed mother in surprise.

Kushina of course was more shocked than anyone else; she had known Amaya since they first competed in the Chunin exam together, and yet she had no idea that she was Hanzo's daughter.

"You had a kid!" the now stunned red head asked, turning to her rival.

"Huh? Of course, unlike you I have no intention of becoming an old maid" the Ame Kunoichi replied with another sneer, causing Kushina to glare at her, wanting nothing more than punch the woman in the face. But reigned her temper in, knowing she couldn't afford to embarrass both herself and her village any more than she already had.

"I can't believe it, Amaya is Hanzo's daughter "and" she Mai's mother!" said Kushina to herself, trying to make sense of it all, since the idea of Amaya being a mother was unbelievable.

Despite Amaya being Mai's mother, there wasn't much physical resemblance between the two, unlike her mother, who had black hair, Mai had brown hair and her face was rounder than Amaya's.

When Kushina first saw Mai, she had notice a slight resemblance between two, which was highlighted by the fact that they wore similar clothing. But she had quickly dismissed the small resemblance for the fact that they were from the same Clan, and that Mai wore the same outfit as Amaya because she was an admirer of Amaya, much like Lee in regards to Gai.

"Bah! I really am a Baka, I can't believe I didn't realize it sooner, the girl may not resemble her much, but personality wise, she is exactly like what Amaya was, or should I say, still is."

After getting over his surprise by the news, Jiraiya couldn't help but smirked as he glanced over at the now revealed daughter of Hanzo. "Damn, she obviously gets her looks from her mother," after which he then glanced over at Mai. "Guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree after all," thinking how not only had Mai turned out to be just as attractive as her mother, but also had the same fashion sense, not to mention inherited the same taste in men.

Glancing at the mother and daughter, Jiraiya couldn't help by silently envy his godson fortune, since if his luck held, which it usually did for Naruto. Then Mai could still inherit a few "others" things from her mother, where he glanced at Amaya's chest.

"First Minato and now the brat" Jiraiya thought as he glanced at his godson. "You're definitely your father's son brat," the Toad Sage told himself, chuckling silently at how funny life was. It was almost as if history was repeating itself where like his father, Naruto had attracted the attraction of a Hattori Kunoichi, (the daughter of the one that went after Minato), and had his first kiss "stolen" by her during the Chunin exam.

"Now that I think on it, this too might make a good short story for later on. A story about two star cross lovers unknowingly drawn together by the history of their parents. The story practically writes itself!" the Sennin thought, while making mental notes on yet another possible short story, storing it for later. At the same time Jiraiya was silently applauding himself for agreeing to come with Tsunade to this meeting, he was getting tons of new ideas.

Once the shock of Amaya being Hanzo's daughter died down, Tsunade and Hanzo decided to separate the two Kunoichi. Hanzo would have Amaya accompany him back into the main building as his guard, while Tsunade would bring Jiraiya, leaving Kushina outside with Naruto and Kandachi with Mai.

After Tsunade and Hanzo had returned to the main building to resume their talks, Naruto asked Kushina if could talk to her in private.

Already knowing what Naruto wanted to talk to her about, the red headed Uzumaki reluctantly nodded her head.

When Mai saw Kushina and Naruto walking away, the young Ame Kunoichi wanted to go over and listen to what they were going to talk about. But before she could get close, she was stopped by Kandachi, who grabbed her by her should and shook his head.

Once they were far enough for Mai and Kandachi not to hear them, Naruto look up at his sensei. "So is it true? Were you and my dad lovers once?"

At first Kushina did not answer, and silently cursed Amaya for millionth time for opening her big mouth, this wasn't the way she had wanted to reveal her relationship with Minato to Naruto.

But after a minute of awkward silence, Kushina finally spoke, knowing she could no longer avoid the question, "Yes it's true."

"Why didn't you tell?" asked Naruto, "Why didn't Kaa-chan or Ero-Sennin or anyone else tell me?" knowing full well they would have known about his father's relationship with his sensei.

Sighing again, Kushina looked down at Naruto, who was angry that she and the others had kept this from him. "I was afraid that that my past relationship with your father would have cause complications, where you might resent me for it. I asked Tsunade-sama and Jiraiya-sama and the other to not tell you since I wanted to be the one to tell you, when the time was right."

"That it?" asked Naruto in surprise, not believing his sensei's reasons. "You hid this from me simply because you were afraid that I would resent the fact that you and my dad use to be lovers?!"

After receiving only a nod from Kushina, Naruto cried out in frustration and stamped feet into the ground, causing several spider cracks to appear. He hated how people would hide things like this from him, under the guise of protecting him or waiting for the right time, especially when they knew how much he desired to know about his father.

"And when exactly was the right time going to be?" Naruto asked calmly. But when he received no response from his teacher, it answered what he already knew.

Gripping his hands into the fist, Naruto glared at his teacher, he understood why his mother and the other didn't tell him about Kushina and his father, it wasn't their story to tell. But still what irked him the most was that his sensei never had the decency to tell him herself, in the first few months when they meet, he could understand. They had only met and it would naturally cause some awkwardness for a while, but after eight months of training under her, he thought she would know him well enough by now. "Sensei, you're one of the few people who actually know who my father is and that I was born out of wedlock. If I can handle the fact that the only reason I came to exist was because both my parents got drunk one night and slept together. Don't you think I could handle the news that you and my dad were together before my mom, I thought you knew me better than that?!"

Again Kushina did not answer right away and simply stared at the ground in shame, but after a minute or so she lifted her head up. "Your right Naruto, I should've told you sooner, and I should've known better, and for that I am sorry. But you have to understand, whenever I look at you, I can't help but be reminded of your father, not just because of your physical resemblance, but in other aspects as well. It is not easy for me, whenever I look at you, I can't help but be reminded of what might have been had I not broken things off with your father and me."

"I guess I never really thought of it that way" Naruto said, where his anger began to fade and was replaced by shame. He had been so angry over Kushina hiding her relationship with his father from him, that he never considered how his teacher might be feeling. If things had turned out differently between them, it was likely that Kushina would have been his mother instead.

"Do you resent Kaa-chan for what happen between her and Tou-san, or me for existing?" asked Naruto.

"No" Kushina replied, as she smiled down at her student. "I'll admit in the beginning I was angry at Tsunade-sama, but not anymore, because I realized that I had no right to be angry, since I was the one who broke it off with your father. Nor do I hate you Naruto, in fact I have grown to care for you, not in the way that Amaya suggest, but as my precious student."

When Kushina finished, Naruto couldn't help but smile back at his teacher, like her, he had grown to care for his teacher and regarded her as an older sister figure, much in the way he regarded Shizune.

"If you don't mind me asking sensei, but why exactly did you break up with Tou-san, didn't you love him anymore?" asked Naruto. But no sooner had he asked it, he quickly regretted it, when he saw the sad look appear on Kushina's face.

"Love wasn't the problem; in fact I did love your father...very much."

"Then why did you break up with him?"

Looking up at the clear sky above them, Kushina let out a small sigh, before looking back at her student where she explained how his father had proposed to her shortly before he became the Yondaime Hokage. But had turned him down when she thought that she would have to give up her career as a Kunoichi and lose everything she had gained. It was only after he died sealing the Kyubi away that she realized that did not need to happen, and that she could have still went on to being a Kunoichi after marrying Minato.

When Naruto heard the story, the young blonde couldn't help but feel sorry for his sensei, and could only imagine how hard it must have been for her, living with so many regrets when his father died.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, Naruto spoke again "Eh sensei, do you think I could ask you something?"

"You can."

"Do you think you can tell me some things about Tou-san? You know things that Kakashi-sensei and Ero-sennin might not know about…But if it's too painful to you to talk about Tou-san, it's alright then."

"No it's fine…in fact I think it would help, if I share some of my memories about your father with you" the smiling red head replied, where she began to tell Naruto some stories about his father during their academy and Genin years.

At the same time outside the fortress, unknown to the Konoha and Ame parties, a large body of Shinobi had gathered, hidden in the nearby tree line opposite the fortress. These Shinobi were remnants of the now decimated Ame Rebels, after hearing that Hanzo had left the village, (the first time in decades), to meet with the new Godaime Hokage. The Rebels gathered what strength they could and journeyed to the meeting spot, seeing this as their one best chance to finally kill the hated tyrant and avenge their comrades who had died fighting him.

"Are they there?" asked one Shinobi.

"Yes" replied the leader of the company, who was staring at the fortress.

"Then shouldn't we attack?" asked the same Shinobi.

"No, there is a reason why Hanzo and the Hokage choose this fort as a meeting place for their talk. According to what I've heard, the original builders of the fort placed a powerful Jutsu around the lake, which made it almost impossible for attackers to cross the Water. The only way to cross the lake safely is to cross one of three narrow bridges, but if we do that we be easily spotted."

"So what, at most Hanzo has only three guards with him, we can easily overwhelm him with our numbers" the younger Shinobi answered.

"Don't be a fool" hissed the Elder Shinobi angrily. "There is a reason why Hanzo has lived as long as he has, if we underestimate him, we will be the ones to die. There's also the chance that Konoha might get involved, and accompanying the Godaime Hokage is her former team-mate, Jiraiya the Toad Sage. That means we would be dealing with not only Hanzo, but also two members of the Densetsu no Sannin (Legendary Three Ninja),and if that happen we're as good as dead."

"Would Konoha actually side with Hanzo?" the other Shinobi asked.

"It possible, since they did come here to discuss an alliance, regardless, we'll wait till night, that way we'll have the cover of darkness and the element of surprise on our side. If we're lucky we can avoid a full out battle and kill Hanzo and his group before they even know what is happening."

"Hai" the other Shinobi replied.

Shortly after a third Shinobi appeared and saluted the leader. "The men are ready and are waiting for your order."

"How many men were you able to gather?" the leader asked.

"Adding those that came with you, we now have about forty in total."

"That's all!" growled the leader, since this was less than half of what he had hoped for. "What of the others?"

"Given Hanzo's recent attacks on our bases, the other group leaders are hesitant to act without Pain-sama's orders, and believe for the time being, that we should focus on conserving our numbers."

"Idiots!" spat the leader, "Don't they realize the opportunity we're being handed here? Hanzo is more vulnerable now than he has ever been. How can they simply sit back and let this chance slip through our fingertips?"

"I'm sorry" said the Shinobi who bowed his head in shame.

"No it's fine, I'm just ranting" the leader sighed, calming himself down. "Forty should be enough, once night falls we'll attack."

"But what if the talks ends before it gets dark?" asked the second Shinobi.

"Then we'll attack as they make their way back to Ame" the leader replied. "Either way Hanzo will never turn to Ame, alive that is."

Nodding in understanding, the two Shinobi quickly returned to their assigned position, leaving their leader alone to monitor the fort.

-With Hanzo and Tsunade-

"No!" said Tsunade, as she stared coldly at her fellow Shinobi leader. After several hours of long discussion, both Tsunade and Hanzo finally come to an agreement, in the form of a Mutual Defensive Pact.

In the treaty, both leaders agreed that neither side would give any kind of support to their enemies and in times of war, both villages would come to each other's aid, giving either military support or relief, which ever they deemed was necessary.

Although it would take several months to write up the treaty and have the exact wordings for it to be written. Hanzo agreed that he would keep the boarders between Ame no Kuni and Hi no Kuni secure, but like all things it came at a price.

"Are you sure that is your answer Tsunade?" asked Hanzo, staring calmly at the younger woman. "What I suggest is not unreasonable, in fact it could benefit both our villages greatly later on, and form better relations."

Calming herself down, Tsunade stared back at the elderly man. "That may be true, but we do not need to have my son marrying your granddaughter simply to have better relations, there are other ways."

"Perhaps" Hanzo remarked. "But you know better than anyone Hokage-dono that a treaty written on paper only last for so long, and can easily be broken. But an alliance through blood is much harder to break. A union between our two respected Clans would be much stronger than any treaty written and last much longer, not unlike the union between your grandfather, the Shodai Hokage, and your grandmother, Uzumaki Mito. Their union not only strengthen relations with your Clan and the Uzumaki, but it also created an alliance between Konoha and Uzushio (Whirling Tides), which lasted for decades. If you agree, this defensive pact can become the stepping stone to a powerful alliance between our two villages."

When Hanzo finished, Tsunade just stared at the elder man, showing no sign of anger or any other kind of emotion. Hanzo's offer was of course expected, his request that Naruto accompany her to the meeting was a dead giveaway of his intentions. But at the same time it puzzled her, since Hanzo was rarely so obvious, unless of course he had something up his sleeve, which was what worried her.

Pushing her concern aside, Tsunade locked eyes with Hanzo and spoke, choosing her words carefully. "I'm afraid that a marriage between my son and your granddaughter would be impossible Hanzo-sama, my son is already engaged to the daughter of the late Yondaime Kazekage, which is in accordance to our new treaty with them."

"Ohh" Hanzo replied, show no sign of anger or disappoint in his voice. "From my understanding, your new treaty with Suna stipulates that the marriage itself can be annulled once both your son and the late Yondaime Kazekage's daughter reached marrying age, should either of them wish it. Furthermore, if I understand correctly, you village has enacted a law which allows your son to marry multiple times, so he can reproduce more Mokuton users like himself. I believe they call it the Clan Restoration Act?"

When Hanzo finished, both Tsunade and Jiraiya had to fight hard to keep their surprise from showing. The fact that Hanzo knew about the details of their treaty with Suna was concerning in itself, but that he also knew about the Clan Restoration Act. It showed that they had a major leak somewhere, Tsunade had been keeping the news of the Clan Restoration Act and Naruto's arrange marriage with Temari tight lipped, fearing that someone would try and use the situation to their advantage. Only high ranking members in the village knew the full details of the new treaty with Suna and the Clan Restoration Act.

At first Tsunade had wanted to deny both things, stating that they were rumour, but she knew that it would be pointless. The news of Naruto and Temari's arrangement would become public knowledge once Temari came to Konoha to begin her duties as ambassador for Suna, and it was only a matter of time before the Clan Restoration Act became known. Even if she tried denying it, she doubted Hanzo would believe her, the fact he even mentioned it, showed that he believed it.

Calming herself down again, Tsunade spoke, "Where exactly did you hear all this?"

"Like your former team-mate there, I too have my sources" Hanzo answered, giving nothing away, although silently thanked his informant for the information. "So I will ask you again, would you be willing to agree to the proposition of having my granddaughter marrying your son?"

"I'm afraid I must refuse" Tsunade answered, causing Hanzo to frown slightly. "I will not imprison my son in a loveless marriage or a marriage of convenience."

"That's rather hypocritically of you Hokage-sama, given how you agreed to have your son marry the late Yondaime Kazekage's daughter" Amaya remarked, earning a cold glare from the female Hokage.

"My son did that on his own accord, believing that it was the best way to secure peace between Konoha and Suna, and even then that arrangement is only temporary."

"Perhaps" added Hanzo, "But it does not change the fact that what we propose could benefit both our villages. Our village can be a valuable ally, or a dangerous enemy for Konoha."

"Is that a threat?" asked Tsunade, narrowing her eyes in anger, since she didn't take threat well, and would not be bullied around.

"Take it however way you will" Hanzo replied coolly. "But is does not change what I have just said. My granddaughter has enacted the traditions of our Clan and declared your son her future husband."

"Need I remind you Hanzo-sama that my son if from Konoha, not Ame, your Clan's laws and tradition have no value with us" Tsunade retorted coldly.

"True, but to deny my granddaughter like this, could be considered a grave insult, not only to my Clan, but to my village, especially when she declared it during the Chunin exam and in front of several visiting Shinobi."

"Hmph, I believe that would be your problem, not mine, since I am under no obligation to agree to this marriage."

"If that is how you feel, then it seems that our talks were pointless after all."

"You would call off the agreement?!" Tsunade asked in surprise.

"Yes…how can you expect my village to ally with yours when you have no respect for our traditions? Perhaps Iwa would be more respectful to our tradition, recently the Sandaime Tsuchikage has been sending me petitions in allowing his Shinobi to enter our territory, in fact they may welcome an alliance with us."

When he finished, Hanzo was pleased to see Tsunade bit her lip, indicating that this news worried her. The story was of course a lie, since he had received no such offers from the leader of Iwa, but Tsunade did not know this. He had heard of the recent boarder fights between Konoha's forces and Iwa, and knew that if he allowed Iwa forces to travel through his territory or set up a base in Ame no Kuni. It would put Konoha in a difficult situation, especially if war broke out, worse still if his village allied with Iwa against Konoha.

"Tsk traditions…this has nothing to do with your traditions!" thought Tsunade angrily, before speaking "Tell me Hanzo-sama, if I were to agree to this marriage, do you think your granddaughter would still want to go through with the marriage once she learns of my son's status, where he would have to marry multiple times?"

"My granddaughter would accept it..." Hanzo replied without any hesitation. "She is a loyal Kunochi and she would see the value of the marriage and would accept it. In fact she has stated on several occasions that your son is the only person suitable for her."

When Hanzo finished, Tsunade silently scoffed at the sheer audacity of the man, he had just proven what she had already suspected. Naruto and Mai's marriage had nothing to with improving relations with Konoha and Ame, or the traditions of his Clan; he was simply using them so that he could get his granddaughter close to Naruto, for whatever reason.

At the same time, Tsunade noticed that Hanzo's daughter Amaya was frowning when he had finish, indicating that not everyone in his family supported his plans for his granddaughter.

"Well then, it seems that we have nothing more to discuss" Tsunade stated, but before she or Hanzo could get up from their seats, Jiraiya suddenly spoke.

"Wait! Before we end things off on a bad note, maybe we can reach a compromise."

"Jiraiya what are you playing at?" Tsunade hissed angrily. But before she could say anything further, Jiraiya leaned down whispered. "Just play along hime, if we play our cards right, we can still get what we came for, and we can avoid the whole marriage deal."

"What sort of compromise?" asked Hanzo, intrigued with what the Toad Sage was offering.

"I know for a fact that your granddaughter is eager for a rematch with the kid, so how about this, we have the two of them duke it out. If our kid wins you agree to the earlier terms of the pact without the marriage deal, but if your girl wins, we'll agree to have the kid marry her. This way both sides have a fair chance at getting what they want."

When Jiraiya finished, Tsunade quickly turned to Jiraiya and looked like she was about to punch him in the face…again. But stop when she saw the look on Jiraiya face that said, "Trust me, I know what I'm doing."

At the same time, Hanzo considered Jiraiya's offer, although it held some risks, it did have its rewards. Tsunade had proven more stubborn than he had expected, and wasn't imitated by his subtle threats about allying with Iwa, or allowing their Shinobi to enter his territory. If he refused the offer, they would have to end the talks, gaining nothing, and it would be only a matter of time until Jiraiya learned he had been bluffing about allying with Iwa. But if he agreed, they would still have a chance to get what they came for, and even if they should lose, they would at least get something out of it. It wasn't ideal, but it was better than nothing.

"Very well, I agree to the terms" answered Hanzo before looking at Tsunade, "Do you Hokage-dono?"

Against her better judgement, Tsunade decided to trust Jiraiya's decision, and nodded her head in acceptance.

Once both Hanzo and Tsunade had agreed to the compromise, the two Shinobi heads stood up, and made their way outside.

Making their way outside, Tsunade leaned over to Jiraiya and whispered, "I hope you know what you're doing Jiraiya, for your sake."

"So do I?" the Toad Sage said to himself, feeling more than a little nervous should things fail.

