(+As you all know i am a major KurumuXTsukune fan so i have decieded to write a small story This begins at the end of a Orchids Dream from Chapter 17 of Rosario+Vampire II, and my version of what would have happend if things had gone alittle differntly+)

Tears were coming down Kurumus face. "Please...Please Tsukune say you like me."

Tsukune looked at the crying Succubus. "...Hey, Kurumu."

Kurumu looked at Tsukune. The tears still coming down her face. "I...how long will I need to wait."

Tsukune was silent. Kurumu put a hand on Tsukunes shoulder. "I think our current relationship is good. Everyday we have fun with Moka and Mizore and Everybody. But this is really just unrequited love."

Tsukune was still silent. Kurumu began to sob into his chest. "What can I do Tsukune. What can i do to make you like me." "I want you to say it to me. Not everyone just to me. I want you to say it over and over again." Kurumu cried even harder soaking Tsukunes shirt with her tears. "Tell me what i can do...i will do anything." She begged

Tsukune wrapped his arm around the still crying Kurumu and then he whispered into her ear. "I...I like you Kurumu."

That only caused her to cry harder. "Baka, I like you too Tsukune. I love you." Then She screamed "I LOVE YOU."

This caused Tsukune to smile. "I know Kurumu...i know you love me...I love you too."

Kurumu stopped crying. She looked up at Tsukune. His eyes were no longer clouded from the Charm. "Tsu...Tsukune." She said with a whimper. "You...but the charm."

Tsukune pushed the hair out of Kurumus face. "The Charm wore off a few minutes ago." He told her gently. Tears began to fall down Kurumus face again.

"I...i am sorry Tsukune...i just wanted to be with you so bad. I did not mean to take it so far and I-"

Kurumu did not get any further Tsukune silenced her with a kiss on her lips. Kurumus eyes widened in surprise then they began to drift closed. "he is kissing me...this is not a dream...he is."

It was a passionate romantic kiss. And it remained so for a moment or two. Then Kurumu broke it. She looked at Tsukune who smiled at her. "Tsukune does...this mean...?"

Tsukune nodded. "Yes Kurumu it does." And he gave her a smile.

She knew what kind of smile that was. She knew where he wanted to go, but she wanted it just as much as he did...even more then he did.

She wanted to explore her newly discovered love and find out how much of it he could give back. She did not care what the others thought she would have this moment now to make her feel alive and important

He stroked the soft skin on her arm and lightly pulled down her clothes. Caressing her shoulder, he leaned in and kissed her neck.

"Tsu…kune…" The succubus said as he kissed her. She ran her fingers through his thick dark hair and down his back as she reached for the bottom of his shirt. He eased up allowing her to pull it over his head.

She looked up at the bare skin of his chest and stomach. It was rock solid but it was scarred as well from all of the enemys that had attacked Tsukune during his time in the Academy. She trailed her finger tips across the scarred from the fangs and claws of former enemys.

Their clothes were on the floor now as Tsukune admired Kurumus's body. Her large breast that bounced every time she moved. Tsukune moved his one hand hand to message her left breast and with the other he tweaked and pinched her nipple. Kurumu moaned softly as Tsukune did this. How long had she dreamed of this. Of Tsukune fondeling her like this. Of his powerful hands groping her body.

Kurumu wrapped her arms around Tsukune and drew him closer to her. "Tsukune please..."

He leaned in and whispered in her ear…

"Are you sure?"

Kurumu, who had been awaiting this day for so long nodded:


(Start of Lemon Scene)


(End of Lemon Scene)

Tsukune pulled out of her and hugged Kurumu to him. They were on her bed. The air was thick with their love making.

She loved him, and she know knew that he loved her. There had been no charms to force this. he was finally hers. Her destined one, her mate of fate, her Tsukune.

she pulled his face close to hers, caressed his cheek, looked deeply into his eyes and whispered clearly to him:

"Tsukune I love you forever."

And he whipsered back to her. "And Kurumu love you, my heart and my soul is yours."

The two kissed passionalty. But it was inturrupted when Kurumus dorm room door opened with a bang.

It was the rest of group. All of whome could not believe thier eyes at what they saw.

Mizore's lollipop fell from her mouth. Yukari's face turned a deep red as her mouth dropped. Ruby fainted dead away. Kokoa who had been tied up by the girls smiled inwardly. And Moka Simply stared.

Tsukune and Kurumu looked at each other then at the girls. Then together they said "We can explain."

(3 weeks later)

It was three weeks later when Kurumu learned that she was pregnant. She was overjoyed when she learned. For a Succubus getting pregnant was very important for the survivel of their race. When she had told Tsukune he had been thrilled, He had kissed her and held her. but she did not know how she was going to tell the others. It had taken a week and a half alone to get everyone to accept her and Tsukune as lovers.

