Challenge Word: SPACE

Wordcount: 100 exactly!

Subject: A Castiel Drabble for Ghostey


"Happy Birthday!!"

"What the…Sam, seriously, candles? Wait, is that a pie?"


"Awesome! Gonna kick your ass later for the candle bit, Dude, but let's eat some pie!"

"Blow first."


"You heard me. Make a wish."

"Sam, I'm thirty, not six."


"Fine, hold it steady."

Huff, huff, blowwwww… *flutter*

"Woah, what the…!?!"

"What are you doing Dean?"

"What are you doing Cas?! I almost freakin' kissed you!"

"That would have been … uncomfortable."

"Don't ever pop in right in front of me, dude. Ever heard of personal space?"


"What Sam?"

"Cas's hair. It's on fire."