Once Hanzo and Tsunade had exited the main building, the remaining other members of the two parties walked over to them, believing that the talks had ended successfully.

"Are the talks done, Hokage-sama?" asked Kushina after she and Naruto had made their way over, to them.

"Yes, the talks are finished" Tsunade answered.

"So did you agree to alliance?" asked Naruto.

"Not exactly" Tsunade replied, getting a confused look from Naruto and the others. "We've agreed to a mutual defensive pack, where we will support one another in times of war. But there's a catch."

"What sort of catch?" asked Naruto, who started having bad feeling.

"I'll let the pervert here explain, since it was "his" idea" Tsunade answered, indicating to Jiraiya, who sighed deeply before speaking.

"When the Hokage and Hanzo set down the terms for the pack, Hanzo made one final demand. He would only agree to the pack if you married his granddaughter" Jiraiya explained, where he then quickly raised his hand up in defence, when he saw that Naruto and Kushina were going to say something, telling them to wait for him to finish. "Naturally, your mother refused to agree to this, and Hanzo was about to walk away from the talks, threatening to ally with Iwa against us. So I came up for a compromise that would settle the matter."

"What sort of compromise?" Kushina asked where several ideas began to pop inside her head.

"You and your girlfri-uff!" began Jiraiya but was interrupted by a sharp elbow to the ribs, courtesy of Tsunade. "I mean…you two are to duke it out, if you win the marriage deal is off the table and Hanzo agrees to the original terms of the pack. If she wins, well Hanzo still agrees to the terms of the pack, only difference being that you two will have to get hitched."

"You got to be joking?!" yelled Naruto, not believing what his godfather had gotten him into.

Tsunade was of course of a similar mind as Naruto, the only reason she even agreed to this idea was because she was confident that Naruto could defeat Mai again, and they could still get the defensive agreement with Ame, without causing insult to Hanzo.

Mai on the other hand couldn't be happier with the compromise, for her this killed two birds with one stone. First she would finally claim Naruto as hers, and second she could regain her pride as a Kunochi.

From the moment she first witnessed Naruto's true power in the finals and learning just how much he had been holding back in their fight. Mai had become even more determined, if not borderline obsessed with not only to making Naruto her husband, but in fighting him again.

She doubled her training regiments and began to form strategies on how to defeat him, now that she knew what he could do.

Smiling at the chance of fighting Naruto again, Mai looked over to her "soon" to be husband, who was busy yelling at his godfather. "This time things will be different, and unlike last time, I know what to expect, and I won't be as restricted as I was in the preliminaries."

Once Naruto finishing telling his godfather about how much of an idiot he was, the blonde boy began to calm himself down, "Well I suppose this could be worse, unlike with Suna, I actually have another option here."

"You should also know Mai…" begun Amaya. "That should you win, Tsunade-san's son will be required to marry other girls as well."

At the mention of Naruto having to marry "other" girls, Mai quickly turned to Naruto, leaking a rather impressive about of killing intent that would have made even the once insane Garaa nervous.

Realizing that he was in trouble, Naruto knew he would have to act fast before Mai tried to kill him…again.

Hoping to calm the young Kunoichi down and not start "another" incident, Naruto quickly raising his hands in denial. "Hold on Mai-chan…just wait, this wasn't my idea, the whole marrying other girls' thing was my great grandfather's idea. He made some law that stats that I have to marry other girls to rebuild my Clan, I have no choice the matter."

After hearing this and seeing her grandfather nod, confirming that what Naruto said was true, the young Ame Kunoichi began to calm down. Although maintained a menacing look, making it easy for everyone else to known what she was thinking, and it wasn't good.

Elsewhere in several other Shinobi villages, numerous different girls suddenly began to sneeze at almost the exactly same time, causing them all to wonder who was talking about them.

Once things calmed down with his granddaughter, Hanzo suggested that they move outside the fort, so that it would not be damaged when Mai and Naruto fought.

-The Ame Rebels-

Hidden in the nearby tree line, the Ame company leader watched as Hanzo, Tsunade and members of their guards made their way out of the fort.

"Have the discussion already ended?" asked one of the leader's lieutenants, who had just arrived to make his hourly report on the condition of their group.

"I don't believe so" the company leader replied, "Look at Hanzo and the Hokage, they are standing atop the fort's wall, while the two younger ones are making their way to the coastal part of the island, right below them."

"What are they doing?"

"I believe they're going to have a fight."

"Who's that boy, that's fighting Hanzo's granddaughter?" asked the lieutenant, recognising Mai."

"I believe that might be Hokage's son" the leader replied, remembering Naruto's description.

"The Senju heir?" the Shinobi asked in surprise, "The one who defeated Hanzo's granddaughter in the Chunin exam?"

"The same."

"But why are they fighting, does she hold some sort of grudge against the boy for beating her?"

"Possible, then again, he might have insulted her in some way" the leader replied. "From what I've heard, the girl is rather hot blooded…But still, this might be to our advantage."

"How so?" asked the young Ame-nin.

"When the boy and the girl start fighting, Hanzo, the Hokage and their guards will focus their attention on the fight. This will give us an opportunity to manoeuvre around fort without them knowing and come up from behind. By the time they realize what is happening, it will be too late for them."

"Hai!" replied the lieutenant, understanding his leader's plan.

"Have everyone get ready, once I give the signal, we'll circle around the fort and cross one of the other bridges, and attack Hanzo and his guard from behind."

With another "Hai!" the younger Shinobi disappeared.

"This is the day your reign will finally come to an end Hanzo…I swear it!" growled the Rebel leader to himself.

-Naruto and Mai-

Once they had made their way down to the coast part of the island, the two young Shinobi stood directly opposite one another. Overlooking them atop the outer wall was their respected families, who waited for them to begin.

-Enter Naruto Shippuden OST - Emergence of Talents-

"I suggest you don't hold back this time Naruto-kun" Mai said as she took a fighting stance

"I wasn't going to" answered Naruto, as took his own fighting stance.

"Good" Mai replied with an excited smirk as she and Naruto waited for the word to start.

The moment Jiraiya shouted the word "Begin!" the two Shinobi raced at one another.

Once they were close enough Naruto attempted to finish the fight with one punch, using his superhuman strength.

Knowing what was coming; Mai gracefully evaded the punch by spinning to her left and then attempted to hit him in the side with a reverse heel kick.

Acting fast, Naruto quickly jumped back and narrowly avoided the kick, "Whoa too close!"

Seeing that she had almost hit Naruto, the granddaughter of Hazno smirked. "Heh, Naruto-kun greatest edge may come from his inhuman strength, but so long as I can avoid his punches and kicks or keep my distance, his strength is useless, leaving him open to attack."

After forcing Naruto back, Mai continued to press her advantage and attacked Naruto with a falling axe kick, following up with a leg swipe and upward punch. But each and every time Naruto avoided them, and after the punch, Naruto tried to knock Mai off her feet with his own leg swipe, but missed when Mai flipped backwards and landed several feet away.

"Not bad, you countered that well" Mai said, smirking.

"Damn, Mai-chan certainly has improved; she's faster than she was at the Chunin exam" Naruto silently remarked, impressed with the older girl's speed and agility. "Guess I was fooling myself, thinking I could finish this quickly."

Deciding to take things up a notch, Mai preformed several hand seals and inhaled deeply before thinking "Katon: Ryū no Hōkō (Fire Style: Dragon's Roar)!" spiting a large stream of Fire from her mouth.

With no time to waste, Naruto narrowly avoided the powerful stream of Fire by jumping to his right, forcing Mai to cut her attack off and move away when she saw him racing towards her.

Unwilling let her escape Naruto chased after the young Hattori Kunoichi. But before he could reach her, Mai drove him back by sending several Shuriken at him, forcing him to fall back.

After evading the projectiles, Naruto was put on the defensive again by Mai, who continued to throw projectiles at him, keeping him from getting close to her.

"Is that all you got Mai!" Naruto shouted dodging several more shuriken. "I'm disappointed; I thought I get more of a challenge this time?!"

"How this then!" retorted Mai, forming the same set of hand seals as before and spitting out another large stream of Fire from her mouth.

Seeing the roaring stream of Fire, Naruto smirked, much to the surprise of those watching the fight. But before any of them could even begin wonder what he was up to, the young Chunin formed three quick hand seals and yelled "Doton: Doryūheki (Earth Style: Earth Wall)!" creating a large wall of Earth in front of him, protecting him from the flames.

Shortly after, Mai halted her Fire jutsu, which was exactly what Naruto was waiting for. He then charged up his fist and used his superhuman strength to destroy the Earth wall, sending large pieces of debris flying straight for the Mai, who's only option, was to jump up into the air to avoid them, which was again exactly what Naruto wanted.

No sooner had Mai jumped up into the air; Naruto jumped into the air after her and tacked her to the ground.

-End Naruto Shippuden OST - Emergence of Talents-

-Tsunade, Hanzo and the Others-

"Damn that was quick" commented Jiraiya, surprised by how easily Naruto had defeated the girl.

"Yosh!" exclaimed Tsunade with a smile, believing that her son had just won.

"Interesting strategy" Hanzo thought unconcerned that Naruto had just tackled his granddaughter to the ground. "He purposely goaded Mai into using her Fire Jutsu again, knowing full well that she would have to stand in a stationary position to use it, which was also why he created the Earth wall. Once Mai had halted her attack, he used his enhanced strength to destroy the wall and send the debris at Mai forcing her to jump into the air, where she would be unable to avoid him."

"If anything, the boy is certainly quick on his feet" Amaya remarked, who was mildly impressed with the blonde boy move. "But if he thinks he has won this fight, he's doesn't know my daughter as well as he thinks."

-Naruto and Mai-

Despite that fact that she was now pinned to the ground by Naruto, Mai remained remarkably calm; in fact she seemed rather pleased with the situation, "That's my Naruto-kun."

Unable to understand why Mai seemed so calm; Naruto gave the brown haired girl a confused look, which made the Kunoichi smile. "My, My Naruto-kun, I had no idea you were so forceful. Normanly I'm the type of person who prefers to be on the top, but I guess this isn't so bad...Given how you've already got me down on the ground, how about we continue where we left off at the hospital?"

"Huh?" was Naruto's only response before fully grasping the position he was in with Mai and what she was referring to, causing his face to immediately heat up.

From an observers view point, one could easily misinterpret the situation of Naruto sitting on top of Mai's pelvis and pinning her arms to the ground over her head, as something else entirely.

But before he could even deny the insinuation, Mai pushed herself up and kissed him hard on the lips. Although the kiss was nowhere near and intense as their first one in the preliminaries, it still proved to be effective, catching Naruto off-guard and causing his brain to temporarily go blank.

After pulling back from the kiss and seeing Naruto dumbstruck look, the Ame Kunoichi smiled. Despite Naruto's natural skill as a Shinobi, he was still rather innocent when it came to being intimate with girls. This was of course another thing Mai liked about the Senju heir, finding it cute.

Smiling at the still stunned blonde, Mai mouthed the word "Sorry" right before she lifted her legs up into the air and in a remarkable feat of flexibility, wrapped them around Naruto's neck and flipped him off of her.

Recovering quickly Naruto flipped himself back up and jumped back several meters, putting some distance between the two of them.

"That was cheap trick Mai!" exclaimed Naruto, glaring at the elder girl, who just smirked back.

"Ah, Ah, Ah" Mai scolded waving her finger. "In case you forgot, "you" were the one top of "me," looking down at me with those lustful eyes of yours. In fact perhaps you should take responsibility for your actions?"

"R…R…R-Respon…Responsibility?" the blonde boy stuttered nervously, having an idea of what Mai was suggesting.

"Oh come now Naruto-kun, you're not telling that you didn't enjoy that even a little?" the young Kunoihci asked with a seductive wink, which caused Naruto to turn red again and subconsciously lick his lips, which was all Mai needed.

Before Naruto could respond, he was suddenly struck hard in the side of the head by a small pebble.


Turning to where the pebble came from, Naruto saw his mother staring down at him with an annoyed look on her face, which Naruto guessed was because Mai had kissed him…again. "Wake up Naruto and stop daydreaming! Don't let her little mind games get to you, because if you lose, I see to it that every Ramen stand in Konoha is shut down!"

"Don't lose Naruto, she's serious!" yelled a now panicking Kushina, realizing that this would affect her as well.

Now facing the threat of a Ramen Free Konoha, Naruto quickly found a new resolve; this was now a life or death battle for him, since a threat from his mother was never to be taken lightly.

At the same time, Hanzo and his party were all staring at the Konoha members wondering if the group was crazy or simply stupid.

Using his Mokuton powers, Naruto created a long wooden sword from his arm and charged at Mai. At the same time Mai took out her foldable fans from her pouch and opened them up and yelled "Futon: Kyōfuu (Wind Style: Strong Wind)!" creating a powerful gust of Wind which blew Naruto back.

She then quickly followed up with another powerful blast of Wind, giving him no time to recover and sending him flying into the air and into the middle of the lake, which was exactly where Mai wanted him.

After crashing into the Water, and losing his wooden sword at the same time, Naruto began to channel Chakra to his feet so that he could walk on the lake's surface. But as soon as he had done this, Naruto saw the Water starting rise up and take the shape of an exact copy of himself.

"A Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu (Water Clone Technique)?" the blonde wondered before hearing his mother shouting, "Naruto! Get out of the Water NOW!"

Before Naruto could respond, the Water clone charged at him, and without thinking Naruto destroyed the clone with a single punch to the face.

"Huh, that was pretty easy…" Naruto muttered to himself, but before he could comment any further, the Water clone reformed itself into two copies.

"What the…?!" Naruto exclaimed before the two clones attacked, and like before Naruto destroyed them without much difficulty. But again the clones simply began to reform doubling again.

"Crap, is Mai somehow behind this?" Naruto wondered, glancing over at older Kunoichi, but to his surprise, the granddaughter of Hanzo was doing nothing and simply watched him from the coast.

"If not her could it be her mom or one of the others?" But as soon as that thought entered his head, Naruto brushed it aside. "No, if they were behind this, Kaa-chan, Kushina-sensei or Ero-sennin would've sensed them, this must be one of those traps that Ero-sennin mentioned earlier."

Once the clones had full reformed they quickly surrounded the blonde boy again and attacked.

Watching from her position on the shore, Mai watched as Naruto destroyed the Water clones, but each time they would simply multiple again and again.

"It useless Naruto-kun, although those clones may not be very strong or durable, they make up for it in their multiplying ability, simple brute force will not be enough to defeat the Mizu Hansha no Jutsu (Water Reflection Technique)." (A)

During their journey to the fort, Hanzo had told her of the history of the fort, including how the Clan defended it. According to her grandfather, the original builders of the fort had placed a powerful Jutsu on the lake, which surrounded the fort. The justu only activated when someone entered or touched the Water, creating an exact copy of the person, which would then attack them.

Individually the clones were not very strong and could easily be destroyed. But for every clone that was destroyed, two more would take its place, where they would eventually overwhelm the person. The fact that there was so much Water around, the number of clones was almost infinite, making it virtually impossible for an invading force to cross the lake unless they used the bridges.

Using this knowledge to her advantage, Mai purposely blew Naruto into the lake so that he would activate the hidden Jutsu. Knowing that in a straight head on battle with Naruto, her chances of beating him were slim. But once he had been successfully worn down by the clones, she would then move in and blow him out of the Water, allowing her to capture him.

At the same time, from the outer fort walls, Tsunade and the others watched as Naruto continued struggle against the clones.

"Damn her" cursed Tsunade as she bit her nail in frustration, "This was her plan all along, she knew she couldn't beat Naruto directly, so she's using the fort defences to do it for her."

"No doubt" Jiraiya replied. "I have to admit, it's a pretty good plan, guess the kid isn't the only one who is quick on their feet."

"It seems your student is in a spot of trouble Tomato-chan?" Amaya mocked.

Knowing that Amaya was just trying to get a rise out of her again, Kushina reigned in her anger and sneered back at her rival. "Don't count him out just yet; he's been in worse situations than this."

"Heh, guess we'll see soon enough" the Ame Kunoichi replied, although was certain that Naruto had already lost the fight.

After fighting for several minutes, a now panting Naruto looked around him to see he was now completely surrounded on all sides, by well over a hundred Water clones. Earlier on in the fight, he had tried to simply get off the lake and race to the fort or the shore, but each time he tried the clones would simply block his path, and even when he destroyed the clones, more would simply take their place.

"This is insane, no matter how many I take out more keep appear!" Naruto mentally screamed. "No wonder nobody was ever able to take this fort. If I want any chance of getting out of this mess, I need to take all this clones out all at once!"

Knowing of only one other way to do this, Naruto deactivated his Shishi Omomizuke Shīru (Four Limbs Weighting Seals) and took out the Raijin no Ken (Sword of the Tunder God) from his utility belt and activated it.

At the same time, those watching from the fort all began to wonder what Naruto was planning after seeing him take out and activating the legendary sword of the Nidaime Hokage.

Once the bright yellow blade had appeared, Naruto jumped into the air and swung the blade down, unleashing a small blast of Lightning from the blade, which hit the Water and destroyed all the clones in seconds. Naruto then landed back on the surface of the lake and raced towards the fort at top speed, before the Water clones could regenerate.

But just as he was nearing the fort's shore, Naruto was suddenly blown back into the middle of the lake by a powerful gust of Wind from Mai.

"Sorry Naruto-kun, but I can't let you escape just yet!"

"Damnit Mai" Naruto growled as he stood back up, and he found himself already surrounded by the Water clones, which now numbered over two hundred. He had been so focused on getting back onto the fort he had completely forgotten the fact that Mai would probably stop him. But what was worse was that he had dropped the Raijin no Ken into the lake after Mai hit him with her Wind attack.

With the Raijin no Ken now gone, Naruto decided to try something else and formed a single hand seal and thought "Time it to fight Fire with Fire."

But no sooner had he yelled "Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Multiple Shadow Clone Technique)!" He heard his mother shouting at him, telling him to stop, but by then it was already too late as a hundred Naruto clones appeared around him.

At the same time as the clones appeared, a hundred more Water clones appeared, adding to the number of the clones.

"Shit!" Naruto cried after realizing his mistake, he never considered the possibility that by creating his own clone army; he would also create even more Water clones. Originally he had hoped that he could use his own clones to act as a barrier and hold off the Water clones long enough to allow him to escape to the other side of the lake. But now there were simply too many clones to get by and he couldn't simple destroy them, since they would just multiple even more.

Now outnumber three to one, Naruto tried to think of a new way to get out of the trap, while his clones held off the Water replicas. "Damnit, how the hell do I get out of this…? Think Naruto, think, there has to be a way to get out of this mess. This Jutsu is obviously Water based, since it creates only Water clones and it only activated when I stepped on the Water…." At that moment Naruto suddenly realized something. "Wait! For a Jutsu like this… for it to work on such a large scale, there's only one way for it stay activate on its own for so long without anyone to maintain it."

Having now realized how the Jutsu worked, Naruto knew what he needed to do, where he used the Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique) to summon Gamatatsu and Gamakichi.

When he had finished explaining what he wanted them to do, the two Toads nodded their heads and went underwater to begin their search. After they had left, Naruto then ordered his clones to go on the offensive so to buy some time, making those who were watching him wonder what he was up.

Creating another wooden sword from his arm, Naruto joined his clones in their battle against the Water clones, destroying any that came close to him. This continued for twenty minutes, but as time went on, one by one his clones were overwhelmed by the Water clones and were pulled underwater and disappear.

