Challenge word: space

Birthday drabble for Ghostey, who wanted Castiel. Spoiler for 5.03, if you look sideways.

100 words (per MS word counter)

On-the-Ground Rules

Dean walked towards the TV, running smack into Castiel, suddenly solid in front of him. "Cas! You've got to stop doing that."

"Doing what?"

"Materializing without warning, right in front of me!"

"You do not hear my wings rustle?" Castiel cocked his head, listening to an invisible conversation. "Never mind, special effect."

"We humans need our distance." Dean explained. "Stop invading my personal space--keep two steps away and announce yourself next time."

"You stay closer to Sam than that."

"That's different—he's family. We're not even related."

"We are not even the same species."

Dean smirked, muttering, "Thank God."


Happy early birthday, Ghostey! This just seemed so obvious to me, hope you haven't already read three or four other drabbles just like it.