Title: Baseball

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Summary: An alternate ending to the episode, "I Always Feel Like Someone's Watching Me." What would have happened if Lexie did get the e-mail that she was fired? What would she do? What would happen to Mark and Lexie? Slexie story.

Spoilers: All episodes through 6x03

Chapter 1

It had been a long day. The longest day he had had in a very long time. All he wanted was a cold beer and a relaxing night where he didn't have to think about merges or budget cuts. It was all too much. He had been trying to keep his cool. He was trying to act like he knew he was safe, unlike everyone else who had been falling over themselves to impress the chief, but he had to admit, even he was worried. Sure, he could fix people's faces and reattach baby's arms, but he was still afraid. There was one thing that could make him feel better, though and he couldn't wait to see her. She was the woman who could put a smile on his face and at the same time make him want her with such desire that he had never felt before.

He saw her as he made his way down the stairs. She was curled up on one of the uncomfortable hospital chairs, her head buried in his hands. He paused at the bottom of the steps, knowing immediately that something wasn't right.


She looked up at him. Her cheeks wet, her eyes full of tears. When she saw him, she buried her head again. Mark sat down beside her.


She picked up her head to look at him. "I got the e-mail," she said between sobs.

"Oh, Lexie."

He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her towards him. He kissed the top of her head as she cried against his chest. It was a rare occasion when Mark Sloan shared in someone else's sorrow. He usually shied away from raw emotion, but not this time. His own heart ached for her, and it wasn't just because she wouldn't be working with him anymore in the hospital and he wouldn't be able to see her throughout the day or grab a few quickies in the on-call room. It was because he knew what she wanted was taken away from her and it hurt him.

He tried to soothe her, running his hand through her hair, whispering calming words into her ear, but nothing helped. She continued to sob.

"Lexie, we'll figure this out. I'll talk to the chief. I'll show up at his front door right now and tell him…"

"No!" She said adamantly. This time when she looked up at him, she tried to pull herself together. In her head, she ordered her tears to stop.

"But Lex…"

"No," she repeated, this time with more force. "I just…I just want to go…home."

The last word stuck with her. 'Home.' What did that mean? Not only did she no longer have a job, but she didn't even really have a home. Sure, she had the attic in Meredith's house and she had moved a few items into Mark's apartment, but a home was something she didn't have. New tears began to leak from the corner of her eyes.

"No," Mark said.

"No?" she sniffled.

"No, we are not going home. We are going out."

Mark stood up. Holding Lexie's hands, he tugged on them, but she didn't budge. Instead, she put her head down as if defeated.

"I'm really not in the mood," Lexie stated.

"Do you think I'm going to let you sit at home and drown in your tears?"

"Yes?" She said hopefully because that's exactly what she wanted to do.

"No," he replied. He tried to pull her to her feet again, but she was stubbornly remaining in the chair. Lexie knew that physically he could overpower her if he wanted and literally pull her to her feet, but that wasn't his intention.


"Derek, Hunt, and the girls are all going out. We're going too."

Lexie shook her head. "No." She paused. "And Derek, Hunt, and the girls? Since when were they referred to as the girls?"

"Since now."

"And why would they want me going out with them?" she asked, nearly cutting him off. "They're all fine…they're all safe. I'm the one who's not safe. I'm the one who doesn't have a job to go to tomorrow."

She was starting one of her rants. Mark had to bite his cheeks to keep from laughing. He knew it wasn't funny, but when she started talking and didn't even bother to take a breath, he couldn't help but laugh. It was one of the things he most loved about her. Mark kneeled down in front of her as she began sinking back into her chair as if the news of being let go sunk in once again.

"I'm the one who wasn't good enough of a doctor to make it in this program so I got fired. So why would they want to hang out with me when I can't even…"

He put his finger against her lips to quiet her.

"You are a brilliant doctor and you deserve to be here. And tomorrow we are going to figure this all. But tonight…tonight we're going out with our friends and we're going to have a good time." He wiped away her tears with his thumb. "Ok?"

She took a deep breath and nodded. "Ok."


Mark took Lexie's hand and stood up. This time, when he tugged on her arm, she stood up with him.

"I have to go wash up. That is if I'm still allowed in the doctor's lounge seeing as how I'm no longer an employee of this hospital and I…"

He leaned down and kissed her, silencing her.

"I'll wait here," he said.

He squeezed her hand as she walked off. As soon as she was out of sight, Mark slumped into the chair she had previously been occupying. He ran his hand through his hair and this time it was he who put his head in his hands. It had been a stressful day and finding out that Lexie had been cut only added to it. As soon as he had seen her crying, he was half ready to find the chief and demand that he let Lexie back into the program, but he took a different approach. An approach that he wasn't too familiar with. He was being the supportive boyfriend, not the man who flew off the handle and started fights to solve something. He was going to be there for Lexie.