"What's Naruto-kun thinking? Surely by now he knows that fighting the clones like this is pointless" the Ame Kunoichi remarked silently. She continued to watch Naruto and his clones as they were slowly overwhelmed by the Water clones numbers until only the originally Naruto was left, surrounded by a least five hundred clones.

But just as all the Water clones were about to attack him, they suddenly all reverted back into Water, much to the surprise and confusion of everyone watching.

Shortly after the Water replicas had returned to their original state, Gamatatsu and Gamakichi emerged out of the Water.

"Thanks guys I owe you both big time, although you kind of cut it closed there."

"Sorry about that, but it took a while for us to find it" Gamakichi replied.

Nodding in understanding, Naruto thanked the two Toads again, after which he then took out two small pieces of candy and tossed it to them, as per their agreement, after which the two Toads returned to their home in a puff of smoke.

Back at the shore, everyone was still reeling from the shock that Naruto had somehow negated the Mizu Hansha no Jutsu.

Mai of course was the most surprise out of everyone, she had been certain that the Mizu Hansha no Jutsu wouldwin the fight for her. But just when it looked like Naruto would lose, he somehow found a way to cancel the Jutsu.

"How did he do it?!" ranted the girl insider her head, but before she could even think of how he did it, she saw Naruto racing towards her at high speed.

-Enter Naruto Shippuuden OST 18 Sunspot-

Wasting no time, Mai brought up both her fans and swung them together, yelling "Futon: Nibai Kyōfuu (Wind Style: Double Strong Wind)!" creating a powerful blast of Wind.

But Naruto was ready for this, and as soon as Mai had unleashed her attack, he used his momentum to jump up high into the air, avoiding the powerful Wind attack. After which he then channelled his own Chakra into his wooden sword and converted into Wind, where he swung his sword downward and unleashed a large crescent shape blade of Wind.

Seeing the high speed Wind attack, Mai quickly jumped to her right to avoid it. But as soon as she did, Naruto appeared on her right and swung his wooden sword at her, hitting her hard in the side and sending her skidding across the ground.

Pressing his advantage Naruto sent another high speed blade of Wind at Mai, but like before she was able to avoid it, if only narrowly. She then quickly counterattacked by waving her fans and creating another powerful gust of Wind, which Naruto avoided. He then took out a set of Kuni and threw them at Mai, who dodged them all successful, although lost one of her fans in the process, which now had a large hole in it.

Tossing the now ruined fan away, Mai took out several Kunai from her pouch and threw them at Naruto. At the same time she then channelled her Wind Chakra into her fan, creating a large gust of Wind, greatly increasing the projectiles speed and attacking power.

Knowing he couldn't avoid the projectiles in time, Naruto channelled his Chakra to his feet so that he wouldn't be blown away by the Wind attack and raised his wooden sword. He then used the wooden to block the fist Kuni, while the remaining two cut his right arm and left leg when they flew past him. But thankfully they were only shallow cuts and would not diminish his ability to fight.

Seeing this, Mai the raced forward and activated the spike tips on her fan and attempted to slash him across the chest, but missed when Naruto jumped back. He then countered by channelling his Wind Chakra to his wooden sword, increasing its range and cutting power, forcing Mai to jump back several meters.

After being forced to jump away from Naruto, Mai formed several one handed hand seals and inhaled deeply, expelling a large ball of flames, which was made even bigger when Mai combined it with her Kyōfuu technique.

With only seconds to act, Naruto quickly began to draw the large amounts of Water from the lake around him and used the Senkai no Mizu (Swirling Water) sword technique to create a giant spinning Waterspout around himself, protecting him from the super-heated flames.

When the two techniques had cancelled each other out, a tick cloud of steam covered much of the space around the two young Shinobi, keeping them from seeing each other.

Fearing that Naruto might try to use the steam cloud to his advantage, Mai planned to blow the steam away with her Wind attack. But before she could enact her plan her senses suddenly warned her of danger.

Listing to her senses, Mai moved, allowing her to evade the deadly Water blades which appeared behind her. But no sooner as she had avoided them, a blurry figure appeared on her left and kicked her in her side, cracking at least one rib and sending flying out of the steam cloud and crashing to the ground…hard.

-End Naruto Shippuuden OST 18 Sunspot-

"Damnit!" thought Mai as she slowly picked herself up, holding her side in pain, while picking up her one remaining fan off the ground. At the same Naruto emerged out of the steam cloud with his wooden sword in hand.

Realizing the danger she was in, Mai channelled her Chakra into her fan again and swung it, creating yet another strong gust of Wind, kicking up the sand, temporarily blinding Naruto, thus allowing her to move away.

Once the sand died down, Naruto quickly located Mai, standing several meters away from where he was.

"Heh, not bad Naruto-kun, you got me good there with that last hit" Mai remarked while holding her tender side.

"Not good enough it would seem" Naruto replied with a small smirk.

Smirking back, Mai then folded her fan back up and placed it back in her pouch, which made Naruto curious as to what she was up to. "I've have to admit I didn't think you would escape the lake, how exactly did you do it."

"Simple…" Naruto replied, "A Jutsu like that is basically one big barrier that keeps people from entering or leaving by the lake, and there are only three ways to activate and maintain a Jutsu of that scale and size. The first two are by a single user or a group of users activating the Jutsu and maintaining it with a constant flow of Chakra. Given how this fort is abandoned that would be impossible, so the only other way for that Jutsu to remain working is by placing seal tags around the lake in specific locations."

"I see" said Mai, while beginning to understanding how Naruto did it. "But that still doesn't explain how you cancelled the Jutsu."

"Like I said the Jutsu works by placing seal tags around the lake in specific locations." Naruto answered. "I figured that by removing one of the tags, I would break the connection with the other tags around the lake, causing the Jutsu collapsed."

"But how did you know where the tags were located?"

"I didn't…" Naruto replied, causing Mai to look at him in confusion. "Since the Jutsu involved the lake and making Water clones, it made sense that the tags were hidden at the bottom of the lake, so I summoned some Toads to search the lake for a tag, while I kept those Water clones busy."

When Naruto finished his explanation, most of the Ame entourage, including Hanzo, couldn't help but be impressed with Naruto's resourcefulness, and how he had fingered out the Mizu Hansha no Jutsu, especially when considering the situation he had been in earlier.

Seeing that Naruto was already proving himself worthy to her family, Mai began to smile. "Heh, you never fail to impress Naruto-kun, but then again, that's another thing I like about you, so why don't we take things up a notch." After which she bit her figure and began to form her hands seals.

Recognising the hand set, Naruto immediately realized what Mai was planning and raced over to stop her. But by the time he crossed half the distance between them, Mai finished her hand set and slammed her hand onto the ground and yelled "Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique)!" creating a large cloud of smoke.

-Enter Magi OST Valse Hot-

Realizing he was too late, Naruto immediately jumped back away from the smoke.

When the smoke dissipated, Naruto saw Mai standing atop a large Crimson Red Salamander with yellow stripes on its back, and was easily the size of a large house.

"Holy Shit, that things' huge!" thought Naruto in surprise.

Watching from above, Tsunade and the other members of her group stared at the large summons in disbelief.

"She can summon the Salamanders as well?!" Tsunade explained, surprised by the fact that that Mai not only could summon the Salamanders. But that Hanzo had let her sign the contract to his trademark summons to begin with.

"This could be trouble" Kushina mutter, while Jiraiya simply stared down at the girl with a frown, before glancing at the Ame group, who seemed rather pleased with the turn of events.

Hanzo though remained void of any such emotions and continued to watch his granddaughter, "Now the real battle begins."

"So Naruto-kun what do you think of my summons?" a smiling Mai asked as she looked down at the blonde boy, who looked more than a bit worried.

"Hey wait a minute, since when did you learn how to summon?!" yelled Naruto.

"Since before the Chunin exam" Mai answered, shrugging as if there was nothing wrong with it.

"Then you were holding back at the Chunin exam too!" retorted the Senju heir angrily, since he was more than a little peeved with the news, especially since Mai had given him such grief about him holding back in their fight.

"That is a completely different matter from this!" retorted Mai, huffing, while folding her arms underneath her chest, inadvertently highlighting her breasts. "It's not like I could summon my Salamanders in such a small and confined space like the preliminary arena."

"EEhhh, she got me there" Naruto thought, slightly embarrassed, since he hadn't thought of that. But still it's wasn't like his reasons for holding back on her were any different, since Orochimaru curse seal prevented him from properly moulding and controlling his Chakra. But before he could respond, he suddenly heard Mai shout "Kaen, Okibi (Blazing Fire)!"(B)

"FUCK!" the blonde boy mentally screamed when he saw the large summons take a deep breath and exhale a massive blast of Fire from its large mouth.

Acting fast, Naruto used his Mokuton powers to create a large wooden dome around himself, protecting him from the flames.

"That won't protect you!" shouted Mai, taking out her fan and channelling her Wind Chakra into it yelling "Futon: Kyōfuu (Wind Style: Strong Wind)!" as she swung it, increasing the flames power.

Within seconds the now super-heated flames had reduced the wooden dome to ashes. But when Kaen halted his attack and as the flames around the dome died down, Mai notice that there was no sign of Naruto, only a hole in the ground.

"Shit!" thought Mai, realizing what Naruto was had done and quickly turned around to see him emerge from the ground behind them while raising his sword in preparation of his Surasshu-fū (Wind Slash) technique.

But before he could perform the technique, Mai shouted to her summons, who then slapped the Senju heir into the lake with his long tail. After which he then fired another Wind enhanced Fire attack at the blonde boy, forcing Naruto to duck underneath the Water for safety.

After pulling himself out of the Water, Naruto was surprised to see the large summons moving across the surface of the Water at speed that should've been impossible for something his size.

With only seconds to act, Naruto formed a single hand seal and yelled "Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" creating a small army of clones, which then surrounded the Ame Kunoichi and her summons.

Wanting to finish off the clone army quickly, Mai ordered Kaen to Fire another Fire blast. She then used her Wind technique to manipulate the flames to circle around them, destroying the clone army.

Shortly after the flames began to die down, the real Naruto jumped out of the Water and hit Mai with a strong drop kick to the face. But the moment his kick made contact, "Mai" reverted into Water, revealing that she had replaced herself with a Water clone; while the real one appeared behind him and kicked him in the back, sending him crashing back into the Water.

-End Magi OST Valse Hot-

-Enter Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls OST Arata na Master Samurai-

After kicking Naruto into the Water, Mai maintained her position atop her summon while she searched for any sign of her "fiancé", knowing he would have to resurface sooner or later.

After a minute or so of waiting the Mai started to feel anxious and yelled "Come out Naruto-kun…! Don't tell me your giving up already?!" hoping to draw him out.

Shortly after saying this, the young Ame Kunoichi saw a dozen large wooden tentacles emerge from underneath the Water, surrounding her and her summons.

Moments after the wooden tentacles appeared, Naruto along with a large number of Wood clones, (carrying wooden swords), sprung out from the wooden tentacles and yelled "Giving up...?! We've only just BEGUN to FIGHT!" right before he had his clones attack.

At the same time Naruto had his wooden tentacles attack Mai's summons, wrapping themselves around the large summon, restricting his movements.

"KAEN!" shouted Mai before she saw Naruto's clones racing along the wooden tentacles towards her.

With her summons now restrained, and multiple attackers coming at her from all sides, Mai created several Water clones to support her. After which she then took out her one remaining fan and swung it, creating a strong blast of Wind which blew three wood clones back.

After ordering her clones to hold Naruto's other remaining clones off, Mai jumped off her summons and moved towards the real Naruto, who was keeping his distance from her.

Seeing the elder girl racing towards him, Naruto sent his remaining wooden tentacles to intercept her, which she avoided with remarkable grace, using her acrobatic skill.

But just as she was nearing him, the three clones she had had dealt with earlier appeared out of the Water and blocked her path.

Unwilling to let the clones stop her, Mai attempted to destroy the lead clone with a strong drop kick to the face. But to her surprise, the clone proved more durable than she had expected and blocked her kick with its one arm and then pushed her back. The second clone then attempted finished her off with one blow with an enhanced axe kick when her feet touched the Water's surface.

Seeing the clone, Mai avoided the kick by jumping further back, although as she hung in mid-air the third clone fired several Wood spikes from its hand.

Acting fast Mai brought up her fan and channelled her Chakra into it as she swung it, creating a powerful gust of Wind. Also at the same time she threw a Kunai with an exploding note tied to it, which denoted when it hit the clone, destroying it instantly. But as soon as the clone was destroyed, Mai was put on the defensive again by the two remaining clones.

For the next few minutes Mai continued to fight with the two Wood clones, dodging or blocking their attacks while trying to strike back. But all her attempts failed and she was constantly kept on the defensive. Under most circumstances she could have defeated the clones without too much difficultly, but they were surprising more resilient than most clones and they worked together to support one another, where if one would attack the other defended. Leaving Mai little openings to exploit, it was made even more difficult since she also had to deal with the wooden tentacles that Naruto was controling at the same time.

After a short while Mai noticed that the last of her Water clones had been destroyed by Naruto's other Wood clones and were now converging on her from all directions.

Realizing she that she needed to do something fast, Mai jumped up into the air to avoid another one of Naruto's wooden tentacles and then used said tentacle as a springboard to propel her up higher into the air. After which she then yelled "Kaen Okibi!"

Heading his master's order, the large Salamander took a deep breath and spat out a massive stream of fire, incinerating most of the Wood clones and the Wood tentacles that were in range of his attack.

At the same time, Mai threw several Kunai with exploding notes at the few remaining Wood tentacles that were restraining Kaen and detonated them; freeing her summons from their bind.

When Mai landed back onto the surface of the Water the last of Naruto's clones raced towards her. With little time to waste, the Ame Kunoichi brought up her fan again and used it create a large gust of Wind, which in turn created a large wave of Water.

Using the wave as a distraction, Mai took out the last of her Kunai with exploding notes tied to them and threw them at the Wood clones when they moved to avoid the large wave, hitting one of them. She then activated the exploding notes, causing them to explode, taking out a second clone along with the first.

With two clones now gone, Mai prepared for the remaining three, but before she could do anything, several vines wrapped themselves around her right leg and arm.

Turning, Mai saw the real Naruto standing several meters away from her, smirking as he held his arm out which were connected to the vines that were wrapped around her.

"Damnit, I was careless!" the Ame Kunochi mental berated.

Realizing she couldn't fight off Naruto's approaching clones like this, Mai dropped her fan and bit her finger and started forming one handed hand seals with her one remaining free hand. "If this works it with use up most of my remaining Chakra, but I've got no choice."

Just as the clones were right on top of her, Mai finished her hand seal and slammed her hand onto the surface of the Water shouting "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" and creating a large cloud of smoke, forcing Naruto's clones to move back.

-End Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls OST Arata na Master Samurai-

"What's she summoned this time?" thought Naruto, seeing the smoke and feeling the vines he had created break.

When the smoke cleared Naruto saw Mai standing atop yet another Salamander, just as big as the first but was blue in colour with large black spots on its back.

"I don't believe it; she can summon another summons of that size! Even after all the fighting she has been doing," Tsunade exclaimed in surprise.

"That girl is something else, to be doing something like that at her age" Jiraiya remarked silently, before glancing at Hanzo. "But then again she is his granddaughter after all."

"Heh, looks like your student is in trouble again Tomato-chan" Amaya mocked.

Glaring at her nemesis, Kushina then pointed at the Mai. "That's funny, I was about to say the exact same thing about your daughter, since she doesn't look like she doing too well either."

Turning, Amaya saw her daughter kneeling atop her new summons breathing heavily, indicating that she had used up most of her remaining Chakra in summoning the large Salamander.

"That may be so…" added Hanzo. "But it does not change the fact that Mai now has the advantage with her summons, while your son Tsunade has only three clones to help him."

"Perhaps" Tsunade replied, "But my son has faced far more difficult situations and survived them, so don't count him out just yet."

After Mai had summoned her new summons, Naruto saw the brown haired girl fall to her knees breathing heavily, indicating that she had used up most of her remaining Chakra in summoning the creature and was now reaching her limits.

Seeing an opportunity to end the battle, Naruto had his remaining clones attack. But before the clones could reach her, Mai yelled "Squall, Mizuretsu (Violent Water)!" (C)

Hearing Mai's order, the large summon opened its mouth and spat out a massive stream of Water, hitting two of Naruto's clones with incredible force, destroying them instantly.

The third clone had managed to get away by going underwater and emerged behind the large summon. But as soon as he had emerged out of the Water, the clone was destroyed and reduced to ashes by a Fire blast from Mai's first summon Kaen, who joined Mai and Squall."

Once all of Naruto's clones were detroyed, Mai took out a soldier pill from her pouch to replenish her Chakra reserves. She then ordered Squall to fire another powerful Water blast at the real Naruto, who then tried to block it using Mokujōheki (Wood Locking Wall). But he underestimated the power of the Water attack, which shattered the wooden dome before it could fully form, sending him flying across the lake.

Slowly picking himself up out of the Water, Naruto checked himself for any injuries. Fortunately for him, the partially formed Wood dome had taken the brunt of the attack, where the exception of feeling a little tender all over and his coat being in tatters, he was in relatively decent condition.

"Geez, now I'm going have to replace this…again" Naruto muttered, looking at the state of his coat. Luckily though, ever since the Chunin exam, he had several spare coats made in the event that they were ruined like the original.

After he had finished looking himself over, Naruto immediately jumped to is right, narrowly avoiding a deadly Fire blast from Kaen, followed by another powerful Water blast from Squall, which he again narrowly evaded.

"Shit that was close" Naruto said to himself. "But still what was wrong with me, I suddenly feel heavy and my movements are starting to get sluggish. It must be the after-effects of being hit by that Water attack."

Before Naruto could pounder the matter as to why his movements were getting so sluggish, he noticed a shadow suddenly appear above him.

Looking up, Naruto saw Mai falling down towards him while performing a falling axe kick.

With seconds to act, Naruto barely managed to evade Mai's kick by leaping back, and began to perform hand seals.

When he finished Naruto thought "Suiton: Teppōdama (Water Style: Gunshot)!" but instead of firing football size Water balls, the balls were only the size golf balls.

"What the…?" thought Naruto, right before he was punched hard in the stomach by Mai, who appeared right in front of him and then kicked him in face, sending the blonde skidding across the Water.

By the time Naruto recovered and was back on his feet, he was put on the defensive again by Mai, who engaged him in a fierce Taijutsu battle. Naruto tried his best to hold his own, but was slowly losing as his movements got slower and slower, causing him to take several severe hits.

After being kneed hard in the stomach, Naruto landed a few meters away from Mai, barely managing to keep himself afloat on the lake surface.

At the same time, he also found himself surrounded by Mai's two summonses.

"Poison!" exclaimed Naruto, realizing the reason for his delayed reaction time and why he was unable perform his Jutsu correctly.

Seeing that Naruto had finally realized what was happening to him, Mai smiled and nodded, since there was no point in denying it, since it was obvious.

"When was it…?" Naruto asked, "Was it when you cut me with your Kunai earlier in the fight?"

"Oh no it was it was much earlier than" Mai replied with a knowing wink, causing Naruto eyes to widen.

"The kiss!" said Naruto, while blushing slightly at the memory, where he received another wink from Mai, indicating he was right.

"Correct, I coated my lips with the poison, and as you've already guessed, the poison I have used is a slow acting toxin that not only reducing your movements, but interferes with your Chakra control. I honestly didn't think I would need it, since I was certain that the Mizu Hansha no Jutsu would defeat you. But I learned from past experiences not to underestimate you, and as a friend of your once said, while one ace in the hole is good, two aces are better."