Kurumu decided to tell them after the club. She had stood in front of the door blocking their path before they could leave. Mizore, Kokoa, Moka, Ruby, and Yukari all looked at her.

"I am pregnant." She told them.

All of the girls were thilled to learn of this.

"That is wonderful Kurumu. I am so happy for you." Moka told her Succubus freind.

"I am going to educate the baby myself." Yukari proclaimed proudly. "Otherwise it will end up like you." That got her a nice hit on the head.

Mizore held up her hand. "I call dibs on god mother."

All the girls (excluding Kokoa who had wandered away due to lack of interest) stared at Mizore "NO FAIR" they shouted at once.

"If anyone is going to be the god mother of Tsukune child it is going to be me." Ruby declared.

"No its going to be me Desu." Yukari yelled flaling her little arms about.

"No no I am going to be the god mother." Moka yelled.

Kurumu smiled as she watched her freinds fight each over who would be god-mother. "Wow...i guess they cant hold a grudge with a prganant women."

"WHAT YOUR PRGENANT." Kurumus mother hollared through the phone. Kurumu fliched at the sound of her voice. "THIS IS WONDERFUL." The older succubus cried on the phone.

Kurumu smiled. She knew this would be her mothers reaction. Ever since last year Ageha Kurono had been telling her daughter that she needed to claim Tsukune for her own.

"Oh my little Kurumu is finally pregnant. I get to be a grandmother." Ageha sighed with joy on the other end of the phone. Then her voice turned serious. "You and Tsukune will need to come to the succubus realm."

Kurumu face fell a bit when she heard this.

The Succubus realm like the Snow-Women realm was located in another dimension hidden from the human world and only accessible through special portals. The Succubus realm was the exact oppisteof the Snow-women realm. It was a hot dry desert that streached on for miles until you reached the canyon (which incidentally was shaped like a giant heart) When you entered the canyon it became a lush green haven. Houses, roads, parks, trees, etc. All of it designed for the dwindiling race of the succubi and their mates.

"But mother Tsukune and I were hoping to stay at school for a little longer...at least another month or so." She tried to explain.

"Nonsense Kurumu you know our law. Once one our women is pregnant she must return to our realm with her mate." Ageha said in a 'matter of fact' voice.

"But school-"

"shall be placed on hold until the baby is born...besides we have wonderful education programs at home for when this happens." She said proudly.

Kurumu was silent for a moment. "Yes mother i understand."

"Wonderful i will call the Chairman after this and arrange a bus to bring you here. I will see you in the morning."

"In the morning! Mother wait-" But The older Kurono had hung up.

"We have to leave the academy." Tsukune with shock clearly written on his face; Kurumu nodded sadly. "I am sorry Tsukune…but it is a law of the succubus."

Tsukune ran his hand through his hair as he sat down on his bed in his dorm room. "But what about school…I mean I still want to graduate?"

"The Succubus has schools in our realm for this kind of thing." Kurumu said as she sat down next to him. She looked at his face. He seemed to be thinking deeply on this.

Kurumu looked down on the ground. "Tsukune…if you wanted you could stay at the academy and I could just return to my realm. I am sure I could-"

But she got no further because Tsukune silenced her with a kiss. When it was broken Tsukune looked into Kurumu's eyes. "I am not going to let you leave without me."

Kurumu shrieked with joy as she hugged Tsukune. "Thank you Tsukune thank you. I promise you will love my realm."

Tsukune smiled as he hugged Kurumu. "How do you think the others are going to deal with this?"

"I am sure they will understand it."

(Fifthteen minutes later)

"NOOOO YOU CAN'T LEAVE TSUKUNE." Yukari cried as she hugged his leg while they all stood outside the bus. The bus driver was sitting in his seat smoking his usual cigar. A smile on his face showed how much he enjoyed watching this.

Kurumu grabbed Yukari and pulled her off of Tsukune "Let go of my mate." She shouted.

Yukari broke out of her grip and ran over to Moka. The green eyed vampire looked at Kurumu and then at Tsukune. "Do you really have to leave?" She asked as if hoping he would say no.

Tsukune nodded. "Yes I do…I am sorry." Kurumu hugged Tsukunes arm and looked at his friends "It's the law of the Succubus." She said with a touch of pride in her voice.

Mizore how popped down from a tree said in her icy voice. "Well maybe we don't like the law…maybe we should just keep you both here."

Tsukune held up his hand. "Now now there is no need for any of this." He looked at Kurumu then he turned his head to his former harem.

"Moka, Yukari, Mizore please don't make this harder then it is. I would love to stay here but I just can't. If Kurumu leaves then I have to go with her. Can you understand that?"

All of the girls looked at each other. They gave a few more mutters but then they nodded their heads.

Tsukune smiled. "Thank you."

There were some hugs and a goodbyes from all of their friends.

And then the bus was leaving the academy and entering the strange vortex dimensional tunnel.

(+That is the end of chapter one the next ones will come shortly+)