Lexie practically stumbled into the lounge, her eyes so blurred with tears. She opened her locker and stared into the small mirror on the door. She was a mess. Her hair was sticking out in at least fifty different directions, her eyes were red and puffy, her tears had left streaks running down her face. All in all, she looked miserable and she felt worse. Her nose was running and her head was pounding.

Lexie grabbed her Jeans and T-shirt and quickly changed out of her scrubs and into her clothes. She stared at the contents of her locker. She knew she should clean it out. Already there were empty lockers around her that had been full only hours before. She didn't have much in her locker. Just an extra pair of clothes, her stethoscope, and a small picture of Mark that no one else knew she had. She quickly shoved the picture into her Jeans pocket and gathered the rest of the contents in her arms. She slammed the locker door closed and walked, with her arms full, into the bathroom.

"Lexie," Meredith said as Lexie burst into the bathroom. Meredith was standing at the sink, washing her hands. Startled, Lexie looked up at her and felt the tears beginning to form again.

"Hi," Lexie said, staring at the things in her arms. Sighing, she shoved everything into the nearby garbage. She was done. Done with everything that reminded her of the hospital.

"Oh, Lexie…you didn't."

"I don't really want to talk about it," Lexie said. She turned the faucet on and scooped some cold water into her hands. She splashed her face a few times. When she looked up, Meredith was standing beside her, holding out a paper towel.

"I'm sure we can talk to the chief," Meredith said.

"No," Lexie replied, taking the towel and wiping her face and hands.

"There's got to be some mistake. I mean…"

"There's no mistake." Lexie pulled the elastic out of her hair. "Look, Meredith, you and your friends are all safe and I'm happy for you. I really am. I just…I don't want to talk about it."


Meredith turned to walk out of the bathroom, but then stopped in the doorway. She knew the sisterly thing to do would be to sit Lexie down and make her talk, but they weren't quite at that level in their relationship. At least not yet. Instead, Meredith did the one thing she did know to do.

"Christina and I are going out with the guys…if you want to go."

Lexie smiled a little. First it was 'the girls' and now it was 'the guys.' It shocked her when she thought about just how close they had all become and it saddened her to think that she wouldn't be there anymore to share in that closeness.

"Mark sort of already invited me. He said I'm not allowed to go home and be miserable."

"Well, he's right."

Lexie stared in the mirror. She certainly didn't look her best, but she did look better. The puffiness in her eyes had started to go down and her hair at least wasn't a complete wreck anymore.

"Hey Lex?"

Lexie looked over at Meredith, who was still hanging out in the doorway. "You'll figure something out. We'll figure something out. Don't forget that you've got a lot of people behind you."

Lexie nodded. "Thanks."

Meredith finally slipped quietly out of the bathroom, leaving Lexie to stare at her reflection. Maybe Meredith was right, maybe things wouldn't be that bad.

Out in the entrance to the hospital, Derek walked down the same flight of stairs Mark had been walking down when he had seen Lexie. Derek saw Mark in much the same position as Lexie had been.

"I'd hate to see what you look like when you're miserable if this is what you look like when you're happy," Derek stated, walking over to where Mark sat.

Mark looked over at him.

"I'm not happy."

"But you didn't get an e-mail. Everyone who didn't get an e-mail in this hospital should be happy."

"Not when your girlfriend does get an e-mail."

"Lexie?" Mark nodded. "But Lexie's good. I mean, yeah she started a secret intern surgery ring, but she's good."

"I know."

"And Richard cut her?"

"Richard cut her."

Derek leaned back in his chair and breathed deeply. "Wow. He cut Lexie."

"He cut Lexie."

"He cut Meredith's little sister. That's just…"


Derek shook his head, not believing what he was hearing. After the chief's history with Meredith's mother, he assumed they would all be safe. Even though he wasn't particularly close to Lexie, she was Meredith's sister and they had just started getting closer. Not to mention Lexie was his best friend's girlfriend, which was saying something. Mark didn't have 'girlfriends.' Mark had women he fooled around with and then never called. Lexie was different and Derek knew it. It was just a question of whether Mark knew it too.

"Have you talked to him?"

"The chief? No. Lexie doesn't want me to."


"I don't know, but this is not good."

"How's she doing?"

"You mean besides crying her eyes out?"

"That good, huh?"

"You know me, Derek, I'm not…good at this. I'm not good at being the shoulder to cry on. I don't know what to do."

"Yes you do. You just don't know it yet."

"What would you do? To comfort Meredith if something like this happened? What would you do?"

"Whatever I could."

Mark nodded, somehow understanding. "Look, I know tonight's supposed to be a celebration, but would you mind if…"

"If Lexie comes along tonight?"

"I just don't think it's a good idea for her to go home."

"See, you do know what to do."

Author's Note: This is my first Grey's Anatomy fanfic and I hope you like it! I've had this idea floating around in my head since the episode aired and I'm glad that I've finally been able to put it down on paper. Thank you for reading and please review!