"But how are you not affected by it?"

"Well you're not the only one who can inherit certain traits from their family" Mai answered cryptically.

"You have a bloodline limit?!"

"Not exactly" Mai replied, where after receiving a confused look from Naruto, decided to explain further. "Many years ago, back when my granddaughter was a young boy, there was a Black Salamander which was native to our village and was famous for the deadly poison its body produced. After its death, our village elders had its venom sac implanted into my grandfathers body in the hopes of creating a venomous Shinobi who himself was immune to toxins. It worked; it also granted him the ability to create the same poison from his mouth...It also had unexpected side effect, where my grandfather was able pass some of the traits he received on to my mother and me, although I cannot produce Salamander's poison like him, I am resisted to most poisons and toxins."

When Mai finished, Naruto silently cursed his luck, since if things weren't bad enough, this made things even more difficult for him. Any of the poisons he had considered using against Mai at the moment were now most likely useless.

"Come on Naruto, you can still win, don't give up!" yelled Kushina, cheering him on. Not only because the blonde boy was her student, but because she couldn't stand the idea of her student losing to the daughter of her sworn rival.

"Heh, save your breath Tamato-chan, this battle is over."

Glaring at the Dark haired woman, Kushina retorted, "Don't count my student out yet, he'll turn this thing around and be wiping the floor with your bimbo of daughter before you even know it."

Sneering back at Kushina, Amaya replied, "Heh, Your deluding yourself if you believe that, my Mai-chan has him at her mercy."

"Heh, I seem to remember my student handing your daughter's ass to her when they fought at the preliminaries, and even didn't even have the full use of his Chakra at the time."

Scowling at the mention of Mai's earlier loss, Amaya retorted, "This time is different, Mai-chan was unaware of the full extent of his abilities. Besides, she didn't reveal her true abilities either, and she's a lot stronger than she was back then."

"Sounds like an excuse to me" Kushina sneered, infuriating Amaya further. "Just like the one you gave after I kicked your sorry ass at the Chunin finals!"

"You lucked out and you know it Tomato-chan!" Amaya retorted angrily, since she didn't like being remained of her first fight with Kushina, which she lost. "Besides in case you forgot, I had you begging for mercy at Kojima pass. If it wasn't for your boyfriend saving your sorry ass, you would've been dead."

"GGrrr, I wasn't begging, and you know it, if it wasn't for your poison, I would have finished you!"

"Heh, now who's making excuses!" taunted Amaya

"You want to start something here?" Kushina threatened, taking a step closer to her nemesis.

"Anytime Bitch!" snarled Amaya, as she also took a step closer to the Konoha Kunoichi, where the two of them were once again clashing foreheads with one another, with lightning emanating out of their eyes.

For a moment or two, the two glared at one another. But just when it looked like they were about to go at it again, they suddenly turned to Naruto and Mai's direction and started yelling.

"Come on Naruto, Kick her ass!"

"Slaughter him Mai-chan!"

"If you lose Naruto, the training I have in mind for you will make hell look like a vacation!"

"No Mercy Mai-chan!"

While the two women continued to cheer/threaten their respected students, everyone else that was watching the match shook their heads from embarrassment, wishing they had left the two mad women back home.

"So Naruto-kun, do you surrender?"

Smirking, Naruto responded, "What do you thing?" After which he then took out several smoke bombs and threw them in all directions.

Seeing this, Mai ordered her two summonses to attack, causing a massive explosion of Fire and Water, and creating a thick cloud of red hot steam.

Moving away from the steam cloud, Mai began to search for any sign of Naruto, but found none. "Where is he? He can't have stayed inside the cloud, he be cooked…unless?"

Realizing where Naruto had gone, Mai allowed herself to fall into the Water, quickly locating her "fiancé" who was swimming in the opposite direction of her.

Once she had located Naruto, the granddaughter of Hanzo smirked, since blonde had just made a fatal error. Fighting underwater was a speciality of her village and like all members of her village; Mai was well versed in underwater combat.

At the same time, Naruto was desperately trying to swim to a safer location. Even before Mai had told him of the effects of the poisoned she had used on him. Naruto had already realized that the poison was a paralyzing type toxin, which explained why his movements were slowing down, and why his Chakra control was so screwed up.

Fortunately for Naruto, these types of poisons were what he specialised in, which also meant he had a means to fight it.

After creating the smoke cloud, Naruto also took the antidote to one of his own poisons. Without knowing the exact poison that Mai had used, Naruto knew he could not completely remove the effects of the toxin. But it would at least fight the poison and reduce its effects allowing him to continue fighting until he got a cure, although it would take several minutes for antidote to take effect, which was why he was distancing himself from Mai and her summonses.

Unfortunately before Naruto to get to a safer location, he came under attack from Mai, who seemed to move at almost lightning-like speed underwater.

Naruto of course tried his best to resist, but even without the effects of the poison, his movements were much too slow underwater to even connect with Mai, who was running circles around him.

Knowing he stood no chance of beating Mai underwater, Naruto tried to swim to the surface, but was stopped by the elder girl, who kicked him hard in the face, forcing him further back down.

Once he had recovered from the kick, Naruto attempted to confuse Mai with some Shadow Clones. But when he tried to create the clones, the Jutsu failed and the only thing he managed to create was a small explosion of bubbles around him. "Shit, even with the antidote reducing the effects of the toxin, my Chakra control is still shot, I need more time for it to take effect."

Just when Naruto thought things couldn't get any worse, Mai's two summonses Squall and Kaen appeared and began attacking him, moving the same high speed as Mai.

After moving to avoid Squall's large mouth, (when the large summons attempted to swallow him whole), Naruto made another attempted to reach the surface. But was forced back down by Kaen, where the large summons appeared directly over him, and swung his tail at him.

Shortly after, Mai then appeared in front of him and punched him hard in the stomach, causing Naruto to lose most of his remaining oxygen.

"Damnit, I'm going to lose if I don't do something quick, but how can I fight back when I still can't use my Chakra? I haven't refilled my Chakra storage seals yet."

At that moment, while trying to figure out what he could do, Naruto suddenly heard a familiar voice chuckling from the back of his mind

"Hehehehe, you really are a pitiful creature you know that? Losing to that female like this."

"Kyuubi?!" asked Naruto, recognizing the voice, where he then found himself in the same underground room as before, with the Kyuubi's prison in front of him.

"Who else would it be?" replied the Demon Fox, where his glowing Red eyes and massive mouth, (covered in Red Chakra), appeared before Naruto.

"What do you want? In case you haven't notice, I kind of busy."

"Yes, I can see, your allowing yourself to lose to this worthless female, who you already defeated before."

"Fuck you, you stupid fox, it's not like I'm losing on purpose…and in case you haven't notice I'm at a disadvantage with being underwater and my Chakra control is messed up."

Annoyed by Naruto's words, the Kyuubi began to growl a little, "Watch, your mouth brat, you should be more gratefully especially since am the reason your still alive, and I am about to help you…again."

"What's the catch?" Naruto asked, knowing that the Kyuubi only helped him when it was in his interest, like during in the invasion.

"There's no catch…at least not this time; the fact is I find this little match of your amusing, so I will help you this one time for free and supply you with a limited amount of my Chakra. After that you are on your own, so I suggest you use it wisely and not lose, I will not stand for my container to lose to a female."

Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, Naruto simply nodded and waited to accept the beast's Chakra, knowing exactly what he was going to use it for.

Upon waking back up in the real world, Naruto saw Mai moving toward him again at high speed, intending to finish their battle with one last strike.

With only one option left remaining to him, Naruto bit his right finger and started performing hand seals.

Recognising the hand set, Mai halted her advance, "This could be trouble!," and started to swim away, while signalling her summons to do the same, having an idea of what Naruto was about to do.

-Enter Naruto Shippuuden OST My Name-

When Naruto finished the hand seals, he brought his right hand up and thought "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" creating a massive explosion of bubbles.

Back at the fort, Tsunade, Hanzo and other members of their respected groups watched as a massive explosion erupted in the lake where a gigantic figure emerged from it, causing lake Water to rain down on top.

"What the…?!" cried Kandachi not understanding what was happening, as he covered his face from the falling Water.

He of course was not the only one as both Hanzo and his daughter Amaya looked equally surprised and confused by what was happening.

"Damn kid, you're really holding back nothing this time" Jiraiya silently chuckled, when he got a clear look of the massive figure, revealing that Naruto had summoned Gamabunta.

Tsunade and Kushina on the other hand just grinned at one another, since once again Naruto had turned the tables.

"Impossible…" a shocked Amaya thought when she saw Gamabunta, "Just how much Chakra does that kid have?!"

Recognising the massive Toad Boss, from when he fought the Sannin, the aged leader of Ame frowned. After returning to Ame, Mai had told him everything that had happened during the exam and the invasion, including the story of Naruto being able to summon both the Toad Boss Gamabunta and the Slug Queen Katsuyu.

When Hanzo first heard this, he had naturally been sceptical of that part of the story and chalked it up to the people over exaggerating the boy's abilities. Given how it was unheard of for someone Naruto's age to summon such massive summons, let alone two of them. But upon seeing the massive summons with his own eyes, he quickly realized just how wrong he had been.

"So the stories Mai told were true after all, he really can summon Gamabunta, and if that the case, then it's likely that the rumour of him being able to summon Katsuyu are also true…he's more dangerous than I feared."

-With the Rebel Ame-

"What is that thing?" asked one of the Ame-nins staring at the massive Toad summons that was towering over them.

"I don't believe it, if I'm not mistaken, that's one of Jiraiya-sama Toad summons" the leader replied, sweating a little, as he was just shocked as the rest of his company were.

"But how can a kid like him summon something that huge, it's crazy!" said another Ame Shinobi.

"I don't know, but the boy was trained by two members of the Densetsu no Sannin (Legendary Three Ninja), and is the first person to be born with Mokuton. The same Bloodline limit of the Legendary Shodai Hokage, we shouldn't be surprised by anything he does."

-With Naruto and Mai-

After being summoned, the Toad Boss Gamabunta took a look around of his surroundings before looking up at Naruto, who looked to be fairly worn out after using the Kyuubi's Chakra, and realized that Naruto had summoned him again.

"Naruto! Why have you summoned me here?!" demanded the Toad Boss.

Before Naruto could answer the massive Toad, Mai and her two summonses appeared out from underneath the Water. She then ordered Kaen and Squall to fire their respected attacks together, combining their two attacks together into a massive superheated Water blast that she enhanced using her fan, which she recovered earlier on in the fight.

Seeing the attack, the large Toad quickly sidestepped the attack to avoid it. After which Naruto spoke, "I'll explain what's going on later Boss Toad, I promise, but right now, I really need you to help me out here?"

"Fine!" grunted the large Toad, accepting Naruto's answer for now, but before he could say anything more. He was forced to jump high up into the air after Mai and her summons fired another combination attack.

After landing back on the lake, causing another massive shower of Water to fall on the spectators, Gamabunta turned around and drew his short sword and swung it down at the two Salamanders.

Acting fast, the two Salamanders split apart from one another and attempted to attack the Toad Boss from opposite sides.

Realizing what they were doing, Gamabunta moved forward to avoid the Fire and Water attacks and then spun around with his sword in an attempt to cut them both in half with one massive swing. But by the time he spun around, the two creatures had already retreated back into the Water again with their master.

For the next few minutes the battle continued like this, where the three summons battle for superiority. Although Gamabunta was superior in size and power, the two Salamanders made up for this by using their smaller size to their advantage. Using their superior speed to avoid Gamabunta's attacks and manoeuvre around him, allowing them to attack him from multiple different directions, while at the same time combining their attacks, making them more powerful.

"Damnit this is getting us nowhere, I need to get out of this lake" Gamabunta mutter as he jumped high up into the air and out of the lake, landing on the surrounding forestry, narrowly avoiding the Rebel Shinobi, whom he was unaware of.

"Naruto, I'm going to need your help with this!" Gamabunta shouted, before he formed a single hand seal and thought "Gamayudan (Toad Oil Bullet)!" spitting out a huge mass of oil which quickly covered much of the lake Water.

"Right!" shouted Naruto where he then took out an exploding note and tossed it into the oil and activated it, causing the oil to ignite.

"Shit!" cursed Mai when she saw the oil covering the surface of the lake where she and Squall were force to dive back underwater to avoid the oil and the flames, which enveloped much of the Water's surface, turning it into a lake of Fire.

Her other summon Kaen however was caught in the oil, and due to its sticky texture was unable to go underwater in time to avoid the flames when they ignited the oil. But just when Gamabunta and Naruto thought they had dealt with one of the Salamanders, a sudden massive blast of Fire erupted from the flaming lake, nearly hitting Gamabunta square in the face.

Upon closer inspection of the flames, the two saw Kaen standing in the middle of the burning inferno, unharmed by the flames. Revealing that due to his nature as a Fire Salamander, Kaen was resistant to Fire attacks. But before Gamabunta or Naruto could do anything about it, the red Salamander went right back underneath the Water.

Shortly after the Fire died down, Kaen reappeared with Mai and Squall, where the red Slamander unleashed another powerful blast of Fire, which Mai enhanced using her Kyōfuu technique, igniting parts of the forest in flames as it flew towards the Toad Boss and Naruto.

Jumping once again into the air, Gamabunta formed a signal hand seal and used Teppōdama (Gunshot) to fire a massive condensed ball of Water from his mouth, extinguishing the forest flames, while at the same time destroying a large number of trees in the process, thanks to the force of the attack.

At the same time, the Rebel Shinobi were moving around through the forestry, trying desperately not to be caught in the crossfire of the three summons, while at the same time remaining hidden.

"This is insane!" yelled one Ame-nin, "What kind of battle is this? They're changing the entire landscape."

"Those kids aren't normal" shouted another Ame Shinobi. "They're monsters!"

"What do you expect…!" said an Ame Kunoichi, "They're the offspring of monsters!"

"Enough all of you" cried the company leader, "We need to get out of here now otherwise we'll be exposed, or worse be caught in their battle and be killed."

"But we can't go by the Northern Bridge, if we go that way we'll be seen and exposed, since the surrounding trees there have been destroyed thanks to that red Salamanders Fire attack, and the Eastern Bridge is right in the line of sight of Hanzo and the others" said one of the other Ame Shinobi.

"Then we'll go around the lake and take the Southern Bridge…" the company leader replied. "It may take longer, but it's safer at least. We can still sneak up on Hanzo and the others, and by the time they have realized what's going on, it will be too late."

Once everyone understood what they were to do, the Rebel Shinobi stealthy made their way around the fort, while making sure to not get caught up in the battle between Mai, Naruto and their summonses.

After extinguishing the forest flames and landing back on the ground, Gamabunta fired another shot at Mai and her summons, but before the attacks could hit. The Ame Kunoichi and her summonses dived back into the Water and swam away.

Unwilling to give Mai and her summonses any more chances to attack, Gamabunta fired another volley of Water balls all across the lake, causing huge amounts of Water to fly up into the air before falling back down, flooding the fort and the surrounding shore in Water.

But despite the collateral damage done from the attacks, Gamabunta achieved his goal, where the now disorientated Mai and her summonses were pushed back up into the surface of the lake.

Seeing this as a chance to finally end the battle, Gamabunta once more jumped up high into the air and attempted to squash the Salamander as fell back down into the lake.

Realizing the danger Mai, (who had fallen off Squall duringGamabunta's attacks), grabbed onto Kaen and held onto him as he moved out of the way of the falling Toad.

Squall, (who was still distorted from the earlier attack), was not as lucky, where the Water Salamander could not move out of the way in time and was forced to return home. Barely avoiding being squashed, leaving Kaen and Mai alone to face the Toad Boss and Naruto.

-End Naruto Shippuuden OST My Name-

"Damnit all…!" cursed Mai, looking at the giant Toad directly opposite her, knowing that without Squall to back her and Kaen up; their chances of defeating Gamabunta were greatly reduced. "So this is the strength of the famed Boss Toad, it's incredible, if only I could summon Ibuse, I could stand a better chance. But I don't have enough Chakra to do that."

Seeing that things had finally calmed down a bit, Gamabunta decided that now was the time to get some answers. "Okay Brat, now it's time for you to tell me what is going on here. Who is that girl and why can she summon the Salamanders?"

"Here name is Hattori Mai, and she is the granddaughter of Sanshōuo no Hanzō."

"Hanzo's granddaughter?!" exclaimed the Toad Boss in surprise, having no idea that the infamous leader of Ame had any offspring, let alone a grandchild. "Yes I see, that would explain things, but why are you fighting her?"

"Well you see that's kind of a long story" Narueo replied nervously, since he wasn't sure how to explain the situation to Gamabunta without it being misunderstood. But before he could think of an appropriate explanation, Mai decided to answer for Naruto.

"I'm his fiancé that's why!"

"His fiancé!" yelled Gamabunta in surprise, before looking up at Naruto, who was silently cursing Mai for opening her big mouth. "Naruto, is she serious?!"

"Well yea, but its more complicated than she makes out to be…" Naruto replied quickly, trying to calm the giant Toad down.

But before he could explain any further, an annoyed Gamabunta interrupted him. "So you're telling me that you summoned me here, and had me fight those annoying Salamanders, simply because you two are having a lover's spat?!" But at the same time as he said this, the Boss Toad also thought, "A Fiancé already! Damn this kid moves fast…that perverted idiot Jiraiya must be loving this."

"Wait please, it's not what you think!" yelled Naruto, who was now blushing after Gamabunta called him and Mai lovers.

At the same time, those watching the battle all had large sweat drops on the back of their head as they continued to watch Naruto argue with his summon.

Tsunade and the other Konoha members had the decency to look embarrassed, while Hanzo had his party shook their in disbelief. This proved what they had already suspected…the Shinobi of Konoha were all idiots.

After a few more minutes of arguing, Naruto was finally able to convince Gamabunta to stay on and help him finish the fight.

"Tsk, alright fine, I'll help you out this time, but I expect some compensation in return, and you better not summon me for something like things again. I've no interest in being caught up in another lovers' quarrel between you and your girlfriend."

"Fine" groaned Naruto, not wanting get into another argument with the Boss Toad, which was why he didn't bother correcting him about Mai being his girlfriend. "I knew I should have summoned Katsuyu, at least then I wouldn't have to deal with all this crap."

But as soon as Naruto had thought this, he fell onto his rear after Gamabunta was suddenly hit by a powerful Wind enhance Fire blast from Mai and her summons.

"OW! That hurt!" yelled the Toad Boss, as he moved back.

Seeing that their attack hit, Mai had Kaen use his superior speed to circle around the massive Toad, and attack him from multiple different directions.

Gamabunta of course tried force them back, but due to Kaen's superior speed and smaller size, the large Toad couldn't land a solid hit, and received several scorch marks across his body for his trouble.

Having enough of this, Gamabunta redrew his dosu sword and dipped it into the lake, he then spun around, creating and large circular wave around him, which sent Mai and Kaen crashing back on the beach of the fort, near where the fight first begun.

"Time to end this you stupid flunky!" yelled Gamabunta as he swung his sword down on top of the red Salamander.

Knowing that her summons would not be able to avoid it in time, Mai quickly order the Salamander to return home, where he disappeared in a puff of smoke, right before the large sword could cut him in two.

Mai on the other hand was not as lucky as she was blown back by the force of Gamabunta's sword hitting the ground, sending her crashing into the fort wall, and then hitting the ground in a small crumple heap.

