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All the Weres and Heba stood in the council room the next day, awaiting the final decision. The council walked in and sat. Atem came in last and stood in front of those assembled. His eyes swept over the Weres that he considered his friends, and settled on his lover`s. Heba smiled softly at him.

"Let us begin." Atem said, voice echoing in the dead silence of the room. "Lord Dartz, if you will take the stage." Dartz nodded and stood up to address the Weres.

"After much deliberation, the global council has decided to honour the wishes of both the Weres and the humans and grant them equal standing in society." He paused as the Weres let out roars and howls of triumph and celebration.

"Furthermore we wish to further expand the cooperation of the species by forming a triumvirate consisting of Atem, Kia and Heba." Heba's jaw hit the floor in surprise and Kia frowned. Dartz smiled at her look. "We remember your words from yesterday, but we feel that it would be best to have all three of the sentient species on the throne, or the population may speculate on just how equal this agreement was." Kia's face softened and she nodded.

"I suppose this means I will have to stay in the palace?"

"Yes, that would be ideal." Kia sighed, thinking of home, and then smiled.

"I suppose I'll have to get a moving van then." She said cheerfully.

"There is also the matter of this council, and the private council of the Emperor. We will need representatives from all the species now to fill in spots." Kia nodded thoughtfully.

"I can think of a few that can get the job done." She said, looking at her boys. They nodded their agreement. The council turned to look at Heba.

"Forgive me, but I have not had many human friends, due to circumstances pertaining to my master." Atem smiled, Heba sounded like a proper diplomat. "I can think of one that may be willing, his name is Ryou, he lives in the city and runs a pet store with his lover."

"Ideally all the sections of the world will have a representative of both humans and vampires. As Weres become more widespread they too will be integrated into the global council." Kia nodded her agreement of this. "My Emperor, I am afraid it may be necessary to completely disband your current council. I know many of the vampires on it, and am certain they will not back you on the changes to come." Atem nodded.

"I knew this already. I will get in contact with my old council members, they left because of the old laws, I think they will be pleased to work in conjunction with this new order." The council nodded their approval.

"There is one more thing we must discuss, and that is the home that your kind has made for itself." Kia nodded for him to continue. "We have agreed to allow it to remain a free state, under its own jurisdiction, so long as those that wish to live there, whatever species they may be, are allowed to do so."

"So long as they are willing to obey our laws, then that will be fine. I will not allow our haven to become a hiding place for rebels and troublemakers; they fail to follow our rules and they will have to leave." The council nodded in agreement.

"I believe then this meeting is over." Dartz stood up and bowed. "I will note though that this new world will take time to truly form. We cannot rush into this, and will need to work hard to make it happen."

"We never expected anything else." Kia and the other Weres bowed. "We thank you for this chance and look forward to working with you further." With that the Weres and Heba walked out of the room.


Atem found Heba reading in the palace garden.

"There you are." He settled himself down so that Heba was sitting in his lap, a contented sigh escaping his lips. "Well, that takes care of all the business today."

"Maybe not." Atem looked up to see Kia smirking down at them. He sighed.

"What now, Kia?" He said tiredly.

"Oh, well if you're going to be like that I guess I won't tell you about the loop-hole I found in regards to Heba's mortality. Ta ta!" She waved and began to saunter off.

"Wait!" Kia turned slowly and smiled pleasantly at them. "What do you mean?"

"Heba told us about the problem of his mortality versus your immortality, so yesterday while you two were screwing each other senseless," Heba blushed at the remark. "I recruited the guys to help me look in the library to see if we couldn't find anything to help."

"And?" Kia gave him a pleased look.

"Ever heard of something called a Blood Bond?"


The full moon rose to illuminate the ceremony that was taking place atop the palace. Kia held in her hands two specially treated and spelled daggers as part of the ritual. Atem and Heba stood on either side of her, shirtless.

"Take the daggers." Kia said, following the cant of the ceremony. "Atem, bare your back." Atem turned and presented his back to Heba. Heba gave Kia a nervous look and she nodded at him. Moving forwards, he placed the dagger against Atem's back.

"Heba do you wish this man to be bound to you, and you alone, for as long as you both shall live?"


"Then carve your name into his back." Gulping, Heba did as he was told, carefully carving into Atem's smooth back.

"Now, slice your hand and press it into the cuts to let your blood become one with his." Heba did so and the cuts magically melted away to mere scars.

"Now you Atem." Atem did the same as Heba, who only whimpered a little when the dagger cut into him, and then hugged him tight when it was done. Kia smiled.

"Well done. You are now bonded for life. In Heba's case this means that he will no longer age. The moment one of you dies it will mean the end of the other." She clapped her hands together and smiled softly at them.

"Gods all bless, you two."


I guess you could say things all worked out from there. There were rebellions of course, people not liking the new order or feeling that now was the time to stake a claim on the throne, but they were dealt with and the world settled into peaceful existence. The Weres began to multiply and spread out over the globe.

Kia, Yugi, Yami, Joey, Seto and Mokuba stayed in the palace. Yami became Atem's closest friend and advisor. Both Were couples went through the Blood Binding ceremony in time.

The trinity of Atem, Heba and Kia flourished and brought in an age of prosperity and peace that lasted for time unknown. The story of Atem and Heba and the Weres was passed down through generations, becoming legend as time went on. A perfect happily ever after.

Veni Vidi Vici


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