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In the Beginning

It's the year 2500 and it's the vampires' world. Has been for the last five hundred years. All the humans are now under the control of the vampires. They all live in communities overseen by one or more vampires, and they all work for that vampire. Humans aren't allowed to live outside of the communities, they are in many ways, like slaves. They have no choice on what they do or where they live. They are punished if they do something wrong. Some humans are selected as harem servants or blood servants. The job of blood servant is given only to those humans with the best blood, and the best of the blood servants are always the Emperor's.

The emperor was a vampire named Atem. He was hard and often cruel to his human servants. He didn't hate them, just had no patience for them. He oversaw the entire world, every single vampire answered to him. He lived in Washington, DC. In the 21st century, America had become to center of the world and it made sense that the center of the vampire's world was there as well. The emperor had a palace built, much like the Egyptian palace of old. The palace was a small city in itself and surrounded by the biggest human community in the world.


In the community below the palace a human was giving birth in one of the many hospitals. The birth had not been an easy one, the labour had gone on for nearly 7 hours and the woman was exhausted. Finally, with one last scream, her child was born. Immediately the vampire on duty took it to be blood tested. The woman watched in worry as the vampire pricked her child's arm to draw a bit of blood. The child did not cry, just looked up at the vampire with surprisingly aware violet eyes. The vampire's eyes widened. The child's blood was the sweetest she'd ever seen. She bundled up the boy and prepared to leave with him.

"Wait, where are you going with my baby?" The woman cried.

"He is to be trained as the Emperor's blood servant. He will be raised appropriately. You should be happy, this is a great honour." With that she swept out of the room, ignoring the wail of loss behind her.


Twelve years later the boy was sitting in a truck with other servants, feeling nervous. He and the others were being taken to the Emperor's city for special training. They were all to be blood servants, but to whom they did not know. The boy did not have a name, none of them did. They were told that when they were given masters, their masters would name them. The truck finally came to a stop and the servants filed out. They were taken to a building that looked like army barracks. A vampire stood inside waiting for them. The boy didn't like the look of him. He was grossly overweight, bald and had cruel, watery black eyes. Those eyes flicked over the boy's body, making him feel exposed. The vampire was taking the blood of all the servants to see who they were going to belong to. (This was decided at birth). When he came to the boy he licked his lips, causing the boy to shudder. The vampire looked at the display and smirked. 'So the boy is the emperor's? That'll never do. I'm sure he won't miss one little servant.' The boy tried to walk away like the others had, but the vampire's hand shot out and grabbed him by the arm.

"Ah ah. You belong to me now little boy, understand?" The boy looked up at him and fear shone in his eyes as the vampire dragged him away to begin his descent into his own personal hell.


At the same time, the emperor was touring a lab just outside the community boundaries. He listened to the scientist in charge's spiel.

"We created these creatures as servants that would be able to withstand more. They have some of the same abilities as vampires, such as rapid healing. What we did was combine human DNA with animal DNA in order to make the humans more resilient. It had the interesting side effect of giving the specimens the ability to transform into a secondary form. They are faster, stronger and heal more rapid than a human, making them superior servants." Atem nodded. The scientist continued to talk. "We have one in particular we'd like to show you. Some of the specimens here were created from the DNA of vampires, yourself included, your majesty." They stopped in front of a glass window looking into a bare white cell. Inside the cell, looking at them with hate in his eyes, was an almost perfect copy of what Atem looked like when he was young. The boy had crimson eyes and tricoloured hair that spiked above his head. The only difference was whereas Atem had tanned skin, this boy's skin was fair. The boy growled at him, showing off pointed canines.

"Impressive. How do you control them if they are superior to humans?" Seth, Atem's cousin wanted to know. Seth was tall with cold sapphire eyes and brown hair.

"We implement a series of punishments to keep them in line. We can use more force with them because they do heal at an increased rate and so don't scar."

"Does it work?"

"We'll let you be the judge." He gestured to one of his co-workers. "Bring her up." He turned back to Atem and Seth. "We were having problems with one of the specimens up until a little while ago." The other scientist came back with a small girl following him. The girl was pretty with soft, long white hair and pale skin. "This was one of our biggest trouble makers, but now she's nicely broken in, right little wolf?" The girl lifted her head to reveal aqua blue eyes that swam with gold specks. She smiled sweetly and opened her mouth to speak.

"Five, four, three, two, one." She said as the vampire's began to look confused. At one an explosion rocked the building. The scientist took a walkie-talkie from his pocket and screamed into it.


"Sir, all the specimens down here have gotten loose!" Came the panicked reply. The vampires turned to stare at the now maniacally grinning girl. In one swift motion, before anyone could stop her, she flicked the switch to release Atem's young doppelganger. The boy sprang at Atem, an inhuman roar erupting from his throat. Atem batted him away and the boy landed on his feet, preparing to charge again. The girl grabbed him and yelled.

"There's no time for that, let's go." The boy reluctantly allowed the girl to tug him away. The vampires tried to follow, but another explosion rocked the building and pieces of the ceiling crashed down, blocking the vampires' path. By the time the vampires got out of the building, all the creatures had vanished like smoke on the wind.


As soon as they had left the building they'd transformed. The girl became a sleek white wolf and the boy a jet black one with a yellow stripe down the center of his forehead. They were joined by a slightly smaller black wolf with a yellow splotch on the tip of his nose. All the creatures knew where they were headed. The plan was to split up and get there all separately, to cause less suspicion. It was a long journey.

Finally, after running for what felt like forever, they made it. The girl transformed back to her human form and looked out at the ruined city. They had seen this place in the old books they were given to read and had agreed that this was where they were going to. There was a sign by the road they were standing on and the girl walked over to wipe the dusk from the surface. WELCOME TO TORONTO, it read.

"Welcome home." The girl murmured.

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