"Looks like this is the end" Gamabunta commented as he re-sheathed his sword.

"I wouldn't be so sure of that?" Naruto replied looking down at Mai as she slowly picked herself up.

Seeing this, the Toad Boss shook in his in annoyance, "Tsk, That girl is tough; I'll give her that…" after which he then glanced up at Naruto and smirked. "You two really are made for each other, your both stubborn as mules and don't know when to give up."

Embarrassed and annoyed by Gambunta's comment, a blushing Naruto simply replied "Shaddup!" which just made the massive Toad smirk more.

Eventually Gamabunta dropped all humour and adopted a more serious persona when he glanced down at Mai. "Want me to finish this?"

"No" Naruto replied, shaking his head, "I'll finish this myself."

"You sure?" asked the Toad Boss, raising his left eyebrow.

"Yea, this fight is between her and me, I want to end this fairly, without any doubt as to which of us is stronger."

"Huh, alright then, I'll leave the rest to you brat, just make you don't lose and tell me how things turned out."

After telling Gamabunta that he would, Naruto quickly jumped of the large Toad and landed back on the beach. At the same time the Toad Boss returned to Mount Myōboku, disappearing in a large cloud of smoke.

Once Gumabunat had returned to Mount Myōboku, Mai stared at the blonde boy for a moment. "Why did you have your summons leave, you could've finished this fight with one attack from him?"

"This fight is between us, no one else, using Gamabunta to win this wouldn't feel right with me."

When Naruto finished speaking, Mai couldn't help but smile, "You know when you say stuff like that; you make me want to fall for you all over again."

Naruto of course did not respond to this, although if one were to look closely they would've seen a faint redness on his cheeks.

"Huh, the boy may be strong, but his actions shows his age, not to mention his naivety" Hanzo remarked after seeing Naruto send Gamabunta away.

"Your son just gave up a huge advantage" Amaya added, glancing at Tsunade and the others. "He could've finished this fight with one move, but instead he decided send his summons back and fight Mai himself."

Annoyed by their remarks, Tsunade retorted "My son has a strong moral code; he doesn't like having an unfair advantage over an opponent he respects, but even then unlike your daughter, he doesn't need to win by cheap tricks."

"An admirable quality" Hanzo replied, "But still foolish, you should know better anyone Tsunade that the strongest and most skilled Shinobi does not always win, and such actions can easily lead to your son's death."

Tsunade of course did not respond she knew that Hanzo had a point; Naruto's moral code was always something that worried her. On the surface such actions would be seen respectable and honourable, but not everyone would see it like that, where people like Hanzo would see it as a weakness and take advantage of it.

Looking back at Naruto, Amaya was beginning to see why her daughter was so fascinated by the Senju heir. Not only was he powerful and talented, but at the same time he was kind, humble and had a strong moral code, qualities that she herself could not help but like. But even so the elder Kunoichi knew Naruto's actions could easily lead to his undoing, especially if he acted like this in a real fight, where either he or those close to him would pay the price should he be wrong.

Back with Naruto and Mai, the two young Shinobi were preparing to restart their fight, although both of them had been greatly weakened, neither was willing to call it quits yet.

Looking at Mai, Naruto could see she was in rough shape, she had several bruises and cuts all over her body, her clothes were in tatters, and thanks Gamabunta she no doubt had more than a few internal injuries and possible fractures. Also given the way she was breathing, and how long they had been fighting, Naruto figured that she was probably nearing the end of her stamina.

But despite this, Naruto knew that the match was far from over, he himself was not in great shape thanks to Mai's poison. Although the medicine he had taken was finally taking effect, allowing him to move better and use his Chakra more. He was still far from cured, and it would only be a matter of time before the poison started affecting him again, possibly even worse than before. There was also the fact that he had used the Kyuubi's Chakra, which was always a double edge sword for him and was already starting to affect him, where he felt like he had just run a marathon. Even if he took another soldier pill, he knew that it would do little for him, since it wouldn't negate the effects of the poison. The only way to win was either to beat Mai or outlast her since it wasn't a matter of "if" their bodies gave out; it was a matter of when.

-Enter Bleach OST: Power to Strive-

Knowing that he needed to finish this fight quickly Naruto made the first move and used his Mokuton powers to create another wooden sword for himself and fell into a standard sword stance, allowing for both defensive or offensive action to be taken.

At the same time Mai took out a Kunai she had picked up off the ground, since her one remaining fan had been lost when she crashed into the fort wall.

After a moment of tense waiting, Mai and Naruto raced forward with impressive speed. Within seconds the two young Shinobi clashed weapons with one another and restarted their battle.

Naruto struck first where he tried a diagonal slash, which Mai blocked with her Kunai and then pushed him back and tried a horizontal slash across his chest. Only to cut empty space as Naruto leapt back.

Not willing give Mai the advantage, Naruto moved forward and then used the Nagareru Mizu (Following Water) technique and switch his wooden sword from his right hand to his left at high speed behind his back. Hoping to catch Mai off guard again and hit her in the side. But to his surprise Mai was able to avoid this by ducking under it.

"I told you before at the preliminaries, I won't fall for the same trick twice!" the girl said before kicking Naruto hard in the left stomach, causing him to spit up slightly and skid several feet away into the lake again.

With Naruto now disorientated, Mai raced towards the Senju heir, hoping of finish the fight with a single move. But just as she was about to stab Naruto in the right shoulder, the blonde boy side-stepped to the left, avoiding the Kunai trust and then brought his wooden sword down on right wrist, causing her to drop her Kunai.

Naruto then followed through with a sharp knee to her stomach; taking the breath right out of the female Hattori member. He then hit her in the side of the head with his bokken (Wooden Sword), almost knocking her out and then finished with a kick to the stomach, sending her skidding across the Water's surface.

Surprised by the fact that Mai was still concussion, Naruto raced to finish the elder girl off. But before he could, Mai was able to somehow recover and flipped backwards and preformed a series of backwards summersaults, increasing the distance between the two.

Once she was back on her feet Mai immediately spun around and preformed several quick hand-seals and thought "Katon: Ryū no Hōkō!" spiting and even larger stream of Fire from her mouth than before, forcing Naruto to move to avoid them.

"Shit!" Naruto thought when he saw the massive stream of Fire closing in on him and was forced to halt his advance on Mai. Knowing he couldn't evade the Fire attack in time, Naruto dipped his sword into the Water and thought "Senkai no Mizu (Swirling Water)!" He started to spin around at high speed, drawing in the surrounding Lake Water and using it to create a massive waterspout around himself, protecting him from Mai's Fire attack. At the same time a large cloud of steam, (created from when the Fire attack and the waterspout made contact), began to form around him, blocking everyone's sight of the blonde boy.

-End Bleach OST: Power to Strive-

Realizing that her attack was pointless, Mai cancelled her Fire attack and waited for the steam cloud to die down. But before it could, several high speed crescent shape blades of Water suddenly appeared out of the cloud and raced towards her.

"Bunkatsu Mizu (Splitting Water), Shit!" Mai cursed before dropping under the Water to avoid the deadly Water blades. But as soon as she resurfaced, she came under attack again, where Naruto nearly hit her in the side of the head again with a high speed horizontal slash.

Avoiding the attack, Mai struck back by kneeing the young boy in the side, but as soon as the attack made contact, "Naruto" reverted into Water revealing he was a fake.

Realizing that the fake Naruto was just a distraction, Mai looked around and saw Naruto racing towards her at high speed with his sword pointing forward.

Recognising the Tachioyogi (Treading Water) technique, Mai quickly avoiding the lethal sword stab by back flipping over Naruto and kicking him in the back of the head as he hung over him. But like before, as soon as she hit him, "Naruto" reverted into Water again, revealing that he was another Water clone.

After destroying the second Water clone, Mai turned around to see any sign of the "real" Naruto and soon found him, (or at least who she thought might be him), and ran towards him. But before she could reach him, Naruto used his bokken to create a wall of Water in front of him.

Unwilling to let a simple wall of Water stop her, Mai continued to move forward him and punched through the Water wall…and Naruto. But as soon as she did, the Water wall collapsed, causing "Naruto" to disappear, revealing that he was an illusion created by Water wall. (3)

Moments after the Water wall collapsed, Mai instincts warned her of danger again. Listening to them, Mai quickly jumped back and barely avoided a downward slash from Naruto, who appeared above her.

After avoiding the downward slash, Mai then struck back by kicking Naruto hard in the face, sending him flying back several meters. But Naruto recovered and channelled his Wind Chakra into his bokken, (increasing its reach and cutting power), and attempted a horizontal slash across Mai's chest, which she avoided my leaping back. She then took out several shuriken and threw them at Naruto, forcing the blonde boy to fall into the Water to avoid them.

Shortly after falling into the Water, Naruto reappeared behind Mai and attempted to slash her from behind. But Mai expected this and jumped forward to avoid the slash; she then spun around and threw the last of her remaining shruiken at him, where he received several slashes across his arms, face and shoulders when he tried to evade them.

Taking advantage of the situation, Mai leapt forward and punched Naruto hard in the stomach, causing him to drop his wooden sword into the Water. But before she could finish him off, Naruto brought up right fist and tried to punch her in her injured side, forcing her to jump back.

Picking up his bokken, (which was floating on the Water surface after he dropped it), Naruto then raced towards the Ame Kunochi and used his Mizu no Atsuen (Rolling Water) technique, in an attempt to catch Mai off guard.

Unfortunately Mai saw through his deception and ignored the faint slash and blocked the real slash with her armguard hidden beneath her tekkou. "How many times do I have to tell you, I won't fall for the same trick twice."

"Then how about this?" Naruto replied, where he then pulled his wooden sword back and passed his sword from left hand to his right at high speed behind his back, catching the elder girl completely off guard and nearly breaking her left arm when he swung it.

Watching the two teens fight from the outer fort wall, Amaya was both surprised and impressed with how skilful Naruto had become in using Kushina'sArasuijin no Mai (Dance of the Raging Water Goddess) Sword Style.

"As much as I hate to admit it, Tomato-chan did a pretty impressive job in training that kid. To think he could use so many of her techniques after only a few months of training, he was even able to successfully combine Mizu no Atsuen and Nagareru Mizu to catch Mai-chan off-guard."

While the battle continued, it became more and more apparent to Mai that she was going to lose, thanks to her now injured arm; she could barely hold Naruto off as he continued to push her back further and further.

Taking out some smoke bombs from her pouch Mai threw them at Naruto, causing them to explode in his face, creating a small cloud of smoke around him.

With Naruto now blinded, Mai leapt back several meters, all the while performing hand seals, ignoring the pain she was feel from her injured arm. "Damnit, because of my arm its taking longer than it should for me to perform hand seals, but still, this should do it Katon: Ryū no Hōkō!"

Once she finished her hand seals, Mai spat out a large stream of Fire from her mouth, but before the attack could make contact. A large waterspout suddenly sprung out of the smoke, blocking the red hot flames and creating another large cloud of steam.

"Tsk, he recovered quicker than I expected" Mai thought angrily as she cancelled her attack.

Keeping her senses on high alert, Mai waited for the steam cloud to dissipate, knowing that if she were to enter the steam cloud, she would be at a serious disadvantage. Her best option was the wait for the steam to disappear, while watching for any possible sneak attacks.

Shortly after the steam cloud appeared, several Naruto's jumped out from the steam cloud and raced towards her.

Seeing this, Mai waited until the four clones were right on top of her, she then flipped over the first one, avoiding a lethal sword stab that would have impaled her. After which she then preformed a perfect reverse spin kick right into the second Naruto's face, causing it to revert into Water, revealing it to be a Water clone.

"Mizu Bunshin (Water Clone) huh?" thought Mai after seeing what happen to the Naruto she had hit. "Good that makes things easier."

After destroying the Water clone and landing back on the lake's surface, Mai spun around and kicked the third Naruto clone off his feet with a high speed leg sweep. She then flipped herself back into the air to avoid another lethal sword stab from the fourth Naruto clone, who had tried to sneak up behind her. She then kicked him in the back of the head, (as she hung in mid-air over him), causing him to revert into Water again.

"Heh, luckily for me Mizu Bunshin only have one-tenth of their user's true power, meaning it shouldn't be too hard for me to take care of the remaining two" Mai said to herself, before glancing at the steam cloud and then at the Water below. "But still, I need to be on my guard, more than likely Naruto-kun is probably using these clones to distract me. I need to finish this quickly."

But as soon as Mai had thought this, two more Naruto's appeared out of the Water behind her and attempted to restrain her.

Unfortunately though for the clones, Mai was ready for a sneak attack like this, and used Shunshin no Jutsu (Body-Flicker Technique) to evade them and reappear behind him.

"Heh, Nice try Naruto-kun, but not good enough" Mai remarked, as she prepared to face off against the four Water clones.

It didn't take long for Mai to quickly deal with the remaining clones, where in less than a minutes, the clones had all but been the destroyed. After defeating the last Water clone, Mai turned around to the cloud of steam, and saw three massive vortexes explode of the steam cloud and into the air, where they formed into three large serpent-like Dragons.

At the same time, Mai saw the real Naruto standing in between two Shadow clones, who had just finished performing the same set of hand seals he had been doing.

"Shit!" Mai cursed, realizing what had happened. "I was right, the Mizu Bunshin were just a distraction. But he wasn't using them so he could sneak up on me; he was using them to keep me busy until he was ready to use his Justu."

Hearing her mother screams telling her to move, Mai attempted to Shunshin away. But before she could perform the necessary hand seals, a seventh Water clone appeared out of the Water behind her and held her in a grapple hold from behind her back; preventing her from forming any hand seals or moving.

"Fuck I was careless!" Mai mentally screamed, as she struggled to free herself from the clone's hold. But by then, it was already too late, where she heard Naruto and his clones shout "Suiton: Sanjū Suiryūdan no Jutsu (Water Style: Triple Water Dragon Technique)!" (D)

Seeing the three massive Dragons speeding towards from three separate directions, Mai knew she could not avoid them in time and so closed her eyes and braced herself for what was to happen.

Within seconds the three Water Dragons converged on Mai and the Water clones and erupted in a tremendous explosion of Water, destroying the Water clone instantly and sending Water flying everywhere.

After the explosion died down, Naruto clones disappeared in a puff of smoke, while he fell to his knees, sweat pouring covering his face, while panting heavily.

"Crap…pant, pant…that was tough…I'm nearly out of Chakra…pant, pant…I just hope that ends it, otherwise I'm finished" Naruto said to himself. His body was already aching in pain and was struggling to keep himself afloat on the Water.

Scanning the Water for any sign of Mai, Naruto soon located the older girl fifty meters away from her original location, floating face up in the Water.

Making his way over to her, Naruto was surprised to see that the Ame Kunoichi was still conscious, although just barely, "Damn, just how tough is Mai-chan."

Without thinking Naruto immediately started healing the injured Kunoichi, using his Shōsen Jutsu (Mystical Palm Technique).

Looking up, Mai started having a strange sense of Déjà vu, after losing to Naruto for the second time; she now found herself unable to move, and being healed once again by the blonde boy.

"You must really love humiliating me?" Mai remarked with a painful smirk. "Even after beating me, you immediately start healing me, instead of yourself."

Staying focus on his task, Naruto simply replied "I'm a medic, it's what I do," before smiling and saying "Besides isn't that one of things that you like about me?" remember what Mai had told him once.

Smiling, Mai simply nodded, since Naruto's kind heart and nature was indeed one of the things that attracted her to him, it was something she was not use to seeing. In her village it was always the survival of the fittest, especially in her Clan, she had never met anyone who cared so much for others, and so little of himself. It was so foreign to her, which was also another thing that fascinated her about Naruto.

When Naruto finished healing her, the Senju heir slowly helped the elder girl up, although he had treated her internal injuries, she was still far from healed and her body ached terribly from Naruto's last attack, and would need further medical care later on, before she could be cleared for duty again.

But as soon as Mai was back on her feet, Naruto suddenly fell to his knees holding his chest in pain, "Crap, the poison!"

Seeing that Naruto was in pain, Mai quickly took out her small vile of pills from her pouch and gave him one of the pills. "Here take this, it's an antidote to the poison, it'll ease the pain and eliminate the poisons effects in a few hours' time."

Deciding to trust Mai, Naruto took the pill and swallowed it, after which the elder girl helped him back up. But as soon as he was back on his feet, Naruto and Mai began to hear a tearing sound, before either could even ask what the noise was. The upper portion of Mai's tunic suddenly fell apart, (due to the weight of the Water and Mai's chest, and after all wear and tear it went through during the battle), giving the blonde boy a front row view of Mai's now naked chest.

For a moment or two, neither teen spoke or so much as moved and simply stared down at Mai exposed upper body, too stunned to do or say anything.

Naruto of course was the first to react, turning a completely new shade of red, which had never been seen before.

Despite dressing in a rather revealing manner, and regardless common belief shared by many Kunoichi, Mai was not a harlot or some sort of exhibitionist. She did in fact have standards when it came to how much of herself she showed to others, and how far she would use her sexuality against her opponents.

The fact that she was now basically topless right in front of a member of the opposite sex, who in turn was staring directly at her bare chest, crossed one of those lines.

Before Naruto could say, let alone even do anything, a now crimson Mai covered her naked chest with her left arm, (failing to cover very much), and used her right to punch Naruto right in the face yelling "NARUTO, YOU LETCH!" Sending the blonde boy flying back with a bleeding nose, although whether the nose bleed was from the punch or from seeing Mai's bare chest remained in mystery.

At the same time watching from the outer wall, a now groaning Tsunade raised her right hand to cover her face. Despite being delighted that Naruto had won the fight, the way it ended left things to be desired.

"How the hell does he keep getting himself into situation like this?" the female Hokage asked herself, "Especially with her!"

"Heh! That Brat has the devil's luck" Jiraiya said to himself as he and Kushina were fighting hard not to laugh at Naruto's misfortune, or fortune, (whichever way you look at it). But as soon as Tsunade turned to them and gave them one of her famed evil stares, their laughter came to an abrupt halt and they suddenly came down with a severe coughing fit.

Turning away from the two, Tsunade then glanced over at Hanzo and his party. The Ame leader was of course expressionless as usual, making it difficult for Tsunade to known what he was thinking.

Kandachi was of course was easier to read, where she could tell by the large frown on his face that the right hand man of Hanzo was greatly displeased by how the battle turned out, but not surprised at the same time.

Amaya on the other hand did not seem annoyed or angry, instead she looked relieved. Tsunade suspected that this was due to the fact that her daughter had survived being hit by "three" Water Dragons without serious harm, which was remarkable in itself. It showed just how resilient the young girl was, and made Tsunade wonder if the girl somehow had some Uzumaki blood in her.

Just as Tsunade was about to comment on how the match ended, the blonde Hokage caught a gleam out of the corner of her eye and shouted "DOWN!"

Acting on Tsunade's warning the three Ame Shinobi and two Konoha Shinobi quickly fell to ground, narrowly escaping death from a hail of Shuriken from behind.

Moments after the attack, a dozen Shinobi landed on the wall and started attacking, acting on pure instinct and allowing no time for the attacking Shinobi to do anything. Tsunade jumped forward and kicked one of the Shinobi hard in the chest, sending him flying back into the fort, crushing his chest at the same time.

Once she had dealt the Shinobi, Tsunade immediately sidestepped a Kunai stab from another one of the attacking and grabbed his arm, allowing her to get a better look at him and his headband, indicating that he was from Ame.

