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Saying goodbye isn't always the easiest thing to do but saying goodbye and saying so long for now is what makes the difference. You never say goodbye to the ones that leave a mark.

I've learned over my life time that there are two types of people; the ones who matter and the ones who never did. The ones who matter are the ones who not only get into your head, but in your heart. Derek Morgan did that for me. Not only did he break down the walls I've built up but he gave my heart a place to call home.

At the aged of 10 Johnathan Parks lost his mother. It was a hazy day, you could feel the mist in the air soak your lungs. There was something wrong that day and John could feel it. Waking up that morning was nothing out of the unusual. His mother and father was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee waiting to bid their son farewell as he went off to school. John could hear his stomach grumble. Pains filling his body but staying at home while his mother and father were still there, wasn't an option for him.

John's parents were always fighting. Either about money or even John himself. His father usually saying some pretty horrifying things and even broke out into a rage only to beat them both. Everyone was used to it though. Hearing his dad call his mother a whore and a piece of trash was a normal thing. He started to believe that it was the truth. Why say it if it wasn't? Even through all the yelling and screaming, John still loved his parents. Especially his mother who always comforted him in the middle of the night after a bad dream or an even worse school day. Noon came around slowly, his stomach still paining him. Something was definitely wrong. Going to the nurse, she sent him home with a fever.

The house was quiet and cold. He could feel the stiff damp air flowing through his veins as he continued to the kitchen and found a note. A goodbye note. He ran through the house searching, looking, and trying to save the one person who kept the monsters in his life away. That's when he found her. Her wrists slashed, blood pooling on the white bed sheets. The bed sheets he once knew to be home of his loving parents. With a cracking gargled breath, she was gone.

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