Chapter 16

Lexie traced small circles on his chest, her head resting just above his heart. She was tucked beside him, her leg lazily thrown over his body. He had his arms wrapped around her securely, never wanting to let her go again. She sighed contently and closed her eyes.

"I never want to move from this spot," she said.


"Never," she replied.

"Not even to do this?" He brought his hand up to her face and cupped her cheek, leading her head up to his. He kissed her. A year ago he never would have guessed that he could be so content with just one woman. If it were any other woman, he would have tired of her by now, but not Lexie. He never tired of kissing Lexie. He rolled his body so he was on top of her, supporting his weight with his arms. Their two naked bodies, still warm from all the love making they had done, melded together.

"Maybe to do that," she whispered as she rolled back on top of him. Her hands began to trail down his chest and past his hips.

"You're going to kill me, woman," he said playfully.

"You started it," she teased, kissing his chest. "And you should always finish what you start."

"Yes, yes you should," he agreed, ravishing her mouth.

As his hands reached her hips, his cell phone began to vibrate on the table.

"Ignore it," she said, kissing his neck. He let it vibrate right off the table. Every ounce of his body was focused on Lexie and just how incredible she was. As he pinned her under him, ready to make love to her yet again, his pager began to beep.

"Damn it," he grunted. Lexie whined as he reached over her and looked at his pager. "Derek," he stated.

"Doesn't he know that you have more important things to be doing right now than answering his page?"

Mark leaned over the side of the bed and felt around for his cell phone. He picked it up and looked at it. He quickly dialed his voice mail and punched in his password. Lexie continued her seduction, raking her hands over his chest and kissing every available piece of skin she could get her lips on. He had to concentrate hard on listening to the short message that Derek left.

"Crap," he groaned as he put the phone down on the bed stand.

"Noo," Lexie moaned, rolling off of him. "No surgery." She wasn't yet ready to give Mark up even though she knew that, as a surgeon, she would have done the same thing if she had gotten a similar call.

"It's not surgery."

"Then what is it?"

She was perched up on her elbows, looking at him with her sad, doe eyes.

"My going away party."


"I was supposed to be a Joe's a half hour ago for my going away party."

"But you're not going anywhere."

"Yeah, well no one else knows that."

"Meredith and Derek do."

"Guess they figured it wasn't worth cancelling. Besides, it's free drinks."

"Are you saying that you'd rather get free drinks than stay here in bed with me?" She questioned.

" is a toss up." She hit him playfully in the arm. "You know I would rather be here with you," he said, kissing her once more. "But, since Derek and Meredith have both been hounding me not to forget about tonight, I have to go."

"Aren't people going to be a little confused that you're having a going away party, but that you aren't actually going anywhere?"

"Well, technically I might not be moving across the country, but I am still moving."

She cocked her eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"The hotel, remember? As of tomorrow, we'll be moving into the Archfield. So, it'll be like a hotel warming party."

"A hotel warming party?"

"It's like a house warming only for a hotel."

She rolled her eyes and sat up. "Well, if you're going to force me to go to your going away party, I need to find something to wear. Let's hope not everything in my suitcase is wrinkled."

"Not so fast," he said, pulling on her arm. He pulled her back on top of him and kissed her hard.

"If we start that again, I might not let you get out of this bed," she replied.

"That's the plan," he stated, playing with her hair as his mouth was hot on hers. He had no intention of stopping. They were going to finish what they had started.


"What took you so long?" Derek asked as soon as Mark and Lexie had entered the bar.

"We were...preoccupied," Lexie answered, smiling. She took Mark's hand and squeezed it.

"OK, too much information," Derek replied. "Remember you are my little sister now, Little Grey."

She smiled as Mark draped his arm around her shoulder.

"So...why are you still having a going away party for Mark when he's not going anywhere?" Lexie asked.

"Free drinks," Derek answered, holding his beer bottle up.

"Speaking of which, I'll go get us some drinks," Mark said.

He gave Lexie a kiss on the cheek before heading through the crowd to the bar.

"I'm sorry," Derek said as soon as Mark was out of earshot.

"Excuse me?"