Upon seeing the headband, Tsunade at first thought that the attack was a trap set up by Hanzo. But such thoughts quickly evaporated when she saw the large scratch across the Shinobi headband, indicating that he was a missing-nin, and not a follower of Hanzo.

This became even more apparent when Tsunade glanced over at Hanzo's party and saw that they were also busy fighting the same group of Shinobi.

After grabbing hold of the attacking Shinobi's arm, Tsunade then used her enhance strength to flip said Shinobi high up into the air and into the lake. She then quickly turned to the direction that the enemy Shinobi had come from and saw a large group of Shinobi, numbering about thirty, moving towards them.

Knowing that they were too exposed on the wall to be fighting like this, Tsunade gathered her Chakra into her fist and shouted "JUMP!" as she slammed her fist onto the wall, causing it to explode into pieces as it collapsed, covering the nearby area in smoke and dust.

Heeding Tsunade's words, Jiraiya, Hanzo and the others leapt high into the air, right before she destroyed the wall, burying several of the assassins under the rumble.

After landing on the lake, the two parties wasted no time in racing over to Naruto and Mai to make sure that they were safe. When they reached the two teens, they saw that Naruto had already recovered from his little incident with Mai and had been chivalrous enough to give the girl his coat so that she could cover herself with it.

"Kaa-chan what's going on?"

"Assassins…" Tsunade replied before turning to Hanzo, "From Ame."

"They are not from Ame, they're missing-nins, and in case you haven't notice, they attacked us as well" Amaya retorted coolly, not liking the tone Tsunade had used when addressing her father.

"Yea we saw that" Jiraiya added, where he then turned to the Ame leader "I guess they're not fans of yours are they?"

At first Hanzo did not reply, since he didn't like talking about his villages internal matters with outsiders. But given the situation the elder Shinobi leader knew there was no point in hiding it, since any lie he came up with would be easily seen through. "They are rebels, trying to eliminate me so that they can take over the village for themselves."

"It seems that Ame isn't quite as stable as you wanted us to believe" Tsunade remarked, causing Hanzo and his group to glare coldly at her.

"It was an internal matter for my village and was of no concern to you or Konoha" Hanzo retorted coldly, angered by how things turned out. He had underestimated the Rebel forces, and did not believe they had capability, let alone the audacity to attack him like this, something that he would deal with once he returned to Ame.

"Well your internal problem has just become our problem!" voiced Kushina pointing at the Rebel Shinobi who had now cleared the wall and was racing towards them.

Glancing at Naruto and Mai, the red headed Jonin knew that if they fought here, the two teens would get caught up in the fight and given how exhausted they were, it was likely they would get killed, or seriously hurt. There was also the fact that Tsunade could also get seriously hurt in the fight, and Konoha could not afford to lose her right now.

Knowing what needed to be done, Kushina raced forward to intercept the advancing Shinobi group, before they could reach the Hokage and the others.

Seeing this, Tsunade quickly tried to call the younger woman back, "Kushina, what do you think you're doing?! Get back here!"

Ignoring the elder woman's orders, Kushina continued towards the group and made a Shadow clone of herself. "Take Naruto and the girl and fall back to forest, I hold them off."

"Kushina get back, you can't take them all on by yourself!" yelled Jiraiya.

"Trust me I know what I am doing!" the former ANBU Captain replied, before telling her clone what she wanted it to do.

-Enter Magi OST Enfin Apparu-

After nodding its head, Kushina's clone halted and then conjured several dozen long chains from its back, where it erected a massive dome shape barrier around the lake and the fort.

Once the Chain Barrier was erected, Kushina was certain that the group was now contained and could no longer harm the Hokage and the others. But just as she was about to move towards the Rebel group, she was suddenly joined by Amaya, who had somehow entered the barrier before it was full erected.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" Kushina demanded, surprised by Amaya's sudden appearance.

"This is an internal problem for my village, and I intend to deal with it" Amaya replied without even looking at Kushina.

"You're going to help me?" Kushina asked with no small amount of surprise.

"Believe me, I don't like it any more than you do, but for this "one" time, we share a common enemy and should work together" Amaya answered before turning to look at her rival and smirked. "Besides there's no way I going to stand by and let you hog all the glory from this."

Smirking back, Kushina nodded, "Fine, but don't blame me if you get hurt, or expect me to watch your back."

Smirking again, Amaya nodded back, stating that she wouldn't expect her to, after which the two of them sped across the Water at remarkable speed.

Once they were close enough the two Kunoichi suddenly jumped up high into the air, avoiding a hail of Kunai thrown at them by the Rebel Shinobi and landed in the middle of the group.

Instantly Kushina and Amaya drew their swords and dispatched four of the Rebel Shinobi with frightening ease. After which they then separate from one another and began engaging the enemy Shinobi in close combat at opposite ends.

After killing two more Shinobi with her Katana, Kushina found herself surrounded by a dozen or so Shinobi who all unleashed a hail of Shuriken on her.

Acting fast, Kushina turn her Katana around and dipped it into the Water and began spinning around at high speed creating a giant Waterspout, which protected her from the projectiles. At the same time several dozen high speed Water blades suddenly erupted out of the spinning Waterspout, flying in every direction. The surrounding Shinobi did their best to avoid the deadly Water blades, but some weren't as fast as others and were almost instantly sliced to pieces by the crescent shape Water blades.

At the same time on the opposite end of the battlefield Amaya was busy dealing with the other half of the Rebel group.

After avoiding a lethal sword slash from one of the Rebel Shinobi, Amaya started performing a series of high speed one handed hand seals and spat out a massive stream of fire.

Quick to act, three of the Rebel nins combined their Water skills to create large wall of Water to block the Fire attack, creating a blanket of steam in front of them. But as soon as the Fire attack had ended and they had cancelled their Water wall, Amaya appeared out of the steam and separated all three of their heads from their bodies with one single powerful swing from her giant sword.

Seeing their comrades being killed so mercilessly by the daughter of Hanzo, two other Rebels ran forward and attempted stab her in the back with their Kunai.

Noticing what the two Shinobi were trying to do after seeing them out of the corner of her eye. Amaya formed a single one handed hand sign and blew out a small stream of Fire from her mouth, imbuing her blade with the flames. She then quickly spun around and shouted "Ryūjin Jakka (Flowing Flame Blade)!" as she severed both Shinobi from their lower halves with her flaming sword, cauterizing their wounds at the same time, preventing any blood from spilling.

With the two missing-nins dealt with, Amaya notice another three attempting the same tactic, after seeing their reflection on the flat side of her sword.

"Fools!" thought the dark haired Kunoichi as she spun her sword around and unleashed a powerful flaming arc from her sword, which quickly enveloped all three missing-nins. But to her surprise instead of seeing their bodies' burn, the three Shinobi reverted into Water, revealing them to be Water clones.

By the time Amaya realized she had been tricked, the three Shinobi appeared out of the Water, surrounding her, where they attempted to stab her with their short swords from all sides. But instead they stabbed each other, due to Amaya using Shunshin no Jutsu (Body-Flicker Technique) to evade their attacks.

After escaping the sneak attack, Amaya reappeared several meters away from where she Shunshin'd, and again found herself surrounded by several Rebels. This time though she was ready and brought up her flaming sword and spun it around, creating a large circular wall of flame around herself, incinerating two of the missing-nins, while the rest were forced to jump away. But they quickly struck back by firing several powerful Water attacks at the Ame Kunoichi.

Acting on instinct, Amaya channelled her Chakra into her sword, increasing the flames around it and began spinning around at high speed, creating a large swirling vortex of Fire around herself.

When the Water attacks crashed Mai's flaming twister, the cold Water quickly began to cool down the hot flames, creating a dense cloud of steam that covered much of the surrounding arena.

"Shit! I can't see a thing!" thought one of the Rebel nins, right before the daughter of Hanzo appeared out of the Water behind him and sliced his head off, without him ever knowing what had happened.

On the opposite end of the battlefield, Kushina had just finished with another one of the Rebels Shinobi when she turned to the direction Amaya was fighting in, after seeing the large flaming twister.

"Sheez, she sure holding nothing back, she's already using Ryūjin Jakka and Hisen (Fire Whirl)." (F)

Seeing that Kushina was momentarily distracted, one of the Ame missing-nins attempted to run her through the back with his sword. But before he could get close enough to do this, several Chakra chains shot out of the red haired woman's back and impaled him. After which Kushina then conjured several more Chakra chains from her body and fired them in multiple different directions, impaling four other nearby Shinobi.

Angered by the death of four more of her comrades, one Rebel Kunoichi threw several Kunai with exploding notes tied to them at Kushina, detonating them once they hit her.

But when the smoke from the explosion died down, the only thing the Kunoichi could see were the fragments of a destroyed wooden log, revealing that Kushina had replaced herself at the last moment.

"Fuck!" thought the Rebel Kunoichi, before her felt a sudden sense of danger from behind and jumped forward, barely avoiding at lethal slash from behind from Kushina. The Ame Kunoichi then quickly spun around and took out another set of Kunai, throwing the first two, while holding onto the third.

Wasting no time Kushina skilfully deflected the two Kunai with her Katana, but was forced to jump back when the Rebel Kunoichi appeared underneath her and tried to stab her in the stomach with her Kunai.

Unwilling to let Kushina escape, the Rebel Kunoichi went after the red head, who had landed at the edge of the steam cloud that had been created when Amaya's Fire twister was extinguished.

Using her Katana, Kushina began spinning her Katana around over her head, gathering a thin layer of steam from the cloud around herself. She then brought the flat end of her blade forward and disappeared right before the Kunoichi eyes.

"What the…?" But before the Kunoichi could finish her train of thought, a long sharp blade burst out of her chest from behind, causing her to spit out large amounts of blood.

Confused by what was happening, the female Shinobi turned her head around slightly and was surprised to find Kushina standing behind her.

"Genjutsu?" muttered the dying Kunoichi.

"No..." Kushina replied, "Kirisui (Misty Water)," where she then pulled her Katana out of the woman's back, causing her fall forward into the Water. (G)

Moments after killing the Kunoichi, Kushina immediately jumped into the air to avoid several high speed balls of Fire from a group of Ame Rebels.

Reacting quickly, Kushina took out several exploded notes and threw them at the Water below and detonated them, creating a brief screen of smoke and Water to distract the Rebel Shinobi. But before the smoke could even dissipate, several dozen Chakra Chains, (with exploding notes tied to them), appeared out from the smoke and flew straight for Rebel group, impaling six of the missing-nins, who then exploded when the notes on the chains activated. The remaining four though escaped, thanks to replacing themselves with Water Clones.

-End Magi OST Enfin Apparu-

Calling her Chakra chains back, Kushina was about to renew her battle with the remaining Ame Shinobi. But was stopped when she heard a familiar voice shout "Katon: Ryū no Hōkō!" from within the cloud of steam behind her.

Acting fast, Kushina jumped up into the air, and just managed to evade a massive stream of Fire that had suddenly blasted out of the steam cloud.

When she landed back on the Water, Kushina immediately sensed someone standing directly behind her, turning, Kushina brought up her sword and swung it around, intending to remove the person's head with it. But suddenly stop short at the person's neck after seeing the person's face, realizing that the person was Amaya, who had also brought up her sword and had just stopped sort of doing the exact same thing to Kuhsina.

"Damn Amaya, I nearly killed you!"

"Me? I nearly killed you!" retorted the buxom Kunoichi as she and Kushina slowly lowered their swords. But no sooner had they lowered their blades, they quickly brought them up again and slashed at two Rebel nin, who appeared out of Water on opposing sides behind the two Kunoichi.

After killing the two Shinobi, the two Kunoichi, quickly turned their backs to one another when they saw that they were now surrounded on all sides by the remaining enemy Shinobi.

"Heh," laughed Amaya, "I thought you said that you wouldn't be watching my back?"

Not taking her eyes off her Rebel Shinobi surrounding them, Kushina retorted, "I simply reacted to an approaching enemy, so don't think for one second that means I like you."

Smirking, Amaya glanced briefly backed at her sworn rival, "Glad to hear it, for a second there I thought you were getting soft on me there."

"Hardly" Kushina scoffed.

"So we'll we finish this?" Amaya asked with a half smirk.

"Fine" the red head replied, before the two of them jumped up into the air, and used their feet to propel each other forward with remarkable speed.

Catching the Ame-nin off guard by how fast she was travel, Kushina was able to cut one Rebel in two, with frightening ease.

Taking advantage of their confusion, Kushina then swung her Katana in a wide arc, slashing two more Shinobi across their stomachs and opening them up.

Recovering from their surprise, the remaining other Rebel Shinobi fired a hail of Shuriken, Kunai and Jutsu, but before they could reach their target. The female Uzumaki, canceled the Chakra to her feet, causing her to fall into the Water and allowing her to avoid attacks.

"Stupid Bitch, She's on our turf now!" thought one of the Rebel nins before shouting, "After her!" where he a the rest of his comrades went into the Water after her.

At the same time, Amaya was busy killing her third enemy before one Shinobi jumped into the air and fired a football size Fireball.

Unafraid by the Fire attack, the Ame Kunochi formed a single one handed hand seal and thought "Katon:Gōkakyū no Jutsu (Fire Style: Great Fireball Technique)!" before firing a massive ball of flame.

Within seconds, the Fire attack was enveloped the smaller Fireball and hit the Rebel Shinobi, who could only watch as the flaming ball flew towards him and burnt him alive.

Taking advantage of Amaya's distraction two Shinobi came up behind her, hoping to finally put an end to the daughter of Hanzo. But before they could reach her, a large whirlpool suddenly appeared in the Water, blocking their path.

Before either Shinobi could even wonder what was happening, a massive waterspout burst out whirlpool.

"What the…?" said one of the Ame Rebels, before he saw a dozen of his comrades being thrown out of the waterspout, and sent crashing back onto the Water.

Turning around, Amaya smirked when she saw the waterspout dying down, revealing Kushina standing in the middle off it, "Show-off."

"What the hell just happened?" asked one of the Rebels as he helped his comrade back up onto their feet.

"That damn bitch, she's what happened!" shouted the Shinobi. "When she went underwater, we followed after her, but as soon as we had her surrounded, she used some sort of Jutsu to spin around and create a whirlpool that shucked us up and flung us up into the air."

When the waterspout died down, Kushina sheathed her Katana and took out a scroll from her pouch before opening it up, unleashing a hail of Shuriken and Kunai, which flew out of the scroll, impaling several of Ame Rebels.

Angered by what Kushina's had done, one of the Ame Shinobi fired a powerful blast of Fire at her, which the red head immediately blocked by taking out and opening another scroll and sucked the Fire blast within the scrolls.

After the Fire attack had absorbed within the scroll, Kushina closed the scroll and reopened it, releasing the Fire blast at attacking Shinobi, who dodged the attack and charged straight at her.

Side-stepping the Shinobi Kunai stab, Kushina redrew her blade and rammed her Katana into the man's chest. But to her surprise, the Shinobi smiled and grabbed hold of her arms with his right hand and shouted "Now!"

Upon hearing their comrade's order, one Ame Shinobi used the surrounding Water to create a large sphere of Water that enveloped both Kushina and his comrade.

At the same time and second Ame Shinobi started performing hand seals for a Lightning technique that would kill both people inside the Water sphere. But before the Shinobi could finish the required hand seals, he and his other comrade were force to move when they saw two Kunai flying towards them, causing the Water Sphere to collapse.

With the Water sphere now gone, Kushina wasted no time in freeing herself, where she punched the dying Shinobi holding her in the face, causing him to let go of her. Allowing her to pull her Katana out of him and finish him off with single swing of her sword, severing his head.

"Looks, like you owe me one Tomato-chan" a smirking Amaya remarked, appearing next to red head. But no sooner had she appeared, without warning Kushina kicked her away.

Angered by what by what had happened, Amaya was about to yell, but stopped when she saw Kushina stabbing a Rebel Kunoichi, who had seemly snuck up behind her, and had been about to stab her in the back of the head with a Kunai.

Pulling her Katana out of then now dead Kunochi's chest, Kushina turned to her rival and smirked, "Now we're even it," before jumping off to re-engage the remaining Rebels.

Not about to be outdone by Kushina, Amaya quickly took off after the Red headed Kunoichi.

From their position on the shoreline of the lake, Naruto and the others watched as his sensei and Mai's mother battled the Rebel assassins, as the battle continued, Naruto couldn't help but awe at their skill, and now understood just how strong his sensei was. Despite being vastly outnumbered twenty to one, the two Kunoichi seemed to be winning and had just killed almost half of the enemy Shinobi.

This was also the first time for Naruto to really watch his sensei in actually battle, although he had watched her fight briefly when she fought against Kisame. He had been unable to stay conscious long enough to watch the entirety of the fight.

"How are they able to do that?" Naruto asked, after watching Amaya block a sword strike from one of the Rebel Shinobi with her own large sword when he tried to attack his sensei. Kushina then flipped over Amaya and stabbed the Rebel in the head with her Katana. When she landed back on the Water, Amaya flipped over her, kicking away and Rebel Kunoichi, who tried to stab her in the side with a Kunai. Kushina in turn elbowed another Shinobi, (who attacked her), hard in the throat and then kicked him away. She then tossed her Katana into the air and kicked the base of the hilt with her foot, sending the sword speeding towards an a Shinobi, who appeared out of the Water behind Amaya, stabbing him in the neck, killing him instantly. (4) "I thought they were enemies, but the way they are fighting now, it's like they're comrades who trained with each other for years. They're fighting in perfect sync of each other and at the same time covering for one another, it's almost like they can read each others minds."

"It is because they are enemies that they are able to work so well with one another" Hanzo answered, speaking for the first time with Naruto.

Turning to the aged Shinobi, Naruto's only response was a "Huh?" not understanding what Hanzo was trying to tell him

"Your Sensei and my daughter have fought each other many times over the years, and because of this, they know how each other fight. Rivals can often know each other better than comrades can, because they have fought each other so many times and have trained themselves to look out for subtle moves or signs that they each make when they fight. Allowing them to predict what the other will do next."

Once he had finish, Hanzo went back to watching the fight, where Kushina used her Mizu no Josho (Rising Water) technique to block a Fire attack from one of the Rebels. This allowed Amaya strike back by throwing several Kunai, (with exploding notes time to them) at the Rebels, forcing the enemy Shinobi back, when they exploded. "So that is the Uzumaki girl that Amaya is always talking? The one capable of restraining Biju, she is indeed impressive, not to mention powerful. The fact she able to create a barrier to envelope the entire lake and fort, and still be strong enough to keep all those Shinobi within it is no small feat for anyone."

Mai was of course of similar mind as her grandfather, and was beginning to understand why her mother held the female Uzumaki in such high regard and how she was able to stand up to her mother in battle.

-With Kushina and Amaya-

Using Namiutsu Mizu (Rippling Water) technique, Kushina synchronize her breathing and locked her eyes with a Rebel Shinobi she had been fighting with, allowing her to dodge the Shinobi rabid high speed sword strikes, with relative ease.

Frustrated that all his attacks were failing, the Shinobi lunged forward at the female Uzumaki, giving Kushina exactly the opening she needed. Allowing her to sidestep the stab and move behind him, allowing her to backhand him in the back of the head, knocking him out and causing him to fall face first into the Water, where he drowned.

Moments after dealing with the sword wielding Shinobi, Kushina was forced to jump away when she saw a hail of Shruiken fall down on top of her from above.

