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Pikachu woke up on a fine summer's day.

"P-89! You slept in again!"

"S-sorry P-12, I won't do that again."

"You better not!"

P-12 led Pikachu out into the training ground for pikachus.

"Okay, start doing fifty sit ups!"


Over one hundred pikachus were in the clearing doing sit ups.

"Aaaaand after that you can do twenty push ups!"

The pikachus went through all their exercises for the day. Pikachu was soon covered in sweat.

"You've done a good job P-89. You may promoted- and..." P-12 looked furtively around, "Get your code name."

THe code name was secret, and only the pikachus that are on your team know your code name. You never change your team, so it is the most secret name a pikachu can possess.

Pikachu turned red. SHe had been preparing for this for ages. She might even get accepted into the Elite Pikachu group, called the E-Ps. She would get a E in front of her number instead of a P.


P-89 was part of a secret organisation that trained Pikachus to send on missions for the good of the pikachu community. FOr instance, the rattatas and pidgeys are trying to infiltrate the pikachu government, and hopefully expose the pikachus to the "trainers".

There were other communities of Pikachus, but no other Pikachu community had a secret agency, so the pikachus had to take care of all the communities as well as the government.


The next was the electricity training. A whole line of Pikachus sat in a row and cardboard Rattatas popped up and down. Pikachu jumped up and electrocuted all the rattatas at once.

"Hey! No showing off!" complained P-34.

"Seeya later 34!" she called over her shoulder as she strolled of for her next session of her training.

In her head she repeated the instructions over and over.

"Jump, duck, jump, thunderbolt."

That particular move was known as the Shock Defense.

Pikachu did it perfectly, over and over again.

"Jump duck jump thunderbolt, jump duck jump thunderbolt!"

The last one came out extra strong and hit down as a thunder.

P-12 came out from the bush that P-89 had just accidentally fried.

"I've been watching you P-89, I think you're ready to move up from this baby group."

"I'm not even ready to move up a level, P-12. I know that you have to have as much training on each level as possible, and I want to train a bit more on this level."

"Any more training P-89, and you'll be better than me. Come along and we'll take you into the higher levels."

"I'll battle real pokemon?"


P-89 was actually on level 5 but she trained to the extreme because she was one of the rare pikachus with boosted stats at the start.

Suddenly the alarm went off. It was a red thunder in the sky.

P-12 stared at it then scurried off, calling over his shoulder, "Rattata attack!"

P-89 followed after him, using agility, easily keeping up with him.

"Your speed exceeds alot of pikachus." he commented as they ran, puffing slightly.

When they arrived on the battle field, rattatas were attacking the pikachus.

"They're only level 50, no problem P-89."

"Level 50!"

"They haven't got the training that we have, P-89."

P-89 plunged into battle, with P-12 beside her.

She jumped over a rattata, twisted around and slammed into its side, shocking the rattata trying to sneak up behind her. WHen another one tried to use hyper fang on her she ducked and slammed into its teeth, breaking them off and leaving the rattata whimpering in pain.

She used the Shock Defense when a rattata tried to use quick attack on her and another tried to tackle her.

She jumped when it tackled her, ducked as the other zoomed over her head, jumped again and electrocuted them both.

SHe then spun around and used her tail to hit a rattata sneaking up behind her.

Then a whole bunch of pidgeys swooped down on her.

"P-89!" cried P-12, "The pidgeys formed an alliance with the rattatas! Shock anything that moves!"

A pidgey swooped down on her head as she just managed a quick thundershock to stun it. A rattata sneaked up behind her so she jumped on top of it and as it leaped around trying to buck her off, she held on to its whiskers. A pidgey swooped down to peck her so she jumped on the pidgey and went soaring in the air!

"Pikachu!" cried P-89 as she shocked all the pidgeys in the air.

THe pidgey that she was on plummeted down speedily and cushioned her fall.


"And so, in honour of the splendid job that you did in the battle of the rattatas and pidgeys, I award you, P-89, with a code name."

THe old Raichu bent forward and whispered in P-89's ear, "Your codename is Swiftshock."

Swiftshock blinked in surprise. She had imagined a great name, like Stormtail, or Lightningbolt, like some of the legendary pikachus were called, but instead she had been named Swiftshock!

"Pikapika." Swiftshock said in gratitude.

She then stepped down the velvet moss stairs and stood next to P-12.

"And another thing," said the old raichu, "You will be put in a team with P-12, unless you object..."

"Oh no, that will be fine."

"And P-28."

Another male pikachu stepped up. He had rippling muscles across his chest and a scar on his face.

"I have no team, your honour."

"Well you can't always go on missions by yourself. Sometimes you NEED a team to help you and give you another view on the situation."

"Sorry your honour."

The pikachu stepped back and sighed. Swiftshock sighed as well. THe legendary P-28 was famous for his fighting skill, but was reluctant to have a newbie on his team.

"I can't believe I'm doing thi," she muttered.

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