"I'm sorry," Derek repeated.

"For what?"

"For doubting your relationship. For telling Mark to stay away from you in the first place. I'm sorry."

Lexie shrugged. "The important thing is that he didn't listen to you."

"He really loves you, you know."

Lexie nodded. "I know." She watched him as he walked through the bar and couldn't help but smile. She felt like the luckiest woman alive.

As Mark passed by his colleagues from the hospital, he got patted on the back and most of them wished him well or congratulated him. He just smiled and nodded without telling them exactly what was going on. He knew that the rumors would start flying soon enough about why Mark wasn't leaving Seattle and he didn't care. He had more important things to care about. Lexie was there with him. He wasn't going to have to move away from his friends even though he would have in a heartbeat. Nothing could have been better. And besides, rumors always made life a little more interesting.

Mark approached the bar and Joe walked over to him.

"The usual, Dr. Sloan?" He asked.

"Make that two of the usual," Mark answered.

"Got a date or something?"

"Or something," Mark answered.

Joe grabbed two bottles of beer from under the counter and handed them Mark.

"Enjoy." Mark thanked him and turned to see where Lexie was. He spotted her sitting at a table with Meredith. "And Mark? It was a pleasure serving you all this time."

"You're not going to get all sentimental on me, are you, Joe?"

"You've been a good customer," Joe responded. "You and all the women you used to bring in here."

"Well, I'm down to one woman," Mark said.

Joe nodded. "Good for you. I knew eventually you'd figure out what life was all about."

"And what's that?"

"Love." Mark nodded. "I'll see you around, Dr. Sloan."

"Yes, yes you will," Mark stated. "And it's Mark."

Joe smiled and walked off to serve another customer as Mark approached the table that Derek, Meredith, and Lexie were sitting at.

"Thanks," Lexie said as Mark gave her one of the beers.

"Looked like you and Joe were having a moment over there," Meredith commented.

"Maybe we were," Mark said.

They each sipped their beers.

"You're back," Christina said to Lexie as she and Hunt approached the table.

"I'm back," Lexie stated.

"Why?" Christina asked.

"Christina," Hunt chastised. He knew she hadn't meant to be rude, but her question came off as being harsh.

"Unlike you," Mark replied. "Lexie realized there is more to life than cutting people open."

Christina glared at him. "Surprising since she was the one who started the intern cutting club."

No one said anything for a moment. They all knew how sensitive Lexie was about what had happened. Finally, though, Lexie's lips curled up and she smiled. Then she laughed and the rest joined in. Soon enough, they were all laughing so hard they began to cry.

"Am I interrupting something?" The chief asked as he approached the table.

They stopped laughing and all stared at the chief.

"Is something wrong, Richard?" Derek asked.

"Actually there is." They all waited for him to continue. "Rumor has it that Dr. Grey has returned to Seattle."

"I forgot how fast rumors traveled around here," Lexie said, smiling. She was trying to make a joke to break the silence, but everyone remained stoic.

"So it is true?" The chief asked.

Lexie nodded, the smile fading from her face. She felt like she was elementary school facing the principal after not listening to her teacher.

"Yes, sir."

"I take it then that you've found a job?"

"Not exactly," Lexie answered. She wasn't sure where this was going, but she was determined to speak her mind. "But having a job isn't as important as I thought it was. There are other things that are more important than being a surgeon."

Christina snorted as Lexie squeezed Mark's hand. He smiled at her and kissed her hand, letting the chief see that what they had was real.

"Well, that's too bad that you feel that way," Richard said.

"Too bad?" Lexie asked.

"That you're not interested in a job because Seattle Grace could use a great surgeon."

Lexie's jaw dropped. "What? But…sir…the budget cuts…"

"Let's just say I worked the numbers again and Seattle can't afford to be without such a promising young surgeon."

"I…I don't know what to say," Lexie stuttered.

"That's a first," Mark commented.

Lexie ignored him. She just continued to stare at the chief in disbelief. They were all silent, looking back and forth from the chief to Lexie, waiting for one of them to say something. Mark rubbed Lexie's back encouragingly, but she remained silent. She was too stunned to speak.

"Lexie," Meredith prompted. "I think the chief is waiting for an answer."

Lexie snapped out of her trance, blinking rapidly. "What?"

"Say yes," Mark said, smiling.

"Yes!" She exclaimed. "Of course, yes!"

She jumped out of her chair and threw her arms around the chief, hugging him. He was taken aback and awkwardly patted her back.

"We'll see you Monday morning," Richard said.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," Lexie repeated over and over as she sat back down in her seat.

"You deserve it," Richard said. "Now enjoy your going away party…or whatever this is." He nodded at Mark who nodded back, silently thanking him. The chief made his way out of the bar, secretly smiling to himself. He knew he did the right thing not only for the hospital, but for Mark and Lexie too.

"Do you know what this means?" Lexie asked, hopping onto Mark's lap. She draped her arms around his neck.

"You have a job," he answered, smiling.

"I have a job. I'm going to be a surgeon!" She yelled, unable to control her excitement. "And you know what the best part is?"

"What's that?"
"I get to be a surgeon with you."

"Yes, that is definitely the best part." He leaned in and kissed her, not caring that all eyes at the table were on them.

"I think I'm going to be sick," Christina said. "This is too lovey dovey for me."

Christina was about to leave the table when Hunt reached for her hand, silently asking her to stay. Lexie blushed as she and Mark ended their kiss. She quickly slid back into her own chair.

"I propose a toast," Derek said, raising his beer. "To Lexie for realizing that there is more to life than cutting. To Mark for realizing that he was in love with Lexie. To the chief for giving Lexie her job back. And to Joe and his bar for bringing us all together."

"And," Lexie added. "To baseball." She winked at Mark.

"To baseball," Mark repeated, clinking his beer bottle against Lexie's.

"Baseball?" Hunt asked.

"I thought you didn't like baseball," Meredith said to Lexie.

"I didn't...I don't. But sometimes, it's what you need," she replied, looking in to Mark's eyes.

"Yes," he agreed. "Sometimes it is definitely what you need." He leaned in and kissed her.

"Well, since you mentioned it," Hunt began, "and everyone is staring at you confused as all hell why Lexie is sitting here with you instead of being in Hartford, what do you say to a game?"

"I'm in," Derek stated.

"I'm not," Christina said. "I came here for boos not bats."

"Party pooper," Meredith replied.

"You're on their side?" Christina asked in disbelief.

"Come on," Meredith said. "It'll be fun. Besides, you're just afraid I'm going to kick your ass." She knew Christina wouldn't back down from a challenge.

"In your dreams," Christina responded. "Game on."

"Let's go," Hunt said, looping his arm through Christina's and leading her away from the table.

"We'll see you guys on the field," Derek said to Lexie and Mark before walking hand in hand out with Meredith.

"What just happened?" Lexie asked.

"Looks like we're going to play some baseball," Mark answered.

"That's not exactly what I meant when I said baseball."

"I know, but you did bring it up. Now come on." He hopped off his bar stool and put his arm around Lexie's waist.

"Can't we just go home and get back into bed? They'll never know we're missing."

He smiled. "Let's kick some ass first and then we can go back to bed."

"Ok," she said, sighing. "But you owe me."

"Oh, don't worry, I think I can find a way to make it up to you." He brushed his lips against hers lightly, intentionally making her want more. She put her hand on the back of his head, keeping his head exactly where she wanted it. He kissed her until his breath was ragged.

"I love you," she said. "I just want you to know that."

"I love you," he replied.

They kissed one last time before leaving to join their friends, knowing that they would never again allow themselves to be split apart.

Author's Note: I want to start off by saying thank you to every one who read and reviewed my story. I really appreciated every comment. Reading them is the reason I kept writing. Secondly, writing the last chapter of a story is always very bittersweet for me because I feel like it's the end of a little piece of me and the end of this story was no different. I've been working on this last chapter for a long time and I can finally say that I feel like it's as good as I can make it be and I feel accomplished and happy that it's finally over. I don't know if I'll be writing any more Grey's Anatomy fanfiction, but it's been a real pleasure. Happy Holidays everyone!