When she landed several meters away she saw four more Rebel Shinobi standing where she had been. But before any of them could attack, they heard a familiar female voice shout Katon: Hibashiri (Fire Style: Running Fire)!" where several streams of Fire suddenly appeared and flew through the air and form a large circle of Fire around the four Shinobi, trapping them inside it.

Before any of the Shinobi could act, Amaya suddenly appeared directly above him, and after finishing another set of one handed Hand seals thought "Katon: Rekka(Fire Style: Ardent Flame)!" when she spat out a massive blast of Fire. (H)

After spitting out the large Fire blast, Amaya brought up her giant sword and swung it, creating a shockwave that enhanced the Fire blasts flames.

With nowhere to run the four Shinobi could only watch on in horror as the giant inferno fell down on top of them burning them alive, leaving only ashes in its wake. But as soon as Amaya landed back on the Water's surface, Kushina chains suddenly surrounded her, forming a protective barrier around her, saving her from a barrage of exploding notes and Kunai.

At that moment Kushina formed a single hand seal and thought "Suiton: Mizu Kamikiri (Water Style: Rising Water Slicer)!" before spitting out a fast jet of Water from her mouth, forcing the attacking Shinobi to jump away.

Recovering quickly, one of the Rebel Shinobi struck back by firing his own Water attack at Kushina.

Seeing this, Amaya shouted at Kushina to lower her barrier.

Doing what she was told; Kushina lowered her Chain barrier, allowing Amaya to appear in between the red head and the approaching Water attack, thanks to Shunshin no Jutsu (Body FlickerTechnique).

After forming three quick hand seals and gathering a large amount of Chakra to her month, (converting it into Fire), the Ame Kunoichi finished forming her hand seals and thought "Katon: Kouen (Fire Style: Crimson Flames)!" firing a large blast of Fire at the Water attack, causing it to evaporate, creating a small screen of hot steam. (I)

Shortly after Amaya blocked the Water attack, four Ame Rebels appeared out of the steam cloud, catching the daughter Hanzo off-guard. But before she could even try to defend herself, four large spinning drills of Water appeared around her and flew at the four attacking Shinobi, impaling them.

Turning around, Amaya saw Kushina smirking at her, and realised that the female Uzumaki had just saved her using Suigadan (Water Fang Bullet).

Nodding her thanks to the red head, Amaya turned back around when she noticed a flash of light coming out of the corner of her eye.

Wasting no time, Amaya jumped away when she saw several large Fireballs speeding towards her out of the steam cloud.

With only a few second before the Fireballs hit her, Amaya formed three quick hand seals and thought "Katon: Hiheki no Jutsu (Fire Style: Firewall Technique)!" She then spat out a large stream of Fire from her mouth, creating a massive wall of Fire in front of her which absorb the Fireballs. (J)

But as soon as the Fire wall had appeared, two Ame Rebels appeared out of the Water and jumped up high into the air and threw down a hail of pellets, which exploded, releasing a cloud poison which covered much of the area, and enveloped both Kushina and Amaya.

At the same time, Amaya's Fire wall was extinguished by several Rebels when they spat out several powerful streams of Water in collaboration.

"It's finally over" said the Rebel leader, as he and his remaining men waited for the poison cloud to dissipate.

Looking around, the Rebel leader couldn't help but growl when he saw the bodies of his subordinates floating in the Water. What should have been a quick and decisive victory and had turned into an absolute disaster. The two Kunoichi had proven more difficult than he ever expected them to be, and thanks to Kushina's barrier they were unable to manoeuvre around them to attack their real target Hanzo. Out of the forty Shinobi that he had gathered, now only twelve remained.

"Sir..." spoke one of his few remaining Kunoichi, "Once we've finished off Hanzo's daughter and the Konoha Kunoichi, I believe it would be wise to retreat."

"No!" yelled Rebel leader furiously, "We've come too far and sacrificed too much to fail now!"

"But sir..." said the Kunoichi, "We've lost the element of surprise and even if we take down the Konoha Kunoichi's barrier, our chances of actually killing Hanzo are slim to none, especially if the Hokage-sama and Jiraiya-sama get involved."

"And if we retreat now, Hanzo will come down on the rebellion harder than before, and will not rest until we're are all dead, especially now that we've killed his daughter...If the rebellion is to have any chance of succeeding, Hanzo needs to die today, no matter the cost."

Realizing that she could not be able to change her superior's mind, the Kunochi simply nodded her head in acceptance.

After a few minutes, the poison cloud began to dissipate, revealing the two Kunoichi. But to the surprise of the remaining Ame Rebels, Kushina remained alive, having surrounded herself with her Chain barrier, keeping the poison cloud out.

Amaya sadly was not so fortunate and had breathed in the poison and was now floating face up in the Water.

"Damn that Konoha bitch simply won't die" the Rebel leader said to himself. "But at least we've killed Hanzo's whore of a daughter."

Turning to two of his subordinates, the Rebel leader said, "You to, go make sure that Hanzo's daughter is dead, the rest come with me to finish off the Konoha Kunoichi."

With a chorus "Hai!" the remaining Rebel Shinobi spilt up.

Once they had surrounded Kushina, the leader of the Rebels walked up to her, "Surrender, if you lower your barrier and have your clone do the same, you will not be harmed; our target is Hanzo, not you."

"Somehow I doubt that" Kushina replied, knowing full well she had killed too many of their comrades for them to simply let her go. Plus she had a feeling that these people had no intention of leaving any witnesses.

"Then we'll force you out!" the leader snarled angrily. But before he or his subordinates could attack, Kushina formed five quick hand seals and slammed her hand onto the Water and yelled "Kekkai Ninjutsu:Tojikome no Jutsu (Barrier Ninja Technique: Confinement Technique)!" At the same time, several seals began to form around the surface of the Water and surround Kushina and the Ame Rebels, preventing any of them from moving. (5)

"Shit! It's a trap!" yelled one of the Rebels, but before any of them could call for help from their comrades, Kushina shouted "Now Amaya!"

At that moment after hearing Kushina's voice, Amaya's eyes suddenly opened, much to the surprise of the two Ame Shinobi kneeling over her.

Grabbing the hand of one of the Rebels, Amaya turned the Kunai that he was about use on her and rammed it into his neck, killing him instantly. After which she then spun around and scratched the second Rebel on the right cheek with her sharp nails, just as he jumped away from her.

"How the hell are you still alive?!" snarled the Rebel, holding his right cheek in pain.

Smirking back at the traitor, Ayama replied, "Heh, you Rebel scum really need to do your homework better, like my father, I'm resistant to most type of poisons, and poison of that calibre won't even make me sneeze."

Glaring at the dark haired Kunoichi, the Rebel Shinobi took out a Kunai, "Your Dead, you Bitch!"

Still smirking Amaya retorted, "Oh, I don't think so, in fact "YOUR" the one that's dead, you just don't know it yet."

"What are you talk-guah!" said the Ame Rebel before he spat out a large amount of blood.

"Ah, looks like it's already working" Amaya mused to herself.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME YOU BITCH?!" screamed the man as she started spitting out more blood and held his chest in pain as his hearted started pounding like it was about to burst.

"I poisoned you, just like you tried to poison us" Amaya replied simply.

"W-Wh-When?!" asked the Shinobi before falling to his knees, while his breathing began to quicken.


"When I scratched your face..." Amaya answered, indicting the scratch on his right cheek, which had now turned bright green. "As to how, like my father I am able to produce poison from my body, although unlike him I cannot breathe it out. Instead it comes out of my sweat glands and should I scratch someone with my nails I infect them with the poison, which as you can see, takes effect very quickly."

"D-D-Damn you...Guah!" cursed the Rebel-nin before spitting out more blood and finally falling to the effects of the poison.

With the Rebel Ame-nin now, Amaya bit her right thumb and thought "Time to finish this," before forming hand seals and yelling "Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique)" creating a large cloud of smoke.

When the smoke dissipated, it revealed Amaya standing atop a massive Grey Salamander, which was easily three times the size of the ones that Mai had summoned when she had been battling Naruto.

After summoning her own personal summons, Amaya wasted no time in giving her summons orders. "Geki, Dokugiri (Poison Mist)!" (6)

Heading his master's command the massive summons inhaled deadly and exhaled a massive cloud of purple mist, which quickly enveloped the surrounding area.

Thanks to Kushina's barrier the remaining Rebels cloud not escape the deadly cloud, some of course tried to hold their breath, but this proved futile and before long they all collapsed and fell dead.

Once the poison cloud dissipated, Kushina lowered her barrier and made her way over to Amaya, who ordered her summons to return home.

"Looks like we have a lot of cleaning up to do" Kushina remarked grimly, glancing over at the numerous bodies floating in the Water, knowing they couldn't be left here.

"Not really" Amaya replied before performing several hand seals and then saying "Katon: Dairekka (Fire Style: Great Ardent Flame)!" and spewing out a gigantic stream of fire, which consumed the bodies within minutes, while causing steam to erupted as the Water evaporated from the super heated flames.

When Amaya finished, Kushina simply nodded, although she did not like such methods when it came to dealing with bodies. It was stranded practise for all Shinobi villages when dealing with the bodies of missing-nin or when the body of a fallen comrade could not be returned home for burial. Dying ANBU would sometimes even place a special note on themselves, which would ignite and burn their bodies, preventing enemies from recovering their bodies and learning any of their village's secrets.

Shortly afterwards, Kushina singled her clone to bring down the barrier around the lake and the fort, before disappearing. They then made their way over to Tsunade and the others, who waited for them at the lake shore.

Once they reached them, Tsunade immediately started to berate the former ANBU Captain for disobeying her orders. But after a few minutes of reprimanding, the female Hokage eased off the red head and started to treat her injuries. But not before she warned her that is she ever disobeyed her orders like that again she would have her demoted back to a Genin.

Amaya on the other hand, got no such reprimanding from her father, instead got a simple nod of approval, indicating that he pleased with her actions with dealing with the Rebels. Mai on the other hand showed a bit more concern for her mother, asking if her injuries were serious, which thankfully were not, where she soon received treatment from Tsunade, as gratitude for assisting Kushina.

While Tsunade was busy attending to the two Kunoichi injuries, Jiraiya summoned several small Toads to search the lake and the surrounding forestry for any other possible enemies that might have escaped or stayed hidden during the battle.

But when the Toads returned, they reported that there were no more enemies around, at the same time, one small red toad returned with the Raijin no Ken (Sword of Thunder), which Naruto had lost in the lake during the earlier part of his fight with Mai.

When Tsunade finished treating Amaya and Kushina, both she and Hanzo also decided, given what happened, that it would be best for both sides to return to respect villages.

Thankfully Hanzo agreed to uphold his end of the deal, agreeing to the original terms of the agreement, without requiring Naruto and Mai to marry.

Making her way over to the blonde Senju, while still wearing Naruto's coat, (given how it was the only thing that covered her torso). The granddaughter of Hanzo held out her hand, which Naruto took and shook.

"You won the match fair and square, and as my grandfather agreed, I will no longer push the matter on us getting married. But don't think I've given up, I have no intention of letting some other girl getting you, especially since you need to take responsibility for it" said Mai, emphasizing the word "it," causing everyone to now stare in shock at the two.

"Naruto! What is she talking about?!" demanded a now furious Tsunade, realizing the meaning behind those words.

"W-W-Wait, i-it's a misunderstanding Kaa-chan" Naruto said, waving his hands in denial, before turning to Mai. "Tell her Mai-chan, tell her nothing happened!"

Feigning hurt at Naruto's words, the young Ame Kunoichi pretended to wipe away imaginary tears from her eyes. "Oh Naruto-kun, how can you say that after everything that happen back in Konoha, you were after all my first," where she then smirked and winked at him, causing the blonde boy to turn even redder at the meaning of those words.

"OOhh, she's good!" Kushina thought with a mischievous smirk, realizing what Mai was doing.

Before Naruto could even respond to the elder Kunoichi claim, he suddenly felt someone slapping him on the back and a large arm warp over him in a one arm hug.

"WAY TO GO KKIIDD!" Jiraiya yelled in congratulations "You've popped your cherry, at twelve." Before long the Toad Sage began to cry tears of joy, "I'm so proud; my godson has finally become a ma-ACK!"

Hearing enough of Jiraiya, the now furious Hokage elbowed her former team-mate right in the face, breaking his nose and knocking him out with one hit. After which she then turned her attention to her son, who tried sneak away by was instantly caught by his mother. "Where do you think you're going young man? You and I need to have a chat!"

Taking this as their queue to leave, the Ame party took off into the tree, leaving a laughing Kushina, a furious Tsunade, a pleading Naruto and a bleeding Jiraiya.

Making their way through the treetops and back home to Ame, Kandachi turned to his leader.

"It seems that we've failed with our plans Hanzo-sama."

"True" replied the Ame leader, "But still, I was able to see some interesting things. I saw with my own eyes just what that boy is capable of and what he is like, I also got to see the Uzumaki girl that my daughter is always talking about. We also removed a large number of Rebels and we still have the pack with Konoha, so it was not a total loss."

"So you have not given up on your plan in acquiring Mokuton and killing the boy?" Kandachi asked.

"No" said Hanzo, "The plan will simply need to be modified that's all, besides thanks to the pack that we've just made with Konoha, we have a much better platform to work on. There is more than one way to get to the boy and acquire his Bloodline limit than having him marry Mai. We still have plenty of time, so before we concern ourselves with him again, we'll finish dealing with the Rebels."

"I understand" said Kandachi, before he glanced back at Amaya and Mai, who were only a few meters behind them and were busy talking to one another.

"Guess our little plan to snare you the Senju heir didn't work" Amaya remarked with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

"I guess, but at least this time I got a little souvenir out our fight" Mai replied, hugging Naruto's coat around her more.

"He's surprising strong for someone his age..." Amaya commented suddenly. "I approve of him, so don't let any other get him before you."

Pleased that she had her mother's approval, Mai nodded, indicating that she had no intention of losing either.

Glancing at her daughter again, Amaya decided to ask his daughter something that had been on her mind, ever since they first left Goryōkaku fort. "Tell me Mai, is it true what you said, was the boy really your first?"

Smiling, Mai nodded, causing her mother right eyebrow to rise. But before she could comment, Mai said. "Yes mother, Naruto-kun was my first kiss."


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(6). Geki means deadly which is in reverse to the deadly mist he breaths out, which kills enemies within minutes

Custom Jutsu:

(A). Mizu Hansha no Jutsu (Water Reflection Technique): This Water based Ninjutsu trap automatically activates when someone touches the surfaces of the Water, creating an exact replica of the person, or people. The Replicas created by the Jutsu are not very strong and are unable to use Jutsu and can be easily destroyed. But for every clone that is destroyed, two more would take its place, allowing them to eventually wear out and overwhelm the person, or people. The Jutsu can cover a wide radius, which is marked by several seals that surround the given area. Should the intruder/s leave the area, the Jutsu will immediately deactivate. The number of clones created by the Jutsu is limited solely by the amount Water in the given area, which is why it is best to place the Jutsu on a large source of Water. The only known weakness for the Jutsu is to remove one of the seals that mark the radius of the Jutsu.

(B). Okibi (Blazing Fire): A powerful Flame technique which Mai's Salamander Summon's Kaen uses. By gathering a large amount of Chakra into its mouth Kaen can convert it into Fire and spit it out in a long stream of Fire, not unlike a flame-thrower. The attack is extremely destructive and can reduce almost anything it comes into contact with into ash within seconds. By moving his head around as they fire the attack, the Kaen can also employ this attack in an arched trajectory, enabling him to hit enemies that may not be in their direct path. Also like any other Fire Ninjutsu, this technique can be in enhanced by Wind Ninjutsu to make it even more powerful.

(C). Mizuretsu (Violent Water): This Water technique is used by Mai's summon's Squall, which gathers a large amount of Water in its mouth and spits it out in a large and powerful stream of Water that extends over a large scale, surges and rises up to several dozens of meters high. Then it streams down to the ground in one big cascade, much like a gigantic Waterfall. In doing so, it resembles a huge wave, with tremendous power that can hollow out the ground. What remains after that technique's utilization is reminiscent of no less than the aftermath of a natural disaster.

(D). Suiton: Sanjū Suiryūdan no Jutsu (Water Style: Triple Water Dragon Technique): A Powerful B Class Water Collaboration Technique, which involves three users performing Suiryūdan no Jutsu (Water Dragon Technique) at the same time. When unleashed, the three Dragons split up and converge on a single target from three separate directions at immense speed, making it difficult for an opponent to evade them. The attack has triple the force of a regular Suiryūdan and can cause tremendous amount of damage to not only the target, but to the surrounding landscape as well. The technique although requires three separate users, or one user using clones, as well as good coordination between the three users, otherwise the technique would become ineffective.

(E). Ryūjin Jakka (Flowing Flame Blade): A Ninkenjutsu technique that involves the user imbuing their blade with Fire, before slashing in the direction of the desired enemy. Using this technique a user can enhance the cutting power of their sword, allowing them to cut through an enemy with a little trouble, while cauterizing the wound at the same time, leaving no blood, making it an excellent technique for assassination. The technique can also be expanded, where after swinging their sword; the user can create a large arc of intense flames and fire them at a distance from enemies. A skilled user of this technique, (such as Amaya), can also use it to surround their immediate area with a circular wall of flame, incinerating multiple targets in seconds, even if they approach from numerous angles simultaneously.

(F). Hisen (Fire Whirl): This Ninkenjutsu technique involves the user imbuing their blade with Fire and spinning around at high speed to create a spinning vortex of Fire around the user. The Fire vortex acts both as a barrier and an attack mechanism. The power of the vortex is enough to turn an enemy into a bunt corpse within seconds, should they get too close to the flames.

(G). Kirisui (Misty Water): The fifth defensives style of the Arasuijin no Mai (Dance of the Raging Water Goddess). The technique involves the user spinning their Katana around over their head, gathering nearby steam with their sword and surrounding themselves with it. They would then bounce the light of the sun off the flat side of their Katana onto the Water vapour, allowing them to manipulate the refraction of light. By manipulating the refraction of light in the Water vapour, the user is able to erase themselves from other people's line of sight or, in other words, make the user invisible to others. The effect although only last for a few moments, but is useful in confusing an opponent or allowing the user to evade attacks and sneak up on a person. The technique also can only be used when there is a nearby source of steam and if there is enough sunlight to create the illusion.

(H). Katon: Rekka (Fire Style: Ardent Flame): The user compresses a large amount of Chakra built up inside their body and changes it into a powerful blast of Fire. The user then skilfully manipulates that great Fire, and attacks their opponent. Even outside of the attack range, its power and reliability are stressed, making it difficult to control. A master of this technique can fire off several flames in succession and anyone caught in the technique could potentially be reduced to ashes. The flames of this technique can also be enhanced by Wind techniques and by the shockwave created by Amaya's sword when she swings it.

(I). Katon: Kouen (Fire Style: Crimson Flames): A B Class Fire technique where Chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into Fire and expelled from the mouth either as a single massive blast of roaring red flame or as a continuous stream of Fire that blackens the surrounding area and is hot enough to evaporate low level Water Jutsu. The technique is difficult to control and the scope of the attack is altered by controlling the volume of Chakra that is mustered. The released flames will engulf their target, and leave leaving little remains.

(J). Katon: Hiheki no Jutsu (Fire Style: Firewall Technique): This B Class defensive technique allows the user to create a wall of Fire at a wide angle in front of the user that can intercept most attacks due to the force and intensity of the rising flames. After the performing the necessary hand seals the user will expel a intense torrent flames from their mouth that will expand upward with surprising might into the shape of a wall. The force generate by this technique is enough to knock back most opponents as well as deliver dangerous burns, should they come into contact with the flames. The flame wall can of course be defeated by a high level Water Jutsu or a combination of several different Water techniques working together.

(K). Katon: Dairekka (Fire Style: Great Ardent Flame): A more powerful version of Rekka, which involves the user breathing out a powerful stream of Fire from their mouth and covers a wide area. The flames have enough power to evaporate Water and melt down an enormous boulder. The technique though requires some time to prepare and a significant amount of Chakra.

Character Profiles:

(1). Name: Hattori Amaya

Alias: Ame noKuro Sanshōuo (Ame's Black Salamander)

Gender: Female

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Date of Birth: February 19

Age: 35

Personality: Amaya is a strong and confident young woman, if not somewhat arrogant and stubborn. She is well aware of how attractive she is and is not afraid to use her sexuality or seduction as a weapon, allowing her to catch her opponent's off-guard.

Like the rest of her Clan, Amaya believes in the philosophy that "the strong survive and the weak perish." It is also because of this belief that she will not accept any man as her husband, unless they are as strong as her, or stronger.

Amaya has little patience for people she believes are weak and is not above insulting or demeaning them, especially people she dislikes. She also can be somewhat of an airhead and hot tempered at times. But at the same time, can be manipulative, using taunts and insults to infuriate her opponents into losing their composure and attacking her without thought.

But despite her flaws, she has a very strong sense of loyalty toward both her Clan/Family and her village and will not hesitate to kill anyone who threatens them. She also cares very deeply for her daughter, and would do almost anything for her.

Amaya also loves to fight and holds special respect for strong opponents, (such as her rival Kushina), openly recognizing and respecting their skill. In battle Amaya can become completely serious, and takes on a cold, ruthless persona, killing her opponents efficiently, without hesitation or remorse.

Appearance: Amaya's is an attractive young woman with long black hair tied up in a high ponytail by a large hair ornamental, and jaw-length bangs framing both side of her face. Her attire consisted of a sleeveless black tunic with red lines, (which barley's covers her impressive bust), a loincloth, and a red sash around her waist. She wears long white gloves and white stockings with metal elbow pads and demon shape kneepads, and a purple rope belt around her shoulders, tied in a bow, which she uses to carry her massive sword on her back and as a pair of wooden sandals on both her feet.

Occupation: Kunoichi

Rank: Jonin

Family: Hattori Hanzo (Father), Unnamed Mother, Unnamed Husband, Hattori Mai (Daughter)

Clan: Hattori

Afflation: Amgakure no Sato (Village Hidden Rain), Hattori Clan

Height: 5'5

Weight: 48kg

Body Size: B93, W54, H84

Affinity: Fire

Weapons: Large Broadsword, Kunai and Shuriken

Favourite Phrase: All things Burn to Ash

Wishes: To fight Kushina again, Also to fight her Father and her Daughter (When she is ready)

Goal: Unknown

Abilities: Amaya is a highly skilled and capable Kunoichi, trained personally by her father, Hattori Hanzo. She is fast, agile, skilled in Taijutsu and uses a unique Ninkenjustu (Ninja Sword Technique) style, which allows her to combine Fire techniques with her sword.

She is a highly proficient swordswoman, where she can create powerful shockwaves, capable of blowing a person away or enhance her Fire attacks. She is also a master at Fire Ninjutsu and is capable using several high level techniques. Also thanks to some traits she inherited from her father Hanzo, Amaya his resistant to most poisons and can produce poison from her skin, allowing her to infect her targets, using her sharp nails to scratch them. Like her father she is also capable of summoning Salamanders.

Blood Type: B+

Hobbies: Training, Dieting and Playing Koto

Favourite Food: Shōchū (Strong O-Sake), Vodka and Takowasa (Octopus and Wasabi)

Least Favourite Food: Noodles

Likes: Her Ornamental Hairpin, her sword, strong men, her daughter Mai, fighting strong opponents and free time.

Dislikes: Uzumaki Kushina,Dango

Missions: 95 D-rank, 37 C-rank, 178 B-rank, 130 A-rank, 12 S-rank, 452 Total Missions

Jutsu: Ryūjin Jakka (Flowing Flame Blade), Kouen (Crimson Flames), Hiheki (Firewall), Hibashiri (Fire Run), Rekka (Ardent Flame), Dairekka (Great Ardent Flame), Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu (Fire Style: Great Fireball Technique), Shunshin no Jutsu (Body-Flicker Technique), Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique), Katon: Ryū no Hōkō (Fire Style: Dragon's Roar) and Hisen (Fire Whirl)

Background: Amaya is the only child and daughter of the famed Sanshōuo no Hanzō of Amegakure. Due to her status as Hanzo's daughter, Amaya was under constant threat of kidnapping and assassination from rival factions, and because of this she went under detestable training regime at the tender age of five.

During her training, Amaya was taught to be stronger than anyone else and was raised under the philosophy of her Clan, which stated that only the strong survived and the weak perished.

When she was twelve she entered the Chunin exam and met Namikaze Minato, impressed by his skill, Amaya attempted to seduce the future Hokage, believing he would make a fitting husband. But was thwarted by Uzumaki Kushina, who appeared shortly after and interrupted them, although not before Amaya stole his first kiss, which ignited the long-time feud between her and Kushina.

For the next couple of years Amaya continued to improve her skill and achieved notable fame in her village, earning the moniker Ame noKuro Sanshōuo (Ame's Black Salamander), due to her great skill in Fire Ninjutsiu and use of Poisons. Eventually she was she given permission to sign the Salamander Contract by her father, and then later had her daughter Mai, through an unknown father.

(2). Name: Hattori Mai

Alias: None

Gender: Female

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Honey

Date of Birth: January 1st

Age: 15

Personality: Like her Mother,Mai is a confident and strong willed young woman, if not somewhat arrogant and stubborn, and has complete confidence in her skill as a Kunoichi, once her mind is set on something, it is not easily changed.

Mai is well aware of how attractive she is, and is not afraid to use her sexuality or seduction as a weapon against her opponents, allowing her to distract them and catch them off-guard.

Due to being raised in her Clan beliefs, Mai has little tolerance for people she believes are weak, especially weak Kunoichi and is not above insulting or demeaning them. But at the same time she can show respect to people who she believes are worthy of respect, and will acknowledge the strength of others, including people she dislikes.

She also has a very strong sense of loyalty, not only to her Clan and village, but to those she cares about, and is willing to risk her own safety to protect them. She is very intelligent, and is able to come up with unique strategies to defeat an opponent, or counter their techniques, and will rarely fall for the same tactic twice.

Mai can also be very manipulative, using taunts and insults to infuriate her opponent's causing them to lose their composure, and attack her without thought, or to get them to do what she wants, using her sexuality.

Appearance: Mai is attractive young girl with Honey coloured eyes and long Brown hair, with long bangs that framed the sides of her face, tied up in a thick, long ponytail which flowed down to her lower back. Like her mother she wears a skimpy red sleeveless tunic, which barely covers her ample cleavage. Her outfit is held at her waist by a silk white waistband, with mini-shorts underneath it. On her feet she wears a pair of soft-soled tabi and a pair of fingerless red tekkou that cover only the back of her hands, and hide metal armguards underneath.

Occupation: Kunoichi

Rank: Genin

Family: Hattori Hanzo (Grandfather), Unnamed Father, Unnamed Grandmother, Hattori Amaya (Mother), Senju Naruto (Fiancé, as she claims)

Clan: Hattori

Afflation: Amgakure no Sato (Village Hidden Rain), Hattori Clan

Height: 5'2

Weight: 44.9 kg

Body Size: B82, W61, H81

Affinity: Wind (Naturally), Fire and Water (Through training)

Weapon: Kacho Sen (Butterfly Fans), Kunai, Shuriken

Favourite Phrase: Bring it on

Wishes: To Fight Naruto and Haku again, and Yugito.

Goal: To surpass her Mother and Grandfather

Abilities: Mai is a highly skilled and gifted Kunoichi, trained personally by her grandfather and her Mother. She is extremely skilled in using the Ninjutsu arts and is capable of using at least three different elements and can use them to combination to make them stronger. Also like her grandfather and Mother she is resistant to most types of poisons.

Mai has also proven herself to be quite skilled in Taijutsu as well as being very tactical, coming up with effective counter measures for dealing with an opponent and how to handle difficult situations.

Like her Mother and her grandfather, Mai is also capable in summoning the Salamander summons and has proven to be able to work quite effectively with them. She has also shown a talent for using poison in unique manners, allowing her to weaken of disable her opponents.

Blood Type: A+

Hobbies: Training, Singing, Dancing and Calligraphy

Favourite Food: Rice Cake soup, sweet-red-bean-covered rice balls

Least Favourite Food: Any spicy-tasting food.

Likes: Senju Naruto, her Mother, Salamanders and Shopping

Dislikes: Spiders,Yuki Haku, girls who get close to Naruto, Naruto's Mother Tsunade and Weak Kunoichi

Missions: 20 D-rank, 11 C-rank, 2 B-rank, 0 A-rank, 0 S-rank

Jutsu: Futon: Kyōfuu (Wind Style: Strong Wind), Futon: Nibai Kyōfuu (Wind Style: Double Strong Wind), Futon: Senpuu (Wind Style: Whirlwind), Katon: Ryū no Hōkō (Fire Style: Dragon's Roar), Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu (Fire Style: Great Fireball Technique), Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique), Shunshin no Jutsu (Body-Flicker Technique) and Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu (Water Style: Water Dragon Bullet Technique)

Background: Mai is the only child of Hattori Amaya, daughter of Hattori Hanzo, and therefore Hanzo's only grandchild. Like her Mother, Mai was trained in the Shinobi arts and in the philosophy of her Clan at an early age and proved herself highly gifted in Ninjutsu. Her grandfather took a personal interest in her growth and had her go under special training so that she could realize her true potential.

When she was fifteen she was given the rank Genin so that she could enter the Chunin exam, allowing her to enter Konoha, so to assassinate Senju Naruto, in the event that he would pose a possible threat to Ame in the future.

But when Naruto defeated her in the Preliminaries, she started to develop feelings for him, and in accordance of her Clan's tradition, she declared him her fiancé.

During the Oto-Suna invasion, Mai fought along-side Nii Yugito and Yuki Haku against Yakushi Kabuto, and was later saved by Killer Bee, when they were defeated.

Salamander Summons:

Contract Holders: Hattori Hanzo (aka of Sanshōuo no Hanzō), Hattori Amaya (aka Ame noKuro Sanshōuo) and Hattori Mai.

Elements: Fire, Water and Poison.

Info: The Salamander summons are a powerful and well respected summons in the Shinobi world, and earned great infamy during the Second Great Shinobi World Wars, thanks to their most famous contract holder Hattori Hanzo, better known as Sanshōuo no Hanzō.

The Salamander summons come in three types, Fire Salamanders, Water Salamanders and Poison Salamanders, each type has their own unique skills and are all able to swim at high speed through Water and move underground.

Fire Salamanders are red in colour and are able to produce powerful flames from their mouth and are highly resistant against Fire attacks.

Water Salamanders are blue in colour and are able to swim in Water at a much higher speed than the others Salamander types. They can produce powerful Water blasts from their mouth and are resistant against Water attacks.

Poison Salamanders can come in brown, grey and green and are much larger than Fire and Water Salamanders, they are resistant to most types of poisons and are able to produce a poison mist from their mouths, capable of disabling and even killing opponents.

Omake 1:

"This should prove to be an interesting battle" Hanzo remarked

"It should" Tsunade replied, "But I can assure you that my son won't lose."

"Oh I wouldn't be so sure of that Hokage-sama" Amaya answered with a knowing smile. "In fact I think that he has no chance of beating my daughter."

Annoyed by this, Tsunade turned to the younger woman and frowned, "What make you so sure of that?"

"Because I have just taught my daughter a secret technique that is known only to the Kunoichi of my Clan and can defeat even the strongest male Shinobi."

Scoffing, Tsunade just shook her head, "You're bluffing."

"Am I?" asked the Ame Kunoichi with the same knowing smile

-With Naruto and Mai-

Standing directly opposite one another, the two young Shinobi stared intensely at each other, each waiting to see who would make the first move.

The mood was so intense, that each and every moment felt like an eternity, there was hardly a sound, save for the gentle Wind blowing in the trees.

After a minute of silence Mai finally spoke "I suggest that you give you Naruto-kun and save yourself the embarrassment of losing to me, as I have come up with the perfect strategy that can defeat not only you but any man I face"

"Huh, Really?" asked Naruto smiling confidently, "Well go ahead and show me, I'm ready for anything!"

"Heh, you asked for it" Mai yelled, before ripping her top off, revealing her naked breasts "Hiden: Būbī no Jutsu (Secret Tradition: Booby Technique)!"

At that moment, upon seeing Mai bouncing Big Breasts, Naruto stared dumbfound at the jigging pair, unable to think or do anything. But upon seeing them, Naruto suddenly shot up into the air by a massive fountain of blood, which erupted from his nose, sending him flying high into the air before crashing into the lake Water.

Shortly afterwards, the unconscious Naruto floated to the surface face up above the Water, with a perverted smile on his face.

Back at the shore, Mai turned to look up at the now fuming Tsunade and held up her hand in the air as she performed the V for Victory sign. "Hah! Naruto-kun is mine now Old Hag!"

"SSSoooo" drawled Amaya, grinning like a Cheshire cat, "When shall we have the wedding, I'm rather partial to a spring wedding myself."

"Jiraiya what the hell do you have to say for yourself?!" yelled Tsunade as she turned to the man she held responsible for all this. But to her surprise she found the perverted Sage already lying in a pool of his own blood, with the exact same perverted smile as Naruto.

Later, upon a detailed and thorough examination of the body, the medical examiner declared the cause of death was due massive nasal haemorrhage.

After that day, the Hiden: Būbī no Jutsu was declared a forbidden S Class technique that had the potential to be lethal to all males.

Omake 2:

It was another clear sunny day in Konoha and everyone was taking advantage of the serene atmosphere...everyone "BUT" the Hokage.

In the Hokage's mansion, the newly elected Godaime Hokage Senju Tsunade was stuck inside doing paperwork, but no matter how much she did, more kept coming.

Glaring at the large tower of paperwork sitting on her desk, the female Sennin could almost feel the tower of paperwork staring right back at her, mocking her.

"That's it!" yelled the busty woman, as she stood up from her seat, almost causing her chest to come out.

After finally having enough of the endless paperwork, Tsunade decided to try out a little trick the Sandaime had told her about after she became Hokage.

Using the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique) to make a clone of herself, the blonde Hokage then told the clone to get to work, while she went out to enjoy the day

An hour later Tsunade went to her favourite local bar to have a drink, but when she went to her usual table she was surprised to find her clone sitting at it, drinking.

"Oh hheeyy" slurped the clone, waving, seemly half drink,

"What the hell are you doing here?!" demanded Tsunade.

"Drinking!" replied the tipsy clone with a drunken smile, "Come and join me in a drink, hiccup! The sake is ffiinnee."

"That's not what I'm asking" roared the angry woman, "You're supposed to be back at the office doing paperwork."

"Oh well, you see after a while I just got fed up with doing all that work" replied the clone calmly. But upon seeing the pissed off look on the real Tsunade's face the clone began to wave her off, in an attempt to calm her down. "Relax, Relax, Relax, before I left I created another clone to take my place, so she should be doing it right now."

Before Tsunade could respond to this, she and her clone's attention soon turned a loud explosion coming from the building opposite them.


When the new clone saw Tsunade and the first clone, it almost immediately asked, "What are you two doing here?"

"I'm the one who should be asking that not you" the original Tsunade retorted.

Having the decency to look embarrassed while scratching the back of her, (not unlike a certain other blonde we know), the clone replied. "Well, eheheheh, you see the thing is, after doing some of the work, I kind of got board and tired of it, and it was such a nice day. I decided to go outside and..." but before the clone could finish, the three Tsunade's heard a familiar voice calling out to them from behind them.

Turning they saw two more clones walking together, one eating dango and another eating some chicken breasts.

"What are you two doing here?" asked the three Tsunade's together.

"Eating" replied one clone, acting like nothing was wrong.

"Yea" joined the second, who seemed just as oblivious to the situation as her partner, eating another piece of chicken breasts. "But listen, you guys really need to go to this restaurant we've just found, the food there is to die for."

At that moment the five Tsunade's saw two "MORE" clones appear, who seemed to be even more drunk than the first clone was, and were holding one another up as they wobbled through the streets.

Before Tsunade knew what happened, the entire village was filled with several dozen clones of herself, eating, drinking, gambling, drinking, talking, fighting and drinking even more drinking.

"THAT'S IT, I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" the blonde yelled inside her head, before she cancelled all her clones, causing them all to disappear.

But as soon as she had cancelled the clones Tsunade felt someone tapping her shoulder from behind.

Turning to the person, she saw the bar owner holding out a piece of bill, "Your bill Hokage-sama."

Taking the piece of paper, the female Sennin eyes almost burst out of her sockets when she saw the amount that was due.

"I'm afraid I can only take cash Hokage-sama" the smiling bar owner said, rubbing his hands together as he waited her to hand over the money.

Still staring at the piece of paper, Tsunade attention was soon turned to another person tapping her shoulder, whom was also holding another piece of paper.

"Tsunade-sama, this is the bill for how much it will cost to repair the damage your clone caused to my building. Also" continued the man as he held up another piece of paper, "This is how much your clone still owes me from its bet."

"Godaime-sama" called out another person, "I have the bill for the food that your clones ate."

Before Tsunade even knew what happened, she was completely surrounded on all sides by dozens of people demanding money off her for all the food and sake her clones ate and drank. Not to mention for the damages that they caused to several buildings and for the amount of money they lost while gambling.

-Next the Day-

The next day a very irritable Tsunade arrived early at the Hokage's mansion and headed straight to her office. She had spent the entire day avoiding all the people who came after her demanding money off her. She had come in earlier today in the hope of trying to find a way to deal with all this new debt that she had collected, thanks to her clones.

But as soon as she had opened the double doors to her office, she was suddenly buried under a massive avalanche of paperwork, which exploded out of her office.

Poking her head out of massive pile of paper, Tsunade found her "ENTIRE" office was filled to the brim with paper.

Before Tsunade could even comment on what was going on she suddenly heard Shizune voice calling out to her from behind "Oh Tsunade-sama, your early, excellent."

"Shizune what the hell is all-aahh!" yelled Tsunade before she was buried under a wheelbarrow load of even more paperwork.

After digging herself out of the mound of paper Tsunade quickly turned to her assistant/apprentice. "Shizune what the hell is all this?!"

"Well while you and your clones were gallivanting around the village, your paperwork began to pile up."

"All this..."pointing at the mountain of paperwork, "Is all from just missing ONE day of work?!" asked the blonde woman in disbelief.

"Oh no..." replied the younger woman, where for a "brief" moment the Hokage saw a ray of hope, but that quickly disappeared as Shizune continued. "Some of them are bills from the various shops, bars, casino owners who all claim that you and your clones owe them money. Not to mention the incident reports from the damages that your clones caused when they got angry."

Shortly after, a now smirking Shizune left Tsunade alone with her work, finding it a fitting punishment for her teacher for skipping out on her work.

When Shizune left, Tsunade quickly broke down to tears and cried at all the work that she would need to do.

Needless to say, Tsunade never made another Shadow clone ever again.

Special Thanks to Masamune X23 who helped me